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  1. Hello everyone, I decided to go with a combination of subcision and filler (Juvederm) thanks to the great knowledge provided by "beautifulambition." This forum a whole lot better place with him here, and I appreciate him for taking the time to help the people on this forum. After doing careful research, I ended up choosing Dr. Peter Rullan due to the great experience some other people on this forum had with him, and he was recommended by beautifulambition. He's a fantastic, caring doctor and I highly recommend him. Besides having a superb doctor on your side I think it's also important to take care of your health as well, so your body can produce the collagen needed. Below are the pictures before the subcision. I've not had any prior treatment for my acne scars, which are between 1-4 years old. Right Side: Left Side: The procedure took about 30 minutes. Getting the anesthesia, surprisingly, wasn't painful at all; I remember it being a bit more painful for dental work a few years ago. I didn't have any numbing cream either. Overall, I'd give the whole procedure a 3/10 for pain. Immediately after though I had some wicked swelling, and I did start to feel a bit more pain. The pain was went up to 5.5/10 right after the operation. I didn't take any pain meds. I just took some vitamin c and protein (MacroBar snack bars from Whole Foods); shortly after I took a 2 hour nap. By the time I woke up the pain was gone. I ate a lot of salads, green smoothies, and protein (chicken, 100% grass fed beef), so I can get my body everything it needs to heal properly. 3 Days After -- Right Side: Left Side: I decided to take a shower about 24 hours after the procedure. I used a gentle cleanser for my face as well. I then applied a moisturizer with vitamin c. I applied the cleanser and moisturizer each day once per day. After 2-3 days the swelling went down big time. I didn't apply any ice since I was told the more swelling/bruising the better the results. The yellow swelling started on the 3rd day, and lasted until the 6th day. My eyes got slightly affected (you can see the above pics), but it quickly faded away. 5 Days After -- I had a follow up for more filler. The doctor said everything was looking very good, and he did not think I needed much more filler. He used a little over half a syringe in total (first day + follow up) I believe. The doctor noticed a spot he missed for the subcision, and he treated that as well. He also noticed a raised scar right next to my left-side's laugh line, and he offered to treat that as well for free. 9 Days After -- Right Side: Left Side: The possible final improvement looks very promising. It's hard to tell, for me at least, what the final improvement will be since some areas are still slightly raised up (swelling/bruising, etc). But each day it's getting better and better. My favorite part of the day now is sleeping, since that's when you heal the most Will follow up about 5 days from now.
  2. Hello All! Hoping to find some guidance. I have a few old rolling acne scars on my cheeks and have exhausted just about every type of treatment (peels, fraxel, microneedling, fillers, etc). I've been reading about saline subcision and feel it might make an improvement to the type of scars I have. I live in Boston and was hoping someone could recommend a practitioner in my area that performs this procedure. Looking forward to your responses Also, would love to hear about any success stories with saline subcision!
