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  1. WARNING!!!! Acid Peels Can Harm Your Skin, cause severe burns, and further scaring. Do not think the highest percentages will help if you are not experienced. Please Study fully and read as much as you can. Always spot treat when trying anything. If you have any doubts have a dermatologist do it. They are experienced handling the acid. Watch as many Youtube Videos as you can on your peel, start with a spot test somewhere out of the way, then try a diluted (use water) treatment 8-12% and move up to higher percentages IF YOU CAN HANDEL IT! Never go above 35% and even this can lead to burns! Start Low & work up!!!!!!!!! Test Spot Trial is your friend, you only have one face. This goes for most acid peels, order a higher percentage, dilute them down, and build up what you can handle. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Different Kinds of Acid Peels ** We recommend Makeup Artists Choice for their excellent customer service and support of their acid peels. TCA is the best all around peel for the acne scar suffer, it allows similar benefits of laser treatments at home without the fat loss and thermal damage. You can slowly step your way up to TCA peels through other peels, and the alternative peels have other advantages like hyper pigmentation, acne, and skin tone when you don't want the down time of TCA resurfacing. TCA is normally done in the Winter or early Spring as it requires one to hibernate during recovery and avoid the sun, it is part of many yearly beauty routines. Glycolic Acid (Alpha Hydroxy) A good all-around acid for normal-oily skin types to exfoliate the skin. More harsh than lactic acids. An alpha hydroxy, this peel penetrates the epidermis-only. Jessner Based in alcohol, this is a drying peel best suited for oily, acneic skin types. Containing both alpha and beta hydroxies along with resorcinol, this peel penetrates more deeply than an alpha or beta peel, but less deeply than a TCA. Not recommended for sensitive skin. Not recommended for dry skin. Lactic Acids (Alpha Hydroxy) Milder than glycolic acid, and typically better for working on hyperpigmentation problems. Our formulation contains licorice extract, an effective skin lightening additive. Appropriate for normal, dry, or oily skin. An alpha hydroxy, this peel penetrates the epidermis-only. A good all around peel for the beginner. Contraindication: Do no use if you have milk allergies. Mandelic Acid (Alphy Hydroxy) An alpha hydroxy acid, Mandelic Acid is derived from bitter almonds. The molecular structure of mandelic acid is larger than better known alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. This means it takes longer to penetrate the skin's surface and is much less irritating. Excellent for acne, large pores, blackheads, wrinkles, lines, sun damaged skin, extremely sensitive skin and darker skin tones. Contraindications: Do not use if you have nut allergies. Phytic Acid (neither an alpha nor a beta) A superficial peel with exfoliating properties. Desirable for skin types that cannot tolerate AHA's. Derived from rice, this product is excellent for anti aging, skin smoothing, brightening, Melasma and general discolorations. Acne clients will see skin clearing. Those with PIH (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) will see excellent results. Pumpkin Exfoliating Masque w/5% Glycolic Acid A wonderful combination of enzymatic properties, along with an alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate the skin, refine texture and brighten skin tones. Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy) Oil soluble, thus making these acids perfect for oily/acne skin that needs deep pore cleansing and loosening of blackheads. Use the 3% or 8% strengths as a "first-step" when using alpha hydroxy acid peels to remove all oils from the skin, or use alone 3/4 times per week for oil/blackhead control. Use the 15% or 10% once a week only. A beta-hydroxy, this acid penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis only. Contraindications: Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin products. Trichloreacetic Acid (TCA) Deeper peeling class of acids used for acne, lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring. Longer lasting results, more intensive. This peel penetrates the epidermis, into the upper layers of the dermis, thus producing a more effective peeling experience. Always begin with a low strength with this particular acid. TCX We formulated this peel with a proprietary blend of acids to work on a number of skin care issues by including the following acids: Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid, TCA, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Phytic Acid. Total acid content is 30%. Great for acne, softening of acne scars, anti aging benefits, fading of skin discolorations. Consider this your all-in-one peel. Non Acid Enzyme Peel All natural enzymes from papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain), safely dissolve surface skin debris and leave skin feeling soft, cleansed and refreshed. Our enzyme peel is professional strength, exactly what you would get in a very high-end salon. Use this product if you have sensitive skin that is non-tolerant of acid usage. Professional Enzyme Peel (non acid) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Case Study: AVOID Major Burns From Acid Please Learn a lesson from the below poster who used 80% TCA . Never use that much! Acid is serious stuff. 