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  1. Hi to everyone who is reading, I should probably be studying because exams are coming up but here I am in bed crying. My acne had gotten so bad and everyone is pointing it out even my parents/siblings they don't want me going places with them. I started online school because people would make fun of me and I was thinking about going back to school but I have the worst panic attacks when I go out. I just feel ugly and I have ugly cysts and scars and my entire forehead is just covered with bumps pimples and cysts. I've had this two cysts on my cheek for 4 months now it won't go away. I'm slowly becoming a vegan again I don't eat meat but I do sometimes have cheese/tuna that's something I'm trying to cut off. I know my acne is genetics/hormonal but I'm just so sick of it.I don't use any face washes or creams, I do often try turmeric face mask that's it. I took antibiotics for 4 months it really helped but now I'm off it for a month and I can see all the cysts forming. I've done everything I've tried every face wash, benzoyl peroxide everything I can think of I don't know what to do. Accutane isn't an option my brother took it and got horrible side effects he still struggles with. None of my doctors seem to know anything they keep giving me benzoyl and antibiotics. I don't know what to do I've reached my lowest point:(
  2. okay so for about 24hrs now i have has this super weird rash all over my face. it Started just on my mid forehead, all around my nose, around my mouth, and all over my chin and its just kind of spreading a bit to my cheeks. I have never experienced this before. how I would describe it is it looks like all of my mini pores that are usually unnoticeable have become inflamed so it looks like i have like tiny grains of sand all over my skin. it is also a bit red, and irritating, and dry. the day before it started i think the only thing i really did was wear a facemask for a very long time--- it had peppermint in it so maybe it burnt me or something idk. But yeah i have never had any kind of skin issue like this and i googled it and found nothing like it so im just wondering if anyone knows any remedies or if this rash has a name... since it started ive been washing my face very gently and been mixing rosehip oil with my moisturizer.
  3. Persistant Forehead Bumps

    Hey there. I am a 26 year old struggling with persistant forehead bumps. Any idea what these could be called? Or reccomended treatments? I have had these bumps since I was about 13. They come and go from day to day but generally they are there. They are skin coloured and are not itchy. I have tried salicylic acid treatments, benzoyl peroxide treatment, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and Benzoclyn cream from my derm and nothing helps me out. Thanks for your time!
  4. These bumps on my lips aren't painful, but you can feel them and see them. It's really embarrassing and I don't know how to get rid of them. Anyone else have these?
  5. My skin has never been this bad before and my skin care routine hasn't changed at all!! I don't know what to do I'm so insecure to look at my face does my one know ways to get rid of these marks? I also have these tiny bumps all over my face and it ales my face look even worse my other cheek is perfectly clear but my right side is terriable as you see, his might not be bad to some people but I've always had clear skin and me breaking out like this is a complete shock someone please help me i don't know that to do
  6. i got this small bumps all over my forehead, and i tried using cetaphil cleanser but it doest really help. the bumps on my forehead has a hole on top of it, and inside the pimple theres like a white oily crystal please help. i really want to get rid of this. as a teenager it makes me so consious about my face. i feel ugly
  7. Hi, I really need some insight about Retin-A (Micro .04%) as I’m just beginning my treatment. For some background information: I never had acne. I went for a chemical peel for minor discoloration and it completely changed my skin texture. My skin is very bumpy and the texture is so bad. It has now been six months since the peel, and my skin texture is still not restored. I have tried to baby my skin but it is not working. I also tried Differin (.03%) for three months but it just peeled my skin and none of the bumps purged or responded to the treatment. These bumps all over my face (small and large ones) are just there, don’t change sizes, get inflamed or anything. There are tons and tons of them. I just began Retin-A Micro. 04% four days ago. So far, all i’ve gotten is minor peeling and stinging. So my question is, has anyone with similar skin texture tried Retin-A? And what were the results? I’ve attached some photos so people can get better understanding. Any advice will help. Thanks!
  8. From the last year I have small bumps all over my head. I don't know what's the reason. Maybe it's masturbation, from the last year I started masturbation and this bumps also have started growing.
  9. Shaving Acne (Razor Bumps)

    Hi. Every single time I shave, the next day I will get razor bumps. I shave against the grain because this is the only way I can get a clean shave (each 2 days). If I go with the grain, it's like I didn't even shave because my hair grows fast and I look like shit (red marks + hairs). When I had no hair on my face, my skin was really clear. Since I started shaving (like 2 years ago), my skin has been a mess. Everytime I get razor bumps, it leaves red marks that take forever to fade. My cheeks are now covered with red marks because of shaving. I don't have acne on my forehead. The only problem are my cheeks. Is there something I could do about it? The only thing that pop up in my head is laser hair removal, but it costs money which I don't have (only 20 years old). Thanks for your help and have a great day!
