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  1. Can someone help me?
  2. Hey. I've managed to clear my face of acne for the most part and i'm happy with my skin now, however I have a lot of small scarring left over that I'd like to improve. Retinol, dermarolling, oil cleansing and lifestyle changes seemed to have helped clear my complexion and scarring the most, I don't have any other 4k photos like these, but my skin was so rough, congested, scarred and irritated all the time that it's pretty amazing where i'm at now. but of course, I still want to improve. any suggestions on the remaining scars, large pores and generally bad texture to treat my skin would be much appreciated. both photos are captured with natural light and should show you a good bit of progress from where I was at acne wise. thanks!
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    From the album Scars or Hyper-pigmentation?

    Hyperpigmentation or scars? What treatments should i get? Will chemical peel do the magic?
  4. My acne nearly disappeared last November, but it has come back with a vengeance. A dermatologist said it was due to hormonal changes - currently 18. Within 8-ish months, my face has looked awful. Here's a personal log to record the progress! Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. AM - CeraVe foaming facial cleanser - Aczone 5% - CeraVe moisturizing lotion - Cefadroxil 500mg (1x per day - April 9th) Have not used antibiotics since June 2013 - Minocycline 100g - Erythromycin & Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel (5% BP, 3% Erythromycin) - Antibiotic - Ampicillin TR 500 mg PM - CeraVe foaming facial cleanser - St. Ives Blemish Control - Apricot Scrub; every other day two times a week - Epiduo 2.5% - Cetaphil moisturizing cream - Cefadroxil 500mg ​- Minocycline 100g - Desert Essence thorougly clean face wash - Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi - Tretinoin Gel 0.01% - Antibiotic - Ampicillin TR 500 August 29, 2013 - These current photos are with medication and moisturizer on. September 14, 2013 - Pictures right after cleansing. Not sure if I see any improvements, but I do see less active acne; more scars though. Scheduled a dermatologist appointment in two weeks. Stopped using Ampicillin because I was told it wasn't the right antibiotic.
  5. As many people on here, I spend a lot of time looking through the forum or looking through the Internet for that one solution that will finally get rid of my acne scars and the more and more I look the more I begin to think, is it even possible? It's almost impossible to find someone on these forums who actually GOT RID of their scars, best case scenarios it's people that maybe got 40-50% improvement which is cool and all but the scars are still there. We spend so much time looking at our faces that to us 50% is a lot of improvement but in reality other people look and still see scars, they probably don't notice the difference. And all these Derms have so many treatment options (lasers, peels, su vision, excisions etc.) but it's impossible to find a before and after picture that actually REALLY made a difference. With the costs being so high and the results being so small I feel as though derms are really just trying to get there money and don't care about how we really feel. Please let me know if I'm just rambling but I just feel so exhausted and disappointed that no matter how hard I search, getting rid of these scars just doesn't seem possible.
  6. I have an appointment to have Clear + Brilliant laser treatment in a few weeks. I have some very shallow scarring/pigmentation that I'd like to deal with, but I'm not 100% sure if this is the best option to spend money on. I understand that an ablative laser treatment would be more effective but I simply don't have the time to set aside for recovery. Based on the pictures attached, is this a good option or is there another treatment you'd recommend?
