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Negative Accutane Experiences

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Most of the scarring that i have today is from the initial breakout. I was on it for about a month, before I decided to stop it..... Tough decision, but glad I did :)

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Hello, I'm a new member and a first time poster. Last month I began taking 40 mg of Claravis a day. I've just passed the one month mark, and I'm having a change of heart. I haven't experienced any severe side effects, just the typical face/lip dryness and a patch eczema on one of my hands, but I have re-evaluated the risks associated with taking this drug, and have decided that it's not for me. Of course, I have now put about 1400mg of this stuff into my system, and I'm worried that I may have already done irreversible damage to myself. So, I guess my question is, has anyone developed severe long-term side effects, like GI or bone density problems, after taking this little for such a short period of time? And if so, how long was it before symptoms of these problems began appearing?

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Been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to report back since last time.

First of all, been on two courses of accutane and they never got rid of my acne.

I now suffer from constant, ridiculously bizarre tinnitus (screeching sounds in my head). I get heart palpitations all the time, I suddenly go faint every once in awhile. I suffer from vibrations when I try to sleep, and sometimes in the day, especially after certain foods and or drinking alcohol.

My vision is totally fucked up, I constantly see noise in my vision and lights streak across my field of view especially in the dark (like some sort of drug trip or something). I experience what I can only call flashing while I try to sleep. Lights that I can't actualyl perceive, flashing in my head.

My lips are permanently dry.

Have basically a constant minor headache permanently, and my hearing is generally fucked, as a lot of noises cause server feedback in my head.

Yeah accutane fucked me up. I suggest to try something else. There's worse things than acne, and you can probably solve acne without accutane anyways.

Imo, accutane should be shelved for everyone except extreme cases.


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This is very important so please read this, I am a Registered Nurse


If you want, google accutane killed my son and see what you get,

this drug has killed thousands of people and is constantly destroying

people lives. To fully understand just what this drug is capable of

just visit the Accutane Action Website to see the thousands of stories

of people who's life this drug has destroyed...

This drug reeks havoc on the Endocrine System which can cause

all kinds of psycological and physical side effects. This drug

even in the generic forms like what you're taking is very

similar to Vitamin A. There is something called

Hypervitaminosis A which basically is what this drug causes.

This drug was originally meant for treating caner not

pimples and should not be taken for something like that.

To read about experiments done on Soldiers taking

Accutane and the side effects and suicide attempts it caused

read through this PDF page...


For a summary of just what Accutane did to my son and thousands

of others please read the following for exact details of what

you can expect if you take this drug. You might think that there's

no such thing as a drug that can change your personality but

you'd be wrong!...

Please Read This...

I am a nurse, what I will put here will be in layman's terms

or basically more Generalized language to make it as direct and

understandable to as many people as possible, but PLEASE READ THIS...

I have a son who took Accutane, I saw your message on

the Accutane Action website. Basically my son took the

drug for two months instead of the full 4, but his personality

changed dramaticaly. He was the most loving, empathetic,

compashionate, artistic person you could ever meet.

He became extremely aggressive, violent, suicidal,

and his entire life started going down the drain.

It's like his survival instincts had completely reversed and

he could only focus on the most negative aspects of life, to the

point where his physical actions where out of his control and

severely detrimental to him. Paranoia lead him to becoming

extremely violent, verbally abusive, self consumed, and even

caused him to suffer from such disorders as Agoraphobia,

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Depression and even Delusions.

He closed himself off from the world, lost his career, all of

his friends, and pushed everyone out of his life. As a Registered

Nurse I was able to realize as he changed where it might have

come from and through research I've discovered that Accutane was

originally a cancer fighting medication. Doctors started realizing

that the drug was actually too dangerous to give to cancer patients

because losing your mind is not an acceptable side effect to live

with along with all of the other severe side effects so most Doctors

stopped prescribing it. My perspective tells me that the

Pharmaceutical company Roche had to make up the money for developing

the drug so they decided to market the drug under a new name to ACNE

patients. They may have decided to do this because they noticed that

on cancer patients using the drug who had ACNE, along with the cancer,

were healed of their pimples after taking Accutane. HOWEVER,

marketing a drug to kids with pimples that is too dangerous to

prescribe to people with CANCER just to make money is beyond careless,

it is downright unacceptable, despicable, and CRUEL. Accutane can

cause severe WHITE MATTER damage in the brain, this can effect the

HYPOTHALAMUS GLAND which regulates certain neurotransmitters, or

chemicals which are involved in synaptic transmission processes in

the brain. These synaptic transmissions have dramatic effects on human

behavior and in effect regulate certain sensations and even emotions.

Some of the chemicals involved in these synaptic transmissions which

regulate certain behaviors are: Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine,

