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  1. First days of roaccutane

    So I am on my third day of roaccutane, I am extremely excited to have an acne free life !! To begin with I will tell you guys my skin history. As a child/teenager I didn't have a lot of acne I just had few pimples here and there, I had some black heads on my nose and that's it. My skin as a teenager was pretty dry so I started applying oil on my face like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil.. until my skin type changed as I grew up to combination to oily skin yet I kept on using oils every day thinking it is helping with my acne. My skin got cleared by it self at around 17-18 until around 20 I started having acne with white heads which freaked me out cause I literally never had pimples with white heads! I went to a dermatologist and he gave me tropical creams which worked a little at first but then obviously my skin got used to them and it stopped working. After that I decided to try home remedies since my acne wasn't that bad, I changed my makeup routine, I changed my diet, I stopped consuming sugar, I stopped eating some diary products, I tried using tea tree oil and a lot of other home remedies and masks but nothing worked. I kept on trying for 4 years but nothing worked and my acne got a bit worse as well as I started to get some discoloration.. so I went to another dermatologist and she gave me 3 courses of doxycycline with some tropical creams including salicylic acid but unfortunately I was one of the 2% (according to my dermatologist) whom doxycycline made acne even worse than ever before. Finally my derm. prescribed roaccutane for me, I was thrilled honestly cause I heard a lot about its magic ! I am only 3 days in; I don't know if its all in my mind but I think my skin already looks better. My derm said I might not get the initial stage of roaccutane (which is the storm before the rainbow) since doxycycline already broke me out like crazy. My face is less oily and I don't have any new acne . Side effects: Very few so far, my lips are a little dry, but i use A LOT lip balm. I am currently using bioderma atoderm baume levres lip balm and my derm gave some kind a medical cream for the lips which is called pantol . My eyes are a little dry I am using gel artificial tears to help with that. The last side effect (even though its not mentioned as a side effect), I'v been having trouble with sleeping :(.The first day I couldn't sleep at all !! the second day I tried to not think about it but it didn't work I slept a little but I kept on waking up every half an hour or so. Hopefully my sleeping pattern will go back to normal soon! That's it for now, please share your experiences and stories
  2. I'm starting to get so overwhelmed by acne. I feel like it's never going to go away. I start work in an hour and all I want to do is wash all my makeup off, crawl under my sheets and pretend that I don't exist. I've been trying to fix my skin since I was a teenager. I'm almost 25 now. It feels like I've tried everything and my life has revolved around my skin for so long. I recently went off Diane-35 after giving it another shot for a year. It didn't seem to change my skin and I suffered from some pretty awful side effects. Since then, I've tried Clindatech, and then Duac. I've been taking Saw Palmetto. I stopped eating dairy. I eat healthier than anyone I know. I stopped drinking coffee. I feel like I try so hard to fix my skin but it always looks so terrible. I have the most disgusting inflamed pimples all over my chin. I hate looking in the mirror. I've just started using Epiduo and taking Doxycycline. I'm so scared that they won't work because then the only thing left to try will be Roaccutane. Anyway, this is my first time posting after a lot of lurking and there wasn't really much point to it. I guess I just want to be sad about my skin without my friends telling me that no one notices and that it only bothers me (which is very sweet and I don't expect them to let me wallow - but I guess I just wanted to say this to people who might understand).
  3. Shaving with acne

    I'm wondering what product I should use when I shave my face to avoid clogging pores and reduce irritation. Right now I'm using the neutrogena shaving cream with disposable 2-blade razors. I'm getting mixed results and I'm trying to figure out if this is causing my breakouts because they seem to occur a few days after shaving. I only shave once a week because my facial hair doesn't grow fast. I would most likely go for something natural with no chemical ingredients if possible. Thank you people!
