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***UPDATED**** Foundations of Clear Skin

selenium low glycemic paleo candida chemical peel makeup

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Posted 21 December 2006 - 04:12 PM

Someone called this the best thread in Acne.org history.

He is close to right.

Someone also said:
Without a doubt the best thing i've encountered on this site, it should be pinned somewhere.. it shouldn't be necessarily accepted as gospel, nothing in the world should be, but no doubt the person does mean well and has done their homework and its very much worth the read.

He is right too. This is worth your time.

I put the emphasis on the gospel line. Why? I agree. This isn't the only way. This is just one way. But you can learn a lot from one way, if you learn that one way well enough.

I took a lot of time to write this but I took about 50 times longer to learn all this.

Someone should pin this.

Not for my ego but for the people out there looking for a real way to improve their skin. My online personality could die tomorrow, I don't care. What I do care about is the people who are searching for answers. I want them to be able to find them.

It isn’t gospel but, as Gwen Stefani would say, “It’s hella good.”

I think it is important to note that this isn't something that will get everyone clear. People accuse me of saying that, I don't say that.

This IS about finding mulitple ways to increase your skin/body's health which WILL improve EVERYONE'S skin

yes, I said everyone. The stuff I talk about is basic principles that improve the skin's function. The methods you may argue with or the products, but the principles WILL improve EVERYONE'S skin.

Some girl said:

I tried this type of approach and then I had the worst skin of my life.

NOT TRUE. THE PRINCIPLES I DISCUSS ARE HEALTHY FOR THE SKIN. I say it again, argue with the products but you can’t argue with the principles.

One thing to note on why this post is different from 80% of the junk on acne.org. 10-20% of the stuff on this site is good and practical, the other 80% is downright scary sometimes.

1. I didn't just discover this.

Most people come on this site and say, "I've just found the cure. I'm been doing it 2 weeks and I'm clear." or they have some NEW idea on how to clear up. "NEW" basically means "untested".

2. This is something that I've used for close to a year.

I've been using this site for 3 years. I took a 6 month break, why? BECAUSE I LEARNED HOW TO CLEAR UP MY SKIN.
I came back to help the few who want to take action to clear up rather than find some crazy miracle.

3. This is intelligently designed to take advantage of the most important factors leading to clear skin. It isn’t some short extreme 2 week gimmick to get clear skin.

This isn't nonsense. This is practical real world advice that will clear you up if you are consistent. Honestly, can you clear up your skin just by just taking a pill (excluding accutante) or drinking something magical? There are so many other things that contribute to good skin care, how could you take that as advice?


THIS ISN'T A GUIDE TO CLEAR SKIN. It is meant to open your eyes to see what you need to be doing. You'll still have to study a bit on your own and learn some other things. It IS something that can show you what the right path to go down. It IS something that will greatly improve your skin so you can stop doing all the stupid random stuff that people talk about on acne.org. Stop taking shots of coconut oil and taking b5. All that random stuff is counter-productive.

Liver flushing is for the desperate, those willing to go to whatever extreme to get clear skin. I think it can be beneficial but you have to have all the foundation stuff in place also. Should you flush? No. You should only flush if you HAVE to.

Here is a link on liver flushing which I used back when I did a liver flush:
I agree with 90% of his post, maybe more. I also agree with him that parasite killing is NOT essential and is probably a waste.
My stats went: 0 stones / 50 stones / 100 + stones. And I felt really good after 2nd and 3rd times.

Other liver sites:
(again, you have to take in information and don't do anything drastic, some of these people go off the deep end, you just want to flush and end it there).

Probably the best advice on Liver health:

Why? Yes, I know you don't have a diseased liver with Hepatitis or something like that. But isn't it interesting to see what people with diseased livers have to do? What they have to avoid eating and what they have to make effort to do? These are the same habits that will make sure your liver remains in top notch.

I would like to talk about successful posts on acne.org briefly

After being alive for 25 years you start to notice patterns. One pattern I've noticed is that FEW people are disciplined and interested in long term results. 80-90% of people want a quick fix. I was in the "quick fix" group at a time also, so I understand how most of you feel. This post is about long-term practical advice on attaining clear skin. On acne.org MOST people are looking for some miracle. They think that there is some secret reason out there that their skin isn't clear. So they try weird stuff. They take huge amounts of supplements thinking that this will clear their skin. Or they will try weird random technique/products.

I see apple cider vinegar posts and b5 posts, and all this other stuff.

I feel bad because I know that these people are looking to add that ONE thing to thier regimen and they falsely believe they will be clear. This just won't be the case for most of these people. If you want to clear your skin you have to take a disciplined approach that addresses as many areas as possible. An approach like what I describe below. I realize most people won't try what I say below because it isn't a quick fix. These people need to suffer for a few years with bad skin before they try my approach. I wish that they would just trust people who have been around the block and try something that works on the LONG TERM. This is about building habits that lead to clear skin, it isn't about MAGIC.

And I'm not talking any crazy talk, all that follows can be done by most anyone. All it requires is a little discipline and consistent effort. GOOD LUCK, I truly want all the people who desire it to have clear skin.

Completing the Regimen

In years of experience, study, pain and success I have learned what constitutes a full regimen. While the “Regimen” as Dan calls it, has a very good approach, it lacks in being a complete solution. A few weaknesses are,

1. It doesn’t explain diet’s role in the solution (after an update, Dan now thinks the paleo diet may have some strong points. He is right).
2. It doesn’t talk about other components of the body
3. It only suggests exfoliation through chemical approaches
4. While recommending a few supplements, it misses a few key supplements

I believe the regimen is a 50-60% solution. I offer the whole solution.

I've spent close to 100 hours studying health and skin care. Now you get the best lessons I've learned.

For how much? Free.

“Free to all”
--Tyler Durden

I truly worry about the people on this website. It has become a place where the blind lead the blind. I learned so many of the wrong things to do from people on this site. Those who clear up leave the site and while people search for new methods from people that don't have clear skin. I hope you can learn on this post from someone who used to spend hours on this site and post all the time, and THEN stopped posting for 5-8 months. Why? Because I found what worked. I hope you can learn from this post.

My goal is for you to have the life that you’ve always dreamed. And I know that acne is not in that vision. But even if it is, live, love and be everything you can be. The fact that you have started reading this means you are searching.

“If you seek, you shall find.”
--Jesus Christ

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

The focus is for you to have clear skin. Take “acne” out of your thoughts. Think instead, “clear skin.” For you become what you think about. Faith is substance.

I've had people comment:

That philosophy stuff is BS. Just tell us what you've done scientifically and list out your regimen!

They say it is philosophy BS. Not true. Anyone who has achieved anything significant in life knows the power of VISUALIZATION and FOCUS. What you focus on you will bring into your life.

This isn’t some stupid preface to my regimen, this is the most important part of it all.

