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Wondering how to incorporate self-tanner into my regimen?

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So now that summer is approaching I am going to be busting out the self-tanner (oh and for those of you looking for a good one, St. Tropez's mousse is amazing. I swear by it!).

Here are my current products for comedonal acne:
Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser
Paula's Choice 2% BHA
Diana Yvonne Red Tea serum

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser
Green Cream Level 6

Exfoliate twice 2-3x a week with a baby brush.

I was wondering just how to incorporate my self-tanner into my regimen? Would it be okay to use it at night after the Green Cream, or should I have an "off" day so I can use the St. Tropez?

Also, I know that GC makes your skin exfoliate faster than the normal rate, so would my self-tan fade quicker because of this?

Thanks! smile.gif

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