  3. Dermaroller DIY advice!

    Hi, I am posting today to seek your advice and personal experiences in the use and knowledge of Dermarollers in the treatement of acne scarring. I am very interested in using dermarolling as an effective way of tackling my own acne scarring I acquired many years ago. Before I continue Ill explain my own background in brief. I had developed moderate to occasionally sever nodulistic acne when I was about 16 years old. I tried many ineffective orally taken antibiotics which left me with no significant results. I took the next leap of faith and consulted a dermatologist. He put me on a course of Roaccutane (Accutane in the States) for around 3-6 months if I recall correctly. This drug worked wonderfully well and stopped my condition in its tracks, although the side effects i experienced were horrible eg. slight hair loss, dry skin, lips eyes etc and my ability to heal naturally was diminished!! I do believe the latter was a contributing factor to my present day scarring... Moving on from then, Im now 25 and taking positive steps to improve the marks im left with. The most destructive part about it all is the phsycological impact they have had on me. Dermarolling.... Ive done a fair amount of reading/research/talking to aesthetic nurses, doctors and practice secretaries about all the different treatments...peels, lasers etc etc. Ive sumed it all up and CIT dermarolling seems to stand out in the crowd. The pros seem to outway the cons in alot of ways, when compared to most other alternatives. The main reason has got to be that the skin layers are never "destroyed" via ablative methods ie. Lasers. Ive consulted a particular aesthetic doctor in London, who has already performed subcision on both of my cheeks. The pain was very unsettling and The was about 1 week ago and the swelling & bruising (only very slight) has subsided completely. The results have not been spectacular, as my scarring might possibly be of too shallow in depth for this type of treatement to have a significant effect! I asked the doctor this question and he stated that there is no limitation in depth for this treatement to have a positive effect. He stated his aim was to "free up" some of the underlying skin tissue prior to commencing a second series of treatments ie. Dermarolling, using the gold standard UK - Genuine Dermaroller. Im considering performing my own treatment at home using a dermaroller, provided anyone can answer the following for me: 1.) What brand/type/model of dermaroller in the UK would you reccomend I purchase? I have found the Aura Derma on ...see link below... The feedback seems pretty promising on this product. Have any of you used this or would you be able say whether it would be money well spent if I purchase one on these? 2.) Can you recommend a good numbing cream? Ive heard about EMLA cream...are there any other types out there that could be stronger if need be? 3.) Can you recommend any good post treatment creams, for boosting my skins recovery? copper peptides? If ive missed anything, please feel free to add anything I need to be aware of! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to your replies with any assortment of advice! Syrup
  4. (sorry for my english) (and for a long text) Hey everbody! I am writing on because I am lost and depressed and my life is forever ruined... when I was 17, i start getting really bad acne, because off milk products, weight gainer and SH*TH. that time, I did not think about changing my diet, to a vegan I just thought I was unlucky. when I was about 19 I began Accutane, and back then I didn't know the side effects besides dry lips,skin.. I am 22 know an have scars on my temples an cheek. I was on accutane about 6-8month I think..(can't really remember how long ) anyways.. 6 month after I got a MatrixRF laser, that was on a high setting. downtime 14 weeks with scabs all over my face! after that treatment I was red for many months.. but my scars began to fade an got better. I was glad an did not think so much about my scars. besides that MatrixRF laser, I would receive free CO2 laser from one of the biggest an qualified hospital in Denmark. after the CO2 laser I began to noticed my scars were getting worse then before the treatment an my skin looked old a bit tired. after that I got a depression and my life turned, social life, hard times for my girlfriend I then talked to a friend who also had bad acne and many scars years back. (now with beautiful skin) he showed me the dermaroller/dermapen and still get a treatment ones every 6 month. 3 months after the CO2 laser I got a dermaroller with dermapen treatment. my skin react normally after, peeling and redness. maybe a small redness still was there months after... anyways I still thought/think my scars was worse after the dermaroller, and maybe saw some new scars... but know I just think it was my mind, because my scars was getting worse after the CO2 laser.But also after the dermaroller I thought my skins looked even more old, like the dermaroller have made my skin older. I dont know if it still are damage from the CO2 laser with the worse scars and age skin. and I am just F*UCK in my head or what! BUUT after that my depression was getting even worser and seeked a new special doctor with only experince witch acne and acne scars! I told him my story with all the treatments and he told me , i had the scars that SUBCISION would help with.. and the thought about subcision afraid me.. but when I was visiting the doctor I was crying about the hole thing I have been through and trusted him.... Now after the subcision I have new surgery scars all over he putted the nodule and the injection before the treatment. I had the worst swelling an a lot of hematoma, purple/blue/black Lumps right after and know its over 2 months since the treatment, and i regret it BIG time... my skin look like shit with more scars all over... I think I am a bad healer after accutane and I easily get scars.. but back in then, before the laser I did not know.. not intil after the subcision I dont know if I ever gonna hell properly again or ever can get the new worser scars better maybe after some time, I should dermaroll again, with small neddlees with 3 months between... are there any scar treatment for bad healers ??
