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  1. Hi. Ok so my acne right now is the worst its been since high school! Im desperately needing help! Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne. December was an extremely stressful time for me. (A death in family and another traumatic event happened). My face, around my mouth, just exploded with acne! Some of the acne went away, but the hyperpigmentation is really bad! Cysts, pustules and whiteheads. Id been using Cetaphil Oily Skin face wash as my skin is quite oily. With Benzac Ac 5% gel. Followed by Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen. At night was the same, but with standard Cetaphil moisturiser. It was all working semi-ok. I havent had clear skin since I was 14, but this routine gave me only 2-3 breakouts at a time. Now, as you can see in the photos, Its a hell of alot more! I am currently on Zinc tablets and Doxycycline 100mg. I have been for a decent 10 years and I dont think its doing much but my fear to stop is huge. My dr who is wonderful says it is helping. I also probably need to add that I do have an eating disorder (anorexia) so I know my diet isnt great. Its too low but im doing quite well with water. Having atleast 2L a day. So. I got desperate. It was worsening my depression so I came online to think what to do and I read about the Caveman Regimen. I decided since Im not working and never wear make up anyway I thought it actually made sense. It sounded crazy and scary as hell but it still made sense. Im now on day 2 of Caveman Regimen and its not as scary as day 1. I thought my face would be dripping with oil but its not. I have made my own version of Caveman Regimen though. I couldnt not wash 100%. So my morning shower i let water fall over my face but only for a few seconds. I lightly rub with hands. Once out, i very very gently pat with a soft face cloth. Then let it to dry properly itself. Once dry I do use Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 because i can not not wear a sunscreen. At night just before bed I splash luke warm water over it and very lightly pat dry maybe once or twice. Thats it. Im not getting the flaking so much and my acne is the same. I was expecting it to be worse but im feeling positive about this. Im definitely going to keep trying it coz I have nothing to lose any more. My depression couldnt have gotten worse. My other issue is hyperpigmentation which is also why I need the sunscreen. Any help, or any advice, or ANYTHING, feedback would be so helpful.
  2. Hello. First of all, don't get too excited if you're in a similar situation to me and were hoping this post would hold the fix for long-term (Ro)accutane damage. I just wanted to express my situation and see if anyone can help. I'm bored of reading depressing no-way-out answers and I refuse to give up and stop trying to fix myself. I'm also not inviting those who say the side effects aren't caused by this drug - I am 100% sure, and have read enough posts from others to know that Accutane isn't simply 'out' of your system after a month. I've read several theories into why things like IBS, Erectile Dysfunction and knee problems can occur months or years after stopping treatment. I'm talking about the liver storing the high-levels of Vitamin A, Accutane staying in the colon, and even something - which if it's true means only bad news - to do with DNA change and 'Telomere' shortening, which means a slow but sure decrease in health(This has been written by Nathan Carr, who you may of heard of). But I'm not writing to find out which of these theories, if any, is true. I want to see if anyone can actually give good advice on supplements/diet, or whatever else, to repair damage from this poison. Below, I will list the details of when I took this drug and what side effects I have + how I cope with life. One last thing - Anyone saying that these side effects are rare, i.e 1%, forget it. 1% reported. Since taking this drug, my life has been limited and difficult. I'm not in that 1% statistic because I haven't reported it directly to the manufacturer. I expect the figure is a lot higher. As I said, side effects can come on AFTER taking this, so people could be ignorant to the cause. However, I know better, and after watching my health drop dramatically while/after taking Accutane, I can firmly say it's the cause. Let's begin ... Basics: I'm 21 at the end of this month. It's now 5 years since I touched Ro-accutane (Ro-accutane is just the British name for it). I took it from December 2005 - May 2006. I was meant to finish in June, but stopped due to feeling very depressed/suicidal (because of the drug). My problems are below... - Dry Eyes (Severe) - E.D/ Low Libido (Started last year and has gone on consistently since) - Hair-loss (Including eyebrows, facial hair 'gaps' and body hair) - Slow Healing (Shaving is a pain now - No, it's not my technique) - Lack of sebum (oil) - Brain Fog/ Memory problems - Somewhat minor - Anxiety (mainly because of the other side effects - i.e. dry eyes causing me to feel embarassed about eye contact) - Excessive hair (Not related to head, but my beard grows high up on cheeks and even on the outside of my nose) - I believe I look older than I should due to lack of oil - Joint/Muscle problems - Aches/ Slow recovery - Excessive sweating.. Terrible if I go running at the gym, for example. - Dry mouth - Nosebleeds more than I should - Fatigue - Overall depression and confusion (*Rhetorical question* Is this a direct symptom or am I like it because of all the other side-effects stressing me out?) That's what I can think of for now. Of course, I wasn't told about half of these being a possibly problem and I was told any side-effects will be temporary. I was 15, so I had no reason not to trust the Doc's word. I've tried lots of different supplements (a lot of which I still take just incase they are helping/slowing down the problems) including Omega 3, Biotin, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera Juice, MSM, Colostrum, Garlic, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Quercetin, Tumeric. So, yeah, I've tried a lot of things. The Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root are recent additions because despite having my liver test results come back as positive, I've heard your liver can still not be functioning correctly and people are given liver tests monthly while taking this drug for a reason, right? I'm starting to eat better foods as this sh*t taught me that Natural is the way to go. I still binge on cakes and that occasionally - Mainly for comfort. I'm average weight and height, but want to cut out processed foods to support my body. I don't want to make this EXTREMELY long, so I'll cut it short. I'm currently seeing a Homeopathy about these problems. And Yes, I know "Science says it's boll*cks", and I don't understand how it's supposed to work, but sometimes you have to think outside the box and give things a go. I don't have high hopes for things getting better these days, but I'm not giving up. There is so much more I could say, but let me know your thoughts. I don't want to hear negative and hopeless responses. What HAS helped you? seems to be the biggest place to speak about this, but we NEED the word out, so the 'experts' can do the research instead of hoping for someone else to fix us. Thanks for reading, Indy.