The mindset. Don’t abandon it. In fact, if you only took one thing I’d say take this. Once you have the mindset everything starts to fall into place.

Bad skin can make you feel like you are in a funk. It can get to your self-esteem. So much so that you decline to go to social functions. For me it was like that. That pain lead me to study it in the depth I have. My history: Accutane 3 times. Acne returning each time in full force. Not much hope. Despair.

Today: I have clear skin. 25 years old, first time in my life other than accutane times which ended 2 years ago. A good-looking woman I work with commented to me the other day, “You have such a nice complexion.” That’s the first time I ever heard that.

My skin went from the worst of all my friends to the best. I now will explain how. Free to all, no $24.99 charge or email address needed.

Let me say what this is not:

Not a fad. Not something you do for 3 weeks to clear up then drop. This is a lifestyle. Want to know what I’ve tried?

1. B5 10 grams a day
2. Accutane. Three times
3. Colon cleanse
4. Liver flush
5. Every topical I can imagine
6. Weird natural products
7. jojoba oils, natural oils, etc.
8. Candida cleanses
9. Salt water flushes
10. Not eating any sugar
11. Strict on carbs diet
12. Paleolithic diet
13. Alkaline diets

I could go on. Everything people have written, I’ve tried. Some have helped and others haven’t. I’ve filtered out the best of the best here.

This post is broken up into 4 sections.

1. Diet
2. Washing/exfoliating
3. Supplements
4. The Regimen and Products

Each section has a skin factor rating. A 10 is high and 0 means no importance. The higher the skin factor the more important it should be to you.

Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
Morpheus: No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.


The healthiest bodies with moderately healthy diets will not need to avoid anything. Think of “bullets” as problem types of food that cause breakouts. When you are ready, you won’t need to avoid any food.


This is a hobby of mine. I have studied it in great detail. I’ve spent over 100 hours reading and learning about what good health is.

People have criticized this post saying:

Your info on diet is common sense. You are just telling everyone stuff we already know. It is basic knowledge.

Not really in my opinion. Most people have no clue about how diet and clear skin are connected (hence again I didn’t say diet and acne. Are you catching on with the mindset part?)

I know food is meant to be fun. My worst nightmare would be for you to eat boring food all day and think you are punishing yourself. Instead, find a moderately healthy diet and don’t try to punish yourself by being super strict. Have fun!

The question is, does diet affect your skin. The answer is no. Or at least the answer is that it doesn’t affect it directly. Diet affects your health and circulation. Diet affects how you feel and how fast your blood moves. Try this, eat a salad with olive oil and lemon. Add some protein. Note how you feel. Now go to McDonalds and order a double quarter pounder, large fries and a super size coke. Eat it all. Note how you feel.

I think we can agree that diet affects your biochemistry greatly. The only problem is, does our biochemistry affect our skin? (biochemistry is just chemicals in your body and how your blood is acting to be overly simple). The simple answer is yes.

Some people can get away with eating anything and their skin will be ok because slowing down and punishing their biochemistry doesn’t impede their healthy skin function. In other words, they can eat what they want because bad food doesn’t hurt their body enough in the area of healthy skin function.

Other people can’t eat anything because the food has a large negative affect on their body which then interrupts healthy skin function. This leads to making the skin bad or acne prone.

Why this is so hard to judge?!

The reason why people have such a hard time agreeing on whether or not diet affects the skin is because it takes months to see a change. A change in diet won’t really affect your body within days or weeks even (It can but often won’t). Think about working out. If you work out 1 week is your body drastically different? Has your circulation improved so much that you feel awesome after working out? Hardly. Typically you feel exhausted and weak in the first few weeks. Think of your diet change the same way. It takes 6-12 weeks to make a great improvement in your body.

I have no final answer for you on this. For me, a moderately healthy diet keeps my skin clear. I subscribe to many ideas that Dr. Andrew Weil promotes in his diet books. They are the best out there. I cheat maybe 4-5 meals a week and still stay clear. Don’t buy the books, just go to the library or better yet, go to barnes and noble and write down the good parts of the diet. Since creating this post, I bought and read "YOU on a diet" which I now consider to be the best book on diet, it is basic and explains things well. You don't need a miracle diet, you just need to eat well and this book tells you all the fundamentals. BUY it. Usually I say don't buy, but this one is worth the 15-20 bucks on amazon.com. If you follow the advice, it is worth thousands of dollars.

I can only advise you to eat really healthy because there are so many benefits including the possibility of better skin. In the end a moderately healthy diet with great supplementation will clear your skin. Supplementation with vitamins and oils had the greatest positive results for me. Much better than diet.

One note on dairy. Take it out. Have very very little every week. 1 serving or less. Why? Many people have found by cutting it out for a few months they can improve their skin. There are many other options, just cut this out because it may be making you worse. Don’t chance it.


Time out. Grow up.

Yes, you have to think about what you eat. You are not a 3rd grader who just has no ability to plan and be disciplined with a diet. You can cook for 30 minutes a day or just cook for an hour on the weekend preparing food for the week. THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT. Want to know what is difficult? Eating awful food and felling like sh#t all day.

Someone once replied to this post,

I don’t want to fight for clear skin. I couldn’t imagine not being able to have milk everyday. How difficult! I’m just satisfied having acne because I don’t want to make any effort.

A part of me died when I read that.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Why not make effort to be the best you can? Why not try everything you can to be as good as you can?

The human being is one of the few creations that actually deliberately chooses to be less that it can be. There is no tree in the world that makes a decision to grow half as high as it can. If it has the nutrients and the support it strives to be all it can.


The person who wrote those words was dying inside like a lot of other Americans. Don’t lose the fight inside of you!

Back to skin care…

After years of poor skin I finally had achieved my goal. Clear skin. Then my diet slipped to below average and my skin stayed clear. Once you clear up you start to cheat. When I cheated I enjoyed months of clear skin. Then finally I cheated on supplements. My skin didn’t stay clear. People, supplements are key.

Moderately healthy diet: SKIN FACTOR 6.5
SUPER healthy diet, not 1 toxin: SKIN FACTOR 10

(I think this is really impossible to have a SUPER healthy diet in America yet study has lead me to believe that if you only ate fruits and vegetables and had great low glycemic index carbs while getting enough healthy proteins that acne would be impossible. This is also considering you didn’t eat bad for 1-30 years earlier. Your diet in childhood affects you today. So thinking you could start eating perfect today wouldn’t reverse the harmful diets of previous years.)