  5. Accutane and Scar Journey

    Hi Guys, My name is jake and I'm new to Basically, my story is like everyone else's. I had great skin all of high school and then one day in college BAM. I broke out with the worst cystic acne of my life. Long story short, I took Accutane for 7 months which helped clear my acne tremendously. But after I got off it, the cysts started to come back. Now I am currently eating a dairy-free diet and use Tazorac cream (.01) and I rarely break out anymore. Now all I have to deal with is my terrible scars and redness. I've done everything for these damn scars and they don't seem to be improving at all. After taking Accutane two years ago I: -Did minor peels (did nothing) -Did Micro needling (6) times with PRP (did nothing) -Did IPL for the redness (Barley helped) -Did fillers / subcision (helped a little but still nowhere where I wanted) -Currently doing Fractional Co2 Laser (I've done it twice and plan on doing it every month for about 5 months) Here is what my skin looks like now. I guess why I joined this board is to see if what I'm doing is the right approach. I've seen countless dermatologists and spent thousands of dollars. Please help.
  6. subcision+for+acne+scars

    This is a really long entry documenting my experience. Subcision part is in bold. * I've had acne since i was about 13 years old. I'm currently 25 years old and throughout the years I've learned how to minimize my acne to the best of my ability. My father had really bad acne growing up as did I. Experts say that acne has nothing to do with diet, however I tend to disagree. I've lived with it for more than ten years now and it wasn't until recently that I've learned so much about it. Carbohydrates, alcohol, dairy, gluten, stress and lack of sleep are all contributors to my acne. My diet is pretty clean so the breakouts are not like they used to be however I still have acne scars. Anyways, on to the acne scars.. I believe it was in 2014 when I started looking into working on my scars. Initially i tried chemical peels such as TCA peels (in different strengths) and they helped with my appearance as they helped with shedding of the older skin and revealing newer skin so i had less breakouts. I didn't know that the chemical peels were not helping the scars very much. Then I discovered that the scars would need to be addressed subdermal and bought a ninety dollar Micro needling pen on eBay (MyM I believe). The idea behind the micro needling is to use the needles to break up the collagen fibers underneath the scar so they can remodel and fill in. So I continued to use the micro needling pen as i saw some (not much improvement) and figured that I would need a stronger Micro needling device because maybe the needles weren’t penetrating the skin the way they should be so then in 2015 I purchased the “Derminator” from vaughter wellness (owndoc) and noticed the difference in the design of the system. Again, I saw some minor improvements in my skin with the use of one needle “2.25mm” setting. After about a year’s worth of use, I eventually realized that a lot of the “improvements” may have been some temporary swelling so I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t until about May 2016 or so that I realized that I would need help. Help from a professional as my acne scars were a bit deeper than the average and would need to be medically treated. I’ve looked into treatments such as fillers, laser,TCA Cross, micro needling and subcision and found that subcision would be my best option for the type of scars that I had. After watching so many different acne scar videos, reading different reviews on, I finally built up the courage in July 2016 to set up a consultation with Dr. John Burns in Dallas (plastic surgeon) as he was one of the few doctors who performed subcision for acne scars. We set up an appointment to have subcision for my acne scars on August 8th, 2016. Weeks prior to the subcision treatment, my skin was relatively clear (aside from the scars) that I didn’t mind what I ate too much as I was a bit too comfortable in my own skin that I had a few breakouts because of the trail mix I ate (m&m’s, peanuts, etc). So I had a week or so to really clean up my diet, get some good sleep to heal the skin prior to the treatment. So on Monday, August 8th, 2016, I drove to Dallas (approx. 45 min) for my treatment. Nurse prepped me by numbing the skin through the five injections. Then Dr. Burns went to work on my skin. It felt a little strange as I’ve never been this numb on my face before. Dr. Burns would ask if I felt anything and I told him surprisingly I couldn’t really feel anything. The subcision treatment looks pretty intense but fortunately the nurse did a good job with numbing my face that it was painless. I did hear the noise from what sounded like the breaking of the collagen fibers under the skin. The whole process was approximately an hour from start to finish and I paid $500.00. I was prescribed antibiotics and prednisone (steroid). My face was red and swollen and it was difficult to blink my eyes as I was pretty numb, but the blinking wasn’t a big deal, it was the driving part that was difficult because of my vision (I drive a stick shift car and needed both