  4. Life after acne

    Hey guys, I really want to crete a conversation about life after acne (once you cure/temporary fix your acne). This is a topic that is not discussed a lot and i think its important. I have been acne free for 1 year and i no longer have any pigmentation either. I no longer find the need to wear makeup, and i never worry about my skin anymore. I remember when i had acne i was self-conscious and i would tell myself "when i have clear skin i will have no worries." The truth is yes you may not be conscious about your skin, but other insecurities appear.I realised that i no longer obsess with my skin, instead i would be conscious about my weight or how thin my hair is. Its important to mention that i am on birth control (what fixed my acne) and i have gained 15 pounds, have a headache everyday and my hair is thin. However, the fear of going off birth control and have my acne back is still strong. I guess what i want to get out, is that i find that once you fix one problem, another becomes obvious. thats what makes us human. I have learnt to love myself and i think thats the real cure. I have been off birth control for a week and my hair is great again, my headaches are gone and i have lost alot of water weight. My acne may come back, but at this point i've decided to deal with it. I would love to hear everyone else's experience of 'life after acne' or even if you have temporarily fixed your skin issues.
  5. This is my skin now. It's only on one side of my face. It was bad, but now it's getting worse. It got worse when I followed a friend's advice. I put alcohol on my pimples and took a hot shower and exfoliated. I came out with burning skin. Now it's all messed up. I started using benzoyl peroxide today but idk if it's going to heal my scars. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Acne scars, acne need help ?

    Hey guys I don't know what to do to my acne scars and redness also I want to do laser hair removal on my cheeks what should I do first? Any suggestions what's the best treatment for my acne scars .
  7. Been on Yasmin pill for two weeks, seems to half be clearing up but half making spots rise to the surface into painful cystic whiteheads. Extremely depressed. Don't know what to do. Is this acne or scars mainly? How can I get rid of it? Mainly cheek area.
  8. EU has too many regulations for everything and so it makes acne sufferers wanna cry(Like myself). Or is it only in my country:oO? All acne products containing Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid (products containing over 0.5%) are banned to enter EU (country like Estonia) because they are medicine(drugs), talking about the cream(moisturizers etc.). Only juridical drug companies are allowed to receive drugs. I can't order products From USA, like Acne org products or like Exposed skin care kit. The customs authorities are doing too good job here. I order Acne treatment and like 50/50 chance of arrival, maybe I am now in blacklist or something. Anyways acne org moisturizer Is not for me as it contains jojoba oil that makes huge pimples if used, and clean PB is not good either, this is why I wanted to order Exposed skin care as I used it years ago and was making my skin awesome (haven't found anything better so returned to the best so far, but nah the customs got it blocked). ------------ So what options i have in Estonia: ------------ 1. Go to local drugstore, that didn't work out they don't have Salicylic Acid products, "holy moly". Maybe some cream that contains below 0.5%(only Garnier scrub wash with 2% SA found in regular shop), maybe i can find it online, maybe I can get it from Germany or UK (If UK leaves EU in 23 june I # myself, but i still would support them). Not talking about Benzoyl Peroxide no-one sells it in our country, even SA creams are impossible to find (6 year ago was maybe, but not anymore). 2. Look from other EU Countries. Oh I found a Germany drugstore that sells dr wolff acne fug (with 5 % BP), Great it needs to be kept in freezer, so nothing Guarantees that BP stays active(risky, I don't like gambling), it works like botox in my skin (BP) . 3. Eat healthy so I can't have acne. So i tried one month eating like vegetarian, result: skinny has hell, also I haven't eaten milk products in years, also taking supplements and vitamins like zink, magnesium, D vitamin, Omega etc i have tried several group of foods following the glycemic index etc. Eat healthy results: If I stopped using acne treatment product I start getting red little pimples, and little whiteheads all over me, until no empty spot left on my skin(after week of stopping creams, because no pimples where there, stopped using BP less and less). Currently I not eating any processed foods, vitamin suplement, also stopped taking professional food supplements for extra nutrition, so I count all the vitamins and minerals, glycemic index , also Kcal, protein, and garbs( everything is ideal, perfect), also i work out at least 3 times a week. BTW I think that just eating perfect food can't cure the acne. (btw my perfect daily menu is like: water, oatmeal, white beans, meat(hacked), brown rise, kiwi, banana, carrot,) currently NOT eating potato (Getting all the nutrition from this menu) 4. Move to USA. ------------------ So please help me out here... with any real good acne kit/product in EU that contains at least 2 % SA, and makes your skin awesome, and I can order it online? ----- (Edited) I have read the law and i read that these products containing this are not allowed in our country at all even from EU. I am really ###.. here first time in 15 years. Should i ignore this? ---- Thank you for your time Anyways I am 27, like 15 years of this ...# ---- 5 .About going to DR: Described medicine stops working after some months or so. Anyways: Accutane and other killer drugs are in every drugstore in our country!, tried that 2 it was temp effect. ---
