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any one Astaxanthin

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I've been reading about this food additive called Astaxanthin how all people are taking it to get rid of wrinkles and how it can help in inflammatory diseases which we all know that it is link to Acne is an inflammatory disease and it also has several other uses i will list a couple here

• Reduces oxidative damage to your DNA by 40% (even at low doses)
• Reduces blood sugar level in diabetics and prediabetics
• Promotes cardiovascular health, reduces C-Reactive Proteins (CRP)
• Boosts immune function and helps the body resist infections
• Protects the stomach from ulcers and invasive bacteria
• Protects the kidneys from damage due to high blood sugar
• Protects the body from highly oxidative foods like fried food

i here not tryed Astaxanthin are just ordered over the Internet and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried astaxanthin parcel should be here in 3 day so i will add to this post stay turned

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