1) Always dilute down to 8 to 12% with water any acid (ie. half of TCA 35% is 17.5% and add a little more water to get it down). Do a test spot to see how your skin reacts. 2) Never do full strength till you know how you react. 3) Acids are gradual, start low, and work up a little at a time (each treatment). 35% should be your max for full face peels, many never get there as it's to strong. For TCA Cross, you can buy stronger acid but the same applies, start low, and then gradually work up higher. TCA can be treated by doctors at 100%. We never do this!!!! If your skin can handle it 50% is high and never ever drip any excess acid (wring it out with gloves, or get all of it off with your toothpick). 4) Drops / excess = burn scars (even the tiniest amount of TCA or other acid works). Toothpicks /wood pick up acid even if you wipe them dry. 5) Use vaseline around the eyes, eyebrows around the nose, lips, and smile lines by the mouth. Acid will not work with vaseline. Vaseline can also be put around a scar that is being treated to protect the surrounding skin. 6) Always wear rubber gloves 7) Do not use those fan brushes, you have no control and will cause burns, use gauze and wring it outwith no excess, or a toothpick that fits in your ice pick scar (test before acid) dip it into the acid and dab any excess on a paper towel. No drips. 8) In case of emergency immediately put your dissolved baking soda water over the area to stop the Acid 9) IF you have any darkness in your skin, you can tan you may cause hyperpigmentation and excess redness. Some ethnicity's cannot use TCA (light skin types don't have this issue unless the percentage is too high), either use very diluted (water) acid and do a test spot. Or darker skin types have done well with Glycolic and Salycilic acids. 10) Never TCA Cross (high acid amount) in the middle of a scar that is wide. TCA cross is for very narrow ice picks, the narrower the better. You would be better with a dilute spot peel (full facial peel) than to widen already wide spots. TCA Cross at high percentages of acid must have defined borders to touch all the walls of the scar. 11) Acid widens the scar, while this may soften it be aware it may make it look worse, do a test spot first. Microneedle, then the next month do a peel, repeat, this can help even things out. 12) We suggest makeup artists choice for TCA and other peels. They have excellent customer service, and do not sell acids that are industrial grade (not medical) like Amazon and ebay (you don't want this on your skin).'s store above has a great glycolic peel. 13) Always remember after care: A wet wound is a happy wound, some great ones to apply a few times a day are vaseline, aquaphor, triple antibiotic cream, or biafine (European for burns, doesn't react like some to vaseline). Use diluted (Water) white vinegar on a gauze daily to pat the area (kills bacteria and makes things peel), never rub! Normal soap unless it's gentle can make your face react after a peel. 14) If you have major burns goto the hospital ASAP! 15) An doubt have your med spa or doctor do the peels, acid peels are the number one way people get burns or make their scars worse, less is more, and spot treat to see what you can take. >> The gentleman at the bottom of this thread would be best to goto the derm or med spa and have V-beam for the redness or IPL, BBL, Photofacials, 1064nm laser. He should be using aloe Vera and honey for his burns or triple antibiotic, silicone liquid is also good for scars. Burn gels are sold at the store often called hydro gels. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ How to Do TCA CROSS for Icepicks and Small Boxcars Items you will need: Toothpick or wood part of swab broken off to fit inside scar (sandpaper), TCA Acid 35-50%, Paper Towel, Baking Soda dissolved water, Vaseline / triple antibiotic / or biafine / hydrogel burn section first aid, Acetone aka nail polish remover (without fragrance, 100%), rubber gloves, small container for acid (glass or ceramic), mirror 1) Wash face with a gentle soap, nothing to harsh or acidic. Let it dry fully 2) Use the Acetone aka nail polish remover (without fragrance, 100%) to pre treat the area (de grease it). 