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  1. Hi all, I've had acne since I was 13. I'm now 21. Back then, I thought it was hormonal. Now I know that it is 99% diet related. Some foundation does break me out, usually the ones with SPF, but I don't wear makeup regularly. How do you guys get the motivation to eat super clean? Junk food like fries, hamburgers, etc breaks me out. Pizza breaks me out horribly, and I'm not sure if I'm lactose intolerant (parents said I was as a baby), so probably. I don't cook really and I don't drive either, so it's harder. Do you guys have any food suggestions or suggestions to help me out? My family doesn't understand junk food can cause acne. We've eaten junk food in 3 days so far, within the past 5 me please. I'm dark-skinned and the dark spots have ruined my face. I also have small bumps some places from scars that didn't heal smoothly...
  2. hey guys! i just recently started month 5 of accutane so i'm close to being finished! i am pretty happy with the way my skin looks at the moment. i only have one active spot and the rest is scarring and hyper-pigmentation. for skin care all i am using is cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and cetaphil moisturizing lotion. my derm told me not to use skin care with acne fighting ingredients (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, etc) since the accutane would be so drying. i'm wondering when i go off accutane should i keep my skin care routine the same or use different skin care products that help fight acne? i'm just worried that my "gentle" skin care routine won't be enough once i'm off accutane.
  3. I recently got prescribed .025% tretinoin for my back acne. I usually shower at night, but my doctor advised me to wash the cream off in the morning. Am I supposed to shower twice? or do I switch to showering in the morning?
  4. So, it has been 1 week since I started Epuris 20mg, taken once a day. It is always hard to tell if the medication has started to take effect or if my mental state believes it has. Therefore, please take these changes lightly as Epuris states it can take up to 2 weeks to fully start taking affect. Changes in my body: · - Itchy Skin all over - It started with being itchy on my face but then also moved to my legs and scalp. - Dry/Peeling Lips - Pimples coming to the surface causing large whiteheads Change in contraception method… After discussing with my doctor different options for birth control, her best suggestion for the way my body is came down to Nuvaring. Therefore, I had my IUS removed and have started Nuvaring which has a lower dose of estrogen than the birth control pill I was on that caused my migraines. This is now going to be a trial and error process to see if the addition of estrogen into my body will bring back my migraines. Stay Tuned! Products I am currently using: Facial Wash - Oxy Emergency Acne Vanishing Facial Cleaner (recommended by the dermatologist – may be drying while on Accutane) Toner – Lush Tea Tree Water Moisturizer – Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream Lip Care – La Roche Possay Cicaplast Levres barrier repairing balm (THE BEST)! Sunscreen – Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPT 50+ The Picking Urge… Currently, I am only washing my face once a day in the evening. In the morning, I simply wash my face with water and tone with the Tea Tree Water. Throughout the week, I developed 2 whiteheads on my chin and 4 large whiteheads on my right cheek. In regard to the whiteheads on my cheek, I waited for them to crust over and I scratched them off, leaving red marks that have been lightening up since. However, the whiteheads on my chin, I took a lancet needle and then put a nexcare acne absorbing patch to let it all drain out. For those of you who haven’t heard or tried this product, you need to!! They can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $12.99CAD for 30 patches (small and large) For best results, I recommended to lightly tear the skin where the whitehead is with a lancet needle so the white starts to secrete. Wipe the area off and immediately put a patch on the area. DO NOT SQUEEZE. I normally do this routine at night and when I wake up in the morning, the puss has all come out on the patch and you can actually see the white. Remove the patch, wash your face and voila! These has definitely saved me on many occasions where I felt the urge to squeeze. I am looking forward to what week 2 will bring me… Stay Tuned!
  5. Quitting The Regimen

    Hi. I'm going to keep this blog entry short and simple. I can safely say that I'm NEVER going to order/use the products again (except the jojoba oil I have left). It was too expensive for me (203$), it was a chore to do and for me it took like at least 1 hour out of the day, the flakiness and redness didn't disappear and most importantly, the regimen left me more uncomfortable with my skin than I was before. Instead I'm trying to have a healthier lifestyle and love my skin, there are so many other "defects" that my skin could've had and it dosen't. I don't even have a lot of acne (though it got worse now when I'm quitting the regimen). I'm happy with my skin and the acne is going to go away, even if it takes years. Bye!
