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  1. Hey guys! I am becoming really worried about what is happening to my skin. I have been on the regimen for 5 weeks. Every night, I seem to wake up with little red bumps. They are itchy at first, and when I itch them, they get bigger, more red, and inflamed. I have no idea what to do. I am afraid that the BP or Cleanser is triggering these bumps/rashes. I am also using the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water Cleanser before using the cleanser. I would really be grateful if anyone let me know what this is and how to treat it. Thank you!
  2. Worsening Acne

    Hey everyone!! My skin has been terrible for over a year now. I know this pales in comparison to other people's battle with acne, and I truly sympathize for you. Please know you are beautiful and we can get through this !! Anyways, this year my skin had progressively gotten worse. I've used so many products (I will list later) and have been to doctors and dermatologists. Nothing has helped- only made it worse. These are the products I've used : BP, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Finacea, Soolantra, Minocycline, SOPHYTOPRO, Neutrogena bar soap, basic bar soap, & Aczone. (I also use the Xulane patch) I take fish oil, evening primrose oil, calcium, vit c, and zinc. Please look at the enclosed pictures and leave any advice you have whether it be diet, medication or tips and tricks!!
  3. Shaving with acne

    I'm wondering what product I should use when I shave my face to avoid clogging pores and reduce irritation. Right now I'm using the neutrogena shaving cream with disposable 2-blade razors. I'm getting mixed results and I'm trying to figure out if this is causing my breakouts because they seem to occur a few days after shaving. I only shave once a week because my facial hair doesn't grow fast. I would most likely go for something natural with no chemical ingredients if possible. Thank you people!
  4. So after watching all the videos and researching and ordering my regimen, I had a question in regards to makeup removal. This entire regimen is based on "Irritation = Acne" and warns against rubbing the face and stuff like that. So my question is what about makeup removal? How am I supposed to remove makeup without irritating my skin? Does anyone have any advice or techniques? Thanks!
  5. A month closer to clear skin!!! I got through the initial breakout, it only lasted about a week. Though I got some leftover hyperpigmentation and scars that are still red but at least flat! My skin is much less oily and my hair is too. I just use water to rinse my face in the morning followed by a ph balancing toner and soothing moisturizer. I have a cyst on my upper lip that came up a few days ago. I'm using all my willpower to just leave it alone because it's really irritating! I also broke out up on my forehead but nothing too bad. Overall my skin is improving, especially the texture.
  6. I've been using the regimen for about 3 years now. These last couple of months, I've been breaking out a lot more. However, I'm going to stick through it for a little bit longer and see if I can improve. Part of the reason I feel like I'm breaking out is because of irritation... "Irritation causes Ance". My face always seems to get irritated when I do the regimen in the morning before beginning my day, which is why I've tried to switch to night only. If I do it in the day, I go throughout the rest of my day with a greasy, irritated looking face. Does anyone else have a similar problem or any tips?
  7. Hi everyone, I started using Differin .1% about five or six months ago. I had moderate acne that always got much worse in the winter, and Differin has done a lot to clear up my acne. However, the irritation on my forehead is killing me. Every other part of my face can handle Differin just fine, but literally every week, my forehead will go berserk and become red, blotchy, and itchy. Originally, I applied Differin every night. After my acne cleared up, I thought it would be a good idea to apply every other night, hoping that would reduce the irritation while still preventing acne. My skin still looks good, but I am still experiencing irritation. I moisturize every morning and night with a mild Cerave moisturizer and wash once a day with a mild Cetaphil cleanser. My face doesn't really feel dry, either, even when it's red, blotchy, and itchy. And like I said, this is very cyclical, occurring every week for about two days. After the irritation subsides, my skin looks great. I should also mention that this irritation is accompanied by a lot of peeling, almost as if the Differin is partially exfoliating the skin without actually getting rid of it until the end of the week when I'm compelled to scratch it off, if that makes any sense. Should I stop using Differin on my forehead while still using it on the rest of my face? Has anybody else experienced anything similar with Differin? Should I perhaps use another product on my forehead, such as glycolic acid and/or BP?
  8. Facial Wash

    I need help! Non-foaming cleansers never work for me whenever i use non-foaming cleansers i always get breakouts after i wake up. The one that i'm using right now is Safeguard Derma Sense for sensitive skin but i feel like it's not doing much for me. I don't know what to use anymore
  9. Painful Reddening