Understanding the need for exercise and exfoliation:

A quick word about circulation and skin cell turnover…

2 things that will greatly improve your skin are:

1. how fast your blood moves
2. how fast your skin heals up or reproduces itself

What is the best way to improve your circulation? Exercise. Moving around for 30 minutes 4 times a week if you want pretty good skin and 5-6 times if you want excellent skin. Also, throw in a couple steam room sessions at 30 minutes a few times a week if you have access (steam room sessions are a bonus, they are not absolutely necessary). If you have one thing that you add to your regimen this is it. And again, the health benefits are much greater than just clearing your skin.

Exercise 4 times/week: SKIN FACTOR 8
Exercise 5-6 times/week: SKIN FACTOR 9.5

It humors me when some people argue that excise is good for skin but diet has no affect at all. That is a contradictory statement, for they both affect the same thing. They both affect your circulation and how fast your blood is able to move. They both affect your health in the same ways. Yes, sweating does help clean the pores in ways that eating doesn't but what are you sweating out? Everything starts by what you put inside your body.

The best way to increase cell turnover is good supplements and skin brushing. Be gentle with skin brushing.

Skin brushing should be done with a baby brush.

Buy one at Babies R Us or some other baby shop, spend the 5 bucks. It will be the most cost effective five dollars you spend on your skin.

Washing your face:

A few rules should be mentioned with skin. Avoid as many chemicals as possible. They damage the skin and prevent it from healthy function. With that said, use the most effective chemicals you can just only use a few.

I saw some girl on this site list about 500 chemicals that are bad for the skin. Good research. I think it is smarter just to avoid as many products as you can. There is no need to compile lists of things to avoid.


Everyone constantly looks at what we need to avoid, but few have put together common sense rounded regimens that address most every area that your skin is affected by…

until now.

Washing has one job, clean off skin and don’t irritate in the process.

So, in your washing time you want to focus on exfoliation and NOT irritating the skin. For me Cetaphil has worked the best. You really have to find your best product. All I can say is:

1. Use some soap
2. Make sure it is really mild
3. Make sure you wash it completely off
4. Use an exfoliating tool/product

I know people who wash with no soap. They don’t get all the junk off their face.

Wash with soap. Discussion over.

One time I think you can use a water wash is midday after exercising. If you go workout at noon you don’t want to do a whole new wash, just use water at this time. If the BP comes off, then oh well. Put it on that night and the next morning. BP is just one facet of this regimen, it isn’t the whole thing. Your doing so many different things that your skin will automatically improve.

Oh, what about exfoliation. Some people buy a scrub while others use damaging products that weaken skin like acids. Mistake in my book.

People will fight and argue about how beneficial acids are.

I STILL SAY MISTAKE. This is my opinion and therefore it is truth because there are no false opinions. If your skin isn’t clear why chance throwing a whole bunch of random chemicals on your skin. Your skin isn’t in a top notch condition and now you choose to weaken it.

Weaken it?

Someone asked me what I mean by weaken the skin. Lol. Leave acid on your face for 2 hours then tell me how your skin feels. If you have good results with acids, then great. You probably aren’t reading this. For the rest of us who still suffer from acne and want to be clear, avoid chemicals. Can I say that enough? Avoid chemicals. This is my experience, if acids work for you and you have clear skin. They use them! If you don't, then why not try letting acids sit on the sidelines for 4 months?

I made my own exfoliating mix. Cetaphil with a big teaspoon of ??. Why does this work? The ?? creates a bit of abrasion. After a 30 second massage I will use a very soft baby hair brush to brush lightly over the whole area of the face. Brush away from the center of the face. For example, start are the forehead and go to the hair line. Cover every area you tend to break out in. Total washing time 1 – 1.5 minutes. Rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse. Leave no chance, absolutely no chance of residue. You want no chemicals on your skin. I rinse 6-11 times, and then I rinse again.

(I replaced baking soda with ?? because i am now torn on whether or not it is good for the skin. Until further notice I would avoid it because it is too harsh on a lot of people's skin. I am trying to research and test a better method but this will likely take months and not days.)

Be gentle in this whole process but use enough motion that small flakes of dead skin would fall off.

A quick word about how acne can develop:

When your skin cells aren’t sloughing off fast enough you will break out (that is like peeling and falling off). This isn’t noticeable because a skin cell in microscopic. You can’t see just 1 with your eyes. If they aren’t sloughing off fast enough your pores clog and you break out. Brushing daily will make sure your skin sloughs off fast and you will have clear skin. 1 other thing will greatly speed up the sloughing off of dead skin cells, that is proper supplementation. Also a gentle rubbing with a towel while drying will help slough off those dead skin cells.

So, how long will this brushing routine take to greatly improve your skin. The answer is it depends. I would say that 6 weeks is the minimum to see great results and 8 weeks is to be expected. Most people expect 3 day results. The skin is on a 30 day cycle to regenerate itself. If you break out in one spot it is 30 days before that section of the skin is back to normal (only if it was healed. If the breakout hasn’t healed and is active it could be 45-60 days before it’s back to normal). So we are dealing with a long term approach here.

Gentle skin cleansing matched with an exfoliating scrub and gentle baby hair brushing over the skin 3 times around the face: SKIN FACTOR 9.5

I give this a very high rating because I had every other piece of the puzzle and still would break out. I had the diet, the exercise, the supplements and still broke out. When I added this I had “top skin in class”. I want you to be able to say this in 3-4 months, if you are diligent you can.

"I wish that all who are listening to me today may become what I am, except for these chains.” -- Paul

Lets talk quickly about how acne develops:

I believe it can develop only in a few ways:

First, the skin isn’t operating healthy. It could be inflammatory, it could be slow sloughing off of the skin, and it could be slower skin activity. For most people it isn’t dirt and bacteria. Most people reading this article have tried just washing the skin twice a daily. It becomes more of a question of healthy skin functioning.

SO, how do we combat this? We need to improve the functioning. I say you can speed up your biology by staying active and exercising. I say you can take the proper supplements that aid your skin in functioning much faster and healthier. I say that you can aid the skin by helping it do it’s job, with brushing and exfoliating. These are all pointing you towards healthier skin function.

The other thing a person must do is not inhibit healthy skin function. If we do those things above to speed up the skin and health then we need to not do anything to slow it down. So what do we avoid?

1. Sun: It is very damaging and if you are in it you need to experiment with a healthy sunblock (I prefer as much natural as possible) SPF 15 or so. (I have had a LOT of trouble with SPF. One that I've found to work well is Zia Age Defying Solar Care/SPF 15 and oil free. The great part about this is it is oil free and lacks heavy harsh chemicals which is what 98% of Sun Blocks have in them)

I just read an article about Cameron Diaz, who claimed to have skin problems her whole life. She said she switched to sunblock that is in a powder form and hasn't broken out since. Makes sense to me. Find some of the sunblock powder, less chemicals getting deep in your pores when you use a powder.