  7. Warning: Long as Hell I'm going to include many things I've experienced in the past with my skin (not just the current issue) so that anyone reading this can hopefully take something away from it. And so that the history of my skin is not an unknown variable in what happened to me. Today: My entire face is wrecked right now. And I don't know what to do, I'm pacing around my house,losing sleep, sobbing constantly, I'm scared to death. ...What happened was...I had gotten a little acne from not washing my face or taking care of myself properly for about 6 months (Feb-July '16) because another issue that has been going on in my life. It was the type of acne you get from really neglecting your skin, NOT by actively attacking, but just basically leaving it out to dry. I was not worried and was sure as long as I got back into my routine, that it would go away. Besides the few blemishes, my skin itself was still great even though I was really strung out regarding other things. (Insomnia, gained 25 lbs, barely moving a muscle, fatigued) As before this happened I was being complimented on my skin everywhere I went, it was dewy and clear and honestly as close to perfect as most people are going to get, people still Thought I was 16 years old because of it (I am 23 now) and I had been taking Extra good care of it the last 3.5 years, with gentle products/no sun/nearly 2 gallons of water a day/great diet (no dairy or gluten especially, mostly whole foods and fish..ridiculous amounts of vegetables..I did eat Aton of 90% dark chocolate tho!, etc) I got the occasional few pimples but they disappeared overnight or in 2 days. Basically, 5 out of the 7 days of each week I had flawless skin. So I dealt with a day with a pimple or a day where my skin was acting a little off. I also don't wear makeup, because I do have sensitive skin, not sensitive to some things, but makeup and having to wash it off really does a number on my face, and WILL break me out, even things like mascara cause my eyelashes to fall out so I only wear lip gloss occasionally. So usually my skin has nothing bothering it whatsoever. So what I ended up doing recently (to try to get rid of the small amount of acne I got from the 6 months of neglecting my Health/skin) must have been a real shock to it. A little more backstory before I get to the climax of the actual disaster: My natural skin tone is very very pale, Transcluscent almost, no freckles except some temporary ones I had on my nose from the summer when I was a kid, I was so pale that I would get called "ghost" in elementary school when it was Fall/Winter. And when I would go on summer vacation with my family, strangers would show concern for me that I was in the sun, sometimes even insisting I used their towel to cover myself from the Rays! I tried tanning some in freshman year of high school, even spray tanning (ughhhhhhh) but I came to love my pale skin and I have avoided the sun now for 7 years. I take vitamin d3 5000 and such and have never had issues as far as that's concerned. As for my skin itself, I always had nice skin until about 11th grade, I got some normal teenage acne. That went away and then when I was about 18-19 I got some little pimples that were very persistent. I tried proactiv to no avail (that stuff really destroys the skin, only the toner and green tea moisturizer were good for me). So I went on birth control for it instead. BIG MISTAKE. a month or so later I broke out in cystic acne so deep and so painful, I could feel it throb through out the day. And it was all on my cheeks mostly, some on my chin, none on the nose, a couple on the forehead. And I never got acne on my cheeks, nor cysts, so I was so scared of scarring. And obviously my self esteem was shot. Nothing made it go away, even after stopping the BC, I had absolutely no other type of acne except for the cysts at this time. But it's amazing how even one cyst can inflame the whole surrounding area. I tried multiple topicals and oral antibiotics. I eventually had to go on Accutane. And boy did I have to push for it. (They say go to the derm before its severe but they brush you off until it IS severe) Not only with the derm but with myself. My bloodwork was god awful. But I had to get on accutane, I wasn't going to let this get out of hand. I had to completely change my entire lifestyle (it had been sedentary for a couple years). I was living off cod/salmon and about a million vegetables with a sweet potato everyday for almost half a year and bought a treadmill with my old holiday money. Finally my blood work changed drastically and I got to go on it and stay on it. I can't say I remember the dosage. 40 or 60. I want to say it was 40. 