  9. My nose bump is not painful, and soft to the touch. It formed after a cyst was there. It's been here for 8 months total, and 5 months without me damaging it. There was another one last year that disappeared after 4-6 months on its own. 5/30/2015 I looked up pictures of nose keloids. I don't reccomend, because they're disgusting and look nothing like ours. So I guess we should go our own route on this. If any of you see specialists, please post what they said it was. I've heard of doctors coming up with different answers, so it probably isn't documented.. So here's some solutions that I've found: Home Remedies Rubbing Alcohol (CAUTION) Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Things Doc can do Shaving Cauterizing Various laser treatments "Homemade" methods (Caution): Burning with sun and magnifying glass Burning with lighter and copper wire Found some additional info here: make sure to copy the entire URL, guys. If you don't copy paste it, then it won't take you directly to the page with the nose bump solutions. She used aspirin with water. I don't trust the industry, but hey, use at your own risk.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new here and I really need some help. I have had mild to moderate acne since around grade 9. I am now 19 and still deal with it. In grade 12, my acne was bearable - I had an uneven complexion and a few minor spots but nothing crazy. I started Alesse because I became sexually active and my skin (surprisingly) cleared up for a year. In first year university, my skin got kind of bad again - I'd get little pimples and then one or two HUGE, PURPLE cyst things on my cheeks. I started exfoliating for the first time and the huge pimples went away. Around the end of freshman year, I started to get horrible breakouts before my period. Like I'm talking one cheek riddled with giant red raised bumps. After months of this, I decided it had to be Alesse (although I hadn't had problems like this before on it, and it had been two years now) and I went off Alesse. Before I stopped Alesse, I started to get these mild breakouts on the left side of my cheek in the summer entering second year. The reason they were so annoying was because they took longer to heal/go away and my skin always leaves these red marks after a pimple (I don't pop) goes down. So even without a breakout, my face looked like it still had a lot of acne. I started taking Linessa this October (low dose estrogen pill) which has worked wonders for my mood. I'm less anxious, less snappy, less depressed, etc. On the first month, I definitely broke out less during my period (but I still broke out). I just finished my second month and I'm into my third, and the left side of my cheek is getting worse. The acne never heals, the pictures I have posted are from a breakout that happened at the beginning of OCTOBER and it is STILL THERE. The different between my left and right cheek is uncanny, as you can see in the photos. There are actually only a few raised bumps on my left cheek, the rest are just really red and irritated red marks. I honestly only get acne in this small area on my cheek, I get a few on my chin or right side but it is mostly this area on my left cheek. And since they keep coming, the red marks get worse and don't heal, and when a new pimple comes in it looks even worse. I know that you are supposed to break out on switching pills before you get better, but I honestly don't think this is about my pill because I started this left cheek breakout while I was still on Alesse. Isn't it weird that I've had several different types of acne, all while on the same pill? I went from clear for a year, to mild breakouts, to random huge cysts, to riddled hormonal acne, to bad breakouts on just the left side of my cheek -- all while on Alesse for two years. I just don't really understand what this acne is. They are not big bumps, they only sometimes form whiteheads, they NEVER heal or they take months to do so and it is all in the exact same area. I'm getting so sick of this, I can't leave the house without makeup on anymore because my confidence is so low. I use all organic Eminence skincare products (and yes I have used BP in grade 9, and it ruined my skin), I eat healthy, drink lots of water, etc. If anybody has any advice for this kind of acne, please let me know, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
  11. I have had moderate acne all my life. Did one extended course of accutane when I was 15. (Which I highly do not recommend) Been on antibiotics most of my life. Then when I turned 19, I was attacked by severe inflammatory acne. It was so bad I began to have arthritis pains. I was later hospitalized and diagnosed with Acne Fulminans along with Septic Arthritis. I have recently been on a treatment with a course of 60mg Prednisone and 100mg Dapsone. I am an extremely healthy young fit human being. I have followed a healthy diet with exercise and good hydration for years. I have eliminated sugar, packaged food, alcohol, dairy and other unnatural foods. I have tried EVERYTHING, you name it, and ive probably ingested it or put it on my skin. That's just a summary. The physical pain and emotional trauma i have experienced is immense. Now if this ever recedes I'll be extremely happy. Unfortunately I am left with an uncountable number of scars. What do I do with these scars?