  10. Hi everyone I need your help. I don't break out that often but now and then I get some inflamed white heads which I usually leave alone. Anyways my skin remains quite clear except for these pesky bumps!! They're smooth and skin colored but I can't figure out what they're from or what's causing them. Is it clogged pores?! They're mainly on my cheeks but farther back towards my hairline and sometimes on my jawline. I also use the head and shoulders shampoo&conditioner hats derm reccomended to wash my hair and I use Lever 2000 once a day at night. I exfoliate maybe once a week using LUSH Mask of magnamity and that's what I do. I try not to overwash or use too much because my skin is a little sensitive and I have a lactic acid allergy so no AHA's for me. PLease help as I'm so close coco clear skin but these bumps drive me insane cause it keeps my complexion looking rough and not smooth! Thank you<3333 aLSO a U can see, I have more on the left side so I'm sure what that means and I change my pillowcase regularly and clean my phone screen.. please help
  11. i have lots of skin coloured bumps (comedones) on my face, will clear those bumps? i'm starting the regimen soon and i really wanna get rid of those.
  12. For the last 5 years of my life, hundreds of colorless closed comedones all over my face killed my self-confidence. I tried product after product to clear them and nothing worked. Extractions left my face red and irritated, and the comedones would reappear within a few days. My dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A Micro, which I had such high hopes for after reading reviews. After many weeks of dryness and purging, my face was completely clear and I was so happy. But the longer I stayed on that medication, the more comedones reappeared. After about 5 or 6 months I stopped taking Retin-A Micro because it had stopped working for me. After that I tried SO many products to try and clear my face. Seriously I tried anything I read good reviews for: face washes, creams, toners, masks, you name it- I probably tried it. Some products cleared a few bumps but nothing too noticeable. For the past 2 weeks I changed my skin care regimen COMPLETELY and almost all of my closed comedones have cleared, and my blackheads are clearing and becoming much less noticeable. I am seriously in awe and cannot believe it because I was starting to give up. I feel so much better when I look in the mirror and don't see those horrible bumps all over my face. Since I started using a few products at once, I can't pinpoint if it is just one of the products clearing my skin or if it is the combination of all of them. Either way I thought I would share since so many other people have the same skin problem as me! Everyone's skin is different and I cannot guarantee this will work on everyone but it is worth a try! Skin type: Oily. Closed comedones (all over my face but most concentrated on forehead). Big blackheads on nose. Occasional pimple. Morning: 1) Shower. Exfoliate face in shower with The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash 2) Dry face and apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner all over face (This toner can be very drying on my skin) 3) Moisturize with Olay Face and Body Beauty Fluid Lotion Night: 1) Remove makeup with a makeup removing wipe 2) Dry face and apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner again 3) When toner has sunk into skin I apply Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid (This liquid feels very oily and waxy on my skin at first which is why I always apply it at night so my skin has time to absorb it. My face feels non-oily and soft in the morning!)
  13. okay so i had this little tiny bumps that popped out on my face 2 months ago. and i thought like it was fine and they will come out very soon, but in the morning i started to realize that it became red-ish and i researched some types of bumps but i cant find any. Im just 14 years old btw, and my mom said it was okay so i didnt have to go to dermatologist. It started when i put some foundation onto my face. I thought it was allergic but when i went to the clinic, the doctor said it was fine and he gave me some creams but the creams didnt work. and fyi i dont suffer from acne. the thing is that this bumps doesnt hurt, and when i touch it, it became bigger little bit. they arent close to each other, i have one on my cheek, and another one on the side of my face, also on the forehead. it became so red that im afraid to go to school anymore. they kinda like open sores , and my sister thought it was scars because its been 3 months so i put some scars creams but it didnt work. Now ive become so scared and insecure with my face and the bumps became swollen and red. please help me
  14. Hi everyone, I've been experiencing small bumps all over my chin, sides of cheeks and forehead. I am assuming that they are whiteheads and blackheads. I have very sensitive skin and when I attempt to treat them my skin becomes extremely irritated. I've tried using Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, witch hazel, cetaphil, all to no avail. If I attpt to extract the whiteheads they turn into inflamed pimples which then scar my face. My face just has a rough texture that is very noticeable in the sunlight and these assumed whiteheads flare up occassionally and leave me with red pimples. I've attached a picture of my chin area. Any advice on how to combat this would be appreciated.