3) Sand down your toothpick (Sandpaper) to fit into scar or break a wodden swab stick and make it fit into the scar, TCA Cross does better on scars with defined walls all around, the closer the walls the scar the better it will heal. Icepicks and small boxcars can be treated. Bigger scars should be treated with weaker acid dilution over the effected area (soften the transition to the surrounding skin), not just inside the spot. 4) Put on those gloves 5) put vaseline anywhere you think is important to protect. The acid will not react there. Nose, lips, around eyes, eyebrows, smile lines. You can also surround the area with vaseline if you wish for extra protection but it's not necessary. 6) Pour a little acid or drop it into the glass or ceramic. Add equal amount to half it. You should always do test spots before you treat all your scars. This can be done at a dilute amount 20% if doing TCA Cross, and less for a full face or spot peel 8-12%. You are seeing how you heal, how it looks, and how you react to the acid. 7) Use your toothpick or wooden q-tip swab. Dip it in the TCA. You will take your paper towel and get any excess off. Drips make burns, wood holds acid, even if you cannot see it. The smallest amount works, not excess. You are pressing firmly into the icepick or box car but not spreading it outside of that scar, reach the bottom of the scar but never break the skin by pressing to hard. 8) It should start to turn white, if it does not, you may in 5 mins do it again (if your at a lower dilution for that test spot, it will not turn white and that's ok, white is only at higher amounts). Turning White assumes you have reached the appropriate strength for your skin and it's not too much. 9) Some people in case of emergency or to stop it because it hurts too much, take their dissolved baking soda water and stop the acid. TCA is self neutralizing, hence the white it is reaching the keratin in the skin. Never wash it off with soap (ouch!). 10) Put your vaseline, triple antibiotic cream, hydrogel from the first aid section for burn stuff, or biafine my favorite on the spot. You can take some antihistamine and or Tylenol if you need for pain and swelling. 11) Daily put more of the above to keep it moist, and once or twice a day used diluted (Water) vinegar to pat with gauze the area, never rub. This clean and kills bacteria, also it makes it peel naturally. 12) If you need to use acne stuff, only put it on the spots, never the scab or wound 13) If your in the shower, it can make the scab fall off, this is bad, splash your face, don't let it fall off. 14) Do not pick, it will make it worse. 15) Only do these peels once a month, more and you will make it deeper. 16) After the scab has fallen off you can use honey and aloe vera to heal the red spot or triple antibiotic cream. 17) Wet Green tea bags help with redness and soothing 18) The scar will not be flat, that takes multiple treatments, it will lessen a percentage as it raises the bed or bottom of the scar, ... I suggest microneedling, and alternating months doing peels for collagen production. 19) Ethnic skin types may not be able to use TCA, please do a test spot, at a verry dilute amount (water), see how you react. Ethnic skin types do well with Glycolic and, Salycilic Acids. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. I have not idea how I got this deep pitted pore. Can TCA help reduce this severity of this type of scar? It's very small but it's deep. Does anyone know a good practitioner in Northern NJ to help correct this? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I'm using Retin-A cream. My skin is used to it, I don't have irritation, it's taking it really well. I'm thinking about TCA cross and I'm wondering how long should I wait after I stop using Retin-A?
  4. I have done 7 or 8 2-3 layer TCA 25% peels and havent had any issues. Im normally completely peeled by day 6 with no hyperpigmentation. I am going to attempt my 1st 35% peel and let it be my final peel until November. I havent done a peel since January 10th so I feel my face is ready for another. What steps should I take to do this peel that might be any different from the others and what should I expect to be different. I have been using Perfect Image Salicylic Deep Gel Cleanser for about a week now. Since I started using it my Peel time has been cut in almost half and Ive had much better skin texture immediately following a peel. I have also bought Cosmedica Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I have never used it before and I am wondering if or when it should be used with a peel. Use it after peel is applied then by day 2 or 3 start using aquaphor or wait and use it once all skin has peel and just use aquapher after I have applied the peeling agent to my face and during the peeling process?