  12. Update on the lemons

    So the lemons have been making my face look and feel better but recently where i have my acne scars they have been getting red around it and im sure its from the lemons. I was trying to put on moisturizer but it burned really bad, (it did not make my whole face red, only around my scars) I have stopped using lemons for a while, and i will try again soon. Also, this may only be for me im not sure if other people have experienced this problem
  13. This is pretty long, so please bare with me. I have also attached pictures below, but I don't feel like it shows my scarring on my cheeks that well. I was on 6 months of doxycycline (over 2 years ago) to clear up existing acne while using atralin. After 6 months on the antibiotic I switched to taking Nicazel Forte continuously while still using atralin. (Currently using both) I have discussed treatment options with an esthetician at my dermatologist's office. I was told that laser resurfacing won't do much for my situation since my scars are 'not that bad' and to look at other places for other options. Also, kind of off topic, but I have a small cyst on my face that is only noticeable when touched. (Smaller than a pea sized underneath) I have had a steroid injection which only made it smaller, but my dermatologist didn't want to do another since she was worried of the skin sinking in. I was quoted $1,200 to remove it. Is that reasonable in the dermatology industry? Which type of scarring do I seem to have? I have had the scarring on my forehead for many years, but the ones on my cheeks are a few years old. I'm not sure if that matters in terms of treatment. Since I was told that lasers won't help me what might? My skin is very sensitive, so I want to be careful with treatment obviously. I appreciate any responses in advance!
  14. What's helping my very oily skin

    I created an account just to create this thread as recently i've been trying out many different types of diet hoping to cure my very oily skin and acne. From what i have observed, my oily skin has improved slightly when i consume no oil in my food and my hormonal acne is slowly fading away.
  15. So I've been seeing everywhere that eating carrots or drinking carrot juice can help cure acne especially forehead acne does anyone else know if this works
  16. Hi everyone, I'm posting here because I've been trying to figure out what I'm dealing with, and my derms aren't helping. I've been dealing with this weird outbreak on my face. I had pretty flawless skin last summer using basic nuetrogena products. But in November, I started noticing red, bumpy patches on both sides of my cheeks. I didn't think much of it, and just continued my routine of neutrogena acne wash + toner + occasional moisturizer. Everything was going alright until December near Christmas time. I started developing pimples near my mouth and chin. By New Year's Day, I had around 10, puss-filled heads on my chin. It was super out of nowhere. My parents were really concerned and started getting worried. I started getting acne on my forehead, as well. My diet before (and after) the breakout was clean. No dairy, no gluten. I ate primarily salmon, shrimp, egg whites, and chicken as protein sources. Occasional brown rice or quinoa. Ate a plenty of green vegetables and a variety of fruit. I sometimes treated myself to sugar-free jello or a piece of dark chocolate. Coconut milk was my milk of choice. Took probiotics. I also went to the gym 3 days a week because of school. I would go at least 5-6 days during the summer. So I felt diet was out of the question. I did some research and found out fungal acne was a thing. I went out and bought some Lotrimin at target and OH MAN. I thought my worries were over. My my chin and the rest of my face was the softest it ever had been. All that was left on my face were acne marks, but my face looked flawless with makeup, and I was super happy. Even one side of my cheek got cleared of bumps. Three tubes of lotrimin later, the cream stopped working. The whiteheads came back and I was livid. My mom set me up with a derm right after that. It was a terrible experience. One look, and they prescribed me antibiotic pills and 10% BP wash. I cried the rest of the day after leaving that