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  1. First microneedling appointment

    So I had my very first microneedling appointment done yesterday (April 17th, 2017) I am on the end of my tenth week of Dans regimen, so I figured it would be a good time to jump-start my scar revision process. The doctor used 2.5mm needles, using the "Rejuvapen." I only had my cheek areas treated, because those ares are really my only areas of concern. I'm dealing with mild-moderate rolling scars, possibly even a boxcar scar or two, however, all of these scars are very smooth, and do not exceed 1.5mm in depth at the very maximum. I also have some PIE ( post inflammatory erythema ) these scars are primarily just causing an uneven textured look, which I have faith that multiple microneedling sessions will significantly suppress, if not completely eliminate. I plan on going back to my doctor in 4 weeks for my follow-up treatment ( does anybody think that is much too soon? should I push it back to 5 weeks? ) I am very excited to start seeing results in the coming weeks. I know it takes time, but I've been dealing with skin issues for a very long time, so I know the time will pass quickly. Here are photos of me today, April 18th, in indirect lighting, so you can really see the texture of my skin. Lastly, if any of you have any questions or comments regarding microneedling while using Dans regimen; shoot!
  2. Microneedling & Dan's Regimen?

    Hey guys. This is actually my first post ever on here so cut me some slack if this is already a subject and I just couldn't find it. Anywho, I've been on Dan's regimen for just shy of 3.5 weeks now, and life has gotten so much better already. Everything has pretty much gone just as Dan had outlined on the "what to expect" timeline. I've been suffering with moderate cystic acne for about 4 years, and I wish so badly I had found this site earlier. My cysts have calmed down so significantly, and it looks like I'll be completely clear of all active acne within the next 2 weeks. I am so happy with the results thus far, but unfortunately I am now left with minor rolling scars on my cheeks. SO - is it safe to treat acne scars using a microneedling technique while on Dan's regimen? Are there any specific side effects that I may experience? (aside from the typical 2-3 days of redness and swelling, big whoop) NOTE - I will begin using the aha + glycolic acid staring in 2 days. I just want to begin my healing process as quickly as possible, but want to ensure that I am doing it correctly. Thanks!
  3. Scar Success!

    Hi everyone, Here's my before and afters: Just wanted to post my success for moral support and encouragement for anyone else like me that thought they'd NEVER make progress. I had acne my whole life and it became cystic when I reached my late 20's. I had the worst acne of ANYONE I'd ever seen, I even had to have some surgical excision of cysts that never left. It was that bad. I don't use any acne products. I only wash my face once a day, don't even wash it in the mornings. I use coconut oil as a cleanser sometimes and a makeup remover if I wear make up. The pics are about 2 years apart. I attribute the improvement in scarring to derma-stamping, single needling, STOPPING retin-A, silicone mircro-droplet injections, TCA spot treatment on scars and eating a healthy diet with no soy, grains, or unsaturated oils. There are some red areas in this after pic because I recently did some TCA spot treating on a couple icepick scars but I don't break out anymore and this redness is temporary and easily covered with make up. I highly recommend derma-stamping and TCA for scars, when used cautiously and only if you've educated yourself on proper use. I really love using a 30%tca to spot treat small spots at a time because I don't have to hide in my house for 2 weeks that way, it's a slower longer process but I find that at least that way it actually gets done. As for stamping, I now do it once a month (or every 4-6 weeks) and I also just starting massaging my face and scars which feels good and brings blood flow to the surface of your skin making it healthier. There's a post somewhere on the forums here called "30min massage for scars" you can read which is very helpful too. I don't even use any cleansers except honey in the shower and sometimes coconut oil. I got rid of all the store bought, chemical laden crap. That being said, I do think salicylic acid, lactic acid and tca are good as long as they're not done too much, and health wise, I feel they're pretty safe to use. They're made from milk and fruit. I used to think it would never get better and I'm so glad I was patient, took pictures, kept learning, and kept persevering.