    I've been on the regimen for 8 days now. I saw some quick results the first couple of days. However just as I increased the BP dosage to twice a day to start off week #2, I started feeling severe burning in the sensitive parts of my face (about an inch under my eyes right by both sides of my nose). This pain lasts for about 2 to 3 hours after my evening routine and isn't nearly as severe as when I apply BP in the morning. What's the reason for this? Has this happened to anyone else? I don't mind the redness or tan look, I hardly mind the itchiness or dryness. All I'm really worried about is the pain. I don't know if this is normal.
  10. Hello Friends,I am one of those people who takes lot of stress. Stress can be due to anything:1) Personal life issues2) Professional issuesLet me tell you What i am. I am normal person but acne made me hide myself from whole community. I was so horrified that i do not used to go out for weeks fearing how people will react people seeing me I did not saw mirror for 1 year+. My face always used to be down and i used to cap to hide anything i can.My family supported me a lot and prompted me to go out..I was skeptical about going to School or Colleges as this is place where i fear being commented about my acne.I was not able to focus. I was not able to study. My family took me to psychiatrist. He did nothing but to relax me by just sleeping, sleeping and sleeping..Those were anti depressants medicine. My academic had took a beating as i was hardly doing my part of work. Even for this i came to know website which helps in academic help. I just wanted someone to guide me through as I am not good in studies.I tried to take help from them. Not only they helped me in my academics, they have education counsellor who helped me immensely. That counselling assured that my academics are in good hands and i can just focus on myself. They infused confidence in me.I am sure all of those who had severe acne can understand this..I am posting 1 photo which will make you realize what i am talking about.Sometimes i felt why me ? Sometimes i felt this is not life but prison but I want to help people around me who asked me to wait and cherish lifeMain thing during acne breakout is that you do not take stress. Its easy said then done but that website did took my academic burden and give my mind whole lot of peaceThis photo is 50 times better compared to what my situation can imagine..I will keep you updated. If you want to ask anything, feel freePS: Just do not take stress...
  11. Hi everyone, I've been experiencing small bumps all over my chin, sides of cheeks and forehead. I am assuming that they are whiteheads and blackheads. I have very sensitive skin and when I attempt to treat them my skin becomes extremely irritated. I've tried using Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, witch hazel, cetaphil, all to no avail. If I attpt to extract the whiteheads they turn into inflamed pimples which then scar my face. My face just has a rough texture that is very noticeable in the sunlight and these assumed whiteheads flare up occassionally and leave me with red pimples. I've attached a picture of my chin area. Any advice on how to combat this would be appreciated.
  12. Personal Acne History

    I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary care doctor. But those only seemed to dry out my skin and did not help so eventually I just stopped using them. Throughout high school and college I did not really use any medication for acne and it seemed to be getting better. But toward the end on college I started getting awful red pimples so I decided that I should finally see a dermatologist. I told them that I wanted accutane since I have had acne for so long but they told me that I should try other medications first and prescribed me minocycline but after about a month I started having awful headache everyday so they switched me to doxycycline. I was on doxycycline for five months and my face was becoming so smooth and clear but during around May 2016 I started getting these small tiny bumps all over my face called Closed Comedones, which I had never gotten before. I immediately freaked out and called my dermatologist for an emergency appointment and I asked to be put on accutane. They told me that accutane probably wasn't necessary because topicals usually work for closed comedones so they prescribed me retin-a and duac. At this point I was very frustrated because all this time they have been prescribing me medications that weren't working and I only really wanted accutane and it all felt like a waste of time. But I started on retin-a and duac anyways and used it for two months. When I went back for my next appointment and told them I saw no improvement, the dermatologist said " have you ever heard of accutane?" and I wish I could have just eye-rolled at him since I told him from the beginning that that was what I wanted. So I finally was prescribed accutane. And I took my blood tests but my dermatologist never gave me the slip for the pregnancy test and only gave me the slip for the other blood tests so when i went back a month later to get my prescription he told me I have to wait another month. So, I was insanely angry. I waited another month since I had already been waiting so long and started in October 2016. So far everything is going well but I will update on the next blog post.
  13. Time for a new regimen?

    Since February of 2014 this has been my regimen from my dermatologist for my mild/severe acne. I had a lot of red pimples and white heads. within two months it cleared up my skin and I was lucky to have no acne marks/scars. I feel like there may be something better out there for me because for the effort I put in I don't have the 100% clear skin I want. I'm a 20 year old male and stress is definitely a big factor for my skin. I was seeing my dermatologist once a month but now it's every six months since she is satisfied with the results. Morning: -Clindamycin gel all over face Night: -Epiduo gel all over face -Minocycline 100mg pill I was suppose to be washing my face with Cetaphil morning & night but I found it way too drying. I am upset because I broke out pretty bad recently and I don't know if it's stress from school or the harsh temperatures outside. I got 3-4 medium sized angry red pimples on my forehead. And random red blotches on my face that just looks like broken skin. Should I be moisturizing? Should I stop the epiduo for a little bit? My dermatologist said she'd prescribe me Epiduo Forte but that is going to be more drying and I couldn't find enough reviews on it. Also, I've had good luck with Salicylic acid, Sulfur, and's Glycolic Acid but I feel like I'm doing too much to my skin.
  14. Makeup Induced acne

