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  1. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    These were different pimples from the ones that I found on April 23, 2017. These were the ones that I found on June 19, 2017, and June 21, 2017, which had scabbed up. I picked at the one that I found on June 21st.
  2. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    This pimple was in about the same place as pimples that I found on April 11, 2017, and April 15, 2017.
  3. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    The bottom-left pimple was in about the same place as pimples that I found on April 11, 2017, and April 15, 2017. The top-right pimple was about an inch below my left index finger.
  4. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    The bottom-left pimple was in about the same place as pimples that I found on April 11, 2017, and April 15, 2017. The top-right pimple was about an inch below my left index finger.
  5. From the album How I Cured My Acne

    Here i explain on a video shortly of how i got rid of my acne
  6. hey guys. something i struggle with a lot is acne scabbing and wounds. No matter if i pick at my skin or not, due to the thinness of just having come off accutane my skin scabs. My scabs aren't the tiny "hard" kind that flake away, they're more really thin layers of skin peeled away and is now bright red and dry (if i let it dry). since accutane did not work for me, i now get the same amount of breakouts but my skin is severely compromised in terms of how well it can heal...and I've had to face the fact that it doesn't heal well at all. these scabs/wounds take SO long to go away often recreating, becoming raw again, and starting the process over before they finally leave a nasty hyper pigmentation mark. so far I've tried: nothing, aloe, neosporin, essential oils, calamine lotion, shea butter, coconut and emu oil, aquaphor, diaper rash cream, apple cider vinegar, and the list goes on. currently i have three pretty nasty scabs. i have a concert coming up this sunday and i don't have anything before then so i can sit inside and "heal" without having to put on make up or anything. so any quick response would be SO appreciated since I'm in a time pinch, but how do you guys heal these things? right now, I've got some hydrocolloid bandages cut to size on them because I've heard and read so much about them. but i really need these embarrassing wounds gone or healed to the point where they are just discoloration that i can conceal. please leave your best remedies and fixes for picking/scabs/whatever I'm DESPERATE.
  7. So , I think i haven proven well for myself that every single time i eat mcdonalds fries and their other food ... i get huge pimples!!! .. at first i thought maybe it could be stress because i have been a little stress but i would go a week without eatting it and my face would be so clear, and then i did a week where i ate it and bam pimples everywhere and big ones and i thought maybe to make sure i would go another week without eatting it and again face would be clear and then i ate it and pimples would begine to appear sooo ill probably never eat there fries or anything there again .. seems like they either use to much oil or it's something else in the food ... why i say that is because i tried other fast food places like wendys and burger king and my face was normal so im assuming mcdonalds is doing something different... has anyone else discovered this ?? Or if u have big pimples and u eat mcdonalds , i would try to not eat it ... works for me .. maybe it would work for others so yea
  8. No more oily skin thanks to LED Mask

    Hi everyone! I'm a 28 year old guy who has very very oily skin since i was 12 where my skin gets very oily after just half an hour. Recently I bought an LED Mask that has about 100+ LED bulbs that emits red and blue LED lights as well as infrared. I have been using just the RED light (632nm in wavelength) mode for half-an-hour to one hour a day and after a month, my skin has been much less oily than before. I only used the RED light because I read that its wavelength can go deep to reach the sebaceous glands in the skin to reduce sebum secretion while the wavelength of blue light is unable to do so. In addition, RED light is able to stimulate collagen production in the skin and my face seems to be firmer. I did some research and found a study that says the following: "It has been demonstrated that red light can affect the sebum secretion of sebaceous glands and change keratinocyte behavior.Furthermore, red light might also exert its effects by modulating cytokines from macrophages and other cells, which in turn could reduce inflammation. " I will report back again after 2-3 months of usage. Hope this works!
  9. hi guys! i recently had a break out on my forehead and few pimples on my chin. and then a friend from a salon offered me to put some peeling agent, only on those area which had the pimples. after few days, it peeled. the pimples were gone but some parts of my skin were burned. i dont know if it is hyperpigmentation or what. but my main problem is how can i remove the dark marks? i used to have clear skin but now i cannot even go out without make up. can someone recommend me a scar cream or amy treatment that will help? thank you.
  10. I've been dealing with breakouts since I was in 7th grade. It was particularly bad my Sophomore year. But, it cleared up SO much the summer before my Junior year. I almost had NO acne. My family was so excited. They all were like, "Yay! You're done with acne!" My skin was clear for the majority of my Junior year and lots of my friends commented on my skin and how nice it looked. However, during this summer, right before my Senior year, my acne has come back, and with anger, too. When my acne disappeared my Junior year, i did literally nothing different. My diet, exercise, and amount of washing was the exact same. The only thing that changed is my mother. We have a very strained relationship, and always have, and argue CONSTANTLY. She says many hurtful things, just to get to me. But, she went on an 8 month vacation during my Junior year and recently came back. Everything old came with her. Could my acne reboot be tied to her? And if so, she's a very permenant factor in my life. So what else can I do to stump it for good?
  11. Has anyone successfully quit Proactiv or another product that contains benzoyl peroxide WITHOUT breaking out badly? I'm 24 and I've been using Proactiv since I was 14. I feel my skin is no longer as acne prone as it was when I was a teen, but my skin seems to be addicted to it, specifically the benzoyl peroxide. I tried to quit Proactiv when I was 17. I was warned that many users suffer major breakouts when they first quit, so I stopped using it. Well, I broke out...HORRIBLY. For months. It got to the point where I had so many cysts and pimples on my face, that I stopped counting after I reached 30. So, I desparately went back on Proactiv, and the breakouts stopped almost immediately. I want to be free of my skin's addiction to Proactiv and benzoyl peroxide, but I fear for the major breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and scars that could form when I quit. So, have you quit an acne product with benzoyl peroxide without having major breakouts?
  12. Worsening Acne