  5. Today marks Day 30 after my subcision and TCA Cross Method treatments. I was really inspired by the photos that Tamara Madden and another subscriber had posted on the web and wanted to see if subcision would work for me. I've attached their websites below: Here is a very brief overview of my journey with acne scar revision. I first developed cystic acne when I was in the eighth grade. By my senior year, I had several cysts on my right cheek which collapsed and left a rather large crater. My cystic acne really flared up in college and it was then that I went to a dermatologist for the first time and was placed on antibiotics. My acne stayed under control with antibiotics and topical creams (Retin-A and Benzol Peroxide) for several years. However, I kept getting cysts and decided to go on Acctuane. My skin EXPLODED with cystic acne lesions all over my face which left me with considerable scarring that I had not had before taking Accuntane. The good news, however, is that I never had another cystic lesion on my face after taking Accutane. Over the years, I've tried Glycolic and Lactic Acid Peels, Cryotheraphy, etc. to help diminish my scars. After reading about subcision on this website, I decided to talk to my dermatologist about it. He agreed to do the procedure on me along with the TCA Cross Method on March 16, 2009. Quite honestly, I am really glad that I had the procedure done. I took a week off of work and had some bruising and swelling, but no complications whatsoever. I decided to take tons of pictures to help document the process and help others learn more about it. Right Cheek (Pre-Subcision) Right Cheek (30 Days Post-Subcision) Some flattening of the rolling scars, but will need more subcision treatments. Left Cheek (Pre-Subcision) Left Cheek (30 Days Post-Subcision) Dramatic improvement over the baseline photo. Many of the "creases" and fine lines have disappeared in this photo. This photo kind of scares me......Acne scarring combined with aging is not a pretty site. The lighting is not quite the same, but the overall appearance of my scars has diminished. The reflection of the "man in the mirror" has definitely changed for the better and for that I am truly grateful. I recently went to get my haircut by a friend in a city nearby whom I had not seen in six years and had always "cringed" when I saw myself in the mirror due to the harsh lighting in there. This time, I kept looking at myself and saying, "Is that really me?" The man in the mirror that I was now seeing wasn't the same one I had seen in the past. The man I was seeing had smoother and healthier looking skin. As I mentioned above, I plan going for at least two more rounds of subcision followed by Pearl Laser in December of this year. I am not aiming for perfection as I know that is not truly attainable. As my photos show, I have seen incremental improvement and I will take any improvement that I can possibly get. I want to encourage ALL of you out there who have suffered from acne scars to do your research online, ask lots of questions, and find a competent and compassionate doctor who can help you. I have just ordered an LED light and hope to have it before my next round of subcision in May. Best wishes to you on YOUR journey to healing..... P.S. I have a blog on this website that will give you a good idea of what to expect if you decide that subcision is the right treatment for you.
  6. Skincare after TCA cross

    Hello everyone. I've been using TCA 25% peels for a while now with very good results. I've decided to try TCA cross on my scared pores and ice-pick scars. Yesterday scabs fell off and my scars are deeper - I read it's normal and should look better after few weeks. My question is: how should I treat my skin during those weeks when collagen production should do its job? I use Clarisonic daily or almost daily and I wonder - should I stop? (I don't want to make scars even deeper or somehow interrupt the process)
  7. I did the TCA cross (100%) on the 1st of February. All of the scabs are now off. It seems the best results are from the spots that the scabs remained on the longest. Three of them stayed on until the past couple of days, and they are almost level with the rest of my face already. I have some improvement with some of the others, some not so much. I am going to Cross again mid-March. I had quite a bit of redness in the scars when the scabs came off, but they have faded rather well. Is there a way to keep the scabs from coming off early? I would like them to stay on as long as possible. I wonder if I should wear bandages at night when I go to bed to keep them from rubbing on the pillow, and to keep me from scratching in my sleep (if I was). I am going to take "before" pictures before my next Cross. I am insecure about my face, obviously, but I will take pics through the next session and post them here. What is the best thing to put on after? I did the antibiotic ointment for the first 3 days then switched to copper peptides. Last week I bought the LaRoche-Posay Ciciplast and it seemed to take the redness away quicker. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. tca cross w professor chu

