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On 13 November 2015 at 10:55:43 PM, Chloe123 said:

I did this 2 months ago. I really do think this works with time. However, my acne is hormonal so it made no huge difference. This helped my skin become thicker, however i feel like it has made my skin sensitive towards certain things. eg) if its too windy or hot, i will get these random red patches on my skin thats itchy. This believe it or not had the best effect on my blackheads. It didnt help alot and im now applying differin, however it purged out 40% of my blackheads. 
Make sure, when you do this to exfoliate gently with a washcloth once every 2 weeks. If i had of exfoliated and didnt let that awful dead skin mask occur, i dont think i would have these itchy rash patches i now have.

However, in general i do think this is effective for most people. If it works for you in the first month, continue. 

I did try what i could say as a caveman routine , for me. At the start it worked wonders, not washing face for 1 week straight was tough ( including skin peeling and white heads) but worth it, however, after the first week skin started breakout, as in cystic acne of sorts and whiteheads, it was developing all over the face, trust me , it was devastating, i persist for another week and it became worst, that's when i stopped and when back to cleansers. 

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Hey, I stopped this regimen. It is actually too difficult not to touch your face when it starts scabbing and such. Instead I wash my face only once a day to allow my body to deal with acne on its own. But anything less and my face will get way too itchy, and impossible to manage.

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