hands). Later approximately three to four hours after the procedure the numb was starting to wear off and I began to feel a lot of pain. The pain was in my cheeks and in my head (headache). It hurt pretty bad but after I had some food, my prescription and took an antibiotic and some ibuprofen I felt much better and really no pain since this treatment day. Tuesday, Day 1 I looked like a chipmunk as my cheeks were completely swollen and my face resembled that of Quagmire from family guy’s. On Thursday, day 3, I still had some swelling and the bruising started to settle as I developed a “black eye” from the bruising. Perhaps if I really needed to go back to work I could have but I took the next three days as “sick days” to heal more comfortably. By Saturday, day 5, I was back at work and really the main side effect I had was a black eye and some minor swelling on my left and a lump on my right cheek. You can still see the scabs from where the needles were inserted (two points) on both sides of my face but it’s not a big deal. Today is Wednesday, day 9 and the swelling on my left cheek is nearly gone, the “black eye” is not as bad and the lump on my right cheek is still there but not as large. I’m thinking the lump will eventually go away with by a few more weeks. The lump on my right side is a bit hard to the touch but as of right now I’m not too worried about it. I just had an intense treatment last week and my body is doing what it needs to do to repair itself. I was expecting some side effects and I’m just glad that the majority of the swelling is gone so I can deal with a minor bruise under my eye, a yellow-ish tint to skin and a small lump for a bit. I’ve read other user’s blogs and posts and was inspired to also document my journey so that I may help others that could use the help and that could learn from my experience and mistakes. I know that acne and acne scars are very tough to deal with as its emotionally taxing and I want to help others out because I too looked for reviews and blogs and anything and everything that I could learn from to help treat myself. I wanted to be thorough so that I may help answer people’s questions because I’m sure eventually you may have the specific questions and you can always look back and hopefully see what my experience in that situation was like. I’m expecting about a two month healing process before I may evaluate and consider what my next move is. I plan on having another subcision treatment done and I have a follow up on Monday, September 12th, approximately a month after. My plan is to have a few subcision treatments done to address the scarring and then get on a low dose of isotretinoin (accutane) to treat my acne and help minimize sebum production. I’m not doing both because isotretinoin has many side effects including slower wound healing which would not be a great idea if I have a subcision treatment while on isotretinoin. Anywho, I wish I had not broken my phone so that I may have taken higher quality photos of my skin during the healing days of subcision but these are from an iPad 2 so quality isn’t as great. I’ll probably write again either in a week or month, depending on when I feel it will be necessary. i'll attach some before/after as i go. (below will be about a week before (end of July 2016 ) and day after subcision (tuesday 08.09.16)
  7. Hi everyone, I am 32 yrs old and suffered from acne scars on both of my cheeks for years. I just moved to Hong Kong and want to find a good clinic to try out subcision for the first time. I am looking for a highly experienced/good doctor in Hong Kong for this procedure. Wonder any kind soul in this forum could give me a pointer? Thank you very much.
  8. Today marks Day 30 after my subcision and TCA Cross Method treatments. I was really inspired by the photos that Tamara Madden and another subscriber had posted on the web and wanted to see if subcision would work for me. I've attached their websites below: Here is a very brief overview of my journey with acne scar revision. I first developed cystic acne when I was in the eighth grade. By my senior year, I had several cysts on my right cheek which collapsed and left a rather large crater. My cystic acne really flared up in college and it was then that I went to a dermatologist for the first time and was placed on antibiotics. My acne stayed under control with antibiotics and topical creams (Retin-A and Benzol Peroxide) for several years. However, I kept getting cysts and decided to go on Acctuane. My skin EXPLODED with cystic acne lesions all over my face which left me with considerable scarring that I had not had before taking Accuntane. The good news, however, is that I never had another cystic lesion on my face after taking Accutane. Over the years, I've tried Glycolic and Lactic Acid Peels, Cryotheraphy, etc. to help diminish my scars. After reading about subcision on this website, I decided to talk to my dermatologist about it. He agreed to do the procedure on me along with the TCA Cross Method on March 16, 2009. Quite honestly, I am really glad that I had the procedure done. I took a week off of work and had some bruising and swelling, but no complications whatsoever. I decided to take tons of pictures to help document