2. Chemicals: Some chemicals while trying to aid the skin function may inhibit it. If you are doing chemical peels or washes to dry out the skin, this could make it less oily, YET you slow down the healthy functioning of the skin by having no oil. AND you irritate the skin with chemicals, STOP. That leads to flaking and blocked pores. This is the problem with prescription strength drugs. Too powerful in my opinion. Yet, if someone’s skin can handle the chemical damage and repair quickly enough, THEN they will benefit from this intense chemical treatment. Safest play for acne suffers is to not use prescription strength anything. I know that if something costs $50 we think it is better than something that costs $5. Not true in this case. This is important. You don’t want to punish the skin at all. You want it to be free to act healthfully.

3. Keep it clean: Hands off. Wash 2 times a day. 3 is ok for some. Mild soaps. Add an exfoliating agents.


This is an important section. I believe this is the foundation of good skin. If you built a house on the sand, a storm could come and your house would be destroyed. Yet if you build it on a rock, any storm can come and it will stand.

What supplements are good and why? Your body needs the necessary tools to do its necessary work.

Lets look at the best of the best:

Watch fat intake. Switching to healthy fats has helped many people beat acne. You want a healthy balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. Read about this online on your own or go to Dr. Weil’s material.

Why are healthier fats better? I think there are a million reasons, your liver works better with these natural great fats, which in turns leads to your skin having access to better oils. I really think there is reason upon reason. You just need to understand that adding the healthier fats to your diets will improve your skin AS LONG AS you are not having an excess of unhealthy fats. If you take some borage oil, flax and primrose oil and are eating olive oil mostly during the day then you are in great shape. If you take all the oils I talk about then you eats TONS of red fatty meat and then have coconut oils and other oils with extremely high amounts of saturated fats then I worry for you. Why? Because you AREN'T improving the types of oils you are eating, you are still eating 50% or more of shitty oils. Eat healthier oils as much as you can. OLIVE, flax, borage, primrose, walnuts have omega 3s, fish, etc. There is no mystery as to what healthier fats are, open any diet book (the "YOU diet" book will explain it well).

The liver plays a huge role in having clear skin. The liver is like the detox system of the body. It rids all the junk out of your system.

Quick question:

If you EAT JUNK ALL DAY, then what will your liver be busy doing? Taking all the junk out of your body. What am I talking about? Sugars, awful fats, etc. This all is anti-liver food. FAST FORWARD: What if you eat better fats and better sugars all day? Then your liver can detox everything else. Magically your skin improves after time (could be 4 weeks. Could be 16 weeks. Sorry it takes so long, but then again, you probably ate awful for 700 weeks or more, so in retrospect 4-16 weeks isn’t that long at all, now is it?)

Great products:
1. Primrose and Borage Oil (buy these in pills, I take the maximum serving twice daily from the NOW brand)
2. Flax Oil. Great. Take daily recommended serving or maybe double.
3. I found the best supplement is Dr. Weil’s daily multi with the antioxidants. I think his stuff is overpriced so what I do is find the main components and order them on a different site. www.allstarhealth.com. I get great service and a good price from them. But buy I don't want to sell you anything. I'm just telling you the best stuff, buy it wherever you want.

That’s really it. There is a lot in those multivitamins. Try to avoid Iodine. If you take everything in it then you will be really balanced. I can’t stress enough the primrose and borage oil. Many people take pills for a week and get discouraged at no results. As if the body reacts that quickly. You need to take it every day for 8 weeks and then expect good results. 10 weeks will be great results. And not 10 weeks every other day, 10 weeks of morning and night oils. Consistency gets you results.

Remember that all these strategies are working together with SYNERGY! The great washing routine combined with the moderately healthy diet, combined with the supplements, combined with the working out. All those together INCREASE healthy skin function greatly and DECREASE the stress on the skin. Why? Healthy bodies handle toxins better than unhealthy ones. That is why some people can not wash their face and eat anything they want and stay break out free. They have a body that handles toxins 100 times better than you. Nothing impedes their skin from healthy function. No problem though. You just have to work at it.

Supplementation including the big 3 (Primrose, Borage, flax) and a multi: SKIN FACTOR 10

After reading a bit more on this subject, I now agree that Fish Oil should be added to these daily oils. I recommend the Super EPA by the Now Brand. Take as directed.

Seriously, 8 weeks of great supplements with the rest of this stuff equals CRAZY DELICIOUS. I’m not kidding. Don’t ask questions, just do it and be consistent. Best $20 bucks a month you will spend.

The Regimen and products.

This really has been a love hate relationship. At one point I wanted no chemicals to touch my skin because I knew they slowed down the healthy functioning of the skin. Yet I was also frustrated because I knew that benzoyl peroxide had the ability to destroy bacteria that was there.

Believe me that I’ve ate super healthy for months and used no chemicals only to find that I still break out here and there. I could never pass that final hill to have clear skin. I would always get really close and still have breakouts here and there.

I finally made it.

I had to combine every effort. I am serious about this. I went from having the worst skin in school to now having better skin than 85-90% of the people I know. The only people that are better are those who never had any skin problems ever. The type of people who have had flawless skin for life. That puts me in the top 10% of skin in the nation. I don’t say this to brag. I have no reason to build a reputation online. I say this to encourage you people who struggle through this condition as I did. Even a year ago I didn’t go to a post graduation party one night because I had a big breakout. A self-imposed prison.

So the regimen. Do you do it or not? I think this is a definite yes.

Use the Regimen exactly as described. Just don’t add acids or peels to it. Don’t use sunblocks with acids. Gentle is rule #1.

You truly want to limit the amount of products you use on your skin. If 3 products work don't use 5.


1. Wash

Use cetaphil liquid soap (I use from normal to oily, but you can use regular formula also) AND baking soda, tablespoon. Review washing section.

2. Attack

Use Neutrogena on the spot. I DON'T like Dan's product. I used it and it made me breakout. It works for some people but one of the chemicals in it is harsh on me. Neutrogena is the safe call for me. I use this twice a day. USE less if your skin is becoming overly dry. You want your dryness level to be comfortable without using moisturizer, if you have to use moisturizer daily then use less neutrogena.

3. Protect

This includes moisturizing and sun block. I only use 2 products and not even daily, only when I HAVE to. The Zia sunblock described above AND complex 15 lotion. I use them about 5-12 days a month, only when I MUST. When do you have to use these? If your skin is unbearably dry then use it. If you are in the sun for 3-8 hours, then use it. Never use both, only 1 is necessary. And definitely spot treat.

Quick note on colon cleanse and liver flush. I did 1 colon cleanse and 3 liver flushes. Some of the most challenging days of my life. I can't be sure that these were what brought me to where I am today. I can be sure that it improved my health, so in that respect it did bring me to where I am. I would recommend a few liver flushes to everyone but they are hard to do. It would take a long post to describe them so search for them on your own.

That's it people.

This is truly all you need to have the best skin around. Just do it all and you will find it is true.