  15. I am so grateful for this website! Without it, I may still be dealing with one of the worst skin conditions I've ever had. I wanted to write this in the hopes that someone else can benefit from my situation. Starting in the summertime, I suddenly got hundreds of tiny little bumps all over my forehead. Assuming it was because of my bike helmet (I am an avid mountain biker), I washed my helmet and made sure to keep my skin clean. It did nothing to help my skin. Then, the bumps made their way down my temples. By the end of May, my face was covered with hundreds, if not thousands of tiny, flesh-colored bumps. No amount of makeup would cover it and my skin looked like I had a disease of some sort. I've had acne since I was 16 (I'm 30 now), but this was something totally different. None of the bumps came to a head, they didn't hurt at all (like my cystic acne) and there was never any cycling through it getting better, then worse. It was always really bad. I assumed they were clogged pores, because if I squeezed them hard, eventually something would come out. Of course I went to a dermatologist after 6 weeks of no results. I live in a small town, so our doctors aren't quite as good as other areas. She didn't even ask me to take off my makeup to have a closer look. I was diagnosed with demodex dermatitis (a type of mite that can irritate skin) and was given a prescription. As soon as I got home from the doctor, I looked up demodex dermatitis. I saw red, rosacea-like skin. Mine looked NOTHING at all like that! So, I started to do some research on my own. I kept a log of what I was finding online and products I was trying. It turned out to be over 30 different items, ranging from switching makeup, to hypoallergenic pillows, to all natural acne products, to proactiv, and prescription acne medication. For over 3 months, I was trying anything and everything. When my baby nephew was born, I refused to hold him because I didn't know if my skin condition was contagious. On my 30th birthday, I wore my hair covering as much of my face as possible so my friends wouldn't see my skin. I spent much of my summer isolated from friends and other people. When anyone looked at me, I knew they were wondering about my skin. Finally, one day I was looking at photos of skin allergies (I looked up so many skin photos in 3 months, it would amaze you), and I came across a photo of someone's forehead that looked EXACTLY like mine! I followed the link to find that the condition was called Pityrosporum Folliculitis. The more research I did about PF, the more I realized, "OMG, this is what I have!" PF is a fungus overgrowth caused by an imbalance of the natural bacteria and fungus found on your skin. Gross, right? When the natural fungus on your skin isn't kept in line by bacteria, it can cause a major skin reaction. Well that's cool, especially because I've been using an antibiotic on my skin for a year (clyndamyacin). Here's what else I learned: -PF feeds on oil so you need to use oil-free moisturizers during the outbreak - antibacterial items remove bacteria, so they should also be avoided. That means no hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, or Clyndamyacin - there is a test for PF that is a simple swipe of the skin (though there was no way I was going back to my derm. They already proved themselves worthless twice) - the treatment is a topical cream called ketoconazole Fortunately for me, ketoconazole is also the active ingredient in a dandruff shampoo called Nizoral. Based on my research, the shampoo is often used to treat PF. I immediately went to the store and bought it. I did a test on the back of my jawline for 2 days to make sure I didn't have a reaction. I just left it on for a minute then washed it off. No reaction occurred, so I used it on my face. Here was the process: Every morning and at night- do not skip a cleanse! Wet your face with warm water. Massage a quarter-sized amount of Nizoral on the affected area. Leave for as long as you can (sometimes I'd go 10-15 minutes, and yes, it tingles). Wash off with warm water and moisturize with oil-free moisturizer. Ladies and gentlemen, I noticed a change in about 3 days. The bumps were smaller and my face no longer felt like braille. After over 3 months of dealing with this horrible, self-esteem crushing problem, 3 days made a huge difference. I've attached photos of what I saw. No, I wasn't clear in 3 days, but maybe you don't understand that I saw ZERO results after 3 months, and actual progress in 3 days. I continued to use Nizoral twice a day for 3 weeks before it completely went away. I also waited about a week before I incorporated any other acne medication into my routine. I figured, I'd rather have 4-5 zits then thousands of bumps. I still use Nizoral periodically to make sure this stuff NEVER comes back. My biggest hope is that someone here can benefit from my experience. I wasted a lot of time and a LOT of money trying to make my skin condition go away, and all it took was a $8 bottle of shampoo from Target. Good luck to you! UPDATE: It has been a year since I went through this ordeal, and I just want to communicate that I still see small flair ups sometimes (though they are MUCH less than before) so every time that I go biking, or spend time in heat, I make sure to use my Nizoral for 5-10 minutes and it goes away, often overnight. That stuff is the only thing that works!
