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  1. First Entry!

    Hi guys! I'm usually not very consistent with posting on blogs, but I'm going to try to be for this one because I decided I want to document my progress as well as show others (and maybe gain some advice). Here's a little background on my acne: I got my first breakout around age 9. It was pretty bad; I remember it being sore and there were 3 whiteheads all together in a cluster, just between my lower lip and my chin. Acne at such a young age is a sign that there will be more bad acne to come, or so I've heard. After that breakout at age 9, I never really had another one till around age 11 or 12, and those breakouts were very minor. My acne started to get more severe when I was a freshman in high school (I'm now a senior, 17 years old). I began going to the dermatologist around that age and they provided me with the usual minocycline, doxycycline, BP, salicylic acid, etc. Nothing worked at all. Then, in the summer going to my junior year, my best friends and I went to the beach AT LEAST 3 times a week, for 8 or more hours. Literally. I guess the salt water worked its magic on my skin because in about a month, my skin was COMPLETELY CLEAR. Summer break eventually ended, and it was back to school. I figured that if the salt water from the beach helped my skin, why can't I use natural sea salt that I could purchase and use at home? So I did just that. For about 3 months I took a little bit of sea salt in my palm and kind of used it as an "exfoliator" for my face, washing it twice a day (morning and night). It worked for a while but my skin started to break out into cystic acne once more. Simultaneously I started getting HORRIBLE period cramps (TMI, I know haha!) and my derm decided to put me on a birth control called Levora. It started to work well (for the cramps as well as the acne), but then for some reason they didn't refill my prescription on time, which messed up my hormones, and brought back the cystic acne... I continued with Levora for a few more months and ended up getting so sick of acne that I decided to go on accutane even though I had heard really bad things. I did more research and watched pretty much all the youtube vids, which made me so excited to start! Actually, I've been on accutane for 2 weeks now. I'm currently on 20 mg per day. Here are some pictures from Day 1! Left Side: Front: Right Side: You can see that I had a LOT of bumps/cystic acne/whiteheads on Day 1... Well, I didn't really take pics from then until now... But here are pics I just took! Tomorrow will be exactly 14 days on Claravis (: Left Side: Front: Right Side: My forehead has cleared up for the most part, the acne on my cheeks has pretty much gone away, and now I'm dealing with a lot of acne around my mouth... Between my nose & upper lip, and also between my lower lip & chin, as well as a few on my actual chin. (By the way, don't mind my eyes. I have makeup on only my left eye bc I was experimenting LOLOL). As for side effects, I haven't really experienced any yet. The only things I've noted are that my lips are starting to get really dry. They haven't cracked or peeled yet, but it just feels like I always need aquaphor on them. Aquaphor is a lifesaver by the way haha. Lately I've been going through minor personal troubles and when I get sad, it feels a little more intense than usual... But I don't think this is from accutane because I'm naturally very very emotional. Other than that, no side effects yet. (: As all of you know, acne takes a huge toll on your self confidence... Because I've had acne for quite a long time, it has made me feel extremely ashamed of what I look like. It's horrible what something like this can do to a person. Nowadays I don't even like to take pictures with my friends because I'm so embarrassed about my skin. It sucks because I just went back to school (came back from summer break) and everyone is seeing me break out like this. But I just try to remind myself that in a few months my skin will be looking flawless! Anyways, thanks to whoever has read this and I will try to post again next week! Bye for now!