the process and help others learn more about it. Right Cheek (Pre-Subcision) Right Cheek (30 Days Post-Subcision) Some flattening of the rolling scars, but will need more subcision treatments. Left Cheek (Pre-Subcision) Left Cheek (30 Days Post-Subcision) Dramatic improvement over the baseline photo. Many of the "creases" and fine lines have disappeared in this photo. This photo kind of scares me......Acne scarring combined with aging is not a pretty site. The lighting is not quite the same, but the overall appearance of my scars has diminished. The reflection of the "man in the mirror" has definitely changed for the better and for that I am truly grateful. I recently went to get my haircut by a friend in a city nearby whom I had not seen in six years and had always "cringed" when I saw myself in the mirror due to the harsh lighting in there. This time, I kept looking at myself and saying, "Is that really me?" The man in the mirror that I was now seeing wasn't the same one I had seen in the past. The man I was seeing had smoother and healthier looking skin. As I mentioned above, I plan going for at least two more rounds of subcision followed by Pearl Laser in December of this year. I am not aiming for perfection as I know that is not truly attainable. As my photos show, I have seen incremental improvement and I will take any improvement that I can possibly get. I want to encourage ALL of you out there who have suffered from acne scars to do your research online, ask lots of questions, and find a competent and compassionate doctor who can help you. I have just ordered an LED light and hope to have it before my next round of subcision in May. Best wishes to you on YOUR journey to healing..... P.S. I have a blog on this website that will give you a good idea of what to expect if you decide that subcision is the right treatment for you.
  9. Just over a week ago I had subcision done. The doctor came in and marked my 40 worst scars (he charges for up the 40, then the next price point is over 40). The nurse came in and injected each scar with lidocaine, then the doctor went to town. I didn't feel a thing, but I heard the scars being broken up. He is very experienced with subcision, and told me he had just done a subcision on a man with 80 acne scars before he came into my room. After I was done, I looked like I had bee stings all over my face. I was waiting for the bruising to set in, but it never did. I did get hyperpigmentation at each needle insertion point, but it's fading rather quickly. Starting day 3, I suctioned 2x a day. I plan on getting a second subcision next month, but I'm happy with how this one is turning out. I know some might say I still have microswelling, but I will continue to update as the weeks go on because some say it continues to get better and some say worse. For now, I'm happy. The left is before subcision, the right is after. Same lighting.
  10. Hello all - I am writing for some advice on my scarring and to determine if you all think I would be a good candidate for subcision. I am 37 and at age 25 I did punch floats and full-face dermabrasion by one of the best doctors in the world for these procedures. My results were mixed. I had something like 28 punch floats or punch excisions. A couple weeks later I underwent a full face dermabrasion (FYI people, it hurt like hell but I'd probably do it again). The right side of my face improved dramatically from those procedures. The left side not so much and I was actually left with slightly worse scarring on my upper cheek near my left eye where the punch float actually made that particular scar worse than it was before. I can actually feel the indention very clearly when running my finger over my upper cheek. It is pretty deep. I'm reluctant to do anything for fear of making it even worse. However, I am curious about subcision and a filler like Bellafill. Keep in mind these photos are with the worse possible tangential lighting. Would you call these boxcar or rolling scars? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello, Does anyone know of any doctors that are capable of treating scars within the Boise area? I would like to find someone experienced with TCA cross and subcision specifically.
  12. Hi All, does not promote Dr. Lim, I share this for educational purposes to give you a insight to the treatments we advocate here in the Scar Treatments sub. To give you both sides, Dr. Lim is great with his videos and scar knowledge, but a few members have not been happy with their treatments with him. We all heal differently, and mistakes can happen, I have had experts do damage with lasers to my skin. The nice thing is the information shared in this video can be done locally at your nearby Dermatologist / Plastic Surgeon. Checkout the FAQ in my signature below to learn more about these procedures. The greatest change I have seen consistently is through Nokor traditional subcision, followed by a filler session (can be at a latter date to prevent tethering). TCA Cross for large pores and Icepick scars, and tca peels and microneedling for boxcars / rolling scars. Laser has caused many damage (fat loss, etc). Please be aware I am not advocating for you to fly to AUS and get laser done. Enjoy, BA!