Acetylcholine, etc. If the Hypothalamus is damaged some of these

neurotransmitters may be effected. Acetylcholine has an important

role in regulating Aggression levels. Changes in Serotonin can lead

to depression, through a lack of Tryptophan which converts to Serotonin

eventually. Regulating the level of these chemicals can also be

effected by damage to their receptors in the brain and body. Oxytocin

as well as Vasopressin levels in the brain can effect the sex drive,

Dopamine levels also effect the sex drive. Extreme changes in these

areas can lead to serious problems with Aggression, Depression,

Sex Drive side effects, self esteem problems and more, all of which

individually could cause a person to become suicidal. A good way to

tell if your Hypothalamus has been effected is if you have trouble

maintaining specific sleep patterns as it also regulates body

temperature, appetite, digestion, circulation and sleep. These are

just a few things that are important to know about if you've taken

Accutane. Chemical induced Psychosis caused by this drug can be

treated by Professional therapists such as Psychiatrists

(Who Can Prescribe Medication), Neuro-Psychiatrists,

Psychologists (Cannot Prescribe), Neurologist, Psycho-Therapists

and the like. I recommened getting an MRI to see if you've had any

white matter damage in the brain, this however can be expenssive as

well as finding a good Neurologist, or Neuro-Psychiatrists who can

read the MRI images properly. A good MRI of the Brain can range from

$400-$1,000. An appointment with a good Neuro-Psychiatrist can cost

from $200-$3,000 or more. To reduce the cost of the first

Neuro-Psychiatrist appointment, make sure to mention you only want

an MRI read and then you can discuss future appoitments and treatment.

The HARDEST PART is finding a good Neuro-Psychiatrist, or Neurologist

who is board Certified and can read MRIs properly so in that, I wish

you good luck. Some good law firms could point you in the right

direction as many Defense Lawyers need to have someone they can use

in cases where their Clients have committed crimes while in a state

of Diminished Mental capacity due to Psychosis or Demensia. My Son

has gotten much better due to having been informed of his ailment's

cause, and that has given him hope and myself as well. He is back to

being his old optimistic self, he knows he was ill and now he has

been being treated by a good Psycho-Therapist using treatments

such as EMDR therapy (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT THERAPY), Rapid healing

therapy, and even reading books on life philosophy such as

'Practicing The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle which has greatly

helped him through his depression. All of which is helping him get

his life back on track, but without support he could not have done

it on his own. So if you've taken Accutane and are suffering please

don't be affraid to reach out to someone and find help, accepting

that you have an illness is the first step towards getting better.

P.S. Good luck, I hope you recover and I hope that this

Pharmaceutical company La-Roche gets what they deserve.

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I’m a 27 year old white male living in the Midwest with plenty of wind and dry air to irritate my skin. I started developing severely clogged pores in 9th grade and tried everything to combat the abundance of “under the skin” acne. I was spared cystic nodules for the most part but decided to do a course of Accutane b/c everything I tried either made my skin irritated or simply didn’t work. I did a cycle consisting of 40, 60, and 80 mg. I had the typical side-effects of very dry and a slight redness to my face and upper chest. However, my acne completely subsided and I had near perfect skin. I never experienced any suicidal or depressed thoughts. I think most teenagers go through some sort of negative feelings so I could never contribute a bad day to Accutane. I was clear for a couple years (best years of my life!) and slowly started to break out again. This time it was stubborn, deep, cystic acne on my cheeks and jaw bone. I started shaving regularly at this time and I think my inability to correctly shave and treating my body like crap only made things worse. I will note that I regularly (every day) smoked marijuana and also binge drank on the weekends, thus completely neglecting my face aside from facewash and lotion. I decided to do another cycle toward the end of my senior year and had the exact same results: near perfect skin and confidence to match. I went off to college and “lived the dream.” I spent most of college with a few spots on my face but nothing to worry about. After college, I took a job in the finance industry and have many stressors (girls, works, bills, etc.) and my face started getting out of control. It killed the confidence I once had and makes it near impossible to look people in the eyes because I know what they’re thinking.

On to the side effects:

Flushing. Wow. Every time I have any sort of emotion (happy, sad, mad, etc.) my face implodes with flushing and it literally looks like I’ve been punched in the eye. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make up an excuse as to why my face flushes bright red for a half hour and then subsides. It generally leaves red marks near my eyes for an hour or so but all goes back to normal.

Rectal bleeding: I never experienced this while on the cycles but it would start shortly after. This sounds gross, but to this day, I cannot wipe after bowel movements without seeing blood on the TP. It’s not painful, just very alarming.

Nose Bleeds: I have to put Vaseline in my nose most nights because the dryness never went away.

Prone to scarring: I don’t have much cystic acne but my comedomes come to a head a few times a month and I use an extractor to remove them. No matter how soft, I always get a scar that takes weeks/months to fade. This NEVER used to happen and has only recently become a problem.

Rashes: Never had one in my life until Accutane. Now I randomly get them on my arms and have to lather up in Vaseline and wear a long sleeved shirt to sleep. Not fun but they go away after a few days.

Dry skin: I never had to use lotion anywhere prior to Accutane and now I cannot go anywhere without it. I fear the rain now because I know one or two drops can wreak havoc. And the dry skin isn’t just on my face…it’s everywhere! I have to wake up 15 minutes earlier every day to lather my arms and legs to avoid ashy skin. My knuckles crack every week and it’s just something I’ve gotten used to. Lots of people have told me “you have old man hands.” Gee, thanks.

Chapped lips: Never ending cycle. In college, girls always knew I’d have a fresh tube of Burts Bees and would religiously apply it throughout the day. It works wonders…but I’d like to not have to carry it everywhere.

Thinning hair: I come from a long line of full-bodied hair and mine is getting thinner each week, with a receding hair line to match. Both grandfathers had full heads of hair in their 60’s and my Dad does as well (he’s 63.) I’m terrified to lose my hair because I’ve always been known to have great hair. Hair stylists used to tell me how perfect my head was and I haven’t heard that in a couple years.

Joint pain: I cannot fully contribute this to Accutane but I’m hardly able to run because of the pressure in my knees. I’ve played physical sports my whole life so I definitely think that plays a major role. However, I’m sure Accutane hasn’t helped!