  3. Girls can pass on their bad genetics no matter how ugly they are because they are the most important sex, because they create new life. Most guys are disposable. A short thin girl will get called petite and cute, and then she reproduces and creates a short ugly guy that will get called a scrawny weakling his whole life. All guys, except for tall attractive guys will date almost anything as long as she isn't obese or anorexic thin. When I say bad acne I mean it has to all be on your face, body acne doesn't matter. Like this
  4. Itchiness is killing me

    Hi all, 1. I have been on and off the regimen for the past month. I'll begin with admitting that it has somewhat cleared my skin, but there are a few breakouts every now and then. However, these breakouts are not the problem. The problem is that my face is really dry, red, and itchy as hell. A little bit of dry- and redness I can handle, though. It's the damn itch that I cannot stand; it results in me not getting enough sleep. This, in turn, is making me depressed and I constantly feel exhausted from the lack of rest (obviously). I've read that the benzoyl peroxide is the culprit for itchiness for many other people on the regimen, and currently I'm only using it once per day or every other day. But that seemingly isn't helping with my itching face. What am I doing wrong? 2. I'm still kind of hopeful for the regimen to work even though I'm not following it exactly as instructed (two times per day, 10-12 hours apart yada yada), but it's really wearing me out. How do you guys endure? Really thankful for any advice provided!
  5. Hello Friends,I am one of those people who takes lot of stress. Stress can be due to anything:1) Personal life issues2) Professional issuesLet me tell you What i am. I am normal person but acne made me hide myself from whole community. I was so horrified that i do not used to go out for weeks fearing how people will react people seeing me I did not saw mirror for 1 year+. My face always used to be down and i used to cap to hide anything i can.My family supported me a lot and prompted me to go out..I was skeptical about going to School or Colleges as this is place where i fear being commented about my acne.I was not able to focus. I was not able to study. My family took me to psychiatrist. He did nothing but to relax me by just sleeping, sleeping and sleeping..Those were anti depressants medicine. My academic had took a beating as i was hardly doing my part of work. Even for this i came to know website which helps in academic help. I just wanted someone to guide me through as I am not good in studies.I tried to take help from them. Not only they helped me in my academics, they have education counsellor who helped me immensely. That counselling assured that my academics are in good hands and i can just focus on myself. They infused confidence in me.I am sure all of those who had severe acne can understand this..I am posting 1 photo which will make you realize what i am talking about.Sometimes i felt why me ? Sometimes i felt this is not life but prison but I want to help people around me who asked me to wait and cherish lifeMain thing during acne breakout is that you do not take stress. Its easy said then done but that website did took my academic burden and give my mind whole lot of peaceThis photo is 50 times better compared to what my situation can imagine..I will keep you updated. If you want to ask anything, feel freePS: Just do not take stress...
  6. Hi all, I'm currently on a possible 6 month prescription of Isotretinoin to cure my cystic acne. All Be it, my skin wasn't terrible but it wasn't good - I just constantly got cyst like type randomly. i started off my first month at 10mg as test due to a side effect being seizures, I used to take these as a kid. I'm now 6 weeks into 40mg dosage, which is currently for 2 months so not long left then bloods again - however I'm really starting to notice being so tired waking up, sore heads recently and unfortunately as I write this .. which is why i came here.. depression. I really feel down about everything, feelings slightly worthless but I don't get these often, I usually just suffer from the tiredness/soreness & dryness. Does anyone have any remedies to the depression or to help? I'm 22, male. i have to admit, the 10/11 weeks of the course so far have done wonders for my skin. Thanks, James
  7. Links to some recently unpinned threads Add your story! ---------------------------- First: Don't Panic It's not as difficult as it looks. Everything is inter-related and the same basic diet and lifestyle habits are repeated over and over. Because they are good for everything and how humans should eat and live. So, take a deep breath... and read: Good things for Acne (For when you only have time for the answers, but with links to more info. And see also this thread for more details on the Ultimate Question on Acne, Diet, Health and Everything!, a collection of links to numerous of the most valuable discussion threads ever. Including the best of SweetJade, the fairy Godmother of this forum. Click on it!) Covering all these interrelated things: -Stable Blood Sugar/Insulin/good Glucose Metabolism (no link because it's below in this post) -Anti-Inflammatory diet and lifestyle -Hormone Balance -Healthy Liver Function -Healthy Adrenal Function -Good, Complete Digestion/Healthy Digestive Tract -Allergies and food intolerances -Reducing Hyperkeratinization/Hyperproliferation - Stage 1 in the formation of acne. -Good Sleep/Light exposure/Circadian cycle. -Nutrition -Hyper/Hypothyroid - lowers SHBG levels, increases inflammation -Stress -Immune system -Topical treatment - care from the outside. -Exercise - The right kind. Affects nearly everything, like blood sugar, sleep, stress, mood... -Body Fat - affects inflammation and hormone levels -Brain health, Stress, Mood, Willpower, Depression, etc Because your diet can't clear if you stress out over everything. -PCOS -Oily skin, fat metabolism and Sebum quality -Your Health - Numbers to know and monitor, home tests -Anti-Aging - because someone asked and the same diet and lifestyle habits help that too. All this may seem overwhelming, but it's really not. Notice how inter-related most of these things are and how the same nutrients and habits appear over and over because they help so many issues. Also, most things listed here are just plain good for you period. Things everyone should do regardless of acne. Good for whatever ails you. For anti-aging, disease prevention, wellness, happiness... What you want is a healthy lifestyle with natural circadian cycle, stress management, physical activity and a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory blood sugar stabilizing diet habits that don't include anything you have an intolerance for. More on WHAT TO DO.If