  16. I am desperate to find out what these red spots are! I haven't popped my zits in a while, and whenever I do have a zit, it seems to pop on its own. This morning I woke up and noticed on the left side of my chin, my whitehead popped, thus creating an open wound. I don't have as many whiteheads anymore, but these red things are bothering me so much. Please help.
  17. I'm on month 2 of accutane and I've started to get bumps on my lips. The bumps are on my actual lip, and on the lip line. They aren't painful or really visible, but you can see them if you look close.
  18. Last week, I noticed a red circular shaped spot on the side of my left breast which appeared to be a ringworm. I wasn't sure what it was but I just left it alone. However it wasn't long after that that I began to form red spots all over my stomach and some on my bikini line area. At first I thought I was just breaking out because I tend to get red spots on my body however considering the amount of them and the fact that it's accompanied by the red circular shaped spot on my boob, I think it is a ringworm or pityrosis rosea because they both look similar. I get slightly itchy sometimes but it's bearable. I have been around a lot of people since I got it but nobody seems to be infected with anything. I just started applying ketoconazole cream on it before I make an appointment with the dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis.
  19. Right, so I have been suffering from these bumps across my forehead for about 6 months. I've tried benzoyl peroxide in hopes that it would clear away these bumps for about 1 month. It dried up my skin completely although did not remove the bumps. I'm starting to think that it is some sort of folliculitis as they first started across my hair line and gradually moved towards between my eyebrows and a few near my nose next to my cheeks. I've tried Nizarol and this has cleared up the bumps to some extent but I began forming 1 or two bigger bumps beneath my skin. I even thought I had candida due to these bumps as malezzia folliculitis is due to some sort of yeast overgrowth, I've tried the candida spit test which determined that i did not have candida. I'm also starting to think I have milia. These bumps are horrible, I've got them on my back and my chest too. Any suggestions on treatments that can help make this go away?
  20. Help! A couple months ago seemingly out of nowhere I got what looked like a random dry patch between my eyebrows, no biggie, I applied some moisturizer and went about my business. As time went on the patch still hadn't gone away and was now not only even flakier, but had a few slightly raised pimple-like bumps and spread with some swelling. okay, must be my hormones doing something funky to my skin, right? I lightly exfoliate the area, apply thin layer of persa-gel 10, and moisturize often. long story short this THING between my brows not only stuck around for a good month or so, but it was a big red, deeply scaled eyesore from hell! nothing I did (or didn't do) seemed to help and when it finally went away it left a scar that luckily has faded with time. few months later this thing has shown up again in the same spot, so far its not too bad but with new years coming I want to look good and honestly would rather not have Franken-zit living on my face and screamingat people. I wash my hands, clean my face, and practice good hygiene, so what is this? why is it happening, and how do I treat it? is it even acne? HELP!! p.s: sorry for poor picture quality, it was hard to focus in and I was NOT going to ask my father to take a picture for me lol.
  21. Hey guys! For over a year now, I have had a small-medium patch of tiny little bumps (almost like white heads) and darker pigmented skin in the area on my cheek! The reason I've only started worrying now, is because it seems to have spread on to my other cheek (refer to 2nd photo) and ignore my lil bit of peach fuzz in photos! The patch is not painful, or itchy, it's just kind of there! I tried apple cider vinegar and betamethasone, toothpaste, the whole nine yards. If anyone has any suggestions or has experienced this/knows what this is (or if I should just see dermatologist) please respond below! If you zoom in on photos you can see all the tiny little clusters of pimples(very weird!). Anyways, Thank you so much for your help in advance! Best wishes.
