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  1. Hi to everyone who is reading, I should probably be studying because exams are coming up but here I am in bed crying. My acne had gotten so bad and everyone is pointing it out even my parents/siblings they don't want me going places with them. I started online school because people would make fun of me and I was thinking about going back to school but I have the worst panic attacks when I go out. I just feel ugly and I have ugly cysts and scars and my entire forehead is just covered with bumps pimples and cysts. I've had this two cysts on my cheek for 4 months now it won't go away. I'm slowly becoming a vegan again I don't eat meat but I do sometimes have cheese/tuna that's something I'm trying to cut off. I know my acne is genetics/hormonal but I'm just so sick of it.I don't use any face washes or creams, I do often try turmeric face mask that's it. I took antibiotics for 4 months it really helped but now I'm off it for a month and I can see all the cysts forming. I've done everything I've tried every face wash, benzoyl peroxide everything I can think of I don't know what to do. Accutane isn't an option my brother took it and got horrible side effects he still struggles with. None of my doctors seem to know anything they keep giving me benzoyl and antibiotics. I don't know what to do I've reached my lowest point:(
  2. my hairs a mess sry. how do i cget rid of this nasty sh*t?!! im so sick of it! i used to use tazorac but it made my face so itchy that i couldnt even fall asleep.
  3. Acne Makes Grand Return

    I'm 17 (female) and am starting to have really bad break outs all over my face, back and shoulders; in particular the whole right half of my face and back. From age 11 I had cystic acne along with the normal hormonal related pimples on my face. The cysts were generally on the right side of my face. I was treated with different antibiotics- many doctors believed the cysts to be infections despite no results from swabs confirming infection. Eventually when I was diagnosed with cystic acne, I was put on the pill at 13 and have been on it ever since. This has for the most part been really effective. 2 years ago I had my blood taken to check my hormone levels were normal, everything was fine. Suddenly, my skin has become worse and does not respond to benzoyl peroxide, salycilic acid, tea tree oil based product etc. Unless with an allergic reaction. Does anyone know what I could do to get rid of this acne?? I shower twice a day and change my pillow case every second day- I don't think it is originating from bacteria like that.
  4. Hi I am very new to and I started this topic because I am so tired of having hormonal acne and seeing new cysts pop up every month. I started taking Triquilar 21 since April last year and still have bad breakouts before my period. It definitely has improved from what it used to be and it's not that severe anymore. My doctor told me that I need to wait for 6 more months to see improvement but my patience is running out. I thought of switching to another pill but I'm scared it would make my breakouts worse and my doctor won't prescribe me Spiro. I'm just really depressed and confused now. Does it really take that long to get the hormones balanced?
  5. Hi all, first time posting here. So I've been getting these small, deep blackheads on my cheeks recently, the kind the you can't remove with any amount of squeezing and they are really really starting to bug me. I want them out of my face yesterday lol. Theres not too many of them, about 3 or 4 I'd say. Now I have this 2% salicylic acid solution that's meant to be put on overnight, but I wanted to ask if this solution will completely dissolve the blackheads? Or do I still have to squeeze them out? Also, how long can I expect to be using it before I see the blackheads starting to disappear? I only started using it last night but I can already feel it starting to work, is it meant to sting a bit? Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions
  6. Hi. Ok so my acne right now is the worst its been since high school! Im desperately needing help! Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne. December was an extremely stressful time for me. (A death in family and another traumatic event happened). My face, around my mouth, just exploded with acne! Some of the acne went away, but the hyperpigmentation is really bad! Cysts, pustules and whiteheads. Id been using Cetaphil Oily Skin face wash as my skin is quite oily. With Benzac Ac 5% gel. Followed by Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen. At night was the same, but with standard Cetaphil moisturiser. It was all working semi-ok. I havent had clear skin since I was 14, but this routine gave me only 2-3 breakouts at a time. Now, as you can see in the photos, Its a hell of alot more! I am currently on Zinc tablets and Doxycycline 100mg. I have been for a decent 10 years and I dont think its doing much but my fear to stop is huge. My dr who is wonderful says it is helping. I also probably need to add that I do have an eating disorder (anorexia) so I know my diet isnt great. Its too low but im doing quite well with water. Having atleast 2L a day. So. I got desperate. It was worsening my depression so I came online to think what to do and I read about the Caveman Regimen. I decided since Im not working and never wear make up anyway I thought it actually made sense. It sounded crazy and scary as hell but it still made sense. Im now on day 2 of Caveman Regimen and its not as scary as day 1. I thought my face would be dripping with oil but its not. I have made my own version of Caveman Regimen though. I couldnt not wash 100%. So my morning shower i let water fall over my face but only for a few seconds. I lightly rub with hands. Once out, i very very gently pat with a soft face cloth. Then let it to dry properly itself. Once dry I do use Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 because i can not not wear a sunscreen. At night just before bed I splash luke warm water over it and very lightly pat dry maybe once or twice. Thats it. Im not getting the flaking so much and my acne is the same. I was expecting it to be worse but im feeling positive about this. Im definitely going to keep trying it coz I have nothing to lose any more. My depression couldnt have gotten worse. My other issue is hyperpigmentation which is also why I need the sunscreen. Any help, or any advice, or ANYTHING, feedback would be so helpful.
  7. So, I've got one headless zit right by my nose, not on it, just by it. It hasn't done anything in days now. I popped it last night after warming it with hot water, and some pus came out, but the size didn't change much. I've got a presentation today and in a fit of fury, I pressed on it, hard. It did get a big smaller -- but I'm doomed now, right? I pushed all the bacteria deeper and maybe even spread it??
  8. Has anyone had any luck with activated charcoal cleansers? I'm interested in trying something like the Yes to Tomatoes Activated Charcoal bar soap. I've read good things but just recently learned about it.
  9. Anxious about acne

