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Jojoba Oil=Break Out???

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I think it's possible.

I know so many people swear by oils and the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) but I am one of those who just absolutely CANNOT put any type of oils on my face, including jojoba.

I am guaranteed to break out of I do.

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Jojoba is a cleansing oil. If you use a little, it could be really beneficial, lightly massage it into the skin. A lot can definitely cause a breakout, especially if left on for a while. If you apply too much, get a warm wet face cloth and pat it down. Try the patch test with it, that should let you know how your skin will respond.

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QUOTE (dom88 @ Feb 18 2009, 10:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I've been reading this on many threads...Does using too much jojoba oil cause break outs???? I wouldn't be surprised because it is an OIL but can someone just verify this for me i'd really appreciate it. and if there is already a thread going on this topic just refer me to the link!


Jojoba Oil is actually a wax, the oil part is to make it sound better Jojoba Wax is not a very pleasant name for something going on your skin. And it is non-comedogenic and mimics your own skin's sebum(oil) so its virtually impossible for you to breakout from it unless of course you are allergic to jojoba seeds.

My nigga!


But thanks for your information. That's what I like to see! Some real hardcore research!

No offense meant to anyone else commenting. Just real excited because I ordered some Jojoba oil for my lips. All the other lip balms seem to break me out. I'll up date you guys on my progress if I remember to come back to this thread. Wish me luck. ;) And peace out.


I'm a vegetarian

I suspect I have leaky gut which caused food sensitivities which lead to acne. Note: Food Sensitivity is different from allergies and intolerances! I stopped doing things to my face, and started doing nothing but focus on diet. My acne has never been more clear. I'm recovering from cystic acne.

Status: %90 clear

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