    I think my skin got irritated from wearing makeup which i had to for two days in a row.I tried to be gentle a possible during application. Im laying off makeup completely, do I keep using the regimen despite my face irritation?
  15. I've recently found a new peel off facemask made of charcoal and glue, and apparently it effectively removes blackheads. The problem is that the blackheads on my face are very, very deep. When I try to remove them by squeezing, it causes big and irritated pimples to pop up. Would using this facemask just cause all the blackheads to turn into pimples?
  16. Hey guys... so heres a short background. I was on birth control Yazmin on October and it worked wonderful on my skin cause i gotten less pimples and less oily however when the pills are finished, i stopped consuming them for a week. In that week i started to get huge and massive pustules, cause i was so stressed out i bought my self a benzoyl peroxide 2,5 (benzolac) from the pharmacy. Since people say that its better to not do the spot treatment, i put the gel all over my face twice a day. After that, my acne is only getting worse, the pustules are still theres and they keep coming. I been back on the pill again and the acne are still there. At first i thought it was purging but i looked on reddit that BP isnt supposed to have purging so i stop immediately. I stopped from like 4 days ago and now my skin around the area where i usually get my acne are dry, the pustules are getting flaky and also around my mouth.Theyre also itchy, there are still acne but not as much or painful when i was using BP. No dryness or itchiness during BP though. Is this what youd call BP sensitivity or irritation? Why do i get less acne after i stop? Anyone ever experience this before? I just wanna know for sure if im sensitive to it or just using it the wrong way. Thank you so much
  17. So I have been on 20 MG Accutane for 2 months now and have not seen any results. I asked my doctor if she could raise my dosage for the next month and told me 'I was playing doctor'. Um, so I have another appointment with her this week because we never left off on anything. Anyways, I was reading that a patient should take a certain amount of MG per month and in the 20 week course should have taken i think it was 3200 MG? (correct me if my total is incorrect). But can someone expand on this please. I pay $160 for my accutane and for me to not see results sucks.
  18. So after having sex with my girlfriend more times than I should on accutane, my penis became irritated. I have some red irritation spots on the head of my penis and foreskin. This isn't an STD or balanitis. It's really irriation and seems to be slowly healing but I want to help it with an ointment. What product should I use on it that will help it to heal faster? Thank you.
  19. Hi, Please do not use Lush products on your face. I never had "bad" skin, still my skin isn't that "bad", however; my skin was far better with out lush in my life. I started using lush last year, and everything seemed to be going great; I was using mask of magnaminty, the seaweed mask, rosewater/ tea tree spray for about 9 months, while I was on my bc while away at school. When I ran out of these products I experienced a very bad break out. Within the 9 months I noticed more black heads on my face than usual, but I didn't make the correlation between lush and my clogged pores. When I finally stopped my birth control my face became extremely irritated. Still faithful in lush, I went back this summer and asked them to help with my irritated skin. Their suggestion? Use the coal scrub, some products with beeswax in it (the most calming out of all of their products/ the only thing you need if you still sware by lush), rosewater and a some cream with avocado in it, i think its called ezymion or something like that. I walked out spending 100$ optomistic, almost cocky that all this crap would work. My journey wth acne only began then lol. The scub irritates the crap out your face, I actually read that oil and scubs should not be mixed together. Anyway, stopped using that within the week, and went into hiding during the summer. I tried ponds, some neutrgena products, (I will explain more at the end), aveeno, just water, the caveman regimen, and even went to a derm; None of this workerd. What does work is my old reliable neutragena acne solutions kit (which I used some time back/ pre lush).
  20. So I started the regimen last Wednesday, which would make today my 11th day on the regimen. I followed the directions for using the benzoyl peroxide and started with a pea size amount once a day for a week before using the full amount. My skin was reaction very well and started clearing up a significant amount already. I've noticed since this past Wednesday, when I started using the full amount, that my skin started breaking out a lot more. I'm not sure if it's too soon to tell, but I'm wondering if the irritation from the full amount of benzoyl peroxide is causing too much irritation and causing breakouts.
  21. Basically when I was 14 i began to breakout with huge cystic pimples on my cheeks, chin and around the hairline, i tried out many various antibiotics fom the doctors and they slowly began to fade away when i reached 17 years. I then got the implant put in and my skin wasn't affected in any way, it actually looked better than it ever has. However a year later i no longer needed the implant and was on a constant period so I came off it. Around this time i have changed my diet to vegetarian and 2 months after i slowly began to get spots again, just small pimples to begin with so i decided to go on the birth control pill but it wasn't doing anything so I decided to give the implant another shot which just made my breakouts 10x worse... I am now on my 4th week of using Differin and my skin is looking the worst it ever has... clogged pores, blackheads on the sides of my nose under my eyes, cysts and bumps all over my chin and forehead and cysts around my face. As you can see in the pictures below, my skin is very inflamed. I don't know whether this is just the initial breakout caused by differin or if the implant is really messing up my skin - it is heartbreaking seeing it in this state after just managing to clear it of spots and scarring. Does anyone know if this is what the initial breakout should look like? - should I go back on antibiotics whilst using differin? Anyone recommend any products to reduce redness? I have tried using LUSH face masks - mask of magnaminty and catastrophe cosmetic but i saw no results... Apologies for the horrible pictures - they look even worse in real! Any help of advice will be greatly appreciated.
  22. issues following a facial