6 months. I actually had no side effects beside slightly chapped lips and slightly dry eyes at the last month. I think my face was sensitive to heat as well, could not stand to be in a hot car for even a few seconds. I didn't even have to use moisturizer. I think it was because of the copious amounts of water and omega 3's I was ingesting, plus no sugar or high carb load. Anyway, I was a little weary, but it worked! After a month and a half post accutane, I was clear as crystal. And not a single scar. By 2.5 months post accutane, all my marks were gone as well. (It should be noted that I did treat the cysts while on accutane, I would put ichthammol ointment to draw them out and then I would put Neosporin on them once they came to a head and were washed off with gentle washing (cerave hydrating cleanser), occasionally I would ice them VERY lightly for a few minutes at a time, I also continued to used this Clyndamycin gel stuff sometimes as it seemed to slough off any small amount of dead skin when washed off, I also never picked, so I can't say what would have happened if I did, however I did graze a couple of the cysts with a finger nail or two when washing my face and even though they bled, I was still okay). But let's just put it this way, it was October of how ever many years ago when the course ended and by Feb, I was getting strangers walk up to me, staring at my face, telling me I had the most beautiful skin they've ever seen, even my dentist was asking about my skin!, I'm not even exaggerating, it was excessive, it actually made me very uncomfortable as I am terrible at taking compliments and I was extremely worried that the cysts would come back so the comments were bitter sweet. My skin was also better post accutane than it was even before I got acne because I had never been so healthy in all my life so I felt a bit of pressure to keep up the strict regimen for awhile. (Ofcourse All Worth it) Luckily I was able to ease up by the 2nd to 3rd year post accutane and my skin was still great. Last summer I was doing stuff like eating a dessert everyday and putting on heavy moisturizers that my skin usually wouldn't handle and it was all good. I incorporated coffee too which I fell in love with, and no issues there besides a reddish face for a few minutes if it's really hot. So that was that...until recently. The only thing that I had the last few years that's worried me about my skin was a tiny new mole on my cheek and a mark on my nose (which has gotten worse as I learned recently it is a pigmented, atrophic scar..and it's in the most difficult place a scar can be..the dip of the nose, smack in the middle) I had something happen to my nose almost 6 years ago so the cartilage is a bit warped especially at the tip, oil pools there and occasionally the teensy tiny little pimples that appear on the nose occasionally have never given that specific spot a break, so I'm guessing the consistent inflammation caused it. (Scar has been there for 2 years about) THIS is actually the reason I originally planned a dermatologist appointment a few months ago, nothing kills the look of beautiful overall skin than a scar right smack in the middle of everything. I was also concerned it was getting worse because oil continues to pool in the warped area. I thought that was bad in of itself, and then 3 weeks ago (1 week before my derm appointment was scheduled) I went and caused an even worse issue. The worst issue i have ever experienced with my skin. So to continue on from the beggining, after the 6 months of neglecting myself, At the start of August '16 I finally pulled myself together and got back into my normal diet and exercise routine and such ( back to washing my face and not falling asleep in my sweat from exhaustion anymore too). since I had some appointments coming up and places I needed to be this month, I lost patience with the lingering bumps from those 6 months prior and decided to speed things up by using a few drops of an old, unopened sample of Tazorac I found in the depths of my closet, followed by a million different products/moisturizers/Neosporin/ichthammol ointment and some light exfoliation using an old makeup brush which I washed 3 times in boiling water with 3 different cleansers and antibacterial soap. I truly was quite gentle as I did have a passing feeling that what I was doing (something I have never so much as attempted) was not a great idea. And turns out that was correct. My skin went mental from it and got ridiculous oily and blotchy with red bumps showing up over my entire face the next day. Went to the dermatologist a week later and he did not address them, he also told me my scar on my nose was something I'd have to deal with the rest of my life. Only when I began crying did he say to use..yet another Retin A..and he said it won't help the scar but will help with my oiliness and blackheads (even tho I told him it was not my normal skin thAt he was looking at). He just said "I've seen worse". I went from having near perfect porcelain skin to having a derm tell me "I've seen worse". Even my mom told him that just months ago I was