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  1. Week 13 - Month 3

    So week 13, it's  gone quick. Ill be finish in 2 months according to derm! Positive experience all round. Symptons havent been as extreme as i anticipated. Dry lips and a dry inner nose is the only issues for me. Dry inner nose is sore and constant vaseline poking up my nose! Seems to have calmed down though Lips are fairly constant. But my skin in flawless except from odd spots i mean 1 or 2. Still have lots of scars but no bumpy oily spotty skin. Skin isn't dry. Just not exactly oily. Its great. Don't want to go off accutane incase it comes back!! I drink on accutane aswell you aren't supposed to but haven't had any negativey on me. Good experience, skin has neve rbeen this clear!!