    Hey everyone. so I had a facial about 3 weeks ago. needless to say, I will not be getting another. I had a breakout and decided to go to an esthetician so they could get me pointed in the right direction with better skincare products tailored to my needs and such. I my sister had gone to her previously and she has alot of experience with acne. n fact, she had pretty severe cystic acne herself that she had since cleared up. anyway, I had a deep cleansing facial with extractions done. the extractions weren't painful, but some of the products she used burned (particularly a glycolic acid toner). anyway I was a mess afterward. for the next week my face was completely swollen and I was taking ibuprofen and benadryl. I actually stopped at an urgent care and they prescribed me prednisone for the swelling which I didn't take because I am afraid of pills. I used cetaphil only at this point. so my face felt better aside from the fact that I had some like marks which I assume were caused by the extractions. a and I returned to my normal routine, or cetaphil daily cleanser and treatng problem areas with benzoyl peroxide. in days my face felt like leather. it hurt, I felt like I was blushing and having hot flashes. my skin is also super oily (but I did change birth control so that I got be why). anyway, I went back to the cetaphil gentle cleanser but my skin is still rather pink and blotchy. i'm also breaking out in lots of tiny closed comedones type things (which I finally got rid of with the extractions!) anyway, does anyone have any advice or ever experience something similar? I'm trying to see a derm because I just don't want to mess around with this anymore, I'm worried I have contact dermatitis or something. sorry for the novel.

    I need help, I've been struggling with this breakout for probably 7+ months. It's taken its toll emotionally and I have no clue what to do with my skin. Anyways, here is my regime: morning - Sophytopro cleanser then moisturizer. I try to not use my prescriptions in the morning but sometimes I do. Evening - Sophytopro cleanser, clindamycin, tretinol ONLY ON FOREHEAD RECENTLY, Azelic acid, then Sophytopro moisturizer. More detail about Tretinol, I started using it exclusively on my forehead because it made my face so hot and red. I started using it on my cheeks again, only to find it made more acne and more redness without help after a MONTH OF USAGE. I am fully aware of the purge and the characteristics of tretinol. Anyways again, please look at the attached picture and tell me what I should do. My skin is a mess and I can't continue. Here are my questions: How to get rid of my redness/irritation? How to cure active acne? Hyperpigmentation/scars? thank you in advanced :')
  24. So I've been using the regimen for quite a long time now (2 and a half years). I've noticed that this happens mainly during the summer since I feel like my face becomes more sensitive. I can feel it at night when I apply the BP that it stings a little more than usual (I live in Seattle so it's basically cloudy the rest of the year. Anyway, I'll be going along with my day and I'll start to feel like a part of my face itches and feels irritated. Then, I notice that a couple of bumps pop up on my face. They look like big irritated pimples but. All I can do when this happens is wait it out because they usually go down. l within an hour or two. The bumps are embarrassing and feel extremely uncomfortable. This has happened multiple times this summer already. i was wondering if this happens to anyone else and if there is anything I should do to prevent this from happening.
  25. AHA+ to Help BP?

    Hello Anyone, Someone lol, I have been using the Regimen/Products for almost 2 months now, and I am pleased to say that my acne has cleared up rapidly. Using the 2.5% BP has helped me gain more control over my breakouts and I currently have no active breakouts, however I have only been able to work my way up SLOWLY to one pump morning and night due to increased sensitivity (dryness, flaking, redness, irritation, etc.) over the course of the entire two months. The flakes have a life of their own and cause my face to peel and tan unevenly causing blotches, they have to go! I would like to rub or scrape them off, but I dare not deviate from The Regimen or irritate my face further. I am having trouble combating these side effects with just the use of more of Dan's moisturizer and Jojoba oil, and wanted to know if I could incorporate the AHA+10% Glycolic Acid. I understand that I have been using The Regimen for over a month, yet for now I am using less BP than the suggested amount for the average user at this time but plan to ease my way up to two pumps when I'm more comfortable. Essentially my question is: Even though I am struggling to adjust to the BP at 2 months with a dosage that's less than two pumps, could AHA+ soothe my current symptoms and help my overall adjustment to the regimen? Thank you!