you just want to be told what to do, skip to here. Other great threads: -Food and Recipe thread index -Doctors and other experts admitting to the diet and acne connection thread Members who've cleared their skin via diet and lifestyle habits - -Why you should avoid/limit dairy, especially cow, especially unfermented, etc. -Improving fructose metabolism for those that break out from fruit -Diet and health tips and tidbits -Autogenic and Biofeedback for stress, anxiety, emotions -The Necessity And Benefits Of Sulfur -Epigenetics - what you do to yourself affects your genes -Farm subsidy and other bad things they do to our food -'Recent' Advances in Acne Pathogenesis Information -Patent request for an enzyme that works on a gene involved in acne -SHBG - Sex hormone binding globulin -ZAG enzyme which impacts normal formation and exfoliation, possibly inhibited by lectins in grains/seeds Special Posts: Clinical studies on the connection between diet and acne The truth about Calcium and healthy bones- for those afraid to avoid or limit dairy Vitamin D Coconut Oil Omega 3s and our supposed lack of ability to convert ALA from plants to EPA and DHA Will always be in progress. I'm working on it all the time adding good things and links to sources and more info. Refer back when you need reminders of all the factors. I know I need reminders. I'm sure there's plenty I've forgotten in these lists. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good things for Blood Sugar/Insulin/Carb Metabolism Insulin is a master hormone that influences almost all other hormones. Elevated Insulin stimulates Androgen and IGF1 production, while simultaneously inhibiting production of the proteins that bind them--SHBG and IGFBP-3. Androgens stimulate oil production, IGF1 causes hyperkeratinization and hyperproliferation of skin cells. We become somewhat insulin resistant during puberty. It stimulates & helps utilize resources for growth. Elevated Insulin also causes inflammation which worsens acne and scarring. Inflammation is also aging and the root cause of degenerative diseases. Causes loss of elasticity in tissues. In addition, when cells become insulin resistant leaving sugar floating around in the bloodstream, it causes glycation which also reduces elasticity in tissues. Post filled with links to research about insulin resistance, puberty, role in acne, IGF-1, etc: Note: This is not about avoiding carbs or eating low carb!! It's not even about never consuming sugar or having a dessert. It's about habitually avoiding High Glycemic Load meals, drinks. And about the nutrients and habits that improve the body's ability to manage blood sugar and insulin response. Just know that every time you consume more sugar than your cells can take in at that time, damage will occur. Your body can counter damage. Just not at the rate that's become normal in this soda drinking, nutritionally void refined food consuming, chronically stressful, unsleeping, sedentary society we've become. Also, many hormones are involved in blood sugar regulation. Insulin sends blood sugar down and cortisol sends blood sugar up. And cortisol is a major culprit in metabolic syndrome. Part of the reason sleep, stress and physical activity are as big a players in the formation of diabetes and acne and related conditions. Basics: Glycemic Index - is a measure of the effects of a food on blood sugar levels. Glycemic Load - as above but takes into account the amount of food eaten. For example, a small piece of candy can have a lower GL than a bigger amount of a lower GI food. Simple chart of the GI and GL of some common processed and unprocessed foods. http://archderm.ama-...TABLEDOB10212T1 Nutrition Data article on GI and GL and their own Fullness Factor index Insulin Index- A measurement of blood insulin levels in response to various foods. Turns out that certain amino acids also stimulate excess insulin and so even low GI foods can be insulinemic. Dairy is insulinemic, being high in the most insulinemic amino acids: leucine, valine, lysine, and isoleucine. Discussion: and website http://www.mendosa.c...sulin_index.htm So, The Good Things for Blood Sugar/Insulin: Diet habits -Avoiding foods and drinks that spike blood sugar like sugars, refined grains, high GI foods not eaten in combination with low GI foods, - making a high GL meal. -Eating Fats, protein and fiber to lower the GI of a meal, doesn't mean diet needs to be high fat or high protein. And very high fiber might not be good for you either. -Avoiding over eating. High calorie meals can also be high GL meals even when composed of fat and protein. And because cell mitochondria are capable of processing only so much glucose so consuming more than your body can handle will result in excess glucose in the blood stream causing serious health problems. -Resistant Starches -Consuming vinegar before carb meals - acetic acid in vinegar blocks a digestive enzyme as well as improving stomach acid PH. Have a couple spoons of ACV in glass of water or have salad with vinaigrette prior to meal. -Intermittent fasting or calorie restriction - Skip a meal now and then. Or spend a day having minimal calories, now and then. -Eating foods high in the nutrients listed below. Anything that improves circulation, Blood pressure, cholesterol, so: -Exercise!!! - also increases insulin activity in order to provide energy for exercise, especially beneficial is short bursts of very intensive activity like interval training such as walking combined with sprinting, stairs, or hills. Or weight/resistance training. Any short bursts of intense exercise will help blood sugar, so take the stairs!! -Omega 3 EFAs - from fish, krill oil, flax seed, chia -The Omega 6 EFAs: G.L.A and linolenic acid -Anthocyanins - phytonutrients primarily in red and purple fruits and veg, strengthens capillaries. -Capsaicin - from chili peppers -GINKGO BILOBA - for circulation -Ginger - for Blood Pressure -Limiting salt - also for blood pressure -Potassium - blood pressure - balances sodium intake -B3/Niacin/Inositol/Niacinimide - helps improve just about all the bad things in your lipid profile as well as circulation & BP. But high doses can reduce insulin sensitivity and harm the liver. -Chamomile tea - studies show it both improves blood sugar and complications of diabetes as well as being calming to help with stress and sleep. -Curcumin - in the spice Tumeric, so have some curry with plenty of veggies! Or yellow mustard. Nutrients specifically involved with insulin signaling and glucose/fructose metabolism -Chromium - essential for insulin activity -Biotin - works with chromium? -Cinnamon -Fiber - slows metabolism of carbs. If you must cheat, such as to have a slice of birthday cake, you can take a supplement like psylium or Glucomannan -Alpha lipoic acid - Insulin signaler, helps