  6. Hi, so i started differin and now i am just starting week 7 on it. i have seen no improvement in my skin really, i am still breaking out abit ect. my doctor said i have mild-moderate acne but i would say it is more moderate now. week 0-3 i had really bad irritation but i just used alot of moisteriser week 3-6 id say this was my bad breakout period and i still have remaining marks from this. week 7 - i still get irritation (dry face ect) and acne no better im also on lymecline antibiotics for acne too. im 16 year old male in my last year of high school and my skin really gets me down, ive felt really sad for a while with it now and i therefore have started to wear concealer. although some may say my acne isnt as bad as some peoples it still really gets me down and i just want my skin to be better i have prom in about and month and i just want my skin to be clear or near enough clear for that but i dont think thats going to happen, what do you guys think? it will be about week 12 by then. oh well im just trying to stay positive and hope things clear up for me.
  7. Okay so I've been on accutane for a solid 3 and a half months now coz I had quite bad skin. But compared to what it is now, I'd be happy to have the skin I had before that! Everyone has constantly said to me that it gets better but they're skin saw an improvement at the latest like just at 3 months. I'm on 30mg but kinda do 40 or 50mg sometimes as well because I'm thinking maybe its not powerful enough, but the higher dosage i go (because i have been going up in tens), the worse it gets. This has been the worse my skin has gotten and i don't know what to do. I used to just have lots of little pimples everywhere but now they've completely changed into massive boils on my cheeks and chin! Ive tried letting my skin dry out and just not moisturise but then i can't really move my face, and then I've tried speeding up the process by trying things like tea tree oil on my pimples but nothing is working except for the side effects! Would love some confirmation on what else i should or shouldn't be doing please?
  8. I seriously can't remember the last time my face was completely clear. The first time I had breakouts was in 4th grade but I didn't think of it as acne until 7th grade when it progressed and not until junior year of high school did it get really bad. I don't remember a day when I didn't worry about my skin and that truly makes me sad. I hope that now at 18 I won't have to consider having adult acne for long. Does anyone else remember when their skin was nice?
  9. From the album How I Cured My Acne

    Here i explain on a video shortly of how i got rid of my acne
  10. I need help! About two years ago, I began using the Clean and Clear Exfoliating Cleanser with 5% benzoyl peroxide. It successfully cleared my skin with no problems. My skin was so clear. But then, (after many months of use), my eye area all of a sudden started becoming itchy and swelling after I used it. So I stopped use of it and began using a Neutrogena daily scrub with salicylic acid. My skin was fine for a quite a while, but then just recently I started breaking out again. I assumed it was because of going off of benzoyl peroxide? But my skin was fine for quite a while after going off of it. Anyway, so a few days ago, I got the benzoyl peroxide cleanser again. Since it had been so long since I used it, I assumed I wouldn't have the itching and swelling problem. I began using it again 2 days ago. I made sure to keep it far away from my eyes, but I ended up having the same reaction as before. My eyes became so itchy!! The itching is under my eyes, my eyelids and on my eyebrows. It's almost unbearable. This is the only area that has a reaction. It's a shame because it works so well at clearing my skin! I should probably mention that my acne isn't that bad. It's mostly bumps all over my forehead and breakouts in between my eyebrows. My nose breaks out a lot as well.
  11. hey guys. something i struggle with a lot is acne scabbing and wounds. No matter if i pick at my skin or not, due to the thinness of just having come off accutane my skin scabs. My scabs aren't the tiny "hard" kind that flake away, they're more really thin layers of skin peeled away and is now bright red and dry (if i let it dry). since accutane did not work for me, i now get the same amount of breakouts but my skin is severely compromised in terms of how well it can heal...and I've had to face the fact that it doesn't heal well at all. these scabs/wounds take SO long to go away often recreating, becoming raw again, and starting the process over before they finally leave a nasty hyper pigmentation mark. so far I've tried: nothing, aloe, neosporin, essential oils, calamine lotion, shea butter, coconut and emu oil, aquaphor, diaper rash cream, apple cider vinegar, and the list goes on. currently i have three pretty nasty scabs. i have a concert coming up this sunday and i don't have anything before then so i can sit inside and "heal" without having to put on make up or anything. so any quick response would be SO appreciated since I'm in a time pinch, but how do you guys heal these things? right now, I've got some hydrocolloid bandages cut to size on them because I've heard and read so much about them. but i really need these embarrassing wounds gone or healed to the point where they are just discoloration that i can conceal. please leave your best remedies and fixes for picking/scabs/whatever I'm DESPERATE.