being complimented on my skin...And I don't pick or go in the sun, ever, I know the nose scar was still there back then but I guess having great overall skin helped to diminish that. He just said to this, "Oh. Nice" I cried even more and he said he would refer me to a plastic surgeon for the scar in 3 months when I came back but he said it after first telling me multiple times that it was permanent. He also said "there's nothing you can do for scars". I was like, well what do all those poor people with pits all over their face do?? And he said, Nothing! My jaw was hanging open at that point. I pulled myself together to get to him that morning, with hopes he would ease my mind but he ended up just destroying any hope I had. The red bumps and sudden oiliness all over my face took a backseat to the scar that day. So I went home and sobbed and stupidly put some more of that tazorac on my face, because I assumed retin a is retin a, a pea sized amount only, and only on my nose and hair lines this time as he told me to. Well I slept in it and woke up, washed it off and my skin has never been the same since. The bright red bumps started to dry up but then my face felt awfully weird and slick so I exfoliated using Philosphy micro delivery gentle wash and all of the excessive oil disappeared. My skin was now completely dry. Tight, can't move my face. It turned a SICKLY REDDISH YELLOW all except my eye lids and a small area surrounding my lips. My PORES are now completely visible all over my entire face, almost looking like shallow ice picks scars, my once smooth and flat forehead is now MUSHY and littered in what look like LINES and SCARS appearing out of THIN AIR where acne has never even been. I've got PIN PRICKS all over my skin, and ORANGE PEEL texture. Not to mention my skin has literally turned just about the color of an orange! My face has been ON FIRE for the past two weeks to the point I could not sleep and past 3 days it has been itching like mad. Any thing I try to use stings except Neosporin. (Which I put all over my face a couple of times..probably not the best idea but I was scared to death of infection and scarring and the pain was so bad) I also suddenly developed all types of dark marks and tiny bumps over my ENTIRE FACE. Must be about a million. I am downright Broken over this. Destroyed. Especially after looking up what the hell was happening to me. (I feel like this can't even be real life right now, it feels like a cruel joke on top of a cruel joke.) And My god, from what I'm reading, it seems others have experienced the same thing and it is more hopeless than any other appearance related issues I've come across in my life. I never knew retin a could cause your skin to be so sensitive that anything you do afterward will damage your skin ten fold and age you overnight. It's supposedly akin to laser damage. I went to two more dermatologists! One yesterday. Went to a third derm today (Technically yesterday as I am writing this). The last derm was also a cosmetic derm. She was better than the last two. She was horrified when I said the word Tazorac. She said "my god, we call that paint thinner around here, it will peel the paint right off your car"!!! She saw my skin issues right away and told me it was obvious to her. Said I had irritant dermatitis and that I had done a real number on my face. She even took the tazorac sample from me and threw it in the trash. She was even more horrified with me telling her everything else I had done immediately after putting it on my face and days later. She told me I did just about everything to cause my skin to 'turn' SO drastically. She said to absolutely never do that again and that she is sure I learned my lesson, that we 'all do stupid things'. She did say it should go back to how it was before all this happened but I had to give it time. She also said that my skin will peel (it hasn't yet, even after 3 weeks), I told her it hadn't and she said 'oh it's definitely coming'. I actually hope it peels, I feel like it needs to. I told her I was very distraught about the texture and pores especially and she said that while pores do get bigger with age, mine should go back to normal size once all the inflammation is gone. I brought all my products I used and she went through them and told me what was good and what should not be used during healing. No exfoliation ofcourse. She also said she was wondering if she would have to treat the underlying acne once this went away because she didn't know what was caused by the irritation and what wasn't. I told her how I had only had a small amount of normal acne coming up before hand and I showed her a pic from just 1.5 months ago, and she zoomed in on it and everything and told me "oh yea, you should be fine then" so I guess she saw that my skin was fine before hand (even with the months of neglect). My issue is that I have a real hard time believing my