Il Duce: I shall count the sheep among my favored sheep and you shall have the protection of all the angels in heaven.

Be excellent,
Bobby McKee

P.s. A quick note on clear skin and hair.

Being a man has given me the ability to sometimes have a lot of hair and sometime have very little (getting buzz cuts). I have found that when I have less hair I break out less. Lets look at why?

If you use hair products it is very easy to transfer that product to your face. You itch your hair at one point in the day, then you scratch your face at one point in the day, viola! you have hair product on your cheek. Here is another scenario, you put stuff in your hair, then you take a nap. Violia! you have hair product on your face. In fact, if you are using hair products and then not washing your hair before bed then you are likely getting that product on your sheets/pillow cases.

I hate to be anal unless I have to be, and in this case I've definitely seen a connection. So keep your hair clean and if possible, change pillow cases/sheets 2-3 times a week. A good practice may be to change sheets one time a week and pillow cases 3 times. This isn't being crazy, it is practical and makes sense.

Extending the post...

Response to popular criticisms and questions:

I tried everything and I didn’t get the results!?

Here is what I say to you people. It may be a lot more intense of a regimen. You have to start thinking of everything that touches your skin. I do mean everything.

The pillow you sleep on. The SPF you use which you think doesn’t make you break out. The makeup that you put on your skin. The hair spray you put on your hair which transfers to your face. The cologne you spray in the air that gets on your skin.

Oh no! That is too complex you say. No it isn’t complicated. It is at first, but so was driving a stick shift. Once you have things in place you just do them habitually and it is easy.

I don’t have all the answers but I do have the ability to point you down the right path. Once you travel down that path you can come back and say thank you.

Going Deep:

What are some skin care tips that are beyond the simple? How about how you sleep. I used to press my face against the pillow very hard when I slept, I slowly learned how to rest my head on my hand without really pressing my face on the pillow very hard. How long did this take me? Probably around a year, why? Because when you are sleeping you can’t really fully control your thoughts and actions. But all the sudden now I will wake up and my face will be hardly touching my pillow at all because I’m laying my hand on my pillow and my hair is resting on my hand. If your cheek is smooched against the pillow, you probably will break out there. I know this is hard but it also is real.

I see so many people who obviously are suffering from some chemical on their skin by the amount of mini bumps that are ALL around.

I feel bad because I feel like I can help them. So now, I put this together for you people.

Take a time out and stop using so many chemicals. Instead just use what I say. If what I say still gives you dots then find a milder soap. DON’T think that you need to find some magically cleanser that will make your skin worse. MORE CHEMICALS = MORE BAD SKIN.

Will the oils/fats make me CHUBBY? Tell me more about them and the concentrations you take…

These oils will NOT yield negative effects for people's skin. That would be like asking me if vegatables are bad for some people. These oils are HEALTHY and they have compounds in them (they are called GLAs) that are excellent for skin. Flax doesn't have GLAs but it does have a lot of omega 3s.

What we've found is that people who have better oil ratios are going to have healthier skin. examples:

1. Person eats 30g of fat, all saturated:


2. Person eats 100g of fat. Takes borage, primrose, and flax but also has 80g of bad fats (saturated, trans, etc.)


3. Person eats 60g of fat. Has only 15-20g of saturated fats. The rest are from (olive oil, almonds, walnuts, avocados, borage, primrose, flax, etc.)


YOUR RATIO OF GOOD FATS TO BAD FATS IS WHAT MATTERS, not how many good fats you take.

You see, it isn't whether or not you take the supplement. It is the ratio of healthy fats you are eating compared to the poor fats. One thing that will guarantee to ruin your liver is eating all these UNnatural fats and saturated fats. It slows down your liver, your liver plays a huge roll in keeping your skin clear. Now there are many other things that affect the liver and this is certainly one of them. Now your body isn't being slowed down by poor fats AND you are giving it the GLAs which will increase your skin function in a huge way. (you'll also notice your nails to start growing faster)

I will tell you the concentrations I take to give you an idea (i do weigh close to 200 lbs, so I take more than the average bear)

I take borage oil from the Now brand, and also the super primrose from now brand:

I take two pill of each per day:

total GLAs from borage: 480mg
total GLAs from primrose: 240mg

Total GLAs per day: 720mg

(after 4-5 months I can get away with taking 350mg of borage oils a day now, just so you guys know)

Some people might accuse me of over taking this supplement. The key with supplements is to spread out their intake, it is better to cut your dose in half and take twice a day than taking all at once.

As for flax, I take shots of around:

14g of omega 3 fats
6g of omega 6 fats

you guys can work with these dosages. The key here is to make sure you are getting enough.

We're talking about minor costs here. Maybe 15 bucks a month. People have paid far more for clear skin, accutane costs hundreds, perscriptions cost 60 bucks, people buy weird pills for 100$. This is really an effective solution that is also cost effective.

Why do I use the now brand? It is the most cost effective (I buy on allstarhealth.com) and has the highest concentration of GLAs that i could find at the price. I would tell you to find your own brand, just make sure it isn't some crapy company who may not be putting what they say into each pill. Buy nationally recognized reputable brands for vitamins.

Where can you buy?



I think this brand is better than a generic online brand, but it is your call. Notice the amount of GLAs in each. That company isn't even clearly listing the GLAs on the bottle, it said 500mg or 45mg? I couldn't even understand it.

Again, I use these beccause look at the concentration of GLAs. 240mg compared to 130mg and 120mg compared to 45mg. The now brand has double and triple the amount of that generic brand. And I bet the prices are virtually the same per pill for twice as much!

I really looked around to choose this brand, I think it is the best. Now brand.

So are all natural products the best to use?

All natural doesn't mean good.

I fell into that trap. All natural ingredients doesn't mean they are all good for your skin. I have no experience with those products so I don't know. I would say that if they have exfoliants in them then it is some type of acid, and some acids irritate the skin (natural or not)

If you are asking for advice, I really recommend reading the thread, what I've already said to do earlier. Good luck!

I need calcium, you said don't drink milk!

For those of you who don’t take milk find a calcium supplement. es, it is. I take a pill that has calcium magnesium and vitamin D all in one pill.

I believe the ration is 600/300/300 mg.

These vitamins work very well together and you should get 1.2g of calcium each day with about 500 of mag and vit D.

Again, look at supplements in either YOU the owner's manual or YOU on a diet. (I think it is in YOU the owner's manual). These are fabulous books.

Or just try soy milk fortified with calcium or even orange juice. Go easy on the juice though, because you don’t want to drink sugar a lot.

What should I drink for good health and clear skin?

I'm not really a fan of fruit juice drinks for many reasons. I have studied nutrition in a lot of depth and the smartest nutritionist consistently say to drink 0 calorie drinks only. This means only drink water.