    Hello, I just made this account on this website out of desperation for some possible answers to my questions. I'm 16 and from about 14/15 I've just had a few cluster of spots on my left upper cheek until recently I've been breaking out on both sides, on the sides of my nose, forehead and chin. It's never been this bad before and I'm getting anxious and paranoid. It's only mild acne but getting me down, beforehand I was already dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder about other areas of my body so this coming a long right now was not helpful, I'm now so self conscious of my skin... Are people looking? Do they think I'm disgusting? Dirty? Will any one ever love me? I eat pretty good, considering I've been vegan since I was twelve and therefore had to eat lots of fruit and veg. The most unhealthy thing I consume is probably bread (only brown bread) or cereal. So I'm not sure if diet is my issue but maybe there is something I'm missing or consuming that's making it worse... I eat a lot of soy (tofu, soy milk etc) do you think perhaps that might trigger something? My sister eats junk food all the time yet has perfect clear skin. I go jogging almost every night and walks daily so I somewhat get exercise but because I've been feeling really ugly I've been staying in recently. I've been doing red/blue light therapy every day at home and on the BC pill although I still feel iffy of that but my mother said it will work... I think I've become a bit obsessed with my skin, do you think perhaps the stressing over my skin is what is making it worse? I've always had a habit of picking my skin too, whether it be scabs, dry skin, spots, dry scalp... I've been trying to distract myself to stop picking and I'm getting better but still catch myself doing so sometimes. My skin just looks so dirty and bumpy and red, scars and scabs. I get so upset and angry when I look in the mirror and I've heard of acne just getting worse as you get older and I worry about that too. Does anyone have any tips how to deal with it psychically and emotionally? Hope you're all doing well, best wishes to everyone on their journeys.
  10. Please help me