  14. Hi everybody! This is the first time I write on this forum. Like most of you I struggled with acne when I was younger and I was left with some scars. Now I am 25 years old and I live in Italy. Could you please help me identifying the type(s) of my scars? I think I have rolling on my cheeks and 2 boxcars on my forehead but I'm not sure. Also what is the severity of my scars (mild/severe)? I took the photos after shaving and in the worst possible light (normally they don't look that bad). Which treatment do you think is the best for my scars? I already had 3 Fraxels (with no noticeable result) and a C02 full face resurfacing (which was really expensive and gave no result, except for a downtime of 3 weeks and a red face for months... It was really an aggressive laser, a bad idea ) . Now I was thinking about trying subcision+suction or subcision+filler. What do you think about these two treatments? I know that a 100% improvement is impossible but maybe I can have some improuvement. Also does anyone live in Europe (or better in Italy/France) and could suggest me a good derma/plastic surgeon for the subcision? Currently my long term plan is going to Australia to be treated by Dr. Davin Lim, he really seems an expert in treating acne scars. Do you know somebody who was treated by him? Thank you very much for your help, it is really appreciated. All the best!
  15. 20140405 Left Cheek No. 5

    From the album Five Year Post Subcision Journey Update

    This is a photo taken on 04.05.14 of my left cheek. If you compare this photo to my baseline photo of Feb. 2009, you will see that all of the deep indented scars have risen nearly level with the rest of the skin on my left cheek. I had a total of four subcision treatments on my face. The final subcision treatment was combined with suction and yielded the most dramatic result.
  16. Subcision Success!

    I am happy to say that the subcision I had last year worked very well on one scar. I also had a laser and prp. On my right cheek I can hardly see the large scar. It was getting worse because I am older. It's much much better! I do still see other scars but they have improved as well. In certain light I see a scar under my eye on my left cheek, but that's under certain light. I wanted to go for the four follow up subcisions but I don't want to deal with my wife nagging me on how vain I am. But after seeing the scars again I really want to do follow ups!! I have a few questions. Around my eyes, where the crowsfeet are, I have two or three deep acne scars. My question is, would a dermapen work better for that area, or should I continue with the subcision? How about dermarolling? Since it's by the temple where the crows feet are and in creases, I'm curious what you think. I hope to get some answers. Subcision really does work!
  17. Tracking progress of my subcision treatments and a few other at home treatments. Lots of additional progress pictures and a video of me stretching and animating my left cheek in my albums. Subcision was performed with 18 gage and 20 gage needles, saline was injected after the subcision. Before/After 2 subcision treatments: (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) Approximately 3 hours after 1st subcision: Skin Details: Age: 31 Age of scars: 10-15 years Skin Type: Caucasian, Fitzpatrick 2.(My evaluation) Scar Types: Moderate(3) and Mild(2) per Goodman and Baron qualitative global scarring grading system, consisting of rounded boxcar scars and rolling scars. Tethered vs Non-Tethered? Most scars disappear completely or nearly completely if I stretch them far enough, or stretch from opposing sides of the scar at the same time. Some scars pucker when I animate.(My evaluation) Treatment history: Smoothbeam (many) - 10+ years CO2 Laser - 10+ years (I have no idea what improvement these laser treatments yielded, I took no pictures and have a very poor memory of my skin. I also had extremely unrealistic expectations, I don't think I would have been happy with anything less than 100% improvement at the time) Dermastamp 1.5mm (very mild treatment only on worst scars) - 06/29/2016 TCA 12.5% peel, 2 layers - 07/17/2016 Subcision 1 - 08/10/16 Dermastamp 1.5mm - 10/28/2016 TCA 12.5% peel, 1 layers - 11/17/2016 (Poorly done, gauze I used was too absorbent, not enough of the acid was applied to my skin) Subcision 2 - 12/13/16 Suction Device: Kangzhu 12-Cup Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Set Current Regimen: AM Avalon Organics Intense Defense Cleansing Milk CeRave Moisturizing Lotion Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 PM Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin C Ester and DMAE Cream, every third or fourth day Retin A 0.05% instead. (As needed Organic Jojoba Oil and additional CeRave Moisturizing Lotion. Also some Eucerin Eczema Relief given to me after subcision) Vitamins & Minerals: 25 - 50mg Zinc 5000IU Vitamin D3 NeoCell Super Collagen Type I & III + Vitamin C (Only during subcision recovery) Youtheory Collagen type 1, 2, & 3 (Only during subcision recovery) - trying this brand for 2nd subcision Dr. Peter Rullan of Chula Vista, CA is the doctor who performed the subcision. He and all of his staff that I interacted with were great.