insulin transport glucose into cells -Vanadian - same as above -Magnesium - part of carb metabolism, helps body use carbs for energy, may stimulate release of insulin. Study finding magnesium supplementation reducing insulin resistance. -Vitamin D - It's actually a hormone, not a vitamin. Helps maintain insulin levels. Also helps Blood Pressure, immune system... -Zinc - involved in insulin storage and release -CoEnzyme Q10 - carb metabolism -B3/Niacin/Inositol/Niacinimide - also involved in the activity of in enzymes that transport and break down fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Has been shown to improve blood sugar, androgen levels, hirsutism and acne in women with PCOS . But high doses can reduce insulin sensitivity and harm the liver. -See also d-chiro-inositol from buckwheat and d-pinitol from Carob -Taurine -Thread also has a lot of info on fructose malabsorption. -Melatonin -Sulforaphane- sulfur compound in Brassica veggies like broccoli, cabbage, watercress.... -Resveraterol - especially beneficial for insulin signaling in the brain. (yes the brain makes it's own insulin.) Other nutrients that have been shown via studies to play a role in lowering blood sugar/things people with insulin resistance/diabetes tend to be deficient (although we all tend to be deficient)/Things that supplementation has tended to lead to improve insulin resistance for whatever reason: -Vitamin E -NAC - shown to increase insulin sensitivity and lower androgen levels in women with PCOS. - Inositol part of the B vitamin group, comes in many forms d-chiro-inositol -abundant in buckwheat and Myo-inositol also high in seeds have both been studied and found beneficial to insulin sensitivity/carb metabolism and sufferers of hormone disorders such as PCOS. They have have insulin-sensitizing capabilities. Myo-inositol is integral to properly functioning insulin-receptors and has also been linked to the activation of serotonin. Myo-inositol is a component of the phytic acid found in seeds. -Salt -polysaccharides in Tea- and there's more in black tea than in green, white or oolong And lots of things that help deal with damage from and/or degree of poor glucose metabolism like C, B vitamins, E, zinc, CoEnzyme Q10. All kinds of antioxidants. Other habits/issues: -Sleep/Circadian Rhythm- You need bright light exposure in the daytime and darkness at night and regular sleep. Affects melatonin/seratonin, insulin sensitivity, carb metabolism/insulin sensitivity, hormone production and release, stress, digestion. Researchers have begun to believe sleep plays just as big a role in the development of diabetes as obesity and exercise. -A healthy liver - part of sugar metabolism, especially regarding fructose. -Healthy Adrenal function - for proper cortisol levels, which is involved in glucose metabolism. Adrenals also involved in hormone production. -Low body fat - visceral fat(around your middle) secretes hormones that impair insulin sensitivity. -Muscle mass improves insulin sensitivity. -No smoking - Smoking reduces insulin sensitivity. Also, some people may suffer from Fructose Malabsorption or even be fructose intolerant and may need to take steps to improve fructose malabsorption or avoid fructose. See also Good Things for Liver, Sleep/Circadian Rhythm - adequate bright light exposure in daytime affects carb metabolism. Fructose is best absorbed when in equal amounts of glucose. See this Chart of fruits and the amounts of each type of sugar to help you avoid those fruits with excess fructose. And There's evidence that Saturated fat lowers insulin sensitivity and low fat diets have been found to improve diabetes. And this was posted by a member here, but I don't yet have any additional source: Also, see this list for reasons besides acne that you should try to keep blood sugar stable: 146 reasons why sugar is destroying your health. Except that it's not just actual sugar, but refined carbs easily turned into sugar by your body, and any high glycemic or insulinemic meal.
  8. I have had acne on and off for years - starting from when I was 13 to now, when I am 18. The most severe acne that I've had has only been in the last two years, and only on two occasions - both after increased use of makeup(but somehow, I only break out on one cheek). Now, the problem is that I am still suffering from the after-effects of severe acne - dark spots and acne scars! My cheek is completely covered with redness and spots and I am so embarrassed to be seen with the blemishes. Since makeup seems to break me out, I have gone completely make up free for more than a month and my skin seems to be healing. But without makeup, my blemishes are open for the world to see. It makes me feel so disgusting. With my face bare like this, my self-esteem is at an all time low and the last thing I want is human interaction. I have cut off all my friends and rebuffed all their attempts to see me, because I know that if I do go out, I won't be able to stop myself from wearing makeup in order to feel tolerably presentable. And that will start the vicious cycle of makeup and acne again. There's also a boy who I'm dating, but I've also been avoiding him because of my skin(he asked me out when I was completely clear and he's always seen me clear). I can't bear to see the look on his face when he realizes I've become HIDEOUS. Sadly, I can't hide forever. I'll be starting college/university in a week and I'll be living in a dorm. And I'm FREAKING OUT. I've always wanted to go to this college, but now, it's the last thing I want. EVERYONE will see the state of my skin. And there are people there who knew me when I was clear and always considered my skin to be good. I won't be able to face them looking the way I am right now. If I can't wear makeup to bolster my confidence and self-esteem in college, I won't be able to enjoy it at all. If push comes to shove, I will face everyone - but I know I'll have my head down in shame and low self-esteem. I'll be so busy despairing over my skin and my "unworthiness" that I'll spend most of my time hiding from others. And that's the opposite of how I hoped to be in college. I know beauty isn't skin deep and that you can be confident no matter what . But it's easier said than done. At the moment, I wish I could dig a hole and bury myself. I'm including a picture of how my skin is looking right now. The marks are only on one side of my face(which is strange because I wear makeup all over my face). My dermatologist prescribed me accutane but I've been putting off the treatment, because I absolutely dread the "initial breakout". God knows what havoc that will wreak on my skin.. Sorry for the long rant. But this has been weighing me down in depression for the last two months. Please share your two cents if you can relate(or if you have something to say ).