  4. Hello all! I'm new to the forums but I've been a bit of a lurker for a few months now. I am a 27 year old Aussie girl who, like many here, suffered terrible acne as a teenager and well into my twenties. In the beginning I was left with moderate to severe rolling scars and an uneven texture to my entire face. I was depressed, angry and constantly dodging any reflecting surface. In 2008 I decided I could live like that no more, so I got off my butt and did something about it. Fraxel I have had 5 sessions of the Fraxel Re:Store laser. I had my first session in 2008, I then had a further three (spaced three months apart) in 2010 and my last session in January this year. I have many things to say about Fraxel, but the first is that I rushed into it a little in that I did not do my research properly. I should have gone with Fraxel Re:Pair or a fully ablative laser instead of the Re:Store. Too late for that now, and I haven't ruled out the Re:Pair for the future yet. Pain: I have a really high threshold for pain so the first few sessions were okay. A little tender after them making multiple passes but in all it wasn't too bad. For some reason though, the last treatment I had was horrific. I don't know if they didn't use the same numbing cream or if they dialled the settings up dramatically or what it was, but I was practically convulsing on the table. Was not nice at all. Downtime: 2 full weeks each time. Even after the 2 weeks was up I was left with micro swelling here and there and an acne flare up to die for. Add in house-bound and sun sensitive and you've got a miserable 2 weeks. Results: Slow, like all good things. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't take before/after pictures whilst going through Fraxel. I felt too hideous. However, I think in all I would have seen around a 30% improvement in my scarring and a bigger improvement in my pore size and general skin texture. So it wasn't a complete waste of money, but i would like to go back and do it all again knowing what I know now. Cost: $1700 each time... so that's a whopping $8500. Eek! Other: The doctor. Curses to the doctor that I saw! He has no bedside manner, no care factor and is clearly out for the money. I am not a sceptic when it comes to the wonders of lasers. I know they work and I know in the right hands they can result in outstanding improvements. I'm not saying my doctor was useless, but I am saying that I will not pay him a cent more. 5 days to return an urgent phone call is unacceptable in my books, especially when I have paid so much. Not only that, but the clinic is poorly designed. In order to get to the treatment rooms you have to walk past the people waiting to be seen! That means walking past gawking patients while your face is smothered in crap and then walking back past them once your face has been attacked by a laser. Talk about awkward. End rant. Dermaroller So, after my last Fraxel session in January 2012 I decided to look for alternatives. I scoured the Internet looking for information on the Dermaroller. I think I found every medical paper, every website, every before/after picture. Months of research. When I finally decided that I was going to give it a shot I then went through the same process to find someone skilled enough to do the procedure. Firstly I really want to make it clear that I would never treat myself with a skin needling device. I've read things about people purchasing cheap rollers on eBay and on other sites and I am horrified! If you want to go out and chance further scarring your skin or causing infection by doing this procedure yourself then that's your risk. I pay someone to do the procedure using the genuine Dermaoller, the one made in Germany. 192 needles, medical grade material, 1.5mm needle length. I have had three sessions so far. The first was in July, then again in September and the third last Friday. Between each session I have waited 7 weeks to allow for proper collagen formation. Pain: Almost none. A little tender on the bony parts of my face and on my nose but nothing compared to laser treatments. Downtime: Around 4-5 days of redness and swelling all up, but I can go back to work on day 3 with a little bit of makeup and nobody's been scared to look at me! I do have a small acne flare up after each session but it's mild and might be more from the products I'm using (which are new and my skin is not used to them yet). Results: Colour me impressed! In my deepest rolling scars (on my left cheek) I can honestly say I've had around 40% improvement. This is over two sessions with my gauging results six weeks after the second session so no chance of me seeing micro swelling. My scars are slowing filling in. I didn't see much change after the first session and was a bit downhearted by that but I am sticking to my treatment plan of 5-6 sessions! Cost: $800 a session. Compared to Fraxel that's nothing, but till expensive I know. I pay for it because I know I'm getting the best treatment money can buy. Plus the person who is treating me with the Dermaroller is fantastic. She cares deeply about what she's doing for me. It's her passion and that makes me excited! Other: Just wanted to add a further blab on Dermarolling. I chose to go with the original Dermaroller as it is the only one listed on the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) here in Australia. Every single copy of the original dermaroller is not listed and never will be unless they apply for it and are thoroughly tested. I didn't take the brochure's word for it, looked it up myself. It's there, all other rollers are