  18. Omega-3 and subcision

    Hi! I'm wondering if taking Omega-3 fish oil capsules will have any effect on the results from subcision. Omega-3 acts as a blood thinner, which makes you more prone to bleeding. Would this be beneficial when having subcision or would it be bad in any way? I take Omega-3 every day for other reasons but I'm considering not taking them a few weeks prior to subcision if it would mean better results. Thoughts? Replies are appreciated!
  19. When I was in my teens, i had really bad acne I tried every cream there was.... and at that time I didn't think so much about the diet.. I of course didn't eat candy, cake, really unhealthy food... but still I got acne... at that time I didn't knew about milk, wheat and so on could give acne and bad skin and maybe a paleo or vegan diet could help, I didn't think about that, because I wasn't that old AND I thought the high professional many years studdying doctors/ special skin doctor in my country, knew what they talked about and what to do.... Thats why I trusted them, and said yes, when they said I have to do accutane... I trusted them, also because of all the things they said about the pills, how many they have helped and with the small side effects there was, there was some side effects, but not permanent... I didn't mind have side effect when I was on the pills.... But know 4 years pluuuus, I have bad skin healing, easily scar, easily get dry skin... saggin age skin MANY wrinkles..... And months after I stopped the accutane I didn't knew I had bad skin healing or knew it would do that to the body/SKIN many months , years after!!! I have tried laser, subcision and dermaroller/pen and that harsh of treatment isn't the best job to do, if you have bad healing and easily scars.... I know and regret of all my life, but I didn't know that in till AFTER all that my skin and scars are so much worse than after the accutane ended and I wanted to do something about it.... my life is forever ruined and social life / normal fucki?=G life is gone at a age 22.... all doctors everywere gives accutane to people,,,, but no one, no where on the internet or clinic or in the fuck^`?G universe knows how or what to do with that permanent side effect .... If I knew all this that time at the doctor ... I would rather have acne my hole LIIIIIFE!!!! And thats no bS!!!! I rather have acne than bad heavy scars all over the face..... OR if I knew all this with bad healing, I wouldn't have been doing all the treatments AFTER and live with those scars .. I got after accutane.... cause now I loke like a monster scar face.... my life motivation is gone.... even more, when you see the threat/ Forum on this website.. and sees how many there have been comment AND still doooooo!!!! and we are getting nowhere!!!!! fuck?``G NOWHERE!!! there are many skin conditions in this world, this life... and all kinds, there are a way, diet, or treatment to help.... but not this, not us who have been damaged and harmed by accutane... we are the ones who took the longest straw.... NO juice diet, vegan diet, paleo diet will help... accutane victims are F?C=D for life.....