  9. I drive myself insane every night wondering at normal people are doing. That means everyone with clear skin. They all get to go out and date and have fun and I have to be locked inside against my will because of how I look.
  10. Hello to any fellow Accutane users, I am wondering if many people out there have had their gut bacteria looked at or tried a 10 day antibiotic course of metronizadole and paromomycin? Alot of lawsuits over Accutane have been to do with gut health. It seems that a 10 day antibiotic course is a very simple thing to try. Anyone else out there apart from the two guys I’ve come across in the threads? Thank you for your time, MoreTwine
  11. I've had acne for pretty much all my life I'm 23 now and for the last 5 years I have thought about my acne literally everyday, hour. I go to sleep every night hoping it will disappear and never does, I drink so much water and wash my face twice a day. It has stopped me from doing so many things . I constantly look in the mirror and am so disappointed with how I look, thinking why can't it end, I cannot move on in life until it does, and even when I don't have a breakout my face still looks so red and disgusting, I often wonder if its as bad as I think it is, but I still look at everyones skin and becomejealous of how clear it is. WILL THIS EVER END. I WILL NOT MOVE ON IN LIFE TILL IT IS 100% gone I feel so depressed
  12. Hello to any fellow Accutane users, I am wondering if many people out there have had their gut bacteria looked at or tried a 10 day antibiotic course of metronizadole and paromomycin? Alot of lawsuits over Accutane have been to do with gut health. It seems that a 10 day antibiotic course is a very simple thing to try. Anyone else out there apart from the two guys I’ve come across in the threads? Thank you for your time, MoreTwine
  13. Because I'll never know this feeling due to my deformed face.
  14. Hello all. I just came here to vent about my skin issues tonight. Up until early last year I never even had major skin issues. Now from shitty birth control and skin product binges and sensitivities I look a mess. PIH event worse than anything else I'm dealing with a chin/jawline IB from Spiro. Long story short. I always used to get compliments for my complexion and it just feels like a sorry joke. I feel dead inside a lot of the time and almost subhuman as weird as that sounds. Even though my skin isn't as bad as some people''s just the constant anxiety, the stress, the exhaustion of dealing with it and how's it's basically made me anti social and unable to wear any product without a bizarre reaction. Even when I go somewhere bare faced I'm constantly on edge and want to hide and cannot have fun no matter how hard I try. I feel like a prisoner of this. What really triggered my emotional breakdown was trying a new foundation right the first time in at least 1 1/2 months on my vacation. Of course it didn't work out .... that would be too easy. LOL. Why did I think I could look good for 4 days out of the year? After making progress and clearing spots for 2 weeks, using this majorly set me back. Old spots that were healing became inflamed again, and papules on jaw got bigger overnight. Just a joke at this point. Foundation aways seems to ruin my face no matter what. It just feels really unfair - like it's a Saturday night and I don't feel cute or fun, how could anyone with mottled skin? I'm too depressed to not anything, so there goes my weekend on the trip! Guess my only choice is to make it worse now live In constant humiliation feeling like a freak until it clean after knows of long since I'm too defective to wear anything on my face anymore. Honestly I would welcome dying in my sleep at this point. I am seriously considering a mood stabilizer.
  15. Hi people of the internet, my name is Ryan, I am an 18 year old male from the United Kingdom, and I have been on accutane approximately a week. I am writing this because I want to talk directly to those who suffer from stubborn and persistent acne that most people would define as 'mild', and unworthy of accutane. Here's some back story. I first started getting acne when I was 10 - annoyingly young but hey life has a habit of being a bitch like that. I started with just forehead acne, I'd never have less than 3 cystic/boil like whiteheads (incredibly sore and left marks for about a century). My simple solution to this was to grow my hair and pretend they didn't exist. This was fine until I was about 14 when they decided to plague my cheeks too. They were sore, unsightly and honestly disgusting. I have an incredibly pale complexion too, so they stood out like a sore thumb. I've also suffered from bacne, or more specifically shoulder-acne for as long as I can remember - no sore cysts but persistent whiteheads that scar. When I was 16, I had to start shaving - another recipe for disaster. My skin is incredibly sensitive, and it took me about a year to find a product and razor that firstly didn't cause my skin to go red raw, but also prevent me from getting bumpy whiteheads all over my jawline. (If I shave more than 3 times a week now, I still get this issue.) So, whilst my acne has never been considered severe, it's always been enough to be an emotional and mental challenge for me, and it's always dented my self esteem and when it gets bad I could end up in the house for weeks on end. Honestly, it was the catalyst for my fight with depression - when you don't have the self confidence to go out and tackle the world, everything else just falls around it. Therefore, what did I do? I fought - for years. I went to the doctor the first time when I was about 14. I knew of Accutane at this time but this site always made me feel embarrassed to ask since by acne was never as bad as half the photos on this site. My doctor said something along the lines of you have okay skin but I can see your concern, and for the next year I went backwards and forwards to him, being prescribed different topical treatments. None of these worked, all of them destroyed my skin – I’m going to document everything I’ve tried over the years below to give some advice for others. A year later he finally gave up on the creams and prescribed me lymecycline, followed by doxycycline – both of which I can confidently say did absolutely nothing other than reduce the time my spots stayed red raw (nice, but it only lasted while I was on the pills). By this time I was about 16 and going through