I also will occasionally have green tea or other teas (these AREN'T bottled or canned teas that have a bunch of sugar in them). Why is this a good idea? Refined sugars are in all those fruit juices, they really don't add any nutritional value, I guess some juices are ok, sometimes, but I wouldn't recommend that you drink this stuff multiple times a EVERY day. Instead get your supplements from pills (I think the calcium runs about 2 dollars a month from allstarhealth.com, no brainer here).

Really I've heard that you should drink water only and tea if you are serious.

The best thing about this is that you will really enjoy the days you have red bulls or have juice. People who drink soda and juice 3-6 times a day won't enjoy it like you will. Just like how I tell you to cheat on your diet, cheat on drinks 4-6 times a week. It is an easy adjustment to stop drinking soda and juice. Then you might have it 5 times a week and you'll enjoy it more.

ALSO, anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup, avoid like the plague.
Your body can't break that junk down, it is so nasty. sugar is 1,000 times better than HFCS, yuck.

What is a good way to take flax oil?

A good way to take the flax, which tastes awful, is to put it in a shot glass, slam it, then drink a cup of water immediately followed by putting honey at the roof of your mouth. And then drinking a bunch of water.

Hold your nose (not physically) while you take it and you won't taste it at all.

Some guy said this once:


You are going to mess up the body by following a regimen like this. You don't need to do so much to your body. I know people who have had severe acne and it has cleared up, by following simple steps...

This is beyond extreme...

Do we have a licensed medical practitioner here to tell people not to continue with this kind of mad regime?

We needed the token negative person to chime in! Thanks man, it wouldn't be a successful post without a few haters or doubters.

The FUNNIEST thing this person has said is that this is TOO MUCH or COMPLICATED.

Lets see what I've talked about:

1. A 90 second washing routine
2. Excising daily
3. Paying attention to what you eat
4. Better practices on avoding skin irritation
5. Taking supplements which takes all of 45-60 seconds twice a day. (and maybe 10 minutes every six weeks to order online)

We're talking about spending around 3-4 minutes for good health and then spending time exercising and thinking about what you eat.

WOW! THIS IS INTENSE... lol. That is sarcasm.

The thing is,

this will also keep you from having sick days at work, this will also increase your chances of NOT dying from cancer, this will also give you more energy during the day, and a million other benefits.

Here's an idea... SET SOME GOALS that you want to achieve and maybe you will have some motivation to do simple disciplines. Simple disciplines lead to success. This is how professional sports franchises become dynasties, it's how business men become successful, it's how a teacher makes an impact in their students lives.

The words are SELF DISCIPLINE! Good luck, thanks for the comment!

How do I get a good multi vitamin?

As for finding the proper multivitamin, I just buy the most important vitamins in large quantities, here is a list of the products I buy which will cost less than a multi if you count the high potency of each vitamin:

1. Super EPA - Now brand
2. Twinlab - Ultra Harvest Premium Carotenoids (25,000 IU)
(this has beta carotene, alpha carotene, lutein, lycopene. good antioxidants)
3. CoQ10 - Now brand - 30mg a day is fine
4. Chromium Picolinate - Now brand 200 mcg
5. E-400 - Now brand
6. Calcium 500 tabs (with magnesium and vitamin D) Twinlab brand
7. B-50 with 250mg of Vitamin C. (500mg of vitamin C is fine each day, especially if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables)
8. Zinc - Now brand
9. Selenium

Here's the deal. This is a basic set. I took some of the most essential vitamins and made a good set which has high concentrations of the most essential vitamins. This costs a lot initially, but you buy 250 caps of some and 100 caps of others. Eventually this comes out to be a lot more cost effective than buying a multi because you get HIGHER concentrations of the right stuff. E.g. Try and find a multi with CoQ10, that will be expensive. CoQ10 is great.

You have the option of buying like I do or just buying a multi at the store. There are many without Iodine, but you may have to search. I used to take a one a day (for men I believe) and it had no iodine. I don't know the exact one but you can find it.

There also can be arguments on this section that I am leaving out essential vitamins here or there. Remember this, vitamins are an insurance policy on your diet. They should not be the primary place you are getting the essential vitamins from. You want to get most of your nutrients from food.

With all this talk about good and bad diets remember to do a few things. DON'T GO OVER BOARD. Eat an awful meal (nutritionally) 4-5 times a week. Something that you really like. This will help you be more consistent as you aren't over doing it. And find healthy foods that you enjoy, if you search for them you can find them. Eating good should never be about punishing yourself. You just can't be consistent if you punish yourself.



#2 Jen121



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Posted 21 December 2006 - 05:35 PM

Wow thanks for taking the time to tell us your experience! I knew most of it but its always nice for it to be reinforced eusa_angel.gif

If you ever have time, I would love for you to PM me information about how you did the liver flush.
What I'm using:
Dan's cleanser
Dan's lotion
Tazorac 0.05%

Supplements I'm taking:

Fish oil
Saw palmetto
Vitamin A/E/D
Yaz bc

What I'm eating:

Paleo Diet AKA Caveman

All fruits, veggies (no potatoes, peas, corn), nuts and seeds (no cashews or peanuts) and protein (fish, chicken, eggs)

Everyday Staples: Apples (i love) Big green salad, carrots, nuts (pecan, almond, or walnut)

Absolutely no: legumes, wheat, grains, dairy, sugar, salt, red meats, or coffee

** SoMeTiMeS YoU HaVe To Go ThrOuGh tHe RaiN tO Get To tHe SuNsHiNe **

#3 jamesw



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Posted 21 December 2006 - 09:40 PM

I'd cut out the introduction, which sounds prophetic enough to cause anyone who isn't skeptical to become so. While you have some good information, you echo what other people have already said.

In my opinion, the cure is to realize that the is no cure. When you understand that no philosophically minded system of health will help you, you'll forget the bullshit and go back to the basics. No special diets -- good food, but no special diets -- and simple, non-invasive treatment, exercise, and obeying your Circadian clock. Read about the real research on PubMed and other sites. Don't let anyone sell you their snake oil, whether they're a doctor or a "healer." Since so many people have this genetic trait, it's a big industry, and there's plenty of misinformation.
Age: 18
Gender: Female (mtf transsexual)


Aubrey Organics Combo-Oily line
Aubrey Organics Vegecol Nighttime Cream + eye cream
Soothing Clay Mask (weekly)
AHA exfoliating mask (every other week, changed for winter)
Aubrey Organics Seabuckthorn body lotion/wash
Everyday Minerals Makeup (other makeup here and there depending on the occasion)


All-organic vegetarian, high quality artesian or spring water proportional to body weight
Homemade Kombucha Tea
Responsible use of caffeine for productivity enhancement


* Life Extension Foundation Mix
* Life Extension Foundation Rhodiola Rosea/Ashwagandha (for stress, cognition)
* Life Extension Foundation R-Dihydro-Lipoic Acid
* Life Extension Foundation Super Max EPA
* Life Extension Foundation Kyolic Aged Garlic
* NOW Foods Time-Released Melatonin
* Theralac Probiotic Complex

And, of course, lots of vigorous exercise and meditation every day.