skin will go back to how it was, there is so much wrong with it and it has the appearance of strange scarring, etc etc etc and everything I've read concerning this issue is so fear inducing as nearly everyone can't get rid of their issues after retin a destroyed their skin (and tazorac is one of the strongest types!!). It's not like other things where reviews and results are mixed and things get better, this skin reaction thing is like some unanimous eternal dooms day in the online community. It's freaking me the hell out. Derm also prescribed me hydrocortisone cream 2.5% to use for 5 days. Twice a day. I already know that stuff is dicey. Thinning skin, steroid induced rosacea, etc. And I know that taking steroids, even on skin, when under extreme amounts of stress, is dangerous. I don't need to be developing Cushings or something. It's not prednisone or anything, but still. Obviously a derm gave me that tazorac a long time ago without a second thought so how am I to believe any derm. Most I have encountered don't give a damn about anyone's skin but their own. It seems all they can do is diagnose skin cancer as benign or malignant. My poor brother had very very severe cystic acne on face and body, granted he picked, but I remember our dermatologist just putting him through unnecessary and unhelpful treatments before finally letting him go on accutane. He drug him through the mud and unfortunately I don't think my brother was forthright enough in letting anyone know how it affected him. You know tho, I'm not so sure it would have mattered as I have made it clear to derms how much some things have affected me in the past and they literally say "so what" "who cares". If your skins not perfect "so what", If such and such doesn't work "who cares" , We will just try "x, x, and X" And have "patience patience patience" And I don't know why, but they don't BELIEVE most anything that comes out of our mouths. That's why I'm so glad the 3rd derm actually looked at my pics, (I was ready to show her as many as she wanted, I even put some in a folder on my iPhone which were the clearest most high definition ones I could find from previous months and so on ago). I would like to believe her but I'm still not sure she grasped the fact that my skin was near perfect beforehand. That's why it worried me when she mentioned "underlying acne" because months ago, there was no acne and what I'm seeing now is a whole skin issue and things that look like acne and scars which came in a matter of days. Things I've never experienced in my entire life, even during my time with cystic acne. So yea, I still don't know what to trust and what not to. I have to be cautious with everything I do to myself now. But I know that inflammation itself is also bad long term and my face has already been extremely inflamed for 3 weeks, I don't want prolonged inflammation to cause permanent tissue damage. So I'm stuck on whether I should use the cream or not. I should have asked whether it was necessary or just a comfort thing for the itching and burning. Idk..I'm just so far gone now that this has happened..who knows how long it will take to resolve..and if it doesn't I will surely be 6 feet under in no time. My skin was one of the only things I had going for me with these other things I have had to deal with in my life. And I already know how skin can cause more distress than a lot of other issues because I've already been there with the accutane thing 3.5-4.5 years ago. Many things took a backseat to that. Never thought I'd have to deal with skin issues again, esp to this degree. Not to mention its not even acne, but my actual skin itself. It's incredibly sad. I have the skin of an 80 year old working the fields in the hot sun for years right now. I want my poreless porcelain skin back, I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel when the damage looks so stomach churning and the online consensus is grim. I just can't believe this happened from only two uses and why it started off as red bumps and then suddenly turned my entire skin on its head. I know when I went to first doctor my skin was still white and texture was good, just oily and red bumps everywhere. The rest of this madness seems to have happened after the exfoliation (it was suds tho, not beads). I also used keto shampoo that I had previously because I thought this was a fungal infection at first. But the 3rd derm said that wouldnt have affected anything but that it woudnt have helped anything either. I just can't wrap my brain around it all. Other people have peeled their whole face off and scrub the life out of themselves every other week and are fine. My skin looks poisoned, ugly, and infested with no signs of improvement. This is a NIGHTMARE.

    Hello everyone! I'm realy bad at english (can read, but cant write) Thta's my situation right about now I am on accutane now) Is there something that i can do?