my GCSE’s so my skin wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. Just before my 17th birthday and starting sixth form something clicked in my head and I suddenly started seriously judging myself and hating myself and the way I looked – couple this with starting sixth form, accepting my sexuality, being bullied at school for it, and my first relationship with another male that turned into a year of verbal abuse from his homophobic parents, I spiralled into depression, quit my job, dropped out of school and did not leave my house for more than an hour, or any forced appointments at the mental health clinic from September 2015 until February this year. I twice attempted to take my life – my parents refused to believe it was my acne that stopped me from going out and fixing my life and always blamed my relationship that had emotionally scarred me – and yes it had, but it had also heightened my self-anxiety and every time I looked in the mirror I would give up on any hope and collapse back in bed. Okay so obviously I’m missing out a lot of big details here but that is the basics, I was suicidal, I felt like nobody cared about what I cared about, and I never left my house. Before September 2015 I also visited a skin specialist at my local GP (she is a dermo on the NHS) – she told me my skin was fine ‘for a teenager’ and that I should never touch Accutane – she sent me away with another cream. I turned 18 and the new year came and went and nothing changed, I stayed in bed, I tormented my skin with all sorts of home remedies I read on the internet and nothing ever got better. I had however, booked to see a private dermatologist in February with the remaining money I had from my old job with one last ditch hope that I’d get some real help. Finally, after 8 years, I heard somebody tell me what I wanted to hear, that my acne was stubborn and appeared sore, uncomfortable and was more than just teenage spots. She comforted me, examined me, talked me through all the options. Much to my disappointment, she said she couldn’t prescribe me Accutane for at least 2 years because of my mental health history, and current state, because she would be liable if anything happened to me. I reluctantly accepted this, but it sent me off with a new lease of determination. She prescribed me trimethroprim (also known as bactrim) - it’s probably given me the best results to date and whilst I saw no change to my back, my cheeks cleared up and I only got small whiteheads (my forehead still always had at least one giant beast of a cyst). I would still breakout but they were nowhere near as harsh. My skin also had a relatively nice complexion too, as she told me to just avoid all skin products except a cleanser which she prescribed, and the antibiotic. Fast forward to November and I have been prescribed Accutane. I walked away from that first appointment with my dermatologist and started attending mental health sessions, I started taking my meds and I re-enrolled in my A-Levels. I taught myself a year and a half of college in 4 from home in four months and walked out with A-A-B. I got a full time job in Waitrose and I am now in training to be a team leader. I re-entered the world, I sorted my life out and I got the all clear from my mental health doctor to go on Accutane. I took this letter to my dermatologist last week and after what feels like 6 years of waiting to be taken seriously, I was finally prescribed the drug. I want people to know, in the same situation as me, there is NEVER a situation when your acne isn’t ‘that bad’. If it’s bad to you, that’s all that matters, don’t listen to what other people say. If it affects you, mentally or emotionally, that’s enough to want to get a fix. Sometimes you have to pay good money to get somebody to listen, and sometimes you have to take things into your own hands, but never think you aren’t a good enough candidate for something that could change your life. And yes – acne can cause depression, no matter how many times people tell you it can’t or how there must be ‘other underlining factors’ – only you know what is affecting you the most. Most of all, don’t tell yourself ‘others have it worse’, if you have that attitude you’ll never be happy because there are always going to be other people in the world who are worse off than you. You should always prioritise your own happiness in life. So – that’s my back story. So far I’ve been on Accutane about a week and I have very dry lips. My skin itself isn’t dry, but that’s probably because my skin was very oily to start with. I haven’t experienced a purge yet, but that may be because I stopped trimethroprim the day I started Accutane. I have however experienced a couple of cysty spots on my cheek that I haven’t had since I started trime. In all honestly, my skins kinda soft, but I don’t know if that’s just coincidence. No change on my back/forehead so far, nor the blackheads on my nosee. I’ll keep updating bi-weekly and we’ll see how my Accutane journey goes! Finally, if there’s anyone out there that feels they can relate to what I have gone through, or suffers from acne induced depression, or anyone that just wants a chat – feel free to message me on here! TLDR; Hi, I'm Ryan, I'm 18 and from the UK, and I have suffered from mild acne since I was 10 years old. I started Accutane a week ago and this is my log. Random things I have tried: Tea Tree Oil - Burned my skin Panoxyl gel - Good for drying up spots, but bleaches skin, clothes and leaves marks Quinoderm - Same as above Some retinoid cream for the back can;t remember the same - useless, did nothing Freederm exfoliator - good, makes skin feel soft Cetafil cleanser - Great! I swear by this product, so good for sensitive skin (prescribed by my demro) Cetafil moisturiser - Wasn't for me, too greasy and made me break out Manuka honey - broke me out hugely, but I used it on big swolen spots and it seems to help reduce them in size quicker Freederm gel - helps prevent big spots spread to other areas of face Proactiv - AVOID AVOID AVOID, this stuff is so expensive and it decoloured, dried out and did nothing of any use to my skin toothpaste - don't use toothpaste unless you want red marks on your face for weeks Aveeno cream - great for dry skin zipmist - great for shaving if you have sensitive skin lush mask of magnaminty - really good, makes skin look fresh and feels great, reduces redness too (dont use too frequently) I'll add others as they come to mind.
