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azelaic acid and treinoin(retin-a) together?


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Posted 12 April 2009 - 05:31 PM

I was going to start a regimen with either over-the-counter or prescription azelaic acid cream (azelex or melazepam) and tretinoin(retin-a) cream. I plan on using the retin-a only at night and the azelaic acid cream both morning and night. Will the azelaic acid cream and retin-a interfere with each other when worn together?

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Posted 22 April 2009 - 10:28 AM

That's too much to start out with, imo.

Try this:

Week one: Use each product 1 out of 3 nights (not the same day).
Week two: Use each product on alternate nights.
Week three: Use each product 2 out of 3 days; on the days you use both, use azelaic in the AM and retin A at night.
Week four: Use each product daily, azelaic in the AM and retin A at night.

If at any time your skin gets red, sore, and irritated, STOP using BOTH products until things go back to normal. Then pick up where you left off.
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Posted 23 April 2009 - 09:28 PM

i'm actually thinking about asking my derm about this when i see him on tuesday! i was on finacea last summer. it didn't help with my acne but within two weeks it had worked a miracle on my scars. i'm on tazorac now, which is working, but i'm thinking it's gona need a few more months to start working on the scars and i'd like a boost. i was hoping once i'm completely clear from the taz perhaps the finacea would be good enough for maintenance...

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 04:16 AM

ohh that is really intersting.
i have both those creams but have just been using the Retin A gel but only once every 4 nights. its working great but i was a bit like what shall i do on the other days. well now i know! i will get my azelaic acid cream back out and start using it on days im not using Retin A and hopefully they will combat the acne together!

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