Status = Completely 100% clear and feeling more amazing every day!

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Posted 21 December 2006 - 09:50 PM

very nice bobmckee.. how do you feel about moisturizers? no matter what soap i use, yes ive tryed dozens, they all leave me extremely dry, no matter what i do. i have oily skin, not too oily, but pretty oily. but after i wash my face, im really really dry. to the point where i cant even start the smile without the dryness tight feeling or burning..what do you recommend for this?

#5 xxbobmckeexx



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Posted 21 December 2006 - 11:40 PM

QUOTE(AndOceans109 @ Dec 21 2006, 10:50 PM) View Post
very nice bobmckee.. how do you feel about moisturizers? no matter what soap i use, yes ive tryed dozens, they all leave me extremely dry, no matter what i do. i have oily skin, not too oily, but pretty oily. but after i wash my face, im really really dry. to the point where i cant even start the smile without the dryness tight feeling or burning..what do you recommend for this?

I would say wash only twice a day, don't use really hot water because that will take more oil off the skin.

Complex 15 is the best moisturizer, but again you don't want to be dependent on it. Use very little. Less is more, you need oil on your skin for healthy function. Try also eating healthier oils (flax, borage, primrose) every day.

#6 AndOceans109



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Posted 22 December 2006 - 07:31 AM

aright thanks...what about exfoliation? tryed it with a few soft toothbrushes, still EXTREMELY irritating on my skin. what else could i use that would be good for exfoliation? been doing it with just my hands. thats the only thing that hasnt been irritating

#7 xxbobmckeexx



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Posted 22 December 2006 - 10:31 AM

QUOTE(AndOceans109 @ Dec 22 2006, 08:31 AM) View Post
aright thanks...what about exfoliation? tryed it with a few soft toothbrushes, still EXTREMELY irritating on my skin. what else could i use that would be good for exfoliation? been doing it with just my hands. thats the only thing that hasnt been irritating

The baking soda alone creates an exfoliating environment. The toothbrush can be rough. Just try to think of something a bit softer, use your creativity. Your mind has the answer.

#8 Apple_Blossem


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Posted 22 December 2006 - 11:03 AM

I really liked your post. Everything about it was very logical.

-- Cetaphil & baking soda exfoliator = I've been using this for a year and wouldn't trade it for anything smile.gif
-- I switched off dairy, and I DO feel alot better.
-- "Exercising to get your blood moving faster to heal" = No one could have put it better smile.gif Now that its Christmas break, I'll add 20 minutes of jump-roping into my daily activity. Its fun and they say its just as good or better than jogging. I always feel better after exercising.

At first, after reading the introduction, I thought you were selling something tongue.gif However, your post was really good smile.gif. Thank you smile.gif

Very dry skin/chapped lips = use Desitin. Everyone know's it RAPIDLY helps baby's bottoms from drying out and having a rash. If you have SEVERELY dried lips, Desitin will make them go back to normal in 2 days.
What are we being fed??

This year, the FDA decided that "cancerous growths and pus-filled lesions" would not be removed from animal carcases because they pose no immedate health risk to humans.

In a recent study, the FDA stated that up to 15% of factory-farmed animals have bodies riddled with cancerous tumors. Up to 30% of animals had internal and external cysts and running infections that were larger than 20cm because of lack of vetrinary care. Factory farms hold 20,000-60,000 cows, pigs or chickens in one warehouse at any one time. 10% of Factory farmed animals are in such poor health that they cannot walk to the slaughter house and must be dragged with chains and ropes.

Is it really health to eat sick animals all the time?

If you would like to know more about your food in a 10 minute free movie, go to:
*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

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Posted 22 December 2006 - 03:04 PM

Bob you rated exercising 5-6 times a week as very important...when you are clear, does exercising only 3-4 times a week contribute to u breaking out? or can u vary the other stuff as long as u take the oil supplements?

#10 searchingforthesolution


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Posted 22 December 2006 - 07:02 PM

Wow, still reading but thank you for taking the time to post this and share this with us. Very interesting so far.

''La bougie ne perd rien de sa lumière en la communiquant à une autre bougie.''

"Each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. If he listens to it and acts on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most."

Cleansing with:
Moisturizing with:
Treating/Deep Cleaning:


Hate is heavy on, and not healing to, the heart.

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Posted 23 December 2006 - 03:02 AM

QUOTE(AcneSuxLikeUrMom @ Dec 22 2006, 04:04 PM) View Post
Bob you rated exercising 5-6 times a week as very important...when you are clear, does exercising only 3-4 times a week contribute to u breaking out? or can u vary the other stuff as long as u take the oil supplements?

I rate exercising 5-6 days as excellent. Exercising 3-4 times a week is very good AND if you do the extra couple days it will pay off.

You asked the question: Will it still contribute to you breaking out?


I am serious about that whole dodging bullets thing...

Once you have put all the pieces together for a few months (2-3 months) there is little that can stop you from having clear skin.

You can only exercise 1-2 days a week, eat not as well, etc.

It is just like the rich get richer and the poor get poorer saying. Once your skin is clear it takes so much less to maintain, it is just hard to get there. So I recommend doing everything UNTIL you have clear skin.

Once you have it then you get to see where you can start to cheat. But arrive there first.

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Posted 23 December 2006 - 08:23 AM

This was a really great post Bob. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
You seem to have some strong views on diet being a factor. Do you have any views on apple cider vinegar as being an internal treatment for acne?

And onemore question: what are your views on jojoba oil, as i see you've tried it already?

#13 AcneSuxLikeUrMom


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Posted 23 December 2006 - 11:45 AM

thanks dude, im definitely going to try this! its logical and not insane to do, cuz u can still have a relatively normal life. this is prob one of the best personal regimens i have ever seen on here surprised.gif

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Posted 23 December 2006 - 12:38 PM

QUOTE(AcneSuxLikeUrMom @ Dec 23 2006, 12:45 PM) View Post
thanks dude, im definitely going to try this! its logical and not insane to do, cuz u can still have a relatively normal life. this is prob one of the best personal regimens i have ever seen on here surprised.gif

I like what you said, "logical and not insane to do"

NO ONE can ever do something insane for a long period of time. Like high doses of B5 or other silly things like that. Do those of you taking b5 think you will be doing it 5 years from now?! I remember b5 days, taking it like 4 times a day. It is unhealthy too.

What I talk about is making your body/skin healthier in a variety of ways which will eventually lead to clear skin.