  16. Hi. I,m 23 and had absolutely spotless skin before Jan 2016 (no breakouts even in teenage). Fast forward, due to relationship problems and financial struggles during this year, my break out kept on getting worse. I NEVER had a simple pimple on my cheeks (see last image) and now they are spectacularly marked. I tried lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, aloe vera, cucumber at different times- you name it. I also used Avene anti redness cream and cortisone topical cream because the horrible red patches on my cheeks look very unpleasant. All of these helped but only temporarily. I must add that the situation was a lot worse with recurring white heads and redness in the T zone and on the cheeks but at least now the T zone is cleared but the redness and the recurring whiteheads on the cheeks still remain. Can someone please clarify the following? 1) whether the same type of creams (cortisone). toners (non alcohol) can be used for acne/ whiteheads and scars/ redness? 2) whether I should also try ibuprofen tablet paste OR retinoid cream to decrease inflammation? 3) most importantly if this will disappear from the cheeks without leaving scars? I am vegetarian, trying to adopt more exercise/meditation in my life. used to eat carbs a lot, now seriously cutting back for the past 2 months. Since I do not wear make up a lot (never did) so it can become quite discouraging and hurtful when some people treat you rather condescendingly. I never had breakouts before so it is even more depressing to cope with it knowing that this happened after a very severe early life crisis. Would appreciate all the advice and kind words of support.
  17. From the album Araz

    HELP! Can someone identify what these are and what would be the most suitable regimen for treating these? Hi. I,m 23 and had absolutely spotless skin before Jan 2016 (no breakouts even in teenage). Fast forward, due to relationship problems and financial struggles during this year, my break out kept on getting worse. I NEVER had a simple pimple on my cheeks and now they are spectacularly marked. I tried lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, aloe vera, cucumber at different times- you name it. I also used Avene anti redness cream and cortisone topical cream because the horrible red patches on my cheeks look very unpleasant. All of these helped but only temporarily. I must add that the situation was a lot worse with recurring white heads and redness in the T zone and on the cheeks but at least now the T zone is cleared but the redness and the recurring whiteheads on the cheeks still remain. Can someone please clarify the following? 1) whether the same type of creams (cortisone). toners (non alcohol) can be used for acne/ whiteheads and scars/ redness? 2) whether I should also try ibuprofen tablet paste OR retinoid cream to decrease inflammation? 3) most importantly if this will disappear from the cheeks without leaving scars? I am vegetarian, trying to adopt more exercise/meditation in my life. used to eat carbs a lot, now seriously cutting back for the past 2 months. Since I do not wear make up a lot (never did) so it can become quite discouraging and hurtful when some people treat you rather condescendingly. I never had breakouts before so it is even more depressing to cope with it knowing that this happened after a very severe early life crisis. Would appreciate all the advice and kind words of support.
  18. Hello everyone, I am really intrigued by Accutane and its effects, primarily on anxiety. As a short back story as to why, basically I started my first and only course of Accutane in February 2013 up until about June 2013, up until that point I had absolutely NEVER experienced anxiety (shaky hands, sweats, feeling of adrenaline dripping into your stomach, beating heart) however during my course I changed mentally very steadily, with me ending my 6 month course a month early. I began worrying all the time, developed insomnia and my confidence shattered. Since my course ended, these symptoms have relieved themselves a little bit but not fully, whenever I am faced with a challenging (Future unsure) risk in life, this is when the symptoms show their true, powerful form. It is overwhelming for example when I have to speak in front of a group in a presentation where as before I would be slightly apprehensive but still manage to get it done. Cutting to my question however, I have read from other sources that Accutane effects neurotransmitters in the brain, damaging them to a point beyond repair. Is this true? I feel as though no matter how much meditation, relaxation, any of the self help activities for anxiety I do are useless to me, it feels like my anxiety is beyond my control. I can't do anything else, I have reached a threshold where I cannot reduce it any further. I have purchased 5-HTP online as I have read this increases serotonin levels which I think I may be lacking, I have never tried this sort of method before. Do you think that Accutane has lowered serotonin in my brain and do you think I can reverse these effects? Thanks very much in advance to any input given to this post.
  19. Hi everyone, I am 18 years old boy. I want your opinion and advices on how you went through your life with acne and especially after acne. I get this terrible acne when I was 15 years old. Until then I was so easy-going always hanging out with my friends and so on. Well times changed I got severe nodular acne. I isolate my self from the world for almost 2 years. I just could stand people looking at my face. I also got acne on my shoulders, chest and back. I had to quit playing basketball. I basically had holes in my body and with every physical contact scabs fell off and I started beelding. I get accutan and I was taking it for over a year. After all I accepted my life the way it was. When I look back I think I was never so depressed when I had acne as I am now. I completely changed, I though when my acne will disappear I could live the way I was before. But I was wrong. I am still that person deep down but it seems my life will never be the same. I can not leave this circle of comfort zone. I became prisoner of my mind. Everytime I try someting I get stuck in this high level of anxiety where I feel like I am choking. I never had anyone to talk about this. I know no one would actually understand, because well, they can't. If you haven't gone through acne you don't understand. This emotional pain and question of how your life would look like if you never got acne. I Think we all somehow accept ourselves in the proces of clearing skin. Difficult time comes when we try to live like we did before. It's never the same. Physical pain is nothing compared to emotional. So I want to hear your story , how you handle your life when you tried to start living again? And sorry for my english, I am not native..
  20. HELP....... went to get my regular bp prescription today and its no longer available no where else has it and I'm struggling to find it available online also.....i been using panoxyl 10% gel for just over a month and Iits really helped so now I'm absolutely gutted and at a loss also on Yasmin but I feel it helpful to use bp at night....does anyone know where I can get it or a similar 10% bp alternative sad right now seams everytime I don something that works it dissapears....