    Hey everyone!! My skin has been terrible for over a year now. I know this pales in comparison to other people's battle with acne, and I truly sympathize for you. Please know you are beautiful and we can get through this !! Anyways, this year my skin had progressively gotten worse. I've used so many products (I will list later) and have been to doctors and dermatologists. Nothing has helped- only made it worse. These are the products I've used : BP, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Finacea, Soolantra, Minocycline, SOPHYTOPRO, Neutrogena bar soap, basic bar soap, & Aczone. (I also use the Xulane patch) I take fish oil, evening primrose oil, calcium, vit c, and zinc. Please look at the enclosed pictures and leave any advice you have whether it be diet, medication or tips and tricks!!
  13. I am usually complimented for my perfect porcelain skin however if I eat sugary foods/fatty for a couple days straight, I immediately get all these pimples all over my forehead. If I stop for a few days, magically my skin is back to normal. I have never suffered from cystic acne but definitely breakouts of small pimples. Every body is different and mine obviously reacts badly to sugary foods for whatever reason. Does anyone have any reason why this could be the case?
  14. Hello everybody. I am a 20 year old female who has been scourering the Internet for years searching for answers to my acne problem. After all these years, I am finally ready to make my first post. I am going to tell you my story and share with you how I have finally gotten my skin to be clear and smooth (for the most part!) It all started when I was in eighth grade. I had the most beautiful skin you have ever seen. I'm serious. But I suffered from OCD and I craved regiments and routines in my life so I began using proactiv before I ever really had any acne. So when I started developing some acne when I was about 14 I already had an acne product I depended on. My skin got increasingly worse as I turned 15 and by the time I hit 16 I had the worst skin I had experienced yet. What used to be nasty t zone break outs and cystic acne turned into acne all over my cheeks. It was miserable. The shame and embarrassment was unreal. I tried switching off of proactiv and onto clearasil but the breakouts would become unbearable so I would hurriedly switch back. By the time I was turning 17 my skin was improving and by the time I was 18 I had skin that I could finally be proud of. However, when I went to college, my skin began breaking out again. It wasn't quite as bad as when I was 16 but I still would get big pimples all over my face and on my cheeks. It was moderate acne but enough to take a toll on my social life because of the embarrassment. Thought out the age of 18 and halfway through 19 I suffered from breakouts and horrendously oily skin. An hour after using my proactiv my skin would be shiny and wet from all the oil. I finally decided enough was enough. Besides my skin regimen, I used all natural and organic products. I decided I was done with the harsh chemicals and the oily skin due to over drying. I wanted to treat my skin with natural products. I prepared myself for the worst breakout of my life. My skin was adjusted to 5 years of proactiv use. BP was all my skin knew. But I did things differently this time. I didn't quit cold turkey. I eased my skin off of proactiv. I used Burts Bees Acne Solution Gel Cleanser once a week, and then twice a week, and then three, then four times, until I was completely replacing proactiv with it. It took a few months to replace the proactiv. I also tried using Andalou Naturals Pore Serum. It did not help my acne but it did not break me out. Throughout the transition I had breakouts. I had pimples on my face throughout. However it was nothing that I hadn't experienced before and my skin thankfully did not absolutely blow up. Once I was using the Burts Bees I had to try a few things in order to discover my perfect regimen. What I now use that keeps my skin pretty and tea tree oil. I am going to write my routine below. It is natural and effective and it has given me my life back. I would recommend my routine, or at least the tea tree oil, to anyone suffering from different types and levels of severity of acne. NIGHTIME: Each night I use a washcloth to clean my skin with Burts Bees Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser. The wash cloth helps exfoliate and get all of my makeup off. I follow it up with tea tree oil. What I do is mix one part water with one part tea tree oil in a little dish and use a cotton ball to rub it all over my face. I wake up every morning with clear skin. With tea tree oil on my face all night, I NEVER wake up with a new pimple. MORNING: Now my morning product is not something I would normally try. Acne is something that terrifies and depresses me so if a product isn't intended for facial acne I don't usually bother with it for fear it will be ineffective and break me out. However, what I use to wash my face every morning with is actually not a face wash. I use Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bodywash. I initially used it only as a body scrub but someway somehow I started using it on my face and it's been GREAT. It is a bodywash and scrub. However the label says it is for balancing your skin and it is intended for acne prone and oily skin. It also has aloe and vitamine E. I NEVER moisturizer my face. My skin is oily and my pores get clogged. So I don't do it. This made me want something that would be gentle on my skin. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bodywash is both gentle and effective. If I ever get new breakouts I get them throughout the day but they are small and easy to manage and the tea tree oil takes them away overnight. I recently tried switching to a new morning face wash. I figured the tea tree oil was the main component keeping my acne away and my morning face wash didn't matter, however my skin broke out. This showed me the effectiveness of the Nubian Heritage. Products I recommend investing in: Burts Bees Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser, tea tree oil, Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Wash. Thanks for reading!
  15. Recently these red bumps have appeared on my forehead. I have never had acne breakouts before so I am having trouble determining if these red bumps are pimples or something worse like bed bug bites?? Please help. I am very concerned about this!! I tried to get the best pictures possible for reference. To me it looks like some of the bumps are almost indented?? These bumps all appeared within the last couple days. Please help if you have any ideas about what these are!!!
  16. Pimples clustered on one cheek

