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  1. Hi guys, so yesterday was my first day of taking Accutane or Roaccutane as we call it in Europe. My dermatologist prescribed me only 10mg of Accutane daily, so i decided to do weekly logs, not only because I noticed that not many people get such a low dose as 10mg daily, but also for me to note the progress. I will be taking Accutane for 6 to 8 months with possible increase of the dosage to 20mg daily after the first month. My dermatologist said 20mg is maximum that she'll ever give me. Just a quick history of my acne: My acne started as I turned 15 and I am 20 now. I have never had severe acne, but mild to moderate (depends on the part of the year). Each summer my skin was clear, I had BABY SKIN EVERY SUMMER, but as Fall/Winter came I would get baaad breakouts. I've changed 3 Dermatologist and tried everything - from topical treatments to antibiotics. Doxycyclin cleared my skin completely, but as I stopped using it acne came back. Minocyclin did something only when taking 100mg daily (50mg daily did NOTHING). Azithromycin which I have been taking until yesterday did nothing at all. After 4 years I started getting acne on my chin area which I have NEVER had before. I have always had them on the inner part of my cheeks (which I do not anymore!). So after going to a gynocologist last year he told me I have mild PCOS! And wanted me to take bcp which I refused until a month ago. I am now taking Belara and have started seeing small results after 3 weeks. Unfortunately my acne is not only hormonal, which is why I will be taking Accutane. My derm explained to me that each year after summer (because I spend the whole summer at the seaside and a lot of time under the sun) comes to thickening of my skin which is why I always start breaking out each Fall. So she thinks the only solution is Accutane and I believe her because she is the ONLY dermatologist that accutally made an effort to take a look at my skin and took time to explain everything to me! So this is my story, I hope someone will read it and will maybe find out something useful! :-) Each week I will post the changes I see (and the dreaded IB)!
  2. Accutane introduction

    I've decided to track my progress on accutane by writing about it. This is both for myself and others to use as reference. I'm 19, female, tried everything else possible and nothing worked, so this is my last resort. I'm praying it's not a waste of my time. I've had bad skin, on and off since abut 8th grade and quite frankly it's enveloped my entire life. First thing I do when I wake up is check my face, just to be dissapointed by what I see, but I already expect it anyways. My self esteem is so low due to this, and I can't keep going on like this each day. I've got a lot happening on my face; whiteheads, bumps under my skin which I'm assuming are closed comedones, red clusters of pimples, and to top it off, scarring! Awesome. Great. I love it. I'm going to be taking 40mg, once a day-after dinner or so. Will be upping the dosage as time goes on. Nervous about the side effects, but overall really don't give a damn if it will get me clear skin. Wish me luck.
  3. Day 5

    Today's the day that my face has started getting drier and a bit itchy. Acne seems a little calmer though. I picked like 5 scabs off from pimples that I popped yesterday. Surprised they were ready to come off that quick. My lips haven't really had the chance to get dry as I've been moisturizing them like crazy with blistex. Still super thirsty. I also forgot to mention that Accutane delayed by period by like 4-5 days which is no biggie, but it did make me worry a bit. My hands are getting really dry as well which is really unpleasant for me. Actually, just everything feels dry lol.
  4. Day 4

    Shots of pain throughout my body, mostly stomach. A pimple that's been on my nose for a month now but hasn't come up from under my skin now has over night, as well as my lower cheek/jaw area flared up. Icky surprise when I woke up.. so many whiteheads.I popped them by the end of the night because I was around a lot of people today so I couldn't not. I also finally picked up some moisturizer today (Cerave), as I had been using some random neutrogena cream I had in my room, which I didn't really trust all that much. Been drinking a lot of water(2-3 litres a day the past two days) because I can't quite seem to quench my thirst no matter how much water I drink. So. Thirsty. Accidentally got a mouthful of vodka today from a waterbottle that I thought had WATER in it, quite a shock to say the least. Spit it on the ground immediately (I was in a parked car). The weird thing about that is that it made me feel really shaky afterwards and a bit nauseous -had to lay down and eat something to get rid of the feeling.
  5. Day 3

    My family was taking shots of vodka at home and I decided to join them even though I know you shouldn't drink on accutane. Because six months no drinking??? Haha no way.. And I definitely see why. I'm telling you, I have a pretty good tolerance(it usually takes me about 8-10 shots to get drunk), but ONE shot felt like 4-5. I was definitely feeling it almost immediately after I took it, weird feeling. Face was not really looking any different.
  6. Day 1