Bottom Line: Accutane works. It clears up your acne and gives you a new found confidence to tackle life. It really helped me in HS and college to live my life with a smile but there are definitely aspects you need to think about prior to starting the cycle.

Another note: I don’t eat processed foods, drink caffeine, or ingest much dairy. I work out regularly and am in tip top physical shape. I do drink alcohol in moderation a few times per week but nothing crazy. I think my acne is mainly genetic and stress-related. I do know that Accutane is simply not an option moving forward because of the issues I’m dealing with 10 years later.

If you can’t have a perfect face, get better at everything else. Be the smartest kid in your math class. Be the fastest kid on the track team. Be the strongest one in the gym. Learn how to play guitar. Learn how to fix cars. Do something! You only have one life and you cannot waste it looking in the mirror feeling sorry for yourself. I know it’s hard, but your skin is never as bad as you think it is and you need to understand that life gets better. Money comes and goes. Relationships end. However, you’re always going to pick yourself up and keep on keeping on.

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I just finished my Accutane yesterday, and I just had some fatty food [cheese, butter] and it started itchiness on my cheek and nose that starts 5 min after and persists for about an after the food . I used to have similar experiences [before accutane] that would result in cystic bad severe acne.

Accutane: 80mg for 5 months

it was okay while I was on accutane

i just applied little bit of steroid cream over it, its not red or anything, not visible but i can feel it like i used to before accutane

I am confused to what it is that's not going away and fear this would not cause acne.

I am not sure if I can use this betamethasone valerate cream indefinitely

I will start retin-a as that seemed to help it a bit i guess, i dont even remember now

what the hell is this if accutane can't even hold it for 2 days

I just finished my Accutane yesterday, and I just had some fatty food [cheese, butter] and it started itchiness on my cheek and nose that starts 5 min after and persists for about an after the food . I used to have similar experiences [before accutane] that would result in cystic bad severe acne.

Accutane: 80mg for 5 months

it was okay while I was on accutane

i just applied little bit of steroid cream over it, its not red or anything, not visible but i can feel it like i used to before accutane

I am confused to what it is that's not going away and fear this would not cause acne.

I am not sure if I can use this betamethasone valerate cream indefinitely

I will start retin-a as that seemed to help it a bit i guess, i dont even remember now

what the hell is this if accutane can't even hold it for 2 days

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I was on accutane in 2003 and I am still recovering. I came across Stef on youtube where he said in one of his videos that he is still hanging around at the org, so I had to check it out and give my two cents.

A short recap of my situation:

My symptoms pretty much coincide with yours, whereas some have improved over time, I will tell you what helped later. I have tried and experimentet a lot.

Doctors in most cases were not able to help or contribure in any way, I will spare you the details... would be a different story. Unlike you my acne came back pretty fast after getting off of the drug and it became far worse actually. My skin lost its ability to rejuvenate altogether for a quite long period of time and I am talking about the whole upper body where the skin had simply dried up. I did not suffer from depression or anything the like, but my state of health was rapidly decreasing after getting of the drug. To this day my eyesight decreases steadily, I had to start wearing glasses shortly after getting of accutane. Besides the common sideeffects I suffered severe cartilage damage in my knees, which cut my career as a basketball player short. My knees have not and probably will never fully recover, exercises involving running are a no go for me.

As I mentioned, the drug did not cure me! Quite the opposite, as my health worsened, so did the acne and at the same time I became extremely sensitive to stress and got tired and fatigued ever more quickly. My situation became so bad that in 2006 I realised that should I not be able to turn myself around I would soon be for a lack of a better word be "disabled". Some weeks or month after getting off the drug I also started passing gas, like all day nonstop, it was embarrassing and lasted until around 2006. This is when I went gluten free. In 2006/2007 I made the turnaround with juice fasting and liver flushes mainly, see tips below.

A friend of mine who initialy recommended the doc to me who put me on the drug went on two cycles of the drug and was never cured either. Instead this once very smart guy became extremely fatigued and started to suffer from paranoia. He had to quit his studies and has become pretty much unemployable. He recently tried suicide, because of an altercation he had with his dad about him not being able to start a real life and get a job. After the injuries he suffered from the suicide attempt he will probably never be close to normal again.

I have pretty much turned myself around, although I am not back to normal. Stomach is still messed up...

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Lol my doctor's judgement was one of the worst over the past 6 months that I knew what bullshit to expect each time I left the office. Everything was going fine, and I use the word loosely, from October when I started the treatment to about the second week in January. The first sign of trouble was when my moisturizer was only burning my skin instead of cooling it. At that time, acne began to increase after 3 months of progress and no change in dosage (only 40 mg/day, but it was doing the job for then.) That next appointment at the end of January, I told the dermatologist the situation, and he basically shrugged my concern and said "looks good." At the end of February, same results except I started to use a redness reducer moisturizer (which basically felt like make-up.) The next visit to the office he for whatever reason cut my dose in half to 20 mg/day. I have no fucking idea why as I never heard anyone who did this unless they were having side-effects. Redness strangely remained as bad as it was on the higher dose but much more acne breakouts, even black heads started showing up. Three weeks ago I specifically told him where and how many spots I would get over a course of a couple days, and how we're only taking steps back in the treatment, and his idea was..

"Ok, everything looks normal. I think you need a break from the medication."

I can't wait to show up at his office next Thursday when he meets my September 2011 face again. If he says nice to meet you, I'm calling the cops tongue.png

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This drug has caused me to be depressed/suicidal for the last 6 years.