  12. Hey everybody, I started getting acne my Freshman year of high school. I think it was caused by my chin strap on my football helmet. I'm a Sophemoore in college now, and still have it in the same spots. I've gone through most of the topicals, antibiotics, and finally for last 5 months I've been on accutane. I know it's not really that severe, but it's very persistent. After 5 months of accutane and not seeing any results, I'm wondering if it is something else. I read an old article of a guy who had very similar looking acne, and his dermatologist said it was folliculitis infection. He went on Minocycline (100g) and used Clindamycin 1% lotion, and it was gone in 3 weeks. I've used Minocycline and it helped a little and then everything came right back. I've never used Clndamycin, and also someone else said that Nystatin, which is an anti-fungal cream, clears it up in a week. In the pictures below, you can see the tiny little white bumps that are only noticeable when I make a face. These little bumps eventually become the big inflamed white pustules. <Is that considered cystic acne or is it something else, like a fungal infection? idk. And has anyone else that's taken the tane experienced not seeing results 5 months in? Thanks y'all.
  13. Hi this is my first post here just wondering if anyone can share some wisdom as to the quickest and least expensive way to speed up the process of clearing these up. Thanks!!!
  14. I used this hair gel one time and my face immediately had a reaction. I broke out in a bad rash and was itchy for a few days. I obviously stopped using it after that first time, but it's like it permanently ruined my skin. i've had these tiny, colourless bumps all over my forehead ever since. (attached image doesn't show them too well) i've tried EVERYTHING (ok maybe not everything but you get the point) to get rid of them, but nothing is working. i've tried diet restrictions (i'm vegan so cross dairy off as possible cause), exercise, drinking tons of water, face masks, washes, exfoliants, natural methods (tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar etc.) you name it. but nothing works. does anyone know what i can do, any face wash or lotion recommendations, anything at all? thank you <3
  15. Hello all! so, I've had these bumps/acne all over my forehead and temples for about 9 years now. Some are just closed comedones, some are very hard white heads, some are just red bumps that never come to a head and occosianally I'll just have a blind pimple. All on my forehead. I've never had a pimple on the lower half of my face. I have tried many things salicylic acid, bp, aha, every supplement, tons of different skincare regimens, high linoleic acids, every single diet I can thing of, birth control, antibiotics, homes remedies. I know it doesn't look that bad, but to me I've just had it for so long and tried so many diffent things. And it's very persistent. Does anyone haveany advice? I'm thinking of gong on accurate or topical retinoid, but not sure. Any advice kid be greatly appreciated!
  16. hey so I'm new here and have had severe hormonal acne for the past 6 months. About 2 months ago I tried going on birth control and it really helped smooth out my skin and I hardly ever get break outs anymore but my face is covered in dark marks from past pimples. even with my skin doing 10x better, whenever I get a pimple I totally freak and feel ugly and start letting my skin consume my every thought, mostly because I'm scared my skin will go back to being awful. I just need some advice on how to be confident with skin that u hate? I just wish I had flawless skin and never had to worry about acne. And I know nobody is perfect but I already have so much going on in my life so worrying about my skin is just more weight on my shoulders and I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone and I could really just use some advice on feeling confident and happy bc I feel so ugly
  17. Although this month has been the hardest with symptoms, I'm starting to see amazing results. My joint pain is so bad I can't do yoga anymore since my back and hips are so sore all the time, so I started taking fish oil but it hasn't helped yet. I also have been getting crazy pounding headaches that go away on their own but I'm not sure whats causing them because I literally drink at least 3 liters of water every day. After a bad beginning to the month my face has finally calmed down. I introduced coconut oil to my routine which I know can be pore-clogging but it honestly has made the biggest difference in my skin texture. I don't have any active acne, just dark marks. My skin has never looked so good under makeup either. My pores are sooo tiny and since I have no oil production my makeup lasts from early morning when I get to work until late at night, which is amazing. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to take this medication. It has made my life so much easier in that my self confidence is so much higher now. While so many have far bigger problems to deal with, I am very fortunate that something as small as acne was the only thing holding me back. So many of us, including myself, have so much privilege in this world that we tend to take for granted. Be thankful!!! Also if anyone is wondering, I have been drinking alcohol moderately (5-7 drinks per week probs) and my lab results have come back perfect. Just make sure to hydrate a ton, like a glass of water per drink, because you will have a headache when you wake up if you don't.
