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Pearl Fractional Laser - My experience

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Posted 08 January 2011 - 03:16 PM

Thanks to those who have posted their experiences with the Pearl Fractional and Laser treatments. I recently had both to help with wrinkles, mild acne scarring, and sun damage. (I am in my late fifties).

It is day 5 after my treatments, and I must say I'm very discouraged. My face still hurts, is peeling and breaking out, and I'm still experiencing swelling in places. (My eyes are very swollen, are "running," and are very itchy).

I went back to my doctor two days after the procedure because I was in such pain, despite the frequent vinegar washes and application of SkinMedica ointment and ceramide cream. She said I was healing nicely and to cut back on the number of vinegar soaks I was doing. She said I would be able to wear make-up and look fine on my birthday, which would be day 6 after my treatment.

I was encouraged, though, to read that others had the same experiences, so there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. I appreciate the pictures--I've felt like a monster. Tomorrow is my birthday, but I don't see being able to put on make up yet or going anywhere. I can't imagine ever doing anything like this again, so my hat's off to those who have done this twice. I'm told it will be worth it...more in a week or so after I complete the healing process.

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Posted 27 December 2011 - 08:10 AM


up for this thread.. what's the update to those who undergo this treatment? would you recommend it..

I have plan to undergo pearl fraxel to lessen my acne scar and the dermatologist said that I research about this and here I am bumping a thread xD..
TIA to those who will feedback ^_^

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 09:55 PM

I had one treatment with the Pearl Fractional laser about two years ago.

I agree with one of the previous posters - this is not fo the faint of heart.

It felt as if I was having my face sprayed with hot oil even after the numbing cream had been applied and left to numb my face.

The esthetician who was assisting my dermatologist forget to give me a stress ball and the pain was quite severe. In fact, she accidentally spilled something in my right eye which left it blurry for a couple of hours.

My face oozed blood and fluid for about 24 hours after the procedure. I would say that it evened out my skin tone and did add some collagen to my face but was not beneficial in reducing the appearance of my scarring.

I've been dermarolling for about two years and I think that this is more effective than lasers - I've had four Genesis Laser treatments which did absolutely nothing for my scarring and one Pearl Fractional Laser treatment.

I had four subcision treatments for my rolling scars and one TCA Cross treatment. The subcision treatments improved the appearance of my scarring by about 70-75%. I couldn't be happier with the results.

For those of you considering laser treatments to help your scarring, here is my advice - SAVE YOUR MONEY.

If you have rolling and box car scars, try several treatments of subcision. Look at my thread and gallery - you'll be surprised by how much skin improved through subcision and dermarolling.

Best wishes to you on your journey....


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Posted 02 February 2012 - 11:51 AM

Hello. I had pearl fractional (2-3passes) on my entire face and pearl on my neck on Jan 31st. I had IV sedation (extra $) but from what I've read, it was well worth it. My experience so far is this: my face feels like the worst sunburn I've ever had but is tolerable. I definitely look worse than I feel. Oozing stopped after the first night but my face is very swollen and red, especially around the eyes. Vaseline and vinegar soaks help but are messy. What really hurts is my neck and chest. OUCH! If you have these procedures done, plan to have some serious down time. I'm too early in the game to know what my final results will be, but I had this done to correct sun damage. I am a 50 yr old, blue eyed, blonde who grew up in the southern USA. I logged many hours on the tennis court from the age of ten and with no sun protection until my 30s. I had lines around my mouth (like a smoker but don't smoke), my eyes and my chin and cheeks. I'm hoping to eliminate or reduce the appearance of these lines. Right now, I would say I could go through this again but you really need a full week at least to recover. Can't wait to report later on my results!

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Posted 27 August 2012 - 07:21 PM


I also recently had Pearl Fractional laser done on my face for scaring. my scars were on my chin and right cheek only so that is where i had the laser done. I decided not to get my laser done on my entire face mainly because the rest of my skin is quiet nice and has no scaring. my laser was on Friday August 24th so today I am on day 4. I did a ton of research online before getting this done and talked to my doctor a number of times. A few things that I would want people to know before getting it done is the following. 1. It is painful, even with numbing cream and meds. If you read on websites that people were in no pain and that it wa a 2 on a pain scale...they are lying for sake of advertising. I would agree with the above comment that it feels like 15 tattoo guns on punching into your skin at once, a burning hot tattoo gun.
2. I would want people to know that everyone heals differently. online it says that afterwards you will feel like a swollen mild sunburn and that your skin will be red. However for me personally after the laser was done I felt no pain at all and my skin never swelled up or got red. instead it instantly turned brown with lots of little dots all over. I have been staying inside and doing the vinegar soaks and using vaseline on my face at all times and in 3 days so far i have seen no change. Today I went to my deretologist to ensure everything was healing well and she has assured me that everyone heas differently and that I seem to be coming along nicely.
3. The last thing I would want people to know is that the downtime they tell you is no correct for everyone. I have read that in 5 days you can wear makeup and that in 7 days you are healed...this is not correct. I would except 10 days of actual downtime and 2 months of redness after that. I would also ask people not to panic it you still see dots on your face or redness. this is normal. Also keep in mind that there are things your doctor can do to correct side effects and at no cost. if you still have redness ask your doctor about "limelight" this can correct the redness. Also be aware that this laser treatment can cause discoloation of the skin...don't let this scare you as this can also be corrected with treatments.
i guess the last advice i would give so far is this treatment is not for the light hearted. it is a serious treatment and takes real downtime. Expect to look pretty scary for a week. however there is light at the end of the tunnel. i know a number of people who have had this done and the results are always amazing. Its only been 4 days and i can already tell that my deep scars are very shallow and much much smoother. this treatment takes time so do not freak out. I will keep you all posted on my progress however i would say the above post is fairly realistic. that is just my opintion. thanks!