I took Accutane in December 2005, up to May 2006. I was due to take the drug for another month but it was making me feel terrible. I was crying without a logical reason and had many other issues.

I'm male and now 21 years old.

I now have:

- Sexual dysfunction - No sex drive and inability to get an erection

- Hair loss/ Terrible and weak hair texture/ a dozen visible grey hairs (at 21!)

- Thyroid/adrenal problems which shows up in testing.

- Seemingly I have Liver problems, despite bloodtests saying I'm okay. I feel ill for days if I drink alcohol.

- Dry eyes and dry mouth -This can lead to cavities. I used to eat a tonne of sugar when I was younger, in terms of sweets/chocolate etc. Now, I eat healthy because my overall health is so bad and I seem to have food allergies/sensitivities, and in the last few years have had 3 fillings. I have other teeth that look like they have cavities, despite having very good oral hygiene. My gums are receding too. Others have said about this after Accutane

- Joint/back pains

- Very low energy even after long hours of sleep

- Depression and anxiety. These started on the drug and nothing has helped.

- Chronic constipation which does not respond to a good diet, fibre or whatever else.

That's it for the most part.

I am unemployed and couldn't care less if I died today because this drug has taken so much from me.

It is a chemotherapy drug (Fact) and should not be given to people for acne.

I was in perfect health before taking Accutane and now I feel like I'm already dead.

I'm not someone who writes this for fun. This is real life. I have to deal with this crap every day.

My acne was moderate - not severe.

I strongly advise people to avoid this dangerous drug.

See my videos on to learn more about this.

The FDA need to answer a lot of questions. This drug has got away with murder(literally, in some cases) and ruins lives.

I will be taking part in a documentary which will air in the UK. I hope I can help people avoid the fate I now have.

Over the last 6 years, I have seen my health get worse and worse. I have spent thousands of pounds on supplements, health experts and organic produce. There seems to be nothing I can do. I can no longer see a future for me, and I know I'm not alone in this. Many, many people have the exact same problems as me. Some of these people are very smart, and yet - Nobody can figure out what to do. It's like the glass has smashed and can't be put back together.

I now see how little a problem acne is when compared to this.

13 and 14 years olds take this. It's crazy.

They are not warned of these risks. I certainly wasn't in 2005. I could not have prepared for this.

Permanent damage.

Some people take this drug for 2 weeks and they're screwed.

Some get away with it.

Do not play russian roulette with your health.

To read my book about my experience, search 'Accutane - The Truth' on Amazon. It's available on the Kindle.

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My mother took Accutane when she was a teenager, and although she never told me her side effects, she only said "Accutane is horrible." I should have listened to her.

I am 21, and several months ago I started my treatment. I was supposed to take 90mg a day for 6 months. My insurance would not cover 90, so I took 80mg per day. About 2 and a half months in, my skin was pretty nice. I was actually able to leave the house without wearing makeup! I had experienced the typical side effects, such as dryness, painful joints, and some hair loss, and high triglycerides, but nothing that majorly changed my life.

Later, I realized I could not concentrate at work. I would stare into space for hours, and hardly get any work done. I could no longer multi-task, and for someone who normally had a very sharp mind, I felt like an airhead. I could not rememebr things that were said to me only moments before.

I started to feel very on-edge all the time, and stressed. The stress of my decreased mental ability caused me to have panic attacks. I had my first panic attack on March 20th and I went to the emergency room because I thought I was going to lose conciousness.

I had many tests done at the ER, and everything was negative. I stopped taking my Accutane that day, save for a few pills here and there. (I took a total of 4 and a half months)

I have continued to have frightening symptoms ever since. I have seen several different doctors with different specialties, but no one seems to be taking my Accutane theory seriously.

I was always healthy; overweight, but I'd never had anything worse than asthma.

Since taking Accutane, I now have the following:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Extreme lethargy
  • Muscle weakness
  • Lightheadedness and vertigo
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of concentration
  • PVCs (premature ventricular contractions; extra heartbeats)
  • My digestive system is not regular
  • Constant nausea
  • Imperfect vision
  • Facial flushing
  • Hypothyroidism.

I used to have 20/20 vision or better. I used to be able to leave the house without having a panic attack. Heart conditions don't even run in my family. I was once a very detailed and precise driver, and I almost kill myself every time I get behind the wheel. I fail to see cars that are headed right toward me. I accidentally change lanes without even looking behind me! I fear for my life every day, and I do not believe my symptoms are all "coincidences," like my doctors seem to think. I had to quit my job because my brain is mush.

Accutane does so many things that are not documented as Side Effects. When I was reading the pamphlets, I thought "sure, I can deal with some stomach pain" and "Chapped lips? Big deal!" but nothing could have prepared me for all of this. It all happened so fast and with no warning. I have not taken a dose in about 2 months, and I have only gotten worse.

All of my tests are negative for any problems: no cancer, no high cholesterol, no brain tumors, etc.

I have no other option than to blame the Accutane.

People think we are crazy for going on such an intense medicine. They think we don't need it, and we're doing something unnecessary, like plastic surgery. But we live in a generation that does not accept people for looking different. Kids are ridiculed for having a pimple, and are taught that people with acne are gross. I wanted to cure my acne because I thought I would never be taken seriously in the world without looking "perfect." It's proven that prettier people make more money and are considered more trustworthy. I thought that taking Accutane would be pretty-much harmless, and would be a good choice in the long run. But as I am sitting here, with pain in my chest, a blurry eye, and a roaring sound in my ear, I know that it is not worth it. Temporarily being acne-free is not worth the potentially lifelong problems. I would love nothing more than a day in court with the drugmakers.