  21. Guys. Im looking for people to join me who feel strongly and passionately about the experience you have had with roaccutane. I was prescribed roaccutane on the NHS in Scotland in January 2014. I was on it for 6 months. Ever since I have finished. I've had depression, anxiety, dry thinning and brittle hair, constant dry lips, but the worst of all I have had severe severe IBS I literally couldn't work for 6 months because I go to the toilet about 15 times a day! Please guys. I really really want to find out about others experiences and maybe move forward with a lawsuit against the drug company. I totally understand that for so many people this drug has been amazing but unfortunately there is a huge amount of people that claim this has effectively ruined their lives. I being one of them really really want people to come forward because I genuinely feel like we deserve something wether it's compensation or an apology. I feel we deserve something, for so long I felt like I was going crazy but I'm not even 21 and what I've been through in the past 2 years it's like I've been completely robbed of my youth. I genuinely feel like a 40 year old. Please get in touch with me! X
  22. Hello all, I'm 18 and just started my freshman year of college which should be fun and exciting right? Wrong. I have always had the occasional pimple pmsing, but in the past 6 months I have had the most terrible onset of hormonal acne and I'm losing hope and feel incredibly insecure. Backstory: I noticed my hormonal acne appearing after I stopped playing competitive soccer (which I had played all my life). It appeared slowly, progressively getting worse. 5 months ago I went to a dermatologist for the first time ever, where she then prescribed me Spiro 50mg in the morning and at night. I expected an IB and I sure as heck got one. After three months of Spiro and very very little difference if any I went back to the derm and she increased my dosage to 100mg in he morning and 50 mg at night and retin a. Still no difference, just really dry skin. Another month goes by and I'm still getting deep painful cysts on my jawline, I go back to my derm and she gives me Loryna BCP which have currently been on for 2 and a half weeks. I am healthy, I tried changing my diet, I don't get as much excersise as I did playing soccer but I enjoy going hiking and surfing (which I do not do as much anymore because of my skin sensitivity). ALSO: I've always had a regular and normal cycle, but ever since i strted Spiro I have not had period. Which is fine by all means lol, but it feels wrong. Why is it like this? Is this common? It's not even irregular just completely nonexistent? I never realized how conceited of a person I was until I had this severe, relentless, cystic acne I am now suffering from. I've read countless forums saying how these medications take time but I'm losing hope and feel like I may becoming slightly depressed. I cry so much now and hate myself for reasons I can't control and my skin is too sensitive to enjoy the beautiful sunny outdoors of socal. Any insight on when these medications will start working if at all? I was thinking of giving it 2 more months before accutane, which scares me and is a last resort. thank you!!!
  23. So I don't think I have a major problem with acne. I have some acne scars but they don't bother me. What bothers me are these patch of bumps on my forehead which never seems to go away with any topical medication I use. My acne got better but the rash looks worse and has spread since winter started. It's very dry and the bumps are raised SO makeup cannot cover it. A few months ago the patch bumps were there but they were flatter and less visible. I don't understand why it's not going away but it bothers me and makes me insecure to the point where I have to wear hats to school. I had a mental breakdown the other night because of it. I just would like to know some suggestions on what you think this could be so I can get rid of it. Sometimes the bumps are itchy depending on if it's dry and it can get red if I irritate it by washing it. Otherwise it's pretty much the color of my skin. Thank you.
  24. Severe acne scars, help??

    This is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong place but I think it's right. So basically I had severe acne as a child/teenager and now 20 it's got a lot better if not totally gone. However it's left some severe scarring, like huge indents in my cheeks that look like I was attacked or something from the cystic acne I used to suffer from. Now I'm not a good looking guy anyway but it is absolutely soul destroying. I can hardly go outside, always wear a hat to keep the light off my face from casting shadows on my cheeks that show up the scars, I do my best not to sit under direct light wherever I am. I don't have a job and seeing myself in the mirror or pictures make me want to be sick. I constantly feel like everyone must think I'm the grossest thing that's ever been born and have thought about suicide on multiple occasions. I've never seen anyone with it similar to me, and I can't go on like this. What makes the uneven indents in my cheeks disappear is when I stretch my skin or smile really wide so my cheeks fatten up. I also have loads of tiny holes like pores, but really scarred and enlarged across my face. From online research the best I could find is that its some form of atrophic rolling scar where the collagen has been destroyed from the cysts I had. Now I really don't have much money which obviously makes this much harder but if I carry on like this I really think I'm gonna end not being able to cope anymore. I'm a shadow of who I once was. So what do you recommend I do? If you want pictures to see more I will try and take some in harsh lighting later. I don't have the money for expensive treatment and have social anxiety so seeing my GP is hard already, The only way I can go out is to convince myself it all looks magically better, I have to live in denial to deal with it. Make up does nothing as it doesn't fill huge dents. I'm a guy and from the UK if that makes a difference Thank you for your help
  25. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is my face. Hoping for it to look better or at least less red. Then I decide whether or not to put on makeup to cover my acne and my tired eyes. I have not worn makeup for almost a week and it's so difficult to not think about how I look. I have my hair up in a bun , because I fear if I have my hair down , my acne will get worst. I try to remain positive , but when girls walk by with their makeup on, it makes me feel like an ugly disgusting thing . I am low in confidence ,it is difficult for me to look at someone in the eye. I am ashamed , I hate myself at times, I wish I never had this face of horror , I cry when I feel like I'll never be beautiful . Its hard, to live like this, but I'm trying . I have been on the regimen for about 8 months now . The first three months my skin was super clear,with a few marks , but my makeup went on Smooth . Now, my acne came back with full vengeance . I will stick with the regimen hoping to have clear skin again.