not. Copies that claim that they are "TGA approved" etc mean absolutely nothing! There is no such thing as TGA approved. You're either listed, or you're not. Simple. Needles shorter than 1.5mm do nothing for scarring. They don't reach deep enough into the problem layers of your skin. Shorter needles are for product penetration only and are safe to use at home (although I'd still only ever touch the original Dermaroller brand). Needles longer than 1.5mm are a very unwise choice as they are too long and may cause damage to the deeper layers of skin. 2mm needles and longer are reserved for burn scar victims as their scarring goes deeper and into the layer of fat; unless this is your problem don't use them! When your skin is treated using the 1.5mm needles you want to see blood, and lots of it. Your blood contains fibroblasts and collagen fibres. More blood in each session means that your circulation is getting better, which is a really good thing. In my first session I hardly bled at all, but last Friday my face was an awesome mess! More is not better! Rollers with more than 192 needles are extremely dangerous. With more needles more pressure is required to puncture your skin and there is a huge risk of tearing your skin to shreds (think of is as a bed of nails, the more nails, the easier it is for you to lie on it without being impaled). I also have a blab I could get into regarding skin care lotions and vitamins but I'll save that for a rainy day, hehe. Sorry for the damn story... I just wanted to share my experiences and hopefully give a little, learn a little from others here! I have taken a few half-arsed before/after pictures on my phone but I'm still deciding on whether to put them up. All of this stuff I have posted is from my personal research and experiences. I tend to ask a million questions these days and am glad I do; I am not taking any chances on my skin. I may come across as a Dermaroller infiltrator who is out to brainwash you to go do the procedure. I'm not. I am just so freaking excited about find a treatment that has worked for me that I wanted to share. Not seeking perfection, just happiness.
  5. For the past 1-2 years I've been getting these little hardened plugs of sebum/keratin? in my pores. They look like little rice grains. Every time they come out, whether by force or not, a little scarred hole is left behind. They often come out with a small piece of hair attached, including eyebrow hair! <------ This makes me real sad They may be blackheads, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure I have seborrheic dermatitis based on these symptoms + oily, flaky skin. These holes are really noticeable and I have them spread on my forehead and both cheeks. Has anyone have success/suggestions on what to do with these?! Currently I dermastamp the parts of my face with boxcar scarring, would dermastamp help these out? Also, any seb derm solutions will be very much appreciated.
  6. When I was in my teens, i had really bad acne I tried every cream there was.... and at that time I didn't think so much about the diet.. I of course didn't eat candy, cake, really unhealthy food... but still I got acne... at that time I didn't knew about milk, wheat and so on could give acne and bad skin and maybe a paleo or vegan diet could help, I didn't think about that, because I wasn't that old AND I thought the high professional many years studdying doctors/ special skin doctor in my country, knew what they talked about and what to do.... Thats why I trusted them, and said yes, when they said I have to do accutane... I trusted them, also because of all the things they said about the pills, how many they have helped and with the small side effects there was, there was some side effects, but not permanent... I didn't mind have side effect when I was on the pills.... But know 4 years pluuuus, I have bad skin healing, easily scar, easily get dry skin... saggin age skin MANY wrinkles..... And months after I stopped the accutane I didn't knew I had bad skin healing or knew it would do that to the body/SKIN many months , years after!!! I have tried laser, subcision and dermaroller/pen and that harsh of treatment isn't the best job to do, if you have bad healing and easily scars.... I know and regret of all my life, but I didn't know that in till AFTER all that my skin and scars are so much worse than after the accutane ended and I wanted to do something about it.... my life is forever ruined and social life / normal fucki?=G life is gone at a age 22.... all doctors everywere gives accutane to people,,,, but no one, no where on the internet or clinic or in the fuck^`?G universe knows how or what to do with that permanent side effect .... If I knew all this that time at the doctor ... I would rather have acne my hole LIIIIIFE!!!! And thats no bS!!!! I rather have acne than bad heavy scars all over the face..... OR if I knew all this with bad healing, I wouldn't have been doing all the treatments AFTER and live with those scars .. I got after accutane.... cause now I loke like a monster scar face.... my life motivation is gone.... even more, when you see the threat/ Forum on this website.. and sees how many there have been comment AND still doooooo!!!! and we are getting nowhere!!!!! fuck?``G NOWHERE!!! there are many skin conditions in this world, this life... and all kinds, there are a way, diet, or treatment to help.... but not this, not us who have been damaged and harmed by accutane... we are the ones who took the longest straw.... NO juice diet, vegan diet, paleo diet will help... accutane victims are F?C=D for life.....