I have been trying many herbal solutions to my current problems: I drink a lot of chamomile tea for my stomach and anxiety. I've been trying reiki and chakra healing, for the anxiety. But some things require real medicine, like Synthroid for my hypothyroidism. And Xanax helps me forget about my irregular heartbeat. Because I quit my job, I lost my insurance. I was approved for new insurance, so at least I can keep seeing doctors.

Please, if you are a parent, teach your children to accept people as they are, because I would hate for the generation behind me to go through this shit for something as trivial as a zit.

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I took this drug for 5 months and now feel depressed every day. Accutane has caused me ear fullness, crackling, twitching and lots of other preassure related symptoms which is really frustrating to deal with every day. If anyone has had any type of problems with their ears from taken Accutane please contact me and tell me how you dealt with this and if you can treat it. I must also ass that i get a hearbeat in my neck when playing sports and sometimes just moving about, never had thus before Accutane and i have no idea what this is.

I also have an ent appointment for july 17th which i will describe everything. If anyone can recommend anything thank's.

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Hi everyone,

If you have a few minutes to read below, it would be greatly appreciated...

I am a 25 year old male from Australia who has been suffering from a chronic headache since November, 2005. I had been taking Roaccutane for 12 days and woke up on the 12th morning with this pain/discomfort around my forehead. At the time I had been working as a Landscaper (mowing lawns mostly) for roughly 4 months. When I woke up with the headache it was sitting on a 4/5 out 10, but I went to work. After a few hours of being at work I told the boss that I needed to go home because I had this headache, so I got home and took a couple of painkillers and lay down for an hour or so. I got up only to find the headache was exactly the same. I immediately thought to myself 'this is strange' but didn't think too much of it, as I was expecting it to just go away a bit later. I went to bed and woke up the next morning with the headache still exactly the same. This is when I started to worry a bit. After a couple of days of this persistent head pain, my Mother rang the doctor who prescribed the Roaccutane and asked if I should stop taking the drug and the Dr said to stop taking it immediately. All up I was on the drug for 15 days (15 x 20mg tablets). I booked an appointment with my GP a few days after and the Doctor told me that it may be a sinus headache because it is located around where my frontal sinus are. I was prescribed a weeks worth of Antibiotics to clear my sinus but it had no effect and the pain remained the same. After the antibiotics hadn't cured my headache, I started really worrying that I might have a tumor or something serious. However, I had a CT scan performed which showed no abnormalities, so anything serious was ruled out. Since then it has been a constant search to find a cure. My family and I have spent over $30,000 on the following treatments..

Sinus surgery (2006)


Chiropractic work

Massage therapy


Cranial-sacral therapy

Chinese Medicine

Bowen therapy

Botox injections x 2 and every pain medication under sun. The list just goes on and on.

About a year into the headache, I developed an anxiety disorder from constant worry, frustration and stress about my headache so I went on anti depressants for a few years. To a degree I think they did help me cope with the constant pain but more than anything they just helped me hold a happy face and pretend I was alright. The last thing I ever wanted from everyone is sympathy so I didn't tell my friends about the extent of pain because I wanted to seem like I normal. Only until recently, I have kept my pain a secret from a lot of people because I'm still not after sympathy from anyone. If I did have the occasional headache when I was younger, I would just prefer to ask Mum for a panadol (pain killer) and go to lye down in my room until the pain went but it has now been 6 and a half years, and I am tired of not enjoying my life. I am desperate to get rid of the pain so I can live life how it was intended to be for all of us. I have even had some people (even my own Mother) think it's a Psychological issue from being stressed out about my acne before taking Roaccutane, which really makes me feel like shit. That makes me feel the worst out of everything. I think a teenager should be able to get stressed out without developing a chronic headache that persists for 7 years, even when the acne clears up. I am open to any possibility though and my Mother is the closest person to me and has shown the most support, so I am seeing a Psychologist for pain management.

Over the years, we have researched 'headaches as side effect from Roaccutane' but all the articles we found just said that all side effects should go away once Accutane is out of the system. However, after reading posts from the actual people who have taken Accutane, It makes me wonder who is writing these articles saying that accutane side effects should go away after you have stopped taking it.

About 3 weeks ago, I had the biggest breakthrough yet after bumping into a man named George who is a pharmacist at my local Pharmacy. I was just in the store looking at vitamins, when he walked up and asked me if I needed any help. At this point in time I had been losing all hope and was desperate for help, so I told him about my condition. The more I told him, the more he seemed interested and deeply concerned about my headache. We talked for about 20 minutes and he asked If I minded if he called me tomorrow to discuss it further. Since then I have been in to see him weekly along with my parents and we have talked about all the possibilities of the cause of my pain. George would have to be the most sincere, knowledgeable person I have came across since the headache began. He understands my headache and is highly suspicious that Roaccutane is the cause. He believes my body has had an adverse effect which has manifested in this head pain. After all this time, it makes sense. Why was my health perfectly normal up until 12 days of taking this poison?

I have no other side effects besides the head pain. I have developed an anxiety disorder because of the constant worry and frustration (anyone would). My joints are fine, my vision is fine, my hearing fine. I do have fatigue which I also think is normal for someone who has a headache. However, I have managed to keep myself in shape and looking healthy. I have quit drinking, smoking and eating junk food. My skin is the best it's been and my diet is very healthy. I am currently off all pain drugs and antidepressant but have not noticed any change in the pain. I have noticed that my hair has gotten thin on top though. Not really thin, but definitely noticeable.