  18. I recently got prescribed .025% Tretinoin. I currently use lush's Aqua Marina as my face wash and I love it. However, there is no lush store around me, and I will have to start washing my face twice a day since I use the gel instead of just once. I would prefer to have a wash that I have access to and last a longer time. What is a good sensitive cleanser to use with Tretinoin? (not Cetaphil - Cetaphil always breaks me out)
  19. Skin bumps??

    I have a bunch of small bumps on the sides of my chin. They are skin colored and can't be popped. I've started getting them on my forehead as well. Has anyone had a similar issue and/or knows how I can treat it? I've used Murad, Dermologica, Cetaphil and so many more, none seem to work. Should I try the regimen? Thanks!
  20. I would like to start off by introducing myself and giving you a complete background about my struggles with my skin. So, let’s go all the way back to elementary school where zits were not a thing for me. I had clear, radiant skin and makeup was not part of my skincare routine. Seeing that I was a late bloomer, I didn’t start puberty until high school which is when the acne struggle became real. After a trip to the doctor, I was put on birth control for more reasons than one, however one being to help control acne. It took about 3 different kinds of birth control until I finally found one that worked for my body. I continued the birth control up until my third year of university and was still getting pimples here and there, but nothing that was uncontrollable. The issue with me is that I am a picker. Any pimple (ready to pick or not), I had to get it out which lead to significant redness and scabs as a result. You would think that I would learn but it was a temptation that I could not handle. After picking, I would instantly regret it but the next day, I would be in the mirror for 30 minutes at a time just analyzing my face, looking for the next zit to pop. There would be days where I completely destroyed my face and could not face going anywhere which brought on a lot of insecurity issues. However, I am thankful that through all the years of picking, I do not have any deep scarring, just an uneven complexion due to hyperpigmentation. Fast forward to 2015, I decided that I needed a change in regards to the form of contraception. Although the pill was just managing my skin, it was discovered that it was causing my migraines due to the increase in estrogen therefore this was no longer an option for me. When I went to my doctor, she recommended me an Intrauterine System (IUS). I was prescribed Jaydess which is a form of progesterone only birth control that is inserted into the cervix and effective for up to 3 years. I was warned that there was a potential risk of acne however I chose my migraines as my number one priority and since insertion, I haven’t had a migraine since. So, one problem solved BUT let me say that Jaydess has left my skin the worst it’s ever been. In my fourth year of university (2017), I went on exchange to Europe where I continued to have an increase in acne, not only on my face (mostly on my cheeks) but shoulder, chest and back. It became so flared that I would do everything in my power not to expose my body. My skin continued to get worse and worse and no matter what I did, I developed new pimples every day. Now I know that picking pimples causes the bacteria to spread which lead to multiple in the same area, however the urge was too strong. My acne was considered cystic acne meaning that the “pit” never really came to the surface but I still managed to pop them with a lot of pressure. Cystic acne is under the skin and can cause a lot of pressure so not popping them was not an option for me. As a result, I was left with A LOT of hyperpigmentation and every time I touch my face, all I feel is painful bumps. Although you may not see the acne on the surface, it is deep below the surface of my skin causing a lot of inflammation, leaving me with a lot of redness and marks. So, what have I tried to do in the interim?... Well, I first wanted to start by trying my best to STOP PICKING. I can’t say that I have, but I have gotten better in regards to making sure if I do pop, I use a lancet needle and an extractor and only pop when the white is at the surface. However, I am sure I am not the only one in saying that I go on a picking rampage some days… In regards to treatments, I have done 4 weeks of microdermabrasion with blue light treatment and 4 weeks of glycolic peels with hopeful results… NOT. These treatments didn’t make it better but it did put a dent in my wallet. The only benefit is that it made my skin texture smooth but the zits and hyperpigmentation still remained. So where am I at now?... After a long-waited trip to the dermatologist, he examined my skin and told me I am a candidate for Accutane. At first, I was completely against it after reading the horror stories and watched people who went on it. However, after much research and talk with my dermatologist, it was suggested that it is my best option. That being said, it has been advised that I get my IUS removed and look at another form of birth control or get off it altogether. So here we go… I am a 23-year-old female and here is my experience on Epuris (Accutane)… Positivity is key, this WILL be the solution! These photos have been taken after I just washed my face, toned and moisturized BEFORE starting accutane. Please note that the first two photos were taken towards the end of May, 2017 and the rest on June 14, 2017 after coming back from a vacation (hense the tanned skin).
