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What foods should be avoided more:

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 05:57 PM

I realize that different people have different reactions to different foods, but in general, what foods should be avoided more? Those high in sugar or those high in fat?

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 06:31 PM

Both. But if anything, if you eat a meal high in fats, do not eat any carbs,
and vice versa. This is a general rule of thumb to prevent hyperinsulinemia.

Sugar is perhaps more insulinogenic than anything - you should always
avoid it if you're health minded. Fats are a trickier subject since some
are beneficial, but if its a transfat or saturated fat you usually want to avoid it.
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Posted 03 July 2004 - 12:35 AM

Stay away from soy (gave me acne), whatever, and sissy foods like sprouts and grains and all that garbage. Also, depending on your ethnicity eat what fits your body type. Look at the musician Moby, he's vegan and I wouldn't call him the poster child for healthy looking and alicia silverstone probably eats lots of tofu, looks worse than she used to. I found meat and veggies with some fruits really works for me as does lots of water. Not overdoing any one food is a good rule of thumb. Junk food WILL contribute to acne to an extent. There was a recent scientific study done on a population of people with NO acne at all and when they ate high sugar/refined carb foods, BOOM acne. If acne were mainly hereditary, there wouldn't be so many perfect skinned parents with broken out kids. Hereditary isn't the sole factor, it's part of it>it means you have to work harder unfortunately to combat acne. But I'd stay away from foods like soy ,which seriously messes up hormones(it's been proven scientifically in dozens of studies from johns hopkins to cornell) and also overdoing grains. If i'd never been vegetarian I'd have a near perfect looking complexion and the pristine cavity free teeth I had till I was 20 :wall: But had I known all this before being vegetarian damn straight I wouldn't have become that and I was veggie for less than a a couple years and that was enough for the shit to hit the fan. :sad: So, heed the warning, ignore the media hype and unless you're Asian, don't eat soy. FYI almost every commercial and processed product contains soy so check.
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Posted 03 July 2004 - 08:34 AM

Yes, some people have that IGF-1 effect when eating soy, so just be sure and test it out for yourself. I'm fine with it.
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