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Hello my name is Dan (my name happens to be Dan),
Long story short, I have been suffering Acne for 6 years and tried everything:
1. Proactiv
2. Murad
4.Julie's Organic
5. Minocycline
6. Differin
7. Clean and Clear
8. Acne Free
and the list goes on.

I was fed up, like most of you, spending money on useless creams and lotions and I decided to take my health in to my own hands, and let my doctor decide everything for my health. Conventional treatment didn't work for me so I am looking in to holistic method of treating acne. I want to make a difference and however I can help to help someone not feel the way i did and do, will mean the world to me.

With that said, I am keeping a log (hopefully the last log) of The Acne No More Program developed by Mike Walden a certified nutritionist, medical consultant, and a medical researcher.

At least he has a medical background unlike a lot of the ebook writers, and I like the fact he's not a doctor because most doctors are taught that medication is the only cure for all diseases.

Before I start my log from today, I will give you info on my skin type, type of acne, etc.

Skin type: oily
Type of Acne: Cystic/ Hormonal
Suffering for: 6 Years
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 165
Body type: 9% bodyfat, exercise 5 times a week both weights and cardio, member in the track team.
Diet: Following what is called Spartan Diet since recently. (Caloric restriction, fruits and veggetable majority diet, lean meats, etc) It's a great diet, you should google it and read for yourself.

I will try to keep log daily, and share with you much that I legally can.
I will post a new post shortly.

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Hey Dan - what did you think of the Acne No More program??

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