  7. Good day everyone! I'm back on tack. I used to visit this site, maybe a year ago or 2. I have a nose scar on thel eft side of my nose, upper nostrils. I used to apply TCA cross, would only cause swelling and would eventually go back to its original size. I tried needling it with 0.23mm micro needle, I thought it was healing, but then it again went back to original size. I do not know if I should still continue with needling since I learned that it is very dangerous to do needling on nose. Anyone with similar stories or success stories? Hope you could share. It is very depressing to hace these kind of scars. Not the the actual pic but very similar and deeper is my scar. Thanks in advance -pan
  8. Procell MD vs AnteAGE MD

    Hi, I am really surprised there is no mention of needling with stemcell serums like Procell and AnteAGE anywhere on this forum. Has anyone tried these serums with derma needling? I have been reading about these serums and they sound interesting, before I order I would like to know if anyone tried any of these or if there is a better product? They are very expensive but if they really work they might be worth trying since my progress with needling and other topics is extremely slow. There is an interesting article here and read some of the comments. These companies seem to offer complete pre and post serum solutions specifically for needling. Thanks..
  9. Dermapen or Dermaroller >?

    Dermapen or Dermaroller >?
  10. 2thoseWhoHaveTriedSubcision??

    2 Those who have tried Subcision... anybody haved a left mark, hole, mini scar after the injection they does before treatment and from the nodule but mostly from the injection ?? Simon
  11. After three bouts of acne flare ups over the course of 6 years (I'm 24) I have noticeable scars on my face that I'm finally ready to take care of. I was meant to get Fraxel this winter but after reading some posts here and watching this video I discovered Infini could be a really good option. It's different because it combines micro needling with radio waves so you get the kinds of benefits of laser, but it's delivered deeper in the skin for better results. So, instead that's what I'm doing beginning this Wednesday. To start, here's a picture of my scarring before- I have all types of scars but the majority are rolling and boxcar scars. I'm told Infini is ok for ice pick scars and good for improving larger areas with different texture, like mine, so I'm hoping this is the right choice.
  12. Anybody needling with succes ??

    anybody who needling/roller/Pen with any succes `?
  13. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post some before and after pics of my skin after various scar treatments. I want to let you all know to that scars can be improved and don't give up if they get you down. I would have considered mine severe before treating them, now I rate them as maybe moderate; but I still plan on doing more treatments, just figured id post some pics to help some of you out. Heres a very very general overview of what I've done over the years: Dermastamp 1.5mm + terproline TCA peel 30%, 15% various lactic acid peels That's it...however, I plan on getting some subcision and TCA cross done very soon, along with learning how to single needle and continuing dermastamping and spot treating with the 30% TCA. Also, If any of you are under the impression that you NEED lasers to treat severe scarring, I'm here to tell you that you don't. IMO, lasers are way too harsh and can actually do more harm than good. Look at every option and combine treatments, something will work for you. Good luck!
  14. question about dermaroller/Needling!!

