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Red Tea decreasing oil production

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I've been drinking red tea (rooibos) for a few days now and my skin is definitely less oily. It started on Sunday when I began to notice it, I took an oil absorbing pad and do what I always do, get the shine off of my overly oily face, except there really wasn't any oil this time.
Now today, Tuesday, I took out my oil absorbing sheet at the end of the day (2:00), note: I usually blot at 10 in the morning, and tons of oil always soaks the sheet. However, today, there was only a little bit of oil on the sheet. My face feels great, I don't have to look in the mirror every period to make sure it's not getting too oily. It's not the too dry either, it's the perfect dry with just a little bit of moisture.
I'm not sure if it's the Rooibos or the new glycolic wash I'm using from Sephora, either way, my skin feels awesome, and my break outs are starting to go away as well! =D

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