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Everyone is different, so what should i do?

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Posted 30 March 2004 - 04:11 PM

Hey people,
i believe, more to say know my acne is connected to my internal body, ever since i started getting acne(1 month ago) it hasn't stopped, i also started going to the bathroom less and have terrible imsomnia, plus my skin itches( face mostly)

I am going to a naturopath because i feel as there is an imbalance in my body that needs to be fixed, i was reading about diet and stuff, but since we are all different what should i do in this matter?
IS there any universality to the things that should not be eaten??

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Posted 30 March 2004 - 05:19 PM

Yep. But it's far too complicated to be written out in one email. Basically it boils down to the fundamentals:

*The pH level in your body (many foods you eat now are probably acidic)
*The amount of toxins in your body that have built up over the years and have been unable to expel (which might explain your less frequent bathroom visits)
*The condition of your major organs: Liver (the basis of your entire health), Digestive system (whether you can rid of your toxins properly), Gallbladder, and your skin! (Your largest organ)

Just a few things you should be researching on. It's not about pizza or chocolate. There's a much bigger picture you should be looking it.

Good luck!
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