  20. I’m a 30 year old male with moderately severe rolling scars. I've been considering subcision, reading these forums, and the medical literature available on PubMed for some years. I’ve decided to move forward with the treatment finally, and am now trying to decide on a doctor in the New York area. I am also open to travelling if that would improve treatment outcome significantly. I was hoping that the community could share some of their experience with the respective doctors: Dr.George Yang or Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, or recommend another doctor who excels in these treatments. To what extent does the doctor you pick determines the success of the treatment - i.e. is there wide variation in the treatment outcomes for subcision depending on the doctor? I’m having a difficult time evaluating which doctor to go with, and this is in part made worse by the discrepancy in reviews I’m finding online (more on that below). About 4 years ago I went to see Dr.Yang for a consultation on subcision. I held off on the treatment, as my dermatologist at the time suggested subcision had little efficacy and lasers were a far better option. I held off on doing the laser treatment as well since though the medical literature was positive on it, and the doctor recommended it, I couldn’t find much evidence of people having positive experiences with laser treatments for rolling scars online. I recall her telling me that subcision was a ‘primitive’ option in contrast to lasers. Interestingly, years later that same dermatologist who said subcision was primitive, suggested that subcision would be a good option for the rolling scars. The medical literature on PubMed seems to also have come around to consider multi-modality approaches (e.g. subcision + suction + laser) more effective. As a tangent, I wonder if the 1% rule of the Internet (1% Creators, 9% Contributors, 90% Lurkers) really applies to reviews as well. Are there a huge number of people getting treatments, and having positive outcomes, but not posting about them. How heavy is the selection bias to posting negative experiences rather than positive ones. Here’s my research on these doctors so far - if anyone in the forums has gone to either and could share their experiences, I would love to hear about it: Dr.George Yang Real Self 4.8 Stars (30 Reviews) Yelp 3.9 Stars (7 Reviews) ZocDoc (5 Stars Around) HealthGrades (4 Reviews) Dr George Yang (4.7 Reviews) Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport RealSelf - 4.6 Stars (38 Verified Reviews) ZocDoc - 4 Stars (Verified Reviews) RateMDs - 3.5 Stars - Healthgrades - 2.8 Stars (59 Reviews) Posts Seemingly negative review about Dr.Rapaport (also mentions Dr.Novick)
  21. I am planning to see Dr Nelson Novick in the future. I emailed him few times. He seems very nice and answered all my questions very detailed. He suggests subcision + fillers for me. I didnt search much about filler, i heard that it just gives temporary result and quite expensive. He said that his price for subcision is range 250-375 per site (i dont know what does 'site' here mean) Because i live in Europe he also recommend that he has an office in Israel (which is his hometown) and the cost of procedure there is just one-quarter of what he charges in NY. That seems nice to me. Can you guys give more review for me about him. Does he has a consultation fee?
  22. 2thoseWhoHaveTriedSubcision??

    2 Those who have tried Subcision... anybody haved a left mark, hole, mini scar after the injection they does before treatment and from the nodule but mostly from the injection ?? Simon
  23. Does anyone have any opinions or experiences with these treatments? I've read everything I can find about each treatment, trying to determine which is the most beneficial. I have mostly ruled out subcision+fat transfer because nothing I have read indicated it was any more effective than subcision+filler. I have almost settled on subcision+suction for a treatment or two, followed by subcision+filler if the result from +suction are not as good as expected. Most of my reasoning for this decision has been based on the results of people on this forum and the "popularity" of +suction recently. Is +suction just as effective or possibly more effective than +fillers, or is its popularity just due to the fact that it is the cheaper option? If money is not being considered, would +filler be the better choice? For subcision+suction, it seems a lot of people have chosen to make changes to the protocol from this article: A number of people seem to have come to same conclusion; that doctor and patient availability is the only reason suction was limited to once a day. Are there any possible side effect beyond prolonged bruising if suctioning is performed 2, or 4, or 8, or x times per day? From the article, "Effective suctioning caused oedema and haemorrhages in the subcised scars and led to ELEVATION OF DEPRESSING SCARS ABOVE THE SKIN SURFACE". Would performing suction frequently enough to maintain the elevation of the depressing scars above the skin surface be ideal?
  24. Hi, I am currently dealing with acne scars and was possibly interested in a subcision treatment, but my derm does not perform this treatment. I always see people on this website say "find a good doctor to perform subcision" but how does one exactly find a doctor? I am from the northeast Ohio region, and I am willing to travel. I tried to search for doctors online but I did not find anything too reassuring. Thank you!
  25. Hi all! As the title suggests I would like to know if Prof Tony Chu is still seeing patients as I fear he may have retired? I would like to see him about acne scarring, specifically rolling acne scars - so I'm assuming subcision? Can anyone shed some light on what his private fees are? For things like the consultation and treatments such as you would expect for rolling scars. Or just fees for things like this in general in the UK. I will be grateful for any help you can give me. Thanks