  9. This is my skin. (See pictures) I'm 17 years old, female, and I have been dealing with acne since I was 12, but it properly started when I was 14. A brief background to my skin: I used Duac when I was about 15. It helped with my acne, but caused my skin texture to react leaving me with an orange peel-like texture, large pores. I think it is also due to over-exfoliation. I was prescribed differin later on, honestly didn't really do much at all. Just made my skin dry, the pore size stayed the same. (Ive tried DML lotion too. Applied it thickly like 6 times a day and it did nothing.) I have been dealing with this condition for 2 years now. I had poreless skin at about age 14. I am certain it is not to do with genetics either, both my family and parents don't have large pores. I will be going to try Paula's Choice 10% niacinamide from an FAQ that suggested it on here. Reviews are relatively good regarding the pore size, many saying their skin texture returns back to normal. But please anything you know is appreciated!! I am stuck. What's out there that I can use so my skin can return to normal? I am honestly so desperate. I have read all the forums there is out there.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for my bumps. They're so annoying and no mater what I do, they're always there! I don't think they are pimples. I've tried everything from toner, clay masks, spin brushes, black soap, rose water, witch hazel, scrubs, ACV, OXY, and even Dermatologist lotion and I still have them. Does anyone know the name for these type of bumps? I appreciate all help!!
  11. Hey folks, I'll keep it short and sweet. Long term reader, first-time poster. After reading countless posts, I formed a plan. The plan has been for the past year to dermaroll one month and then TCA Peel (30%) the next month. Kept this going in rotation with no issues. This peel, however, has gone south. Not only did I wake up a couple of hours late, as I’ve been coming down with a fever and have skyline windows, but my skin was peeling day’s quicker (3rd day of peel today). It's raw and I feel like I have screwed up badly and have been heavily depressed throughout the day. I believe it's because I used epiduo alongside. Don't ask why. I clearly wasn't thinking. Thoughts on what I could do? Or is it game over for me? Thanks all for the continued support of people trying to help their scars. I would also like to thank ' beautifulambition ' for his input on the website. God bless.
  12. 7 Month Check-In/Progress on Regimen I am now on my 7th month with the regimen. I have seen HUGE improvements in my skin, but I am still not where I want to be exactly. 1. I have not had a seriously active breakout for probably 5 months now. 2. My biggest issue areas are my pores and scars now 3. My skin is back to being oily now 4. My face looks so much smoother now when I wear makeup as opposed to before when you could see every single bump on my face. 5. I have yet to start using the AHA, but I think this may help a lot with my scars and pigmentation issues. 6. It's kind of easy to get lazy with the regimen, and that's why it's so important to take progress pictures to remind yourself why you're doing this every day.
  13. Turning point - no filter selfie

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    I took at no filter selfie at work today in horrible bathroom lighting to commemorate the moment I looked it the mirror and wasn't disgusted with what I saw. So glad, in this moment, to have started my journey.
  14. Month 5

    From the album AHA & Retinol

  15. Month 5

    From the album AHA & Retinol

  16. Month 5

    From the album AHA & Retinol

  17. Hey! Doing this to help inform other people for educational purposes and to track my journey. I don't have much to say about the first first weeks besides the usual symptoms everyone mentions. My dermatologist prescribed my 40mg doxycycline and 0.04% Retin-a. Now for the ugly phase pictures...In these photos I had just applied the retin-a so that really enhances all my imperfections but it's whatever. I have very mild acne but it was very persistent and thanks to my skin-tone, left very noticeable PIH and scaring. Week 3 I am experiencing breakouts, lots of flaking in between my eyebrows and around my chin. Nothing as bad as my experience with Epiduo peeling/flaking so it hasn't been a huge problem. Typically this 'ugly phase' would make me an emotional wreck but this time of year is perfect as i am writing exams and spending the majority of time by myself and indoors. Forehead has always had stubborn small bumps and I guess it's bringing those impurities out... yay? Products I use: Marcelle Gentle Cleanser. I have no pain using this cleanser on my now sensitive face. Moisturizer: Clinaderm soothing lotion. No stinging when applying and it's very light. I use this at night usually. I have an oil control moisturizer by cetaphil with SPF 30 for daytime. I have a dark angels charcoal exfoliator by lush in the tub that I use to battle the flakiness aswell.