    Had a very strange feeling in my stomach a couple hours after taking the first pill; kind of comparable to being vaguely hungry and nauseous at the same time. I also woke up slightly anxious, continued to experience this anxiety throughout work. A couple notable things for day 1: -Felt quite moody but that could've been due to other factors such as sleep, personality, etc idk -Muscle pain, breast pain -So so incredibly tired, and I know it was definitely the accutane responsible for this because I never feel that way. It honestly felt like chronic fatigue.
  7. So the new product line Nerd Skincare came out and I was very intrigued. I had cystic acne off and on for 3 years now. Before I begin I have to disclose that I am gluten free (I have celiac disease) and recently became vegan in last at three months. I drink at LEAST a liter of water everyday. I just bought the acne treatment serum (they call it a lotion) and it comes in a tincture bottle and I bought the face wash. I remove my makeup with an argan oil wipe and continue with the oil cleansing method (1 part castor oil to 4 parts grape seed oil). I then wash my face with Nerd, mist Rose water and witch hazel on my face and then use the serum (you only need about 3-4 drops) after it's soaked in I use First Aid Skin care ultra hydrating lotion. (Nerd Skincare has a lotion but it's $95, ouch) Things take time and it have been 2 months since I first bought the product. So far I have had awesome results, the cystic acne decreased more quickly than with anything else I've used and my tiny guys went away with a little more time. I do use the vanity planet spin brush every night. I also use the wash and serum in each morning under my makeup. I have dry/combination skin. I also started taking a zinc supplement everyday and that has helped A LOT. I also use the cerave am lotion that has zinc oxide in the morning. My skin is clearing up and my hyperpigmentation and scars are clearing up as well (the spin brush really helps). I want to post before and after pics soon when I'm more satisfied. (I also learned not to use any other acne products with it as it can counteract the formula) Overall i I would say try it. This is the only product I have felt was worthy of a review out of the 3+ years I've been fighting acne. Also cut out as much dairy as possible!!!!!!! It's linked to causing all sorts of problems with your skin and health.
  8. So after the long process and battle with my insurance company, I was finally able to get my accutane today. I'm not gonna go until all the details about my acne history but I've struggled with it since I was 12 and I'm now 20. Anyways, I feel like my dermatologist prescribed me a high amount.. I weigh 105 and I've been put on 40mg twice a day, so 80mg a day. My nurse recommended I take just one 40mg pill a day for the first 4 or 5 days to see how my body reacts. What are your opinions? I understand the whole concept of a shorter course with a higher dosage which I'm fine with I just kind of thought it was high after reading other people's posts!
  9. Subcision Success!

    I am happy to say that the subcision I had last year worked very well on one scar. I also had a laser and prp. On my right cheek I can hardly see the large scar. It was getting worse because I am older. It's much much better! I do still see other scars but they have improved as well. In certain light I see a scar under my eye on my left cheek, but that's under certain light. I wanted to go for the four follow up subcisions but I don't want to deal with my wife nagging me on how vain I am. But after seeing the scars again I really want to do follow ups!! I have a few questions. Around my eyes, where the crowsfeet are, I have two or three deep acne scars. My question is, would a dermapen work better for that area, or should I continue with the subcision? How about dermarolling? Since it's by the temple where the crows feet are and in creases, I'm curious what you think. I hope to get some answers. Subcision really does work!
  10. Blackhead scar