So here's the theory.....

George has me taking 3 Vitamin A tablets a day as well as 5 x 1M Palmitate Vitamin A liquid drops. He believes that the the toxic shit in Roaccutane has pretty much poisoned me and is stored in my liver as a fat soluble, so we're boosting my vitamin A levels for a couple of months in hopes of overriding the poison in Roaccutane. He explained it much clearer than I just did, but it does make sense. Because I was only on Roaccutane for 15 days, does not mean that it is completely out of my body. Even 6 years later. The strength of this drug is undeniable and it should be taken off the market. I have been on the natural vitamin A for three weeks, but haven't noticed anything yet, but George said it will take time. It may not work, but's worth trying. At this point, I am willing to try anything.

I know my story is quiet different from most people on this forum, but I thought it may be relevant. I commend you all for being so strong though and believe me, I know how hard it is living with the effects from this evil drug but we will get through it.

I've felt like giving up many of times but I'm not going to let this piece of shit drug beat me. Even though it sometimes seems like it's just never going to go away. There will be better days.

If anyone has any suggestions, ways of helping,questions or comments, I will be checking this forum regularly from now on so please feel free to reply to this post or contact by email at

Cheers for reading and stay positive..

P.S - a message to Roche:

There may be a lot more clearer faces in the world, but that does not make up for the young people who are suffering because of your product. If someone told me Hitler invented this drug, I wouldn't argue the possibility

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Reminder of the purpose of this thread. About five or six posts are now invisible.

This thread is here for people who had a NEGATIVE experience with Accutane. If you are sorry you ever took this drug, this thread is for you.

Please make just one post describing your experience, and edit/update that post as needed ... this will make it much easier for readers to follow each person's story.

It would be helpful, of course, to know the length of your course(s), your dosage(s), and when you started or finished. Please do not post until AFTER you have finished your course.

Please do not post links to other sites. This thread is here for personal stories of members only. It has been pinned so that it will not be lost in the shuffle.

Neither this thread nor the "positive experience" thread should be regarded as definitive proof of anything, pro or con, about Accutane. This is by no means a scientific sampling and we are not checking up on anyone who posts here. It is simply a place where people can tell their stories and keep them up to date in a simple format that is uncluttered and easy to follow.

Something to keep in mind when reading this thread: quite a few people do get directed to from anti-Accutane Web sites for the specific purpose of posting their negative experiences on this board. It's usually pretty obvious who these posters are (lengthy posts, one-time posters, etc.). However, this is a very open forum, and so long as these people stay within our rules and guidelines, we welcome them.

Arguments, flaming, and off-topic posts will be invis'd.

Take responsibility for your health; read the full prescribing information for any medication you take and understand that not all risks or potential side effects will likely ever be fully known.

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Please ask questions on the boards, not via PM. That way all benefit. Thanks!

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Well, here goes my negative accutane experience.

First, two of my oldest brothers were put on accutane and none of them got any rare side effect as I did. Took this drug in March of 2012 for only four days.

I received severe tinnitus (ringing of the ears - it's like a hiss sound you get after listening to loud music, but in my case probably worse).

I also have oilier skin after getting off of it. I understand that it is not listed as one of the side effects, but I garuntee you that my skin is twice as oily since getting off of it.

The third side effect that has not gone away is constant sweating (hyperhydrosis). I constantly sweat even at the slighest effort to do anything phsyical.

I am not here to degrade accutane or scare people away from taking accutane, but to post my negative experiences with it. I still live in fear of acne every freaking day and it has totally shattered my confidence, my relationtionship with friends and family, and possibly my future. But considering I only took this for four days, I can't imagine what would have occured if I took this for six months. Take this drug at your own risk, but it is really gambling with your life. We could all blame acne for this crazy mess, and hopefully there will be a cure of it one day.

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I am 23 years old and I know my acne is not as bad as some, falling into the moderate category with a few painful cysts, however, it has been persistent and unresponsive to other OTC treatments, antibiotics, retinoids, and oral contraceptives. I was thrilled when I went to the dermatologist 3 weeks ago and right off the bat he prescribed me Accutane, 50mg daily. It was the start of a new school year and within the first week of being on the med I started seeing a dramatic improvement. Literally within the first 3-4 days the pain of my cysts diminished, giving me so much hope for the healing of my skin. After a week the stubbornness of my acne seemed to subside, leaving only fresh scars that were finally being given time to heal properly. My reason for going on Accutane was also because my dermatologist told me it was quick, and I was so happy that the guy moving to VA that I have been talking to for a couple months would see me with beautiful skin. To me, it was worth it to have some hair loss, it was even okay that my skin on my scalp and lips would bleed randomly, that my eyes were dry and bloodshot, that I was tired and sick. I kept telling myself this was all temporary and worth it to be beautiful in the end. What I did not know is that the Accutane would cause me to spiral into a deep state of depression with suicidal thoughts. I stopped taking the Accutane a couple days ago because the depression got so intense I have been having trouble getting up to go to classes, work, eat, and I do not see friends. The people I want to call and talk to I neglect because of this. I pray that this will go away with time. It's kind of sad because I only really had MODERATE acne, and in retrospect it was not that bad and not worth it to feel this way. Well, the guy I was dying to see for so long and just wanted to be beautiful for is coming here tomorrow, and the energetic, happy person I was before seems to be gone. I would give anything just to go back in time and change what happened so I could feel happiness like I did before. I wrote this in the hopes that if anyone else has here is contemplating going on Accutane for mild-moderate acne they will give it a second thought because it should only be a last resort, not something that should be frivolously prescribed by ignorant dermatologists who do not care to evaluate their patients' past history with psychiatric disorders and inform them of the risks. If you already have a predisposition to depression, try to consider if your condition is worth this. Nothing is worth feeling this way.