    I cant do this anymore. Im at my witts end with my skin. I really need advice on what to do. I will not do accutane under any circumstance. I look in the mirror everyday and hate myself. I need help with this and i dont know where to go. I did ipl treatment and it helped but not for very long. Retin a helped but I do a lot of sports so it made me skin burn like hell (and I do contact sports). I did benzoyl peroxide it made it worse. I cant do this anymore. If you tell me the right thing to do and it works I promise ill paypal you a hundred dollars.
  11. So, i've went to my normal doctor and showed him my little pimples I have all over my forehead and he perscribed me a 0.1% Tretinoid cream. I didn't question it because at that time, I didn't know the different strengths. So i just came home with it today and i haven't used it yet, but i decided to search it up. Apparently .1% is really strong and not recommended to start off with. Should I still try it? I have very mild acne with many little pimples on my forehead, mainly colorless but a few red ones.
  12. Hey everyone, I had my first breakout that consisted of maybe 3 papules, around the age of 15 and it was never anything serious. I am 18 now and my acne got worse about 4 months ago when I started to breakout on my cheeks and somewhat around my mouth with fairly large, red papules. Since then, I tried BP 2.5% and it seemed to help with redness. I also changed my diet but I think the BP left some sort of side effect. My acne has calmed down quite significantly in the past month or so. I only have about 2 actual papules and maybe 2 small whiteheads, however, I am left with little red marks in most of the spots were I had a pimple before. They are not raised off the skin and I don't break out again in the same spots. I attached pictures to give you guys a better idea. I am ultimately wondering if this is acne or some type of acne mark, scar or something else... I appreciate any advice. Some observations... The little red spots do not become inflamed or ever come up off the skin, but sometimes get more red in the cold or heat. I still have a few pimple here or there. But 90% of my problem is these stupid little red spots I am clear of acne on my forehead. My dad and his dad both had acne around the age of 18-21, so it may be hormonal/genetic, but I am more so wondering if this is acne or acne scars
  13. Bumps On Forehead