    Is it true or "normal" that after first time you dermaroll your scars can look worse(maybe deeper) or maybe new small scars can apears? because the dermaroller removes upper layers of the skin each time?? and then some scars can/could hide under the surface you never seen before, but they have always been there just not that eye-catching?? (for others than you of course) Is that the dermaroller's "thing" to nice and easy remove the upper layers of the skin and with the time, make the scars equal to the normal skin ?? and therefore give you better skin ? sorry for all the questions.. -Simon,DK
  15. I have seen more than once on this forum(can't remember who wrote it), some have gotten Burn victim look-a-like skin after been dermarolling for a while? any of them got pics Maybe ? or maybe any advice with the dermaroller to not get in that way with the skin? -sorry for a weird question .. simon
  16. LED+Needling??anyone?

    Anyone tried the LED light+Dermaroller ? like Lamarr the old member have posted and tried with succes!! I know it's many years since he posted it! any maybe all who have tried, no longer are on! but I am gonna try anyway, and ask if anyone have tried it! Simon.
  17. Hey everyone, so I've had a second needling treatment two weeks ago. After the first one I was red and all that but nothing bad happend, and a hypertrophic scar I have on my jawline for last 7 years went down by say 40%. There weren't really any other changes to my boxscar, rolling or ice pick or skin texture. Anyway I've had my second professional needling session two weeks ago (after a 10 week break in between) and my skin looks terrible! The scars look deeper, there seems to be a dip or rolling scar on my right cheekbone I never had, band my skin texture is horrible!!! no on seems to believe me when I say about my skin. They can see it's not the best but there is something really wrong with the way my skin looks! It looks wrinkly crinkled scarred I can't explain - it just doesn't look like skin should, and that's besides the other scars!! ive had that crinkly scarred texture for a couple years but it got better and I wanted to fix it and so. Did needling but now it looks worse!!! me aesthetician whom I've been seeing for about a year and half and has helped keep my acne under control and help says it is just some dehydration and need good exfoliation. I've had dehydration in past and my skin look crinkly but now my skin is moisturised with the same one that has been helping me for a year and half and helped rebuild and replenish my skin barrier (osmosis quench plus) but this isn't normal !!!!! Please help!!! thankssydboi The camera doesn't show how bad it is and I haven't shown pix of my scars. I'm smiling a little just to try show the crinkled texture and scarred look.
  18. I had two sessions of RF Micro needling treatment with a 40 days Gap in between the two sessions, for 2 days after each treatment my scars looked lift up and i felt good and after that my scars went to where they were before, And also i see a significant amount difference in scars during mornings times when i wake up and the same old depressed scars in the evenings or after i am tired. So is there any chance that my scars will show any improvement and if so how many treatments should i undergo and expect good results in how many months? And also please suggest me if any other cheap treatments are available to make the scars visibly good than before in India.
  19. I had two sessions of RF Micro needling treatment with a 40 days Gap in between the two sessions, for 2 days after each treatment my scars looked lift up and i felt good and after that my scars went to where they were before, And also i see a significant amount difference in scars during mornings times when i wake up and the same old depressed scars in the evenings or after i am tired. So is there any chance that my scars will show any improvement and if so how many treatments should i undergo and expect good results in how many months? And also please suggest me if any other cheap treatments are available to make the scars visibly good than before in India.
  20. I had two sessions of RF Micro needling treatment with a 40 days Gap in between the two sessions, for 2 days after each treatment my scars looked lift up and i felt good and after that my scars went to where they were before, And also i see a significant amount difference in scars during mornings times when i wake up and the same old depressed scars in the evenings or after i am tired. So is there any chance that my scars will show any improvement and if so how many treatments should i undergo and expect good results in how many months? And also please suggest me if any other cheap treatments are available to make the scars visibly good than before.