  21. Scars from Picking at Acne, Treatment Advice?

    Hello! I've been heavily researching the topic of scar removal for my face. I have less than one month left of my isotretinoin course, so I can't do any treatments yet; just planning for the future. I wouldn't consider my scars "acne scars", but rather scars from me picking at acne. I have several indented fingernail print scars, and one long, raised fingernail-picking scar on my chin as well. I would consider them minor/shallow. When I brought this up to my dermatologist, her advice was basically along the lines of "deal with it," and "they probably won't go away." I'm not delusional; I'm fully aware that these are scars and honestly don't have too much hope for them to be treated. But they distress me endlessly and have left me with body dysmorphia that affects me 24/7. Has anyone had any success with scar treatments for these types of scars? Unsuccessful treatments? I was interested in trying derma rolling, but my dermatologist shot that down (still interested though). Again, definitely wouldn't call them "acne scars", they are 100% from me picking at acne with my fingernails. Thank you!
  22. Hello! I've been heavily researching the topic of scar removal for my face. I have less than one month left of my isotretinoin course, so I can't do any treatments yet; just planning for the future. I wouldn't consider my scars "acne scars", but rather scars from me picking at acne. I have several indented fingernail print scars, and one long, raised fingernail-picking scar on my chin as well. I would consider them minor/shallow. When I brought this up to my dermatologist, her advice was basically along the lines of "deal with it," and "they probably won't go away." I'm not delusional; I'm fully aware that these are scars and honestly don't have too much hope for them to be treated. But they distress me endlessly and have left me with body dysmorphia that affects me 24/7. Has anyone had any success with scar treatments for these types of scars? Unsuccessful treatments? I was interested in trying derma rolling, but my dermatologist shot that down (still interested though). Again, definitely wouldn't call them "acne scars", they are 100% from me picking at acne with my fingernails. Thank you!
  23. Hey guys, So I want to try out a theory of mine. I'm currently 21 male and have been dealing with moderate acne since I was 18. Oily skin, tons of blackheads, whiteheads large inflamed zits. I've tried countless OTC products, prescription topicals, and diet changes with no improvements. I had flawless perfect skin throughout all of high school until I got my first zit my senior year of high school. Of cource it happened during my senior prom lol. Anyways, my senior year of high school is when I started getting into weight lifting when I was 18. I've been reading online that weightlifting = increased testosterone> Increased DHT hormones>oily skin>acne. Masturbation also is known to increase testosterone. I've been weightlifting pretty consistently since then and my acne has gotten worse and worse. It clears up a little during the summer due to the sun drying out my skins oil but it has gotten to the point where I get depressed a lot of the time. When I take some time off weight lifting I have noticed my skin is less oily and I get fewer breakouts but I have never done this long enough to see if it lasts. I also eat a shit ton of food when I'm working out which also isn't good for my hormones. So basically what I am experimenting is if my hormones are the cause of my acne. I'm going to not do any weightlifting or masturbating (I know gonna be hard) for 2 months and see if my acne gets better. I'll continue to exercise but only short bursts of interval cardio training since aerobic exercised (running) doesnt seem to affect testosterone levels. I also just started using a new topical lotion (klaron) for my acne and I like it so far as it doesn't irritate the skin. Anyways I'll keep you guys updated and let me know if you've tried this and had success with this