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I took Accutane for around five months and have been off it for four months now - I still get really dry eyes, horrible joint pains and painful muscles if I walk for more than a mile or so. I really regret taking it - would much rather deal with the cystic acne i had before. Just hoping the side effects will go away eventually. Some of my friends have taken it and they were absolutely fine, I was just unlucky I guess :(

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I am sorry for whoever will read this post but this is the harsh reality.

If you think Accutane is this 'wonder drug' which will free you from acne forever you will be disappointed.

I was promised to be free from Acne for at least a few years but it didnt happen.

I recently saw my Dermotologist again and he told me "Accutane only works for 50% of cases, and unfortunately you are in the other 50%"

I took Accutane twice.

Once in 2005 and again in 2010.

Second time was worse than second time.

Took two pills per day once in morning and other at night for both rounds.

2005 - Acne cleared in about 6 months - Clear skin lasted for about 1.5 years before slowly creeping back...

In between did try alot of OTC products as well as Retin-A which ruined me. Therefore had to go back on second round of Tane.

2010 - Acne was more severe, took it for about 10 months before clear skin - Clear skin only lasted about 1 year.

It is now bad again. Taking differin + BCP, hopefully it works.

Side effects from Accutane that still remain (which I did not have to begin with) include;

- sore joints

- always tired

- dry eyes

- dry throat (constantly thirsty - causing bad breath)

- brittle/weak nails

- constantly feeling depressed/anxious


- hair is extremely dry - static even, fly aways constantly needed something to be put on to keep it down. very annoying

- sensitive skin - my old skin wasn't even sensitive to start with....

Unfortunately Accutane diddn't work for me.

It might work for you as everyone is different. Goodluck

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I finished my course about a month ago, taken off a month early because i was having extremely bad migraines lasting for days at a time, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. Since starting my last month on the drug, ive felt generally ill. Extreme lethargy. Sleeping 18 hours a day, waking up feeling like I haven't slept in weeks. I've had constant sinus problems, joint and back pains, the list of side effects I've ended up with from these pills is as long as my arm. I feel extremely run down, as a result of this going on for months I'm now pretty depressed as well. Taking this has affected my day to day life. I've missed quite a bit of my college course due to feeling so ill.

Don't know about the rest of you, but the doctors in the UK are USELESS. One GP told me to go home and take paracetamol and ibroprofen when i told her about my migraines and my vision being messed up. She actually had to get a medical dictionary out and look up the side effects of accutane. "Headaches are listed as a known side effect, theres nothing I can do." Wow. I said I wasnt feeling myself and felt a bit out of sorts, and she gives me a leaflet for group therapy.

Do the pills work? Yes. I'm 90% acne free. I still have one or two actives on my face, but a lot of pigmentation on my cheeks and nose, I feel like rudolph! Just in time for Xmas..

I regret taking this drug. I've just turned 24, and I feel 74. My body is aching as I type this. I get out of breath if i climb a short flight of stairs and I've started coughing and wheezing at night time. I've heard accutane is a chemo drug? Sounds about right. Its sucked all the life out of me. I don't feel passion to do anything anymore.

Overall, I've experienced these.

Extreme fatigue

Dry skin


Pressure headaches/migraines


Ears pop all the time like I'm on a plane..

Stiff neck

Sore dry eyes sensitive to light

Blurry vision

Can't see in the dark at all anymore

Trouble concentrating (brain fog?)

Joint and back pain

Extreme mood swings and depression


Rectal bleeding

I'm still experiencing most of these.

When I first got the referral from the NHS, I was terrified they wouldn't prescribe me accutane as nothing else had worked for me and it was my last resort. I couldn't bear the thought of just having to live with looking like I had some sort of disease all over my face. However I've come to realise the NHS dont actually care that much about whose put on what drugs. I seen one derm for an initial consultation before being put on the drug. She examined my skin. Said I was a candidate, and I signed the necessary paperwork. The different derm I seen throughout my course, never even seen my skin...ever. She never seemed to care. I'd come in every 4 weeks for the appointment and she'd ask the usual questions and give me the prescription. I had my liver functions checked about halfway through the course, and no one even bothered to tell me the results, I had to pester several doctors to go and fetch them. It sickens me the lack of interest, care and thought put into dispensing such a dangerous drug. Its controlled for a reason! I can't believe 13 year olds are being given this and not even having a proper consultation.

I just really hope that its early days for me, and all these awful side effects will wear off in time. Otherwise I see myself ending up as bitter and angry as some of you who have posted here after taking this deadly chemo drug. I've known people who have taken accutane and been absolutely fine. I guess we all seem to be the unlucky ones, although I'm starting to think theres a lot more of us out there than the statistics report.

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I'm 18 mnths out from a 12 mnth course of 60:40mg.

Hair loss started 3 mnths after and continues to this day. Have purchased a wig and I willmist likely have to shave my head as my hair has been destroyed.