  21. I have had needling done before and I am thinking of doing it myself this time. I've had it done with a roller and pen. I've heard with the roller skin can tear and the angle isn't good. When I had the pen done, he moved it around like crazy (as you see on youtube). I felt sometimes it would get stuck to my skin as he would move it around. So I was thinking of getting a stamp,but then I came across a guy on Youtube who was essentially using a pen and stamping it on his skin instead of doing crazy circular motions. I was trying to do more research on the pen, can someone tell me what this means? I know the dermapen is probably expensive but willing to do whatever it takes at this point.
  22. I understand that there is a "window of opportunity" minutes and hours after needling to take advantage of the newly formed micro channels in the skin by applying topicals which can penetrate at a much deeper level and therefore enhance their effects. Similarly though, I'm guessing there are certain products you should probably avoid during this period as well. So, what should you apply to the skin and when? For example, Vitamin C serum is something that is commonly mentioned as a topical to use after needling. However, should it be put on in the immediate aftermath or not for a couple of more days down the line?
  23. Im going to be totally honest here. I was a picker, but never scarred, so stubbornly i kept going. I used one of those dumb blackhead tools after my second round of accutane (previously i was 15) at 20, my skin had changed and i very quickly ended up with scarred pores, icepicks and shallow boxcars. im going back on accutane to address oiliness and clogged pores, but knowing ill need to wait so long afterwards makes me wonder if i should just go ahead and try to improve the scars first, since they were from picking not the acne itself in my case... Fractional RF is the same as infini rf. Its microneedling in a stamping style with radiofrequency in the needles so its like lasering and needling. Of course id need multiple treatments spaced out, so it would put accutane off for a while. Please dont suggest tca cross, it made my scars worse :( i see my derm at the end of feb so ill ask her too. What do you guys think?
  24. I just wanted to share my experience today from a PRP treatment with both injection and dermapen in one sitting. I was a 'lucky' guinea pig for a training session and pretty stoked I got to do this with my doc at no cost! It's been about ten hours and my face is pretty swollen so I can't see any of my old scarring but I'll update this as the swelling subsides. I'm in my early 30s with VERY fair and sensitive skin (redheads and blondes). I had two vials of blood taken and then many nerve blocks done via lidocaine with epinephrine all over the face and a couple dental blocks from inside the mouth. Once I was numb and my plasma had been separated from my blood, in one section at a time a syringe was used to topically apply the plasma followed by the dermapen. Once my entire face had gone through this, I had the rest of the plasma injected into the face around the eyes, the forehead, cheeks, chin, lips etc and extra care and attention on the sides of my chin where deep acne had left quite a few ice pick scars and rolling scars as well as the smaller scars that just give that 'orange peel' texture. After the treatment a collagen stimulating/growth factor cream was applied and massaged all over topically and left to dry. I kept it on a solid 9 hours after I got home and very gently used a damp warm washcloth to remove it followed by tiny dab of jojoba oil to clean up any residue and just my fingers for rinsing and air drying. As I said above, I have a lot of swelling (I actually dig it because I look 15!). It's by no means bee-sting type though. I am not scaley and I was told I wouldn't end up scabbing, just red. I look like I have a really bad sunburn basically. Under each of my eyes near my zygomatic arch I have slight bruising, but they jumped on it immediately and massaged it so it's not bad. I'll be picking up some arnica to chow down tomorrow but was told NOT to take it before the procedure (should have had it ready at home). Really hoping the redness goes away more tomorrow; I'll be throwing a chilly washcloth on tonight to try and chill out the situation. Lots of tingling going on in my face and a tiny bit of feeling like I got into a fight lol. Anyway, I'll update tomorrow so there will be a 'downtime' reference for anyone looking into it!
  25. Does anyone on the forums have prior experience or research about derma-rolling/stamping/needling's effects on skin that's already been treated with punch floats and punch grafts? As in, will this negatively affect the repairs made to ice pick scars treated with punch techniques? I have had several courses of punch floats and grafts, and am looking to treat some linear and rolling scars on my left cheek, as well as some indented areas. Recently, I've been looking into derma-rolling and stamping, but I don't know if it's worth trying out due to prior scar treatments. Any advice or input would be appreciated. Thanks so much.