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Posted 29 March 2004 - 11:46 PM

People may remember some of my very few posts here- I was helped out a great deal by the information provided by sweetjade1980. Anyways, just wanted to check back and let everyone know that by eliminating all grains from my diet (except brown rice), and not eating sugar, I'm 100% clear. Oh, and using salicylic acid 2% wash has helped I think. It took about 1.5 months after eliminating all grains, and I've had a bit of sugar lately (just what's in sausages, salad dressings etc), with no adverse effects. Yay!
I highly reccomend doing a search for sweetjade's posts, or search lectins on the net. It's really really great biggrin.gif

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Posted 29 March 2004 - 11:52 PM

Here, here! Time to spread the good word. =D>
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Posted 30 March 2004 - 08:21 PM

so we arent supposed to eat:
animal fats

..what's that left, ruffage and some white meat and water?

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Posted 30 March 2004 - 08:57 PM

Yay for you, Katie!! =D> biggrin.gif/ =D> biggrin.gif/ =D> biggrin.gif/ =D> biggrin.gif/ =D> biggrin.gif/ =D> biggrin.gif/

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Posted 31 March 2004 - 04:22 PM

YEAH!!! So glad to hear that. I myself still consume Corn (which has a form of gluten & lectins in it) and usually white rice. So bad I am ;-)

I consume meat, but I do consume less than I used to. You can eat all the seafood, lean meats you want. I think the main ones for concern are Red meats and pork. However, I still eat those too. Otherwise, your list is rather correct. Although there's always the exception to the rule so experimentation is definately the key =)

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