    So last October I had this massive blackhead on my nice so I decided to squeeze it and it crated this massive pimple. I wasted it to go so badly so I kept fiddling with it and it's created this massive scar on my nose which needs about 10294858 layers of concealer to cover it. I thought it would go and it hasn't and I need help because I really don't want to wear makeup to school. HELP?!?!!?!!!
  11. Hello, its the first time i post here, idk if its the right section excuse me if its not so my question is does soy protein and oat crackers cause acne? can it trigger acne im eating a lot of veggies and trying to be on a diet that is good for acne thx in advance
  12. I have used many different acne medications over the years- epiduo, Retin A, solvere gel (benzoyl peroxide), aczone (in 2 different concentrations), and now, differin. I have also been in the past on doxycycline (only for a few months) along with using topical treatments, and my dermatologist is now having me take niacinamide twice a day in addition to using aczone (7.5%) and differin (0.3%). I tend to get cysts on my chin and forehead, as well as occasionally in between my eyebrows and on my cheeks. For some reason, I tend to get acne more inwards on my face, and I never (if rarely) break out along the sides of my face (excluding my chin). It's really weird because most people my age (I'm in high school) break out in that place, but I never have. Does anyone know if that links my acne to a hormonal cause or is it caused by another factor? I also am trying to avoid accutane for as long as possible because of its possible side effects. Does anyone know of any additional acne medications I could try? In early November, my dermatologist prescribed me with a higher concentration of aczone and differin for my acne. Around a month or so later (early/mid December), I noticed that various red splotches were appearing on my neck. Some of the redness was accompanied with dry patches, but overall my neck was very very itchy. In addition, my eyelids had become very red and scaly. I tried applying my normal moisturizer and coconut oil to these places, which somewhat helped the dryness, but the redness and itching persisted. About a week or two later, I had a checkup with my normal doctor, and I informed them of my condition. She believed it was contact dermatitis (because of the redness location being in places where my skin is exposed), and I was told to apply hydrocortisone cream to my neck, let it absorb for 10-15 minutes, then follow up with my normal moisturizer twice a day. For my eyelids, she told me to apply vaseline onto them a few times a day. I followed her instructions, and saw some results- now there is less redness/itching and no dryness on my neck, and my eyelids are no longer dry, but they are still very red. Long story short, the irritation has lessened but the reactions are still happening. After doing a little research, differin has been linked to causing redness, itchiness, and hives to appear. Since it is a product I have no prior experience with, it would be my best bet as to why this is happening. it could as well be caused by the higher dosage of aczone, but I have never had any past problems with the product in a lower dosage. There is a chance it was caused by the niacinamide, but I would be very surprised if it was. Currently where I live, the weather is very cold. This could be affecting my irritation, but I do not believe it is the prime cause of it because I traveled to Florida for a week over winter break, and I had the issues occur the same as they did in the cold. My skin is also very sensitive overall, but I have never had a reaction as strong as this one before to an acne medication (if it is caused by one). Has anyone else had a bad or possibly allergic reaction to differin, aczone, or any of the other factors I listed? Even if you have or haven't, what do you guys think sounds the most likely to be causing this much irritation? I have an appointment with my dermatologist next week, so I will be sure to get her input and post it here if anyone is interested. I'm sorry for rambling on so much! I would really appreciate any advice or theories you guys would have as to why this is happening, or any tips in general or products to prevent acne. Thanks so much!!
  13. Alright, so ill just a quick rundown. Like many people here - I had TERRIBLE acne as soon as I hit puberty. My diet was shit and never made the connection. I went to the dermatologist for a few years, nothing worked, parent kept saying "It'll go away naturally", fast foreward to 2014, im now 21 y/o and its barely any better - havn't had a clear face in almost 10 years - Not a SINGLE DAY. Get on accutane, because i'de honestly rather die than continue living like this. 6 months go by, shits awesome, bones hurn ect. Even my managers were complementing ect, bad scars ect. Decide to try and get rid of scars, lazer treatment, doesn't work (looks kinda worse actually). Start looking for other options while saving money. Then it comes back, slowly getting worse than before. My social life i band-aided together starts falling apart. Had nightmares of this happening, literally the worst case scenario. Read about Brian Turner on YT, and decide its probably my diet - because absolutely nothing else makes sense. Ive done everything and sleep like a damn vampire for fucks sake. Already cut out dairy, but ate some yogurt and cheese so i thought i'de wait to see if that was the cause, Nope. Next, cut out everything processed - nothin. Read that bread and grains have inflammatory properties, bye bye breads :'). Still nothing. So now here i am, sitting with a fridge full of rabbits food and chicken (no read meat!) (also keep those fruits low! too high in sugar!). I have a nice plate of a few chicken breast and spinach for dinner with a glass of green tea. Wake up and it's only gotten worse (inb4 omega 3 meme). What the fuck am i suppose to eat? NO processed foods, no bread, no meats (except fish, which i have to drive 30 miles to find a store that sells fish(which is fucking expensive))no dairy, no added sugars, and low fruits. All thats left is Vegetables, and im told you can't survive on them alone. Am i just fucekd? Im 23 and look like a fucking angry moon. I broke up with my gf becouse i knew it was coming back and didn't want her to see me like this. I've tried the omega 6 suppliments, i've tried the probiotics (including brewing my own water kefir), i've tried the collidal silver, i went to the dentist to check my teeth, i exercise regulary and do manual labour at work, i've even tried starving myself. Im out of fucking ideas man. I don't know a SINGLE other person in real life who suffers like i do. And i don't want any sympathy, im way past that point. The worst part, is even if i ever do finally get cleared - my psyche has been destroyed. My grandmothers on her death bed and i don't feel anything. I was ready to die years ago, I feel like someone is doing this to me on purpose - like a fucked up game. I even delved into the supernatural and did a blood ritual and carved a symbol into my thigh. People say shit like "would you rather be a starving child in africa", yea, any day of the week. I still feel pains from the accutane in my bones, but i think its my only option at this point. I'de rather deal with physical pain than keep going on like this. But if you think you know whats wrong with me, i'de like to hear it i guess.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had suggestion on how to treat or get rid of dark spots after the pimple been popped and recovering. Any natural remedies or over the counter products I'm able to buy for my oily/sensitive skin? My diet and lifestyle is very healthy but it's not really helping my face. Much appreciated and thanks for the help!
  15. Week 4