  18. Scar Success!

    Hi everyone, Here's my before and afters: Just wanted to post my success for moral support and encouragement for anyone else like me that thought they'd NEVER make progress. I had acne my whole life and it became cystic when I reached my late 20's. I had the worst acne of ANYONE I'd ever seen, I even had to have some surgical excision of cysts that never left. It was that bad. I don't use any acne products. I only wash my face once a day, don't even wash it in the mornings. I use coconut oil as a cleanser sometimes and a makeup remover if I wear make up. The pics are about 2 years apart. I attribute the improvement in scarring to derma-stamping, single needling, STOPPING retin-A, silicone mircro-droplet injections, TCA spot treatment on scars and eating a healthy diet with no soy, grains, or unsaturated oils. There are some red areas in this after pic because I recently did some TCA spot treating on a couple icepick scars but I don't break out anymore and this redness is temporary and easily covered with make up. I highly recommend derma-stamping and TCA for scars, when used cautiously and only if you've educated yourself on proper use. I really love using a 30%tca to spot treat small spots at a time because I don't have to hide in my house for 2 weeks that way, it's a slower longer process but I find that at least that way it actually gets done. As for stamping, I now do it once a month (or every 4-6 weeks) and I also just starting massaging my face and scars which feels good and brings blood flow to the surface of your skin making it healthier. There's a post somewhere on the forums here called "30min massage for scars" you can read which is very helpful too. I don't even use any cleansers except honey in the shower and sometimes coconut oil. I got rid of all the store bought, chemical laden crap. That being said, I do think salicylic acid, lactic acid and tca are good as long as they're not done too much, and health wise, I feel they're pretty safe to use. They're made from milk and fruit. I used to think it would never get better and I'm so glad I was patient, took pictures, kept learning, and kept persevering.
  19. Will someone please help me. I've had a crap time with my acne. 2 years I've been trying to sort it out. All I have been getting is these bumps EVERYWHERE. And they will not go. They look a lot worse in person. Can someone tell me how and what to use to get rid of them. I don't really wanna use BP as it's just to harsh on my skin. When I try and pop them or anything they scar. And leave these holes in my face. PLEASE HELP.
  20. Hi there I have recently just started using a new face mask recipe and have been seeing results, so I thought I would share! It's super hydrating, I have combination skin and it has not made my skin greasy in the slightest. My skin has been really dehydrated, this has really helped moisturize the deeper layers of my skin, it's made a huge difference for me. It is also FULL of vitamins! There is: Vitamin E, which boosts collagen production, full of antioxidants and aids skin in healing quickly. Vitamin C which is brightening, free radical fighting, produces collagen synthesis improving skin texture Vitamin B Complex which is super hydrating, and anti-inflammatory Vitamin K which evens out discolouration in skin and smooths wrinkles, and helps heal wounds Zinc which aids in new tissue growth, skin healing, repair work of wounds, and prevention of inflammation I have been using the mask for a little over a week every night and have seen really great results Here is my skin a week ago, as you can see it was fairly inflamed, particularly that one bastard Here is my skin today The inflammation has seriously gone down ma friends. I know it's not the craziest difference in the world, but it has only been a week mind you. I should also mention that I have not gained any new spots from the mask, it seems to be doing a pretty decent job of preventing them but I do think it's more of a healing mask. Ok so the recipe is as follows: * 1/2 cup plain yogurt * 1/3 cup rolled oats * 1 large capsule of vitamin E (400 IU) broken in mixture * 1/2 avocado * Juice of 1/2 lemon * 1/4 cucumber * Aloe vera Now, I don't think the proportions are do or die, you can definitely tweak them to your liking. Also, not every single ingredient is necessary for it to be an incredible mask, though I would recommend you at least add the greek yogurt, avocado, lemon and cucumber. I find the aloe vera extremely helpful too, just make sure you're getting pure aloe vera, I recommend the brand Lily of the Desert, it's super cheap too. Also, in terms of smell, it is definitely over powered by the greek yogurt, I don't mind but I'm sure some people would. You can add a few drops of essential oil to combat this, I use lavender oil as it is super good for skin too, as it is antiseptic and antifungal. Along with this I have been doing a liver detox, using supplements from Unda. If anyone is interested in that I can go into more detail, I find it has been helping a lot so far but it is a regime that is personalized to me Hopefully this has been helpful to someone!