    Hi, I've been suffering from acne especially around my forehead since 15 and now I'm 18. I've tried a lot of products and natural remedies but nothing seem to work! Rather than acne they're more likely to be bumps and clogged pores? Last year I went to the dermatologist twice and thank god my skin is all cleared up but it lasts only for a few months that is around September last year until November. At first in 9th grade, they were just few tiny bumps in between my brows but then they started to spread on my forehead and my cheeks and few on my chin but currently the bumps on my cheeks and chin aren't as worse as before but if I don't do something they could get worse. I only put on makeup on special occasions which is quite rarely but they just appear again. I started to become depressed again and it took me a lot of courage to post the picture here I hope someone could help me recommending the products based on my skin condition.
  14. So I had this large pimple under the skin for a couple days, it got a head yesterday so I popped it and a load of pus came out and blood. Woke up this morning w moderate bruising under the eye and swelling (vision is blurred slightly). Could it be an abscess? Or just swelling??
  15. It started in about 2012. Yes, that was when i became obsessed with having flawless skin. I was in highschool, before that I was completely happy to be in my own skin but something triggered. I guess I looked at somebody and noticed how flawless their skin was as compared to mine which was kind of uneven toned, my face was tanned(darkened) in a way that my face looks a different color to my body. I was an athlete in school and spent hours under sunlight which brought this condition upon me but until that point in 2012 I didnt care about it as i loved myself and was confident in who I was. I started to do research about lightening my face to match the skin tone with the rest of my body. I looked up some natural remedies and tried them. like rubbing a lemon on my face. What I didnt realize was that I am doing some serious damage to my skin as I was not using SPF. It went on and off and my skin looked more or less the same complexion(maybe darker). I did not have acne up until this point and I was actually proud of the fact that I was acne free despite having sun darkened and sun damaged facial skin. Around 2014 I researched about how exfoliation and sun protection plays a key role in lightening the skin back to it's original tone. At the same time I kept dabbling in natural remedies which could help me exfoliate. I started using sun protection, scrubbed my face once every other day. I used an AHA facewash(low concentration) around that time and immediately started peeling. My skin became drier and the skin color was actually darkening as opposed to lightening. I was like, CRAP! and discontinued the usage of AHA. I started going to the gym and thats when my skin started erupting with pimples here and there, nothing severe. It was somewhere in 2015 that I made possibly the worst mistake ever. I made some kind of scrub adding baking soda and salt or sugar started scrubbing my face. After the scrub I would apply a face mask made up of rice powder and milk in the hope that it will lighten all the sun darkening discoloration whatsoever and I'll achieve even toned skin. MAJOR SCREWUP !!!! My face reacted so badly that it is since that time I started suffering from extremely oily skin and acne all over my face. The acne itself is not severe but the oily skin condition is hell serious. Within 15-20 minutes of cleansing my skin starts to get super greasy and is covered with minute zits and 3-4 active pimples at any given time. My face is a disaster. I feel the acne is the direct consequence of my extremely oily skin. I cleanse and wear SPF everyday but still get greasy skin by the end of the day. I play soccer everyday in the evening and sweat a lot. I cleanse immediately after my athletic activity so that sweat and oil don't take things to the next level. I started hating myself and the way I Look. The rest of my body has clear skin but my face is an oil slick with bad skin texture and sun darkening along with the acne. I wanna stop this oily mess on my face and would like to have a bright complexion like my peers. I guess I have destroyed my facial skin's acid mantle or something which led me to have extremely oily and acne prone skin. PLEASE HELP ME AND ENLIGHTEN ME ON HOW TO CURE OILY SKIN. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  16. My skin seems to be getting worse and worse, i use murad cleansing and toning foaming face wash and the moisturizer. and sometimes i put tea tree oil. idk what's happening. it's making my confidence go down A LOT and i don't know what to do.
  17. I do get the occasional pimples on the cheeks and forehead but there really small and goes away within 3 days. I notice that with every pimple I get it ALWAYS turns white then pops on its own and eventually fades, but as for my nose they become huge and really red then they slowly start turning white and pop on its own and it would bleed. Then it would turn white again and pop over and over. I have 4 big ones on my nose right now but one of them popped and has a blood scab. I wash my face twice daily following with a spot treatment containing salicylic acid and then a moisturizer. The pimples on my nose go away within 2-3 weeks and I've tried everything from Bp, tea tree oil, salicylic acid but nothing decreases the size of the pimple! How do I make the healing process go by faster and avoid future pimples on the nose! Also I keep my diet healthy avoiding greasy and fried food and I drink 2L of water everyday and I take alesse birth control which has helped my skin a little!
  18. Hey, I'm new to this site but I'm wondering if anyone could tell me why I'm breaking out. oh btw I'm 21yrs old My lifestyle before consisted of a lot of smoking, drinking, and partying (raves) but I've stopped all of that for about two months now. During that time my skin was decent, I did get breakouts here and there for reasons I'm sure I knew why and sometimes my skin would be perfect or near perfect. As soon as I stopped all of that and did a 180, I'm talking about getting 6-8hrs of sleep daily, working out 2hrs 4-6days a week, I literally calculate my macronutrients daily, I eat plenty of fruits and Vegetables every single day l, i wash my face 2-3 times a day, stopped drinking, smoking, and partying. I've been having pimples or what they call "blind pimples" come out every other day usually where my jawline is or my front cheek or forehead. It just all doesn't make any sense to me, If someone knows why or has an idea why please let me know. Much appreciated and thank you.
  19. Skin and Us