derm office. I refused to take the pills and tried the BP wash. BP wash didn't do anything. After waking up with 15+ puss-filled heads on my chin one morning, I realized this was ridiculous. I had acne before, but nothing like this. This couldn't be acne. So I did research on the internet and, and found the term folliculitis. This seemed like the best explanation for my face. AND SO, for the last week I've been washing my face with Head And Shoulders and applying Polysporin (topical antibiotic) to my problem areas, nostrils, and ears. I haven't seen a huge difference like I did with the Lotrimin (antifungal), but it's better than the BP wash. I'm planning to get Hibiclens face wash today to try out. I've attached pictures of what my face looks like today. I'm drinking 2tbs of ACV with a glass of water before breakfast everyday. I haven't waxed my face in 5+ months so I don't irritate my skin. MY QUESTIONS: What do you think I have? Does my acne look/sound like folliculitis? Staph? If so, could it be fungal or bacterial? What other fungal creams/ treatment besides Lotrimin are out there? Please help. My face right now: For reference, here's my face after a week of lotrimin. Not perfectly clear like I was in the summer, but way clearer than I am now...
  17. Hello all,My name is Harvey and I suffered from severe acne from the ages 13-15. In this post I'm going to tell you how I got rid of my acne covered face, and made it acne free. Firstly, here's my story.I had tried almost everything, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, face masks etc... the list goes on. Nothing had worked for me, so my dermatologist suggested that I start a course on Isotretinoin, more commonly known as Accutane. I started on 30mg, and had not much hope. I was constantly panicking about the breakouts on accutane, skin dryness, allergic reactions and so on. I was totally overthinking everything, it would actually all be okay.My acne got worse and worse, accutane appeared to be useless. My dermatologist upped my dosage to 40mg, and suggested I use Epiduo benzoyl peroxide too (to use once a day in the evenings) . Still, my acne was bad, and was seeing no signs of improvement. Then I took the quiz ( This is where the improvement started to happen.It gave me VERY useful tips, like not to have long hot showers, clean your face twice a day, do not touch your face, be gentle when applying products to face and some others. I stopped using E45 on my face to combat the dryness, and started usingCetaphil moisturising cream. This was much lighter on the face, and was just as effective at stopping/combating dryness. I also started to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I applied both of these in the morning and evening.I was still not seeing results, but suddenly, my acne dramatically cleared up in about two weeks. I was virtually spot free! I want this story to show you that you need to stay faithful and positive! I had such bad acne, and in basically two weeks it was all gone. The same can happen to you!So... here is why I think my skin cleared up,1. I stopped having long hot showers, and Instead had shorter cooler showers2. I started to wash my face twice a day with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 3. I started to use Cetaphil moisturising cream (non-comodogenic) instead of heavy, oily E45 4. I was on Accutane 5. I was more gentle with my face 6. I stopped picking/popping my spots 7. I drank lots of water 8. I did not eat as many greasy/sugary foods 9. I started going to the gym 3 times a week 10. I started having a fruit smoothie every morning (nutribullet). I hope this has helped you! I have attached a picture of what it was like at its worst and now at its best PS: Accutane is totally worth it!!!
  18. End of week three and my face feels better. although it doesn't look a lot better. I'm hoping I will be able to see a difference soon and my face will start to heal and my spots will go down. People are also noticing that my face is calmer and looks better when I have make up on.
  19. Hello, Why the bread, especially white bread cause acne ? Is it because the gluten flour or the high glycemic index (70) that cause an insulin spike ? Is there a way to combat the bread breakout acne ? Thank you.