    checking in here as i inadvertantly posted misleading information in another thread. i had tca cross done by professor chu at hammersmith hospital 17 days ago now. early on i thought i had made remarkable progress, especially on the main scar (narrow boxcar on the tip of the nose). turned out that some of the '85%' fill-in i mentioned was actually the scab, which hung on in there for 16 days (without being really visible). fell off yesterday leaving the same indent- but happily, there is definite progress, i would say maybe 30%. the scar may be a little wider (i was warned this could happen) but certainly flatter, and the edges seem less sharp. so all in all im pleased. the downtime for this procedure is a drag - i peeled a lot- but worth it to me. with luck i should see further collagenisation in the coming weeks, and i have another visit scheduled for early january. i do feel confident that this will get me the results i want, but just wanted to warn that it takes commitment and that those who see instant results seem to be very much the exception. best wishes
  9. Hello Everyone! After reading through a LOT of information on this board, and even bookmarking a few posts for easy reference, I have decided to join the site. I can't seem to find what I am looking for and am hoping one of you knowledgeable people can help me! I recently purchased TCA 100% for Cross and TCA 15% for peeling (it is a kit). I have been using mandelic acid cleanser, toner and serum as a pre peel regimen to help see better results with the peel. I have watched videos and read a lot and feel very informed on both procedures so that I can do them safely. I did TCA Cross on two scars 12 days ago and have seen some improvement. I will Cross them again in a few weeks along with other scars, now that I know I can do this safely and not do further damage to my skin. Here is my question: How do I go about doing Cross and Peels together? I can't find information on that, other than one post and it didn't make sense to me. Can I apply my 15% TCA Peel, neutralize and cleanse and then do my TCA 100% with my toothpick on the individual scars? I am thinking this would be a no-no because the peeling of the 15% solution will pull off the scabs from the TCA 100% prematurely. Should I do them separately then? If so, which should I do first? How long should I wait between each procedure? Background: 46 year old female, small hormonal pimples along my jaw and on my neck with my cycle which is much better (nearly gone) with the mandelic acid, fair skin, left cheek ice pick scars and boxcar scars, right cheek three small scars, one scar on chin. I think they look worse to me than they really are, but I would like to improve my skin. Love this site! So great to read success stories and see people trying to help each other!! Catherine
  10. 1) did it always leave yours scars looking worse/deeper/wider/more intense than they looked pre-procedure? 2) If it did initially look worse, what happened several weeks to several months out? 3) Was the treatment successful for you (i.e., state the percentage improvement you obtained)? 4) If your scars did improve, a) what kind of scars did you have and were they mild, moderate or severe, b) how many sessions did it take to achieve those results? 5) Finally, did you DIY or have it professionally done? Thanks so much in advance for your response.
  11. Has anyone tried this method of TCA cross? Think this works better than other methods (ex. using a toothpick)? For the DIYs what method do you use? What size (gauge) needle do you think this is? Perhaps smaller would be better/safer (especially for scarred pores). Any amazon links? Thanks!
  12. Hi All, I need some advice and opinions. Four months ago i had subcision and TCA cross. The results for the most part have been satisfying. I have a combination of ice pick and boxcar scars on my temples. Friday i am supposed to go have my second treatment of TCA cross. What do you guys think of the results so far after one treatment? To me, they seem to have filled up after they expanded. The redness really does concern me. Do you guys think i should go for this next treatment?
  13. Hi all, I did it! I finally went ahead to get a prescription for epiduo! My skin has improved a lot over the years (from 2011) and dairy is the culprit from what I know. However, due to all the acne, my skin texture is all bumpy now and I do suffer from rolling and boxcar scars. Also, gluten seems to be play a role as well but it never used to affect me before. I noticed all the itchiness once my breakouts became really severe in around 2012, I would say. Any opinion on this? The main point of this post is to ask if anyone has done a tca peel (12.5%, I am a first-timer) while on epiduo AND starting on birth control (estelle) in the same week. I was going to start on epiduo tonight but I had already planned to do a tca peel on Friday (23rd Dec) and my period is estimated to start on Saturday (24th Dec). I am fine with putting off the usage of epiduo until the second week of Jan as I do believe my skin should have healed sufficiently by then. Just wondering if thi is a good plan. Can anyone enlighten me on whether epiduo improves skin texture? And also, whether doing 1 12.5% tca peel would improve my skin texture. That's my main concern as applying makeup is horrible and has been horrible for the past few years. Many thanks to anyone who help me out in this!
