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lancing a huuuge pimple, or waiting it out?

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Posted 25 June 2004 - 01:35 PM

I had a really, really big painful pimple on my chin last week. It was a half inch across and it was a ways below the skin. Each time my heart beat, it throbbed. It hurt so bad and it felt like I had an elbow coming out of my face. So I applied a hot compress to it until I could see the white part just under the skin, sterilized a needle, and lanced it.

Oh God. Relief. I know I run a greater risk of scarring, but I'm SO glad I did it. Now it's a flat little red scab that gets smaller everyday. You can barely see it now.

For really really big painful zits like that, do you guys feel it's better in the long run to wait it out and let it dry up with BP, or is it more worth it just to (CAREFULLY) lance the painful ones and draw out the pus?

Anybody's thoughts? Should I wait it out next time?

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Posted 25 June 2004 - 02:53 PM

If you can carefully drain it then I think it will heal faster...


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 07:03 PM

When I know I can safely release all of the pus, then I would go ahead and pop it. Afterwards I use BP to dry up the small hole after all the pus is gone and iit usually works well for me. It is definately faster than waiting it out cause that takes forever sometimes.

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