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Posted 01 December 2014 - 05:24 AM

Since I was 15 I got acne. It started with hormon al acne because they were small zits. Past my age of 20 they became more severe. I once ate healthy and do running for some time and my face became more clear. And after a while my cystic acne came back and got worse and worse.

I had enough of this cystic acne that was ruining my face. And the makeup didn't do it justice. It was probably because i had a lot of stress and ate unhealthy for a while. I even got signs of insuline resinstance. ..

So I tried a keto diet (low carb)! And no more cystic acne. I still got a bit of less severe acne. And then I stumbled upon this forum thread!

I'm giving it a go! It's the sixth day and I haven't had any zits for 2 days! I have only washed my face once under the shower with cold water and without touching it.

I also stopped using make-up, only doing mascare and eyebrows sometimes.
I think this works best if you don't use any products at all and let your face heal on it's own.

I started thinking way back and I think washing my face, birth control pill and lots of sugar were the bad guys. I stopt doing that and now my face is clearly healing!

Thanks allot for all the info! I'm very grateful!

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