  20. Hey guys, So im back here a year later with another wonderful breakout... my skin was going FINE (not great but fine) for about a year and then about 3 weeks ago all hell broke loose. ive read so many amazing reviews on sulfur treatments and something about it being better on asian skin.. I am NOT asian but figured id give it ago seeing as ive tried EVERYTHING else. (ill insert pictures of my skin after one week using the sulfur 10% ointment) ive been breaking out in multiple cystic acne and a few white heads ( prior to using this i was using the aztec indian healing clay and it gave me closed comedones so i turned to sulfur to get rid of them) i had no cysts at this time ) but they are not uncommon for me has anyone else experienced purging with this product? or is this just a bad reaction to the product and i should stop using it? I want to be hopeful but i dont know how much more of this i can take i also use a manuka honey and turmeric mask on alternative days to bring in some moisture I take vitamin a, e, theracurmin (tumeric) Berberine an zinc pills each day as well as ACV. I drink crazy amounts of water and am just wondering how long before i see results and not more breakouts? anyone have similar experiences with this product?
  21. Lemon for my spots

    I've been using fresh lemons on my face for about 4 days now, and I've noticed a really big difference. My spots are visibly lighter and my skin seems really glowy I have pretty dry skin.. but it doesn't seem to be bothering me. I ALWAYS moisturize after I apply lemon juice. Have you guys ever tried lemons on your face? If so comment how it worked out If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask
  22. Hello all, I'm about 1 month in to my 2nd course of roaccutane, my first was 9 years ago. I took it for moderate to severe cystic acne which was all over my face, the course lasted 7 months and I enjoyed clear skin for the past 7 1/2 years. Ive done a lot in that time and not least had 2 children, and even then my skin was great throughout. I developed BP related complications with my last pregnancy and my Dr wasn't keen for me to be on go back onto the pill I had been on so switched me to the mini pill, cerelle. This was when the problems began, it just didn't suit me and I wanted to come off it but my Dr said it would settle but it never did. I took myself off it after 5 months and my skin was in a sorry state, very very oily, hormonal, cystic spots along jawline/neck, enlarged pores and many blackheads and whiteheads, on forehead and temple. I thought stopping the pill would halt the spots but taking the pill seemed to kickstart my skin producing spots again. I waited 3 months to see if skin would improve but it didn't and opted to go onto antibiotics for a time, i tried Lymecycline, while these quelled the bigger spots and certainly stopped my spots from becoming infected, it didn't so anything to the blackheads and whiteheads and the overall texture of skin was bumpy, you could feel the underlying spots just waiting to come out. I mentioned after 2 months to the Dr I didnt think it was working and would they consider me for a dermatologist referral, they did but I had to wait 5 months to see one. By the time I saw the Derm my skin was better but the spots weren't going and my skin was hiding a lot of spots underneath, I expressed concern that I felt i had not other option other than to take roaccutane again given that i had taking all the drug and alternative therapies to avoid them. He agreed I was a mild case on this occasion but I had jumped through enough hoops and he was satisfied I could have it. Obviously there will be no future babies for myself and my husband therefore the pregnancy risks are null (he has opted for a more permanent solution!) and i was prescribed isotretinoin that day and began taking it that evening. I rushed out to buy lots of lip balm and moisturiser, however I don't seem to get on with Carmex and have reverted to a product I used before; blistex Intensive moisturiser, which is a cream based lip balm and now comes in cherry flavour. I also bought a product which was my holy grail for roaccutane last time for my face which is avene skin recovery cream. I'm using neutrogena body moisturiser and some mild dermalogica face washes although may revert to Simple products like last time also. Ive been on it approximately a month, 2 weeks at 40mg now the rest of the time at 60mg. Doing ok aside from the lips and dry skin/hair/eyes and the red hot flushes! Have some skin smoothness where I didn't before and skin is drying up and pores closing. Still some active spots around but going quickly and none are of the cystic variety. Due to get another prescription next week so had bloods taken this week, hoping all is well and I can continue. With my first course I wrote a blog on the website reclaim your skin, I've looked but it doesn't appear to be around anymore, I found write the diary help process the changes and its a good comparison at the end, and importantly its good to get support from people who know what your going through. Thanks for reading. Andrea
  23. Help me please.
  24. Getting a 3rd IB?

    My doctor started me off with 60 mg of accutane the first 2 months when I got my IB (initial breakout), then I took 70 mg the 3rd month and got a second IB, he's now switched me to 80 mg, will I get another IB?