    Skin and Us Skin is really something isn't it ? For the past hour Iv'e spent time reading through forum, learning of the many people like myself struggling for lasting clear skin. And for many of us, to have 'lasting clear skin' sounds like what we most desire. Ive created this post to speak on skin sufferers, no matter the skin condition severity, emotional journey or pain. Skin is not everything, skin is not you. Yes, it is downright hard to walk out of the house into that HD natural lighting, to talk to other people or even walk by someone, thinking that their eyes are magnifying every 3D dimension and redness on your face, its hard to look into your bedroom mirror and see what is ruining your sociality, ruining your self esteem and perhaps even life - which couldve been so, so much better.. If you just had, normal skin.. I understand how socially, mentally and emotionally hindering skin can be. And it gets to the point where, skin is constantly on the mind. "look at how perfect her skin is.. She isnt even wearing makeup" "He's never had to deal with a pimple in his life" "they can touch their face so casually" The negativity, self consciousness and fear associated with unclear skin is not healthy. When will the day come when people can walk out of their door completely comfortable and loved in the skin they have, pimples, flaws and all? Skin has become such a big deal in today's society, and we have grown to value the outer appearance much past the healthy amount it should be measured ~ nitpicking on every tiny bump on someone else's face. To only have tiny bumps would be perfectly fine for me, haha. When will those days come? It would make a difference to educate more people, as many people as we can on skin. that not eveyone has perfect faces, and that is completely OK. not 'disgusting', 'ugly'' 'gross' or 'disturbing'. Unperfect skin is OK. Hold a vision of acceptance,not perfection. If you've read this far, i hope you are feeling more accepted, because I am one more person that accepts you wholeheartedly. Stop worrying and stressing over that massive rudolph monstrosity you picked at 4 in the morning, on that forehead parade of little bumps and clogged pores, that red, spotty jawline and cheeks you've been battling with for years on end, or that collection of necne (neck acne) and bacne and go live life like nobodys watching. Easy thing to say, but moreso difficult to live out. But Im right here with you, and so are many others. Make skin, your friend. Not your enemy. Skin and Us. Keep trying, build towards a healthier mindset and connection with your skin. Search and Find what works best for your skin, whether its adjustments in lifestyle, eating, your skin regimen or more. Make "lasting clear skin" your goal, and not you. And you will get there.
  20. Hi everyone. I'm new here so sorry if I put this in the wrong area. I just really need help... So I've had my acne since 2011. Started on my forehead and went to my cheeks and chin and jaw and under jaw to neck. I pick at my skin cause I just want it gone and I know it's there so I mess with it. I have no insurance or a job so it's very hard for me to afford new products and get on Accutane. I'm starting to think my acne is a hormonal problem because it only gets better on my period. I have no clue what to do anymore. I'm very depressed and don't want to go outside anymore. I'm 19 and a girl btw :( I put some pictures in of what it looks like. Some scars are really dark and light. My acne is like red bumps and whiteheads at times. My face tends to itch a lot at random times as well.
  21. Acne or allergies?

    I use to use this topical gel on my face it contained benzoyl peroxide. And it wae amazing but I ran out, I didn't think I needed it because I had no more acne. So I started using tea tree oil and my face got very bad in less than 24 hours. I'm not sure if it's allergies or acne, it's very itchy and it hurts a lot. Please help
  22. I noticed these bumps appear after shaving so they might not be acne. I wash my face twice a day and use just a natural cleanser and moisturiser. I know there is hardly anything there but I just don't want the problem to become worse and before you know it I have giant pimples all over my cheeks. Does anyone know what they might be and how to get rid of them just by looking at them? Thanks
  23. What do I do??

    I'm a 14 year old girl who has suffered from mild/moderate acne since 7th grade. My acne isn't that bad, but it is breaking my self esteem. I'd say it's more stubborn. Mostly on my forehead but some in other places. I've tried everything from drug stores and even dumb expensive products. I'm pondering whether to try at all? Everything I try leaves behind red marks on my pale skin that seem to hang out for a long time. I want to get rid of acne for good but I'm scared to try the regimen? Is it worth it? Is there something else out there? I HATE wearing makeup and I want to just be able to wake up and put on some clothes and head off to school. Right now I feel so fake. My acne isn't bad, like I said, but I want my confidence and happiness to come back! Please someone help!!
  24. Nothing works

    I've tried sooo many different treatments over the past five years and nothing has worked or even come close to working. I'm trying to get my mom to take me to the gynecologist so I can get birth control, but she said she thinks that might be too much. I hear the pill helps acne a lot. Can anyone give me a success story ?
  25. skin lightened?

    hi!! i've been struggling with acne for a couple months now, and exactly one month ago today i started on my meds. i take doxycycline twice a day (morning/night) and apply a BP face wash at night + differen/adapalene gel. my derm told me it would take 2-3 months for the meds to work together and start kicking in so im trying to be as patient as possible! to help with my skin, i've cut out dairy and red meat for a good while now and i've noticed it helps me with inflammation. however, recently i've noticed that my skin is looking VERY pale and discolored. i know its the wintertime, but i am of hispanic descent and i am usually always quite tan/golden year round, and this hasn't ever really happened before. should i be worried? i'm wondering if my diet or the medication have any important factor in this situation, and if there's anything i can do because idk if its healthy! i would appreciate any input and thanks in advanced!!!