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    One month has gone by and I'm seeing some progress here and there! I'm changing my regimen slightly, as mentioned in my blog, and hope to see continuing success and good results.
  16. Week 4

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    One month has gone by and I'm seeing some progress here and there! I'm changing my regimen slightly, as mentioned in my blog, and hope to see continuing success and good results.
  17. Week 4

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    One month has gone by and I'm seeing some progress here and there! I'm changing my regimen slightly, as mentioned in my blog, and hope to see continuing success and good results.
  18. One Month Down: Surprise Development

    So one month of the AHA and Retinol usage has come to pass. I haven't missed any applications and I'm feeling good about my decisions to do this. I'm still not sure what kind of results I'm seeing, nor am I confident I will ever be rid of the pitted/rolling acne scars or the occasional break out. But! I will definitely take softer skin, less turn around between pimple appearances, and a somewhat more even skin tone of that happens to be what I get out of it. My mother, who anyone can tell has played a critical part in my skin issues, even said that my skin looks great. So, maybe there are noticeable differences after all. Oh, and as for the surprise? I am a furrower. I'm constantly raising or knitting my eyebrows together. This has resulted in deep horizontal forehead lines, as well as two deep and visibly noticeable vertical lines between my eyebrows. I'm never going to get rid of the forehead lines, that's just life, but the lines between my eyebrows have gone away. I used to be able to feel the creases where they came together and this treatment I've begun seems to have started eradicating them! Hooray for unintended consequences! I still have pimples showing up around my jaw line and by my ears. They subside more quickly than they used to, although the left over pigmentation still happens. I'm not sure that will ever stop happening as much as start going away more quickly. I'm hoping that will eventually taper off, but it's hard to say. I have decided to up my application of AHA at this time. I'm going with AHA, Retinol, AHA, break and etc. I think my skin should react okay to this and I should be able to avoid any nasty backlash. So, here's to the continuing journey! I will continue doing updates of course and look forward to what's in store for my skin!
  19. So tight now I'm on prescription antibiotics, BC, and tactu forte for my acne. It seems to be going well but it's only been about a week so it's still very early. Though, I have gone through acne before and have seen what my skin looks like without acne and it does have some red coloured scars. So I want one find out now what the best treatment for acne scars are that are red so that once I no longer have active acne I can treat them right away.

    Hey everyone I've been trying to get my face under control lately but I'm very confused on how to go about it. Firstly, I have no clue what is specifically wrong with my face. I have these red marks that haven't gone away for years; they make my skin look very bad and uneven. I'm not sure if it's PIH or erythema or something along those lines. I just want to feel comfortable in my skin and have more confidence. All I do for now is the basic cleanser, benzoyl peroxide treatment, sometimes a AHA/BHA gel, and a moisturizer. Once a week I'll use a charcoal masque. Any help is highly appreciated!
  21. Needing some advice...

