bumps with clear fluid that dont pop?

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These.... are cysts. Cysts don't always come to a head. Mine don't. They're deep undergrounders that take probably 3 weeks to go away from start to end, and 9 times outta 10 it leaves an indented crater mark.

I'm going to tell you, and everyone else on this forum the magical product to zap these suckers virtually immediately. Nope, it's not sulfur, it's not a mud mask, it's not ACV, BP, not a medication, not honey, not a cold pack, not a lancer.


I have suffered from these things for the past 8 years and I have tons of scarring from them. They have ruined my face, and only YESTERDAY did I stumble upon Prid. It's a homeopathic drawing salve. I'm not sure what I was expecting with it, but when I tell you it worked a legit miracle, it really did. You're supposed to wash your face, and put a layer of this stuff on and then a band aid on top. I had a massive one on my chin yesterday, I slept with Prid on overnight and today the cyst is GONE. My skin is completely flat. Whatever is in this salve, drew all the liquid right up and out. I have a very angry red mark, the skin is not clear, it's almost like the cyst is angry that it was combated and is trying it's best to still be a pain in the ass on my face but the nodule under the skin is gone and best of all? It didn't leave an indented crater behind.

It was oozing a little bit this morning (the clear fluid) but I used a styptic pencil and it stopped it in 10 seconds.

Get it here:


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Hello fellow friends. I to have these crazy, painful blemish and yes I pop them for pain relief. But, the clear sticky fingers is a NIGHTMARE!!! THE SCARING IS HORRIBLE. I TESTED POSITIVE FOR MRSA BUT THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE DOC, DID NOTHING. SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW MORE INFO AND A CURE. HELP....................

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I had one of these "pimples". I used eucalyptus essential oil 2 times a day for 3 or 4 days. After day 2 the inflammation was done and now after about 5 days it does not hardly hurt. Check out for more information.

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I am so sorry to read about all you fellow sufferers. I have had these deep, serous fluid filled "pimples" that almost never come to the surface for a decade.

i thought that they might have been associated with a MSRA abscess that I had just before these little suckers began to plague my life.  I tested negative for staph bacteria, and several antibiotic trials had no effect.

one thing that did bring on outbreaks was the steroid injections I periodically received for my spine. Two to four days after the shots, I would break out in all the usual places ...chin under the sides of the mouth, temples, and especially the back of the neck. 

These would take typically a month to heal, just in time for my next injection.  Even with no shots,  I never had completely clear skin--there were always scabs or  incipient swellings.  Even the smallest bump never failed to fully develop.

the good news is this:  about six weeks ago, I started taking 50 mg zinc gluconate for tinnitus. After about a  week, I noticed no new bumps. Two weeks, even better. For the first time, my face was clearing. A month and it is as if I never had a problem, except for a little redness and a few small scars.

So I slacked off on the zinc, and they came back with a vengeance.  So I have experimented a bit--zinc on,  zits off. A week or five days without, and the bumps are back.

I am 58 years old. Menopause came and went during the decade of dimpled fluid filled bumps, with no discernable effect. I had some teenage acne, but it had cleared by age twenty.

perhaps some of you will try zinc. I pray it will help. 

The cause must be metabolic, since the bumps arise deep within the skin,with no relationship with any pores that I can see.

Good luck to all.

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