  14. Good day everyone! I'm back on tack. I used to visit this site, maybe a year ago or 2. I have a nose scar on thel eft side of my nose, upper nostrils. I used to apply TCA cross, would only cause swelling and would eventually go back to its original size. I tried needling it with 0.23mm micro needle, I thought it was healing, but then it again went back to original size. I do not know if I should still continue with needling since I learned that it is very dangerous to do needling on nose. Anyone with similar stories or success stories? Hope you could share. It is very depressing to hace these kind of scars. Not the the actual pic but very similar and deeper is my scar. Thanks in advance -pan
  15. Deep Nose Scar And Tca Cross

    So I decided to apply an 8% TCA on my nose. Just did it now. Stung a bit, frosted a bit, neutralized it with baking soda after 5 minutes. Will keep you posted!
  16. Scar Success!

    Hi everyone, Here's my before and afters: Just wanted to post my success for moral support and encouragement for anyone else like me that thought they'd NEVER make progress. I had acne my whole life and it became cystic when I reached my late 20's. I had the worst acne of ANYONE I'd ever seen, I even had to have some surgical excision of cysts that never left. It was that bad. I don't use any acne products. I only wash my face once a day, don't even wash it in the mornings. I use coconut oil as a cleanser sometimes and a makeup remover if I wear make up. The pics are about 2 years apart. I attribute the improvement in scarring to derma-stamping, single needling, STOPPING retin-A, silicone mircro-droplet injections, TCA spot treatment on scars and eating a healthy diet with no soy, grains, or unsaturated oils. There are some red areas in this after pic because I recently did some TCA spot treating on a couple icepick scars but I don't break out anymore and this redness is temporary and easily covered with make up. I highly recommend derma-stamping and TCA for scars, when used cautiously and only if you've educated yourself on proper use. I really love using a 30%tca to spot treat small spots at a time because I don't have to hide in my house for 2 weeks that way, it's a slower longer process but I find that at least that way it actually gets done. As for stamping, I now do it once a month (or every 4-6 weeks) and I also just starting massaging my face and scars which feels good and brings blood flow to the surface of your skin making it healthier. There's a post somewhere on the forums here called "30min massage for scars" you can read which is very helpful too. I don't even use any cleansers except honey in the shower and sometimes coconut oil. I got rid of all the store bought, chemical laden crap. That being said, I do think salicylic acid, lactic acid and tca are good as long as they're not done too much, and health wise, I feel they're pretty safe to use. They're made from milk and fruit. I used to think it would never get better and I'm so glad I was patient, took pictures, kept learning, and kept persevering.
  17. I'm basically looking for something that I can do cheap and easily at home. Already have a .75mm Dermroller for complexion and looking to buy a 1.5 mm Dermastamp for my scars. Does anyone have experience with Dermastamping and doing TCA peels? I have shallow pitted scars that you can see in my other posts. Do you think I will have any benefit at all? My skin is pretty bad as it is so I figured I could at least try to make the rest of my skin look decent in the meantime. I'm thinking Dermastamp every 1.5 months with a peel somewhere in between and add vitamin c serum. I will eventually get around to subcision and possibly TCA cross but I think I am at least a year or so away from that. Would love to hear if anyone has any experience/results from something similar. Overall I'm wondering if it would even be worth it.
  18. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post some before and after pics of my skin after various scar treatments. I want to let you all know to that scars can be improved and don't give up if they get you down. I would have considered mine severe before treating them, now I rate them as maybe moderate; but I still plan on doing more treatments, just figured id post some pics to help some of you out. Heres a very very general overview of what I've done over the years: Dermastamp 1.5mm + terproline TCA peel 30%, 15% various lactic acid peels That's it...however, I plan on getting some subcision and TCA cross done very soon, along with learning how to single needle and continuing dermastamping and spot treating with the 30% TCA. Also, If any of you are under the impression that you NEED lasers to treat severe scarring, I'm here to tell you that you don't. IMO, lasers are way too harsh and can actually do more harm than good. Look at every option and combine treatments, something will work for you. Good luck!