The borage oil I buy is:


and the primrose is:


I take each 2 times a day for a total of 4 pills a day.

I don't wish to sell anything and I have no affiliation with allstarhealth. They are just the least expensive with a low shipping charge of $5.

You can buy this stuff wherever OR you can buy different brands. I really don't care where you get it, I really just want you guys to get clear.

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Posted 23 December 2006 - 12:51 PM

QUOTE(Listener @ Dec 23 2006, 09:23 AM) View Post
This was a really great post Bob. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
You seem to have some strong views on diet being a factor. Do you have any views on apple cider vinegar as being an internal treatment for acne?

And onemore question: what are your views on jojoba oil, as i see you've tried it already?

If you read my diet section I don't really draw too much of a conclusion or giving any specific advice. This is for a reason.

You won't catch me saying, "apple cider vinegar works" or that it doesn't. Because it is different for everyone. I talk about foundational advice that works for everyone and then I tell you to operate off the tenates of a healthy diet. Trust me that when you are clear, diet doesn't have a HUGE effect on your skin. But I would be stupid to say it has no role. Just eat as healthy as you can without going crazy. This is one reason I like Dr. Weil, he understands that we aren't robots and that part of eating is to have it TASTE GOOD and be fun. And the second best part is that you can do both of those AND eat healthy. Most people think TASTES GOOD means unhealthy, but that isn't true.

Internal treatments for acne take a LONG time depending on your specific situation. If I could give really basic diet advice it would be this:

1. Eat more natural/less processed foods. In other words more fruits/vegs/beans and less things in packages or cans.

2. Eat better fats. Look at your ratio of good fats vs bad fats. If you don't know the difference then you really need to study. (good fats are in olive oils, almonds, walnuts, and flax oil. Many other things too)

3. Eat less processed sugars. I didn't say eat NONE. That is pretty impossible in America, just watch if you are eating a lot of flours and high fructose corn syrup products. I avoid these.

I like a lot of Dr. Andrew Weil's diet advice and I would say avoid dairy UNLESS you are clear. If you are clear then you can truly see if dairy is slowing you down, if not then you can't chance it.

ON jojoba oil:

sure I've tried it. I noticed on MY skin that it would cause a break out within 3-7 days after I used it. That doesn't mean jojoba oil is bad, it just means that my skin likes to produce oil and adding oil is bad.

I would say in general to avoid oils but I did used to read that so many people loved it. So you pretty much have to make an individual decision. Let me say this though, if you are breaking out then DON'T use it, because oil causes problems for a lot of people who break out. Once you are clear then you can test and say, "is this making me worse or better?"

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Posted 27 December 2006 - 12:57 PM

After spending close to a year on this site you start to notice patterns:

1. There are those that are looking for the SECRET culprit that causes acne:

These are the people that blame candida, or think that meat causes acne. They figure that there must be this ONE thing that is causing it and if they deal with it, they will be clear. There is a new one every week! You can find these people by looking at their post titles: "I found the cause" or "___ causes acne" then they single out one cause that equals the effect of acne. nonsense.

2. Then there are those that just say it is all diet. They may promote some special diet in efforts to get you clear, the problem is that these diets are typically IMPOSSIBLE to follow if you are a sane person.

3. The third group are the people I will call ON THE SPOTTERS. They believe if they use enough topicals everything will be ok. They think if they can just find the propper combination of products that they will be clear.

4. Fourth are the cleansers. They are always trying some new flush to get clear but are often met with mixed results.

NONE of these groups will get you clear, but the disciplines I talk about in this post WILL make you clear.

MOST everyone is just trying one approach. They try their new products OR they try this new flush, etc. I've tried them all. It wasn't until I combined all the COMMON sense approaches to skin care that I got clear.

NOTICE EVERYONE WANTS IT NOW, ACTUALLY THEY WANT IT YESTERDAY. So if you tell people about a plan that will clear them up in 3-4 months they run away. All the while they kept trying gimmicks that say they will clear up in a week or two but then they start breaking out again!

I guess I will just bump this post every couple weeks so that the people actually searching can find a path that will get them clear instead of reading all the nonsense on these forums. 80% of the stuff people talk about on these sites is counterproductive and it will waste people's TIME and MONEY. Try what I'm talking about, it's real, it takes time to implement, it takes actual work and discipline. It isn't expensive.

Be excellent,

#17 AcneSuxLikeUrMom


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Posted 27 December 2006 - 04:06 PM

Bobby thnx again for the info, im trying to get the supplies together to implement this, just wondering, do u exfoliate 2x per day or just once? it seems like a lot of rubbing. as of now i only exfoliate once or twice a week with this gentle organic thing from Kiss my face brand. i was wondering if i can keep using my stuff at least till its done, since my cleanser and stuff like that is pretty expensive.

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Posted 27 December 2006 - 05:48 PM

QUOTE(AcneSuxLikeUrMom @ Dec 27 2006, 05:06 PM) View Post
Bobby thnx again for the info, im trying to get the supplies together to implement this, just wondering, do u exfoliate 2x per day or just once? it seems like a lot of rubbing. as of now i only exfoliate once or twice a week with this gentle organic thing from Kiss my face brand. i was wondering if i can keep using my stuff at least till its done, since my cleanser and stuff like that is pretty expensive.

I think I used that exfoliator from Kiss my face before. I think it also has a bunch of oils in it, look at the ingredients. I wouldn't recommend using it anymore even though it is expensive. Don't worry about the cost because you are going to start spending so much less on acne stuff after you start doing what I described.

It is a lot of rubbing to exfoliate twice a day but I do it. If you feel irritation then stop, the goal is to exfoliate and not hurt your skin.

If you are irritating then I guess only exfoliating once a day would be ok. BEST scenario is to find something that doesn't irritate your skin (softer brush or something) and use it twice a day.

Don't worry though, if you use baking soda it should create a bit of friction and also a gentle rub with a towel can also improve exfoliation.

Definitely atleast one time a day with the softest brush you can find (also keep the brush clean, rinse it heavy and make sure it doesn't sit wet with soap. Then bacteria can get on it. Just keep it clean).

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Posted 29 December 2006 - 08:17 AM

How often are you supposed to exfoliate when you have acne? I regularly use a body brush to exfoliate my body and its quite effective, but do you think it would be good to use on the face or would it be too much?

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Posted 29 December 2006 - 01:34 PM

QUOTE(partygirl1984 @ Dec 29 2006, 09:17 AM) View Post
How often are you supposed to exfoliate when you have acne? I regularly use a body brush to exfoliate my body and its quite effective, but do you think it would be good to use on the face or would it be too much?

It's your call. If it is for the body it will likely be too much.

Try the softest little brush you can find.

People who want to have clear skin should brush their skin one to two times a day, very softly and gently. Do not irritate.

Body brushing is great for health and I try to do it daily also.