  21. Need help identifying scars

    And also what I can do for them please? I rolled my face with a 1.5mm roller and 2mm dermastamp 3 days before these pictures were taken. What else can I do?

    Help!!! I did TCA cross on some of my acne scars and they are super dark right now that not even makeup will cover them. Can yall recommend what to put on after doing TCA cross to help heal faster???
  23. Wagwan, lately i've been getting new spots on my chin only every day or two. I never used to be very spotty, until like 6 months ago. I can't recall much I did differently then to now, so can't understand why i'm getting them. They're only ever on my chin which is weird. I wash my face twice daily with tea tree wipes, followed by tea tree face wash from the body shop. I've used stuff like clearasil but not sure if it worked or just lead to me having more spots. Some of them are more painful than normal cause when I touch them (clean hands) they just feel like they're gonna explode haha;)I just don't understand why i'm getting them though, so if anyone has any suggestions on products, pills, any of that stuff then that would be v helpful. Cause seriously, they've been really bad this week (possibly cause of recent mock exam stress)? But yeah, any help is greatly appreciated. FFFF SPOTS!Must also add that i'm male and I go gym about 4-5 days a week, I also eat quite a lot.
  24. Turning Point

    So, in the past two weeks I've and two really defining moments for my skin. One happened late last week at work. A coworker came up and asked what I was doing to my skin because it looked so much better. Needless to say this meant a ton to me. Especially as I knew it wasn't empty as it was unprompted and from someone I'm not close with. I considered this a win. And then there was today, also at work. I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I actually LOOKED in the mirror. I always, always avoid looking at my skin the mirror when I'm not at home. The harsh florescent lights never do me any good so I just don't. But today I did. And then I looked closer. I got right up in there. And I was PLEASED with what I saw. I was happy. I wasn't disgusted or immediately forced to look away. I even took a selfie. No filter, nothing. Because if I can like how I look in horrible lighting, this is a day I need to remember. I am still on a journey. I still want to have my pitted scars dealt with, at least so I can look good whenever I manage to have a wedding (ha). But I am so glad with the progress I've made and I am so glad I've started this journey. Don't let past failure with your skin get you down. Keep trying things. Learn what your skin will and will not tolerate. Don't submit yourself to just avoiding it forever. But most of all, don't let it consume you. No one sees your faults as much as you do. Take care of yourself and love yourself and the rest will follow.
  25. Accutane and Scar Journey

    Hi Guys, My name is jake and I'm new to Basically, my story is like everyone else's. I had great skin all of high school and then one day in college BAM. I broke out with the worst cystic acne of my life. Long story short, I took Accutane for 7 months which helped clear my acne tremendously. But after I got off it, the cysts started to come back. Now I am currently eating a dairy-free diet and use Tazorac cream (.01) and I rarely break out anymore. Now all I have to deal with is my terrible scars and redness. I've done everything for these damn scars and they don't seem to be improving at all. After taking Accutane two years ago I: -Did minor peels (did nothing) -Did Micro needling (6) times with PRP (did nothing) -Did IPL for the redness (Barley helped) -Did fillers / subcision (helped a little but still nowhere where I wanted) -Currently doing Fractional Co2 Laser (I've done it twice and plan on doing it every month for about 5 months) Here is what my skin looks like now. I guess why I joined this board is to see if what I'm doing is the right approach. I've seen countless dermatologists and spent thousands of dollars. Please help.