  24. My skin condition: The skin condition that I want to address in these blog posts is only concerning the scar-like, soft, flesh colored bumps that have appeared along the center of my chin and out towards the corners of my mouth. They are not pimples, acne, or hypertrophic scarring (though I will get into eliminated diagnoses later in this post), and they have gotten increasingly more noticeable in the last 3 years. Please see pictures for reference. My Health History: To start, I am a 30 year old, 5'4" female who is approximately 30lbs over my healthy BMI weight. I have a history of: cystic acne that has been 'mostly' clear for 2-3 years. I occasionally have a breakout during my cycle, but these are rare and typically do not result in scarring and resolve within 1-2 weeks. My acne was particularly bad in my early teens and again in my early 20's. In my teens it was centralized in my T-zone, but during the later stages in my 20's was primarily along my jaw line. large pores excess oil production on my entire face, not just the t-zone. It is common for me to use 8-10 oil blotting sheets/day. mild hair thinning (within the last 5 years) mild male-pattern hair growth (mostly around the chin/upper lip area) excessive sweating Keratosis Pilaris on arms and legs As a child I had a rare form of recurring Pityriasis Rosea- my last episode was when I was 25. Woohoo! So, as you can see I was blessed with all the things that make women feel super sexy! Joking aside, for all of us struggling with these abnormalities, please try to remind yourself that there are people suffering with far, far worse. I know this condition (and others) can be embarrassing, unsightly, and all-together soul-crushing at times, but for every ugly bump we have is someone suffering from deforming burn scars, flesh eating bacterial infections, and life altering conditions that can't be treated or covered with makeup. I am CONFIDENT that we can not only treat what we have, but that there is a biological solution that does not require lasers, acid, or the use of a blade. My Current Skincare Routine: In the past I have used every form of acne cleanser, lotion, topical treatment, and miracle fix you could think of. I wish I would have known about taking the simple, more natural approach before destroying my skin with chemicals. I have never taken oral treatments such as spironolactone or antibiotics, but I did use a lot of acid based products that irritated, burned, and angered my skin. The following routine has been consistent for the last year and a half, with slight variations in brands. Night Routine: Remove makeup with hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic face wipes. I try to use something that is exfoliating. I particularly like Boots No7 Brand All in One Wipes. You get a lot for the price, they are well-saturated, and have never made me break out. I then tone my skin with witch hazel Next I take a damp cotton pad and add a few drops of jajoba oil. I smooth the cotton pad over my face for the purpose of a "final cleanse" but also to moisturize and prep the skin. Jajoba oil will not clog pores as it is very close to human sebum. It actually can trick your pores into producing less oil. I then use a vitamin C serum to moisturize and help treat my uneven skin tone, light scarring, etc. I have begun using Differin Gel in the last 3 months for the purpose of increasing skin cell turnover and improving my skin's texture and any residual scarring from my years of acne. I have been extremely happy with it and only had light redness and flaking within the first two weeks of use. Since then my skin has become more even toned, my scars have been fading, and I am able to wear a light coverage foundation (sometimes I wear nothing) without feeling as if my scars and discoloration are showing through. Morning Routine: In the shower or at the sink I wash my face with another face wipe (this time I add a tiny bit of baking soda for exfoliation) and then tone with witch hazel. I use a light moisturizer for sensitive skin and usually add a drop of jajoba oil for added moisture to my cheek area. That's it! I have not been breaking out on this routine and would feel comfortable recommending it to others. Both my night and morning routines are safe for people with sensitive skin with the exception of the differin gel. Prior diagnoses: I have been told that these bumps are hypertrophic scarring, sebaceous hyperplasia, cholesterol deposits, fungal infection, and flat warts. While sebaceous hyperplasia seems to be the most common diagnoses, nothing about them looks like sebaceaous hyperplasia, nor do regular treatments for SH work. I say all of these are wrong, and it is actually something internal with either a hormone imbalance or thyroid disorder. I will post tomorrow with pictures and an explanation of all things I have tried!
  25. I've been on Accutane twice over the last 4 years, both times it cleared my skin amazingly. Now a year and a half after my second dose my acne has returned AGAIN. Large cysts on my chin, jaw, neck, and back. I have tried everything, I eat mainly a vegan diet to try and heal my skin, exercise 5 times a week, I have been taking 50mg zinc gluconate for two weeks with no effect. I just dont know what more i can do?!