  22. Hi All, I'm new here but definitely not new to the wonderful, joyous world of pimples. Now mine is quite mild but it still causes me a lot of strife. I'm very insecure about pimples and the like and because of that have a really bad problem with popping my pimples. Right now I'm not doing that because I had an epiphany and have resolved not to but to give you some history: Previously I would pop anything. And I mean anything. Ever whitehead, blackhead, pore. Tiny bumps on my forehead that I believe are closed comedones (but more on those later). ANYTHING! This, of course, led to bad flare ups. Duh past me. I have a few pimples on my shoulders, maybe 5 or 6, one on my neck, and a few on my shoulder-blades. A while ago I had a very bad chin flare up where my entire chin turned red and dry. It faded with use of suggested products by GP but I'm including a picture for reference. Anyway, I have not done that in a while - more than a week - and already my skin is clearing up but I am here to speak about more specific things. My forehead is riddled with small, colourless, painless bumps which, as I mentioned above, I believe are closed comedones based on my research but I might be wrong. They make it very hard to be confident. I am desperately seeking advice. As for my other crosses to bear? Well I have been washing my face twice a day with Cetaphil's Oil-Free Face Wash as usual but have additionally begun to sleep with a small amount of Sudocrem (previously Savlon) globbed on pimples and while it's only been a few days have seen great improvement. Not sure if anybody wants to guide me further in this area as well. IN SHORT I AM INSECURE AND HAVE A LOT OF BAD HABITS I NEED ADVICE FOR! P.S. In the pictures it looks like a lot of cream but it's not actually. P.P.S. My skin's very combination. Usually oily on my forehead but normal-dry elsewhere. P.P.P.S. My skin looks red today but it's summer here so I'm just flushed. BEFORE (4 days ago) THE TREATMENT TODAY
  23. So I don't think I have a major problem with acne. I have some acne scars but they don't bother me. What bothers me are these patch of bumps on my forehead which never seems to go away with any topical medication I use. My acne got better but the rash looks worse and has spread since winter started. It's very dry and the bumps are raised SO makeup cannot cover it. A few months ago the patch bumps were there but they were flatter and less visible. I don't understand why it's not going away but it bothers me and makes me insecure to the point where I have to wear hats to school. I had a mental breakdown the other night because of it. I just would like to know some suggestions on what you think this could be so I can get rid of it. Sometimes the bumps are itchy depending on if it's dry and it can get red if I irritate it by washing it. Otherwise it's pretty much the color of my skin. Thank you.
  24. So I got on Differin because of my clogged pores, and three months into the treatment, my skin was 100% clear. No clogs, no pimples, no bumps. All I had left was the scarring caused during the initial purging process from the Differin. To speed up the scar reduction process, I decided to get a ViPeel. I had never gotten a peel before, and my peel options were limited because I have tan/brown skin (indian decent) so the Vi peel seemed like a good option. A week after the procedure, when the peel finished peeling, my skin looked amazing for about two days. However, after that, my skin got extremely dry and it looked like it did when you’re about to peel… and that’s exactly what happened. I went through a second peeling stage. This time however, after peeling, my skin was bumpy. I had little bumps (clogged pores) all over my forehead, cheeks, and nose. I waited a week and I went back on the Differin to get rid of the bumps, however, I feel the Differin has stopped working. It is now two months after the peel and my pores are constantly clogged with stringy white stuff. I’ve used the Differin consistently but my skin is not changing. I don’t know what is going on because Differin worked so wonderfully on my skin prior to the peel but is not doing anything right now. Whenever I take the stringy white stuff out the pores, it is pointless because it clogs again the next day. I don’t know what to do. I regret getting this peel because it ruined my skin texture. My skin is dry and bumpy and clogged. I don’t want to get another peel because my skin is extremely sensitive and obviously does not respond well to peels. Could it be the dry skin? Could it be my skin is damaged permanently? Has anyone else experience this because of a chemical peel? or a deep exfoliating procedure? Please help.
  25. So attached is a pic of my forehead, can someone help diagnose what this is? It looks and feels like crocodile skin! I have struggled with acne/pimples all my teenage life and continue to do so to this day, just not as aggresively! I have oily skin and dandruff. When I run my fingers over my forehead i feel the rough texture of it like there are many bumps. I started using tretinoin cream in hopes of clearing out what I thought were clogged pores or whiteheads. I used it for 4 months with no change what so ever and gave up on it. I have some soft blackheads where in which if I squeeze 'em a stringy material comes out of the centre. My regime includes AM and PM: 1. Neutrogena oil control acne face wash or an Indian brand of AHA based face wash (AHA Glow face wash) 2. Sebamed foaming facial cleanser 3. ACV toner. I previously used a tea tree based toner. 4. Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer. I use an apricot scrub either once or twice a week. When I get a pimple/acne I dab on either benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin phosphate gel...which is why u can see some brownish/reddish discoloration in the pic. Am i over exfoliating with BHA/AHA/scrub which is leading to the rough shiny patches? Do I have dermatitis owing to me having a dandruff problem? How do I get my skin to smoothen out?? I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve consumption of pills, chemical peels and/or laser.