    Hi I have been having acne on my left cheek only for six months now. But it has gotten worst this past month. Usually before it was worse when on period but it never goes away! I didn't have this before and I don't understand why it is only on this one spot of my face. The rest of my face is fine. Please help. I included pics from various stages and I am sorry if they seem gross Thanks for the advice. Also I don't drink dairy, I eat organic as much as possible. I try to drink enough water each day but that could always be improved. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and I tried the apple cider vinegar thing but didn't see much of a difference. I don't eat anything with artificial coloring but prescriptions I take have dyes in them so I can't avoid that but it does upset my stomach some. I do take probiotics and I am also on synthroid because I have hashinotos which has caused my thyroid to be under active diagnosed over a year ago in January 2016. I am also on dextroamphetamine because of lack of Energy been taking them since I was 17 and I am now 26. I was on birth control since I was 17 but stopped in January 2016. My skin has been overly dry this past year as well but I moisturize and avoid ingredients that would be drying.
  17. Acne randomly appearing

    So I rarely used to get acne when I was on the birth control pill and switched to the Mirena, due to it being more safe. I experienced slight acne and got it under control with benzoyl peroxide gel. Then despite treating it I broke out all over my face, more especially on the left side (see picture and use my upper lip I'm due for a wax loool) only an occasional pimple on the nose, chin, and upper lip and two or three on both my right side of my face, and forehead. I've I've tried tea tree oil, benzoyl, salicyc acid, and glycolic over the at few months and it isn't going away or getting better. I'm not sure what to try.. I had clear skin throughout high school and now I'm 21 with the worst skin I've ever had. Any ideas? I've been thinking of going to a dermatologist but I'm not sure if this is considered mild acne or warrants a visit. Someone please help:(
  18. Hey does anyone know a slightly cheaper way to get rid of acne scarring? I used bha cause I had closed comedomes and my skin purged and got it all out onto my skin and it's almost cleared up except these little dots on my skin.. if anyone knows how to get rid of them please let me know.. that'd be amazing because they make me so insecure
  19. Vitex Chasteberry for Acne

    I took Vitex for almost a year, maybe a little less. I began taking it to try and balance my hormones for my acne, I was desperate. I started it as I stopped my BC. I was thinking it was helping, but I think I was just trying to convince myself. I went to a holistic doctor and he gave me an OTC mixed supplement to help with my high estrogen levels. So I stopped Vitex not because my doctor told me to but because I felt I didn't want to be mixing supplements and taking something unnecessary when I didn't really need it. It's been a little over two months since I stopped taking it, I was taking about 160mg/day. Once I stopped my period for that month was about a week late. But this month my period is about a month late. Has any other women taken this supplement and stopped, then missed their period for a while? I know this isn't 100% acne related but I don't know where else to ask. What was your experience with Vitex? Did it help or no? Did stopping mess with your system? Thanks.
  20. I hate my skin

