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Should I just stop the medications for now?

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Hi everyone!

I've just been prescribed Doryx antibiotics, Klaron lotion, and Differin for spot treatment.

This is going to sound incredibly fickle, but oh well. I'm in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend is visiting me again in approximately 4 weeks.

I've heard these medications can really make your skin breakout badly, when you first start using them, and then can clear you after.

The thing is, I don't want to see him with a very bad breakout; we're only together a week.

Do you think I should just stop those medications for now? I've only been on them 2 days...maybe I can pick them up again in 5 weeks time?

Plus, I'm on oral contraceptives (Microgestin 1.5/30) and I don't want the Doryx to interfere too much with the birth control.

So I dunno, is 4 weeks enough time to have the initial worsening and get over it, or is it better to play it safe and just not use the stuff until after he leaves?

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I don't tend to get initial breakouts. You know your skin...does it tend to break out with new products? If not, then don't worry too much. I

f I were you, I'd start them now, because 4 weeks is probably enough time to adjust to them anyway.

Does your derm know what BC pill you are on? The derm & pharmacist should be able to tell you if anything could interfere with your BC pill. Call them and make sure!

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