Severe dry skin with fine lines and deep wrinkles

Chronic dry mouth and lips

Thinned skin all over my body that no amount of lotion relieves the dry tightness

Fat atrophy in face, hollow eyes and temples

Thin brittle yellow nails

Premature aging in general

Chronic hair growth on face, back, neck thick vellus hair growth

Pains in joints that crack and pop especially ankles and knees

Hyperpigmentation all over my face. My skin has become brown and mottled from the dryness/ thinning of skin also dilated pores all over my face

Easy bruising

Insomnia and depression........

The list continues to grow.

Basically roaacutane has destroyed my skin and hair - ironic that both were beautiful before this

drug and the acne that's cone back now is more severe than the acne I had before and now my skin cannot heal andno longer can produce any protective oils whatsoever.

This drug has destroyed Everything and fucked my life.

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Hi my name is Brad and I am 22, I was on accutane for little over 1 month and noticed that my hair had become very frail, brittle, and dry. IImmediately lowered my course from 20 mg a day everyday, to taking 20 mg every third day.

My hair nearing the end of the first month started thinning rapidly throughout my scalp and began to itch, wherever i scratched, hairs woulld fall out., it yielded a positive pull test but the thinning was more apparent then the amount of hairw faling out each day (30-40 telogum hairs ). I immediately stopped taking the drug.

From the date of first noticing that my hair went dry and brittle, it has now been 4 months and if anything the thinning of the hairs has worsened considerably to the point that shaving my hair is the only option, (not a look thats suits me very much but its gotta be better than what im having to work with now)

The way althouh in compaison the way it look now each individual strand is very very thin almost as if nothing were there.

Since that fateful day, i have read many many forums on this topic and feel that I may have a drug induced hairloss from accutane, whether it to be Diffuse AA or some other form alopecia, I am currently taking botin and another hair care product in form of an oral supplement concentrating in Vitamin B6 and saw palmetto. as a

well as topicam minoxidil 5percent applied every nght.

It has now been month 3-4 and since, and have seen no improvement, it is safe to say that i am now falling into a depression and this whole situation seems hopless especiall the thought of havin thair lik this for the rest of my life!

any suggestions from anymore who feels they encountered a similar encounter after taking accutane,

or any help in this matter in anyway will be hugley appreciatd,


P,s, Please god let my hair com back i miss it so much!!:(

Oh and no history of Mpb runs int he family.

Help Please



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I tried accutane when I was 20. I had to discontinue after 3 weeks due to chillitus of the lips. No product I used would help. My lips were literally disappearing. I could not drink or eat anything outside of my house because of the embarassment. My lips were literally melting off my face. To this day, nearly 10 years later, my lips still haven't returned to their original state.

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Two courses of Accutane,

1: for 9 months - no problems whatsoever,

2: for 4 months.

After the 2nd course:

- Inexplicable vision problems

- Previously mild tinnitus is now awful

- Dry eyes

- Digestion issues

- Back ache (sometimes)


On Spiro now.

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Posted this in another forum - has everything on -

Teresa, (and anybody on roaccutane)

I've just read your post and seen that you are taking this medication.

I have taken it myself, 7 years ago when i was 23, i am now 30 -as of last week.

I can completely empathise with your situation, i remember the reason why i paid over £1000.00 for the drug. It was a last resort and i was totally sick of acne. I was the only one of my friends still with teenage acne. But the irony was, the only person that cared about this was me.

I was so desperate for clear skin i reasoned that life was so shit with acne that it was worth the crazy risk of my health.

Ok, so seven years on here i am and i'd like to share how it's gone for me.

I took the drug, went through all the temporary dry skin super chapped lips , the acne got worse and then one day there was not one spot on my face. Awesome!! i thought and i could count the number of spots i've had since on one hand.

However, this is why i want you and anybody taking the drug to stop right now and ride out the zits, (because they will go all by themselves). This drug has some serious long term side effects, so i'll tell you the story of my last seven years:

Shortly after finishing roacutane, i developed severe anxiety, i would tremble and shake. It was so bizarre, i'd never felt anything like this. Then this started to happen around people in social situations, it still happens to this day. To give you an idea of the person i was before, i had lots of friends, i was one of the most laid back people i knew, i was in a band, loved my music i was a pretty laid back guy - well other than the acne.

As the years went on, my general health has deteriorated, i have had a number of auto immune disorders, and you have to remember i'm a young guy at this stage in his prime who takes care of his health. I've ended up with chronic fatigue, i'm basically exhausted all the time. And worst of all is i have cognitive problems with memory and feeling like i'm on a different planet. I lost lots of friends and hardly moved forward with my life at all.

Now there is no clear way of proving that this was because of roacuttane ( it's a drug pescribed by a doctors, and they know what they are doing right? it's not like a drug company is a billion dollar industry?) but please, there are too many people that this has happened to for it to be coincidence, I'm pretty sure, if not 100%, that what happened to me was because of this drug.

Do not risk your health for beauty, when you're older you'll understand, and please i really empathise with all your situations, acne sucks it does i know, but you'll get into your twenties, it may even be towards the end of them if you're unlucky, and it WILL go. But if you fuck your health up you will have a way shitter time than acne trust me.

Please don't do this, if your health goes to shit because of it there is little it seems can be done. You only have one life and one body - look after it.

And i am a real person. My name is nick i live in manchester england, and if anybody wants a chat i'll do my best to warn you.

Also i know this post is not what you want to hear, so please don't get mad. If i'd had no bother with it afterwards i'd be telling you to go for it. I feel it's my duty to warn you as i would hate this to happen to anybody else.



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