    Hi, I'm a 14-year-old girl. I don't have acne but I get pimples and they make me hate my skin so much. I feel like everybody is looking at my skin and not at what I am really like as a person. I recently tried Apple Cider Vinegar for my clogged pores in the middle of my forehead and it just made everything so much worse. I hate the disappointment of trying a new product thinking it will be the miracle and breaking out all over your entire face. I feel like boys will never like me. My skin always gets an oily sheen as soon as I get to school. I can't even look in the mirror anymore because I hate what I see. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong with my skin. I wash my face twice a day with Garnier face wash and moisturise straight afterwards. I have a clean pillow and I never touch my face throughout the day. I eat hardly any sugar and am thinking of starting a dairy free diet. But as I am still growing I'm not sure if that is the healthiest option? Has anyone cleared their skin by eliminating dairy? Please help, I believe I am starting to become depressed over my skin. Thankyou
  21. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  22. Ok no one ever answers me on here but i will keep posting on the off chance that somebody will. So I have comedonal acne with the occasional closed comedone that becomes inflamed and turns into a huge pimple/cyst. I went on accutane for this because nothing else helped and my skin has erupted the entire course. Worst skin of my life. I understand it must purge your pores, but I am 6 months in and my skin is consistently breaking out bad. My question is, I weigh 110 and am on 60 mg per day from the START in October. I hit the cumulative dose a while ago and am still far far from clear. Do you think I can have too much accutane in my system? I'm thinking of just taking half my dose the rest of this month so I only take 30 a day. Will this help? My skin just looks red, dry, raw, and full of pimples and I'm honestly so angry/sad/mix of so many awful emotions. Im in a crisis in terms of how much mentally this has affected me so I really need to figure this out soon...6 months of how bad this has been has been far too long already and I don't want to continue with this high dose if its CAUSING my problems. Please any help would be so appreciated.
  23. Help pimples forming

    Around 4 pimples forming 2 already scarred my nose why alll of a sudden and how do i preventtt .
  24. Hi! im a 19 year old female who's been dealing with severe acne since the age of 11 or 12. I've tried absolutely everything to get rid of it or at least lessen the severity of it- Dermatologist visits, diet change, exercise and lifestyle changes in general, topical and oral medications prescribed by dermatologist, OTC ointments and cleansers and masks and scrubs and exfoliants and on the spot treatments , I drink a ton of water every day, change my bed sheets and pillow cases almost daily, and am sure not to touch my face. I have become extremely self conscious of my skin and my skin condition is on my mind literally all hours or the day and I know stressing about it doesn't help. I wake up every day with more bumps under my skin or another whitehead. Every. Single. Day. I have no confidence because of my acne .i cannot leave my house without putting makeup on, which is only about twice a week. (I wear makeup that's safe for acne prone skin and all products I use are safe for acne prone ,sensitive skin, and I am extra careful to be sure to get all makeup off as soon as I get home). Even though makeup covers redness and discoloration and the reddish/purpleish scarring from the acne, it obviously doesn't cover texture. My skin is just very bumpy. It's like bumpy "blind pimples" under my skin that haven't come to a head yet so they arent whiteheads. I notice it especially when I'm examining my face in the mirror upclose and with my phone's flashlight on my face to really see everything. If I pick and pick and try hard enough to pop them ,they'll pop but it'll also leave a nasty bloody, wet scab from picking it to a raw pulp which is even harder ,sometimes impossible ,to cover with makeup since it leaks through makeup (luckily I've been able to control my urge to pick and pick and pick at my face lately) But my skin is just bumpy and with makeup you can still see the bumpy texture. The texture I think even looks worse with makeup on. What is this? They're mostly on my chin and jawline and cheek area. I do a microdermabrasion face mask once or twice a week, or basically whenever I wear makeup after I take it off at the end of the day. The mask I use is from a company called "e-ra organics" I think. And it comes in a small white bottle labeled "revive microdermabrasion". It exfoliates with the beads in it and makes sure all makeup and dirt is out of my skin On top of my generally bumpy skin texture I still get those red bumps up on my skin that aren't quite a head yet but aren't below the surface anymore. I usually end up popping them anyway as it's easier to pop and if done right don't leave scab. but when I do pop anything I make sure I use a clean needle and tissue/toilet paper and clean hands and I wash my face after wards. The condition of my skin is very frustrating but I'm really concerned mainly now about the bumpy texture. what is it? What can I do about it? Any products to help my skin texture ?
  25. I have had acne around my mouth for about 12 months now. It keeps getting worse and does not go away. I am 15 years old. I just visited my dermatologist and he prescribed oral acne medication. So far it hasn't worked (4 days in). Every day I wash my face in the morning and night. I wash with Neutrogena Naturals Acne Foaming Scrub, and PanOxyl 10% wash. After the shower, I apply Aczone, but I've been running out so I sometimes apply Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Facial Treatment Moisturizing Lotion. The problem is nothing is working and my acne still persists around my mouth. It is also on my nose (big red pimples that come and stay for like a month, then fade away but come back again), pimples between my eyebrows, and some acne on my forehead. What can I do to clear this up?