  19. Tca Cross?

    I am interested in doing the tca cross scar treatment at home. I haven't found much information about it online. I was wondering if anyone knows how exactly to do tca cross? Any links or videos would really help me and anybody else interested in doing tca cross at home. Are some scars too big to do tca cross on? What size are scars supposed to be to do tca cross on?
  20. Hi everyone, I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 it has now cleared up thankfully I only get an occasional whitehead but I was left with scarring. I did have some boxcar scarring and also some rolling scars so I researched and decided to get derma rolling (micro rolling) done, I done it once with a dermatologist but then started doing it myself at home and had some good results as my boxcar and rolling scars are now gone. Unfortunately I am still left with small pitted holes that look like open pores on my cheeks, I believe these are called icepick scars? I researched into these again and came across TCA so I went ahead and had a 50% deep TCA peel with a dermatologist as I read it has good results on scarring, I am now three days post peel and have started to peel but the new skin underneath still seems to have the icepick scars. I'm not sure if I'm judging too early and if they get better over time so I thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone has had one done and how long it took for results? Also if anyone thinks TCA cross would be a better option for icepick scars? Or if I should just continue on with derma rolling for results. Please give any advice you can. Thanks
  21. Ice pick scars uk.

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster. I am looking to get TCA, to perform the cross procedure on my ice pick scars now my acne has finally calmed down. They are not the rolling type, but they look like large open pores although you can see the bottom on all of them so they are quite shallow. However TCA is hard to get in the uk, so I am looking to ship it. Main question is how easy is it to ship or will customs confiscate it? The supplier say they have shipped to the Uk successfully, and they seem genuine. Any help would be very welcome.
  22. I have a few mild to moderate icepick boxcar and rolling scars near my temple that I would like to improve. You can look through my post history to find some pictures. Looking for a decent doctor near MA, RI, CT, or even possibly NY or New Jersey. Would love to hear if anyone has had these procedures done in any of these states. Would also be willing to travel longer distances if anyone has had any great experiences. I appreciate the help. Treatments needed IMO are TCA Cross subcision and I might want fillers.
  23. Day 300

    I visited my dermatologist to do TCA cross on Friday and paid $250.00 for my entire face. I don't think it was worth it though considering the physician's assistant did very few of my scars and didn't even touch any of my boxcar scars. Anyway, I won't be using tazorac until after the scabs fall off. I think I'm going to start doing crosses on my own or at least dermarolling in August. What do you guys think? photos immediately after the procedure.
  24. Hi everyone, I am a 21 year old Asian-Indian origin female struggling from moderate-severe acne scars. I first battled moderate acne for years before going on a low dosage of accutane (10 mg) for four months after which my breakouts stopped. I haven't had a new pimple in months now (yeeeeaas, thankfully) but I have horrid horrid acne scars all over my cheeks. These are almost impossible to conceal with makeup so I had decided to visit a dermatologist who could help me get rid of these using different techniques. I went through 4 rounds of subcision+ co2 laser over the span of 2 years and I recently (last month) had a fraxel treatment done at a new dermatologist's place. Needless to say after spending all this money, time and effort I have had barely 10-15% improvement in the scars. This is incredibly upsetting and I was wondering if people here who have had scars and have successfully minimised them to a large extent could provide some insight here. I have attached two pictures here. This was the harshest light I could find and my scars do look pretty pretty bad here. appreciate the input!

    I've been sufferring with facial scarring for as long as I can remember. I tried a 30% tca cross but it made my scar wider but shallower. Im not sure if what would be easier to treat a deep small one or a shallow wide one ? Can anyone suggest anything? Ive also tried needling but theyre still there. Please help? I have three scars a white scar on my forehead chicken pox scar and underneath my eye. Also, I'm 20 years old/ asian skin/ medium fair. Has anyone tried success with excision? My scar expanded twice the size due to tca cross. My face is basically ruined.