    Hi everyone, Kind of nervous as this is the first time I've ever put photos on the internet of my skin. I suffered with mild breakouts in my teen years (16-18) and obvously I wasn't completely aware of acne and how horrendous it actually would be so used to pick, pop, squeeze and literally man handle them... Which has now left scarring on both my cheeks. I'm 20 now, I should add. I'm posting this for advice really. I still get breakouts from time to time but I can handle them. Quitting smoking and drinking my daily amounts of water has extremely helped and I recently started using Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish. I'd say my skin is dry? Kind of tight. Even though I have breakouts and scars, my skin is always super soft, dry and feels amazing to touch even though I try not too. I've tried using moisturisers before, most recent being Aveeno which completely broke out my entire face. I'm just wondering what people would suggest. Would you consider this moderate acne? Just scarring? Severe? I'm going to the doctors in the morning but I know they'll either fob me off or refer me to a dermatologist which will take months for an appointment so kind of wanting something in the meantime to help bring back my confidence which is slowly dying day by day. It's getting to a point I don't want to leave the house. I suffer with extreme health anxiety and the thought of this ever getting worse is causing me to lose sleep and panic on a day to day basis. I can't cope anymore like this. Apologies in advance for the hair in the pictures. I can only shave when my stubble grows to a certain length otherwise it's very irritable and causes me to breakout even more. Thank you. And if I've posted this in a completely wrong place, I'm sorry, I'm new here.
  22. I have been using aczone and generic tretinoin 0.05 for over a year. When I first started using tertinoin 0.05, my skin did peel and turn red especially my mouth and noise area. I thought it would go away and it kind of didn't. I continued to use it because I thought my skin just needed time to adjust to it. The peeling and redness is not as bad as it was before, but I still do peel and my nose area is still uncomfortably red and itchy in the corners even though I use the CeraVe PM moisturizer every night and morning. This happens even when I use the retinoin every other day or every 3rd day. I recently went back to my derm and she gave me the Skinmedica retinol complex .25 to use instead of the tretinoin. I used the retinol .25 for about a week and my face was not peeling and no redness, my skin looked smoother too!! But I did notice little small pimples on my cheeks, so I stopped using the retinol and went back to my tretinoin and my face is red and dry and itchy again. I was wondering should I give the skinmedica retinol .25 another chance? or should I ask my derm for the tretinoin .025 instead? Thank you!
  23. I'm starting accutane on February 13th. Wish me success!
  24. Epiduo Forte Journey

    I've been using Epiduo Forte (and currently still am), so I wanted to start sharing how it is working out for me for those of you that are going to attempt to use it.
  25. Acne Scars - Before and After

    Hi all! I struggled with severe acne for a couple of years and was a big picker (honestly, don't do it guys, I can tell you first hand you'll regret it so much). After clearing my acne (I am starting to get a few pimples back as you'll see in the photos, but nothing like what it was) through an accutane course of roughly 7-8 months, I was left with some pretty decent scarring on my face, which has really dented my confidence. Thus, I decided to see a cosmetic dermatologist by the name of Dr Adrian Lim of uRepublic in Sydney, Australia, re minimising these scars. Dr Lim decided the best thing for my scars was a procedure called "contour resurfacing", which involves a couple of different lasers and costs roughly $1600 (I can give you more details on the whole process, but generally the treatment itself involved minimal pain due to local anesthetic). He has recommended I have 2-3 treatments depending on my results. I decided to go ahead with the resurfacing that he suggested, and had it done on the 12th of December 2016. After, I was left with a sore face for a few days, as well as quite a red face for 14 days - it is actually still a bit red now after a few weeks, however it is gradually improving and will completely heal over time. In fact, I've been told that the redness shows that the skin is still healing, so my results should only improve from here. Anyway, I am quite happy with the results after just one treatment, so I wanted to share them with you guys in case any of you are feeling a bit down and think there is no hope to improve your scars. I have only provided pictures of the left side of my face because, in all honesty, the scarring on that side was just so much worse than my right. I have uploaded four photos to the bottom of this post, two before photos which were taken in late November/early December and two after photos which were taken a couple of days ago - all which were taken in the same spot with the same lighting and no editing!!! A couple of pimples in the after shot take away from the results a bit, but ignoring those I think these are positive results. FYI I am a 20 year old male. Happy to answer any questions you have TLDR - I have attached some before and after acne scar photos from a contour resurfacing procedure to the bottom of this post.