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  1. What Is My Next Step?

    I'm a 21 male with acne on my face. I first got acne when I was a preteen and i've never been clear since. I did get it on my back, shoulders, and legs, but that has since cleared up. I'm a vegetarian, and try to eat very little dairy, and don't eat junk food or fast-food. I've broken habits of pinching/touching my face and acne, and by now lost my acne scars. I do however wear makeup, mostly foundation and powder on top of that. I only wear hypoallergenic products, and always wash it off the moment i'm home for the day. I wash my face with facial scrub in hot water twice a day, morning and night, and use a facial moisturizer after because I have very dry skin. (I've tested makeup-free periods of time up to 2-3 weeks, but it makes no difference). In the past i've used peel pads, tazorac, and a bunch of different products with benzoyl peroxide, but all of those dry out my skin a lot and give me redness. My best success has been in minocycline, and it works well in reducing and preventing the severity of my acne. The issue is that I have never taken it regularly, because my dermatologist only gives me 30 days to "take as needed" over 3-4 months. I usually use it all within the first month and a half. We briefly discussed trying accutane a few months ago, but my dermatologist changed their mind because they were concerned it would have reactions to my ADHD meds (Intuniv and Adderall) despite my doctor clearing the accutane as fine. I still have acne. I haven't seen my nose free from blackheads in eight years. It doesn't come in waves, it's constant spots around my face (and earlobes) and they take turns flaring and disappearing. I have a healthy diet, healthy skin practices, and religiously clean it. It DOES spike in severity when im stressed, anxious, and have had no sleep. So my questions are: 1. Is it my makeup? Like I said, i've done makeup-free breaks for weeks and it makes not difference. And I feel very uncomfortable in public without it. 2. Is it entirely stress-induced? I'm always overwhelmed, i'm a working college student, so its unavoidable. Will it maybe go away when I graduate and life chills? 3. Should I push for accutane, or find a new dermatologist that'll consider it? I know accutane is for more extreme cases, but i'm so tired of this... Any advice would be great, as I have an upcoming appointment with my dermatologist in two days. Thank you!
  2. Please help my super oily skin!

    I used to have acne problems when I was 13 until 15 years old. Right now, being 19, I rarely have acne but I do suffer from extremely oily face and NOTHING works!!! I wash my face twice (morning and night), I always remove my makeup and I exfoliate my skin three times per week and nothing. This is very frustrating because using makeup is the only thing that kind of controls my oiliness and I'd prefer not to use makeup at all Before applying makeup I use milk of magnesia and a primer and I use baby powder to set my makeup, but after 3-4 hours my face still becomes a freaking disco ball (thanks to that routine my oiliness takes a bit more to appear). Has something worked for you? I'm willing to receive any tips or advice, I'm starting to think I'll have to bear with this problem my whole life. Is there something out there that could to stop my oil so I could stop using makeup? (Please consider that when I talk about oily face, I refer as really extreme oiliness. Just after 30 mins I have washed my face, oil starts to build up) Ps. My skin isn't sensitive neither prone to acne problems. I don't exercise too much and I try to eat healthy. I wear makeup every day. It is literally the only thing that controls the oil in my face. Thanks a lot!
  3. So after watching all the videos and researching and ordering my regimen, I had a question in regards to makeup removal. This entire regimen is based on "Irritation = Acne" and warns against rubbing the face and stuff like that. So my question is what about makeup removal? How am I supposed to remove makeup without irritating my skin? Does anyone have any advice or techniques? Thanks!
  4. Introduction I have stopped buying commercial cleansers and toners for my face and basically switched to an all natural way to clean my face called the Oil Cleansing Method. My skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER and since I've started I haven't had any breakouts. People of all skin types with all sorts of different issues (including acne) use the OCM and love it. The Oil Cleansing Method/OCM ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Preface OK, this might sound scary to some of you but this cleansing method uses OIL directly applied to your face. Are you cringing yet? lol It breaks down like this: A common misconception concerning oil and acne is that oil causes acne. This is not true. Oil alone does not cause acne--other factors like age, hormones and prolonged clogging of the pores of trapped bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt are the actual contributors to acne. The sebum your skin naturally creates is there to protect and heal it. Ideally, oil is GOOD for your skin. Water cannot dissolve oil, so the vast majority of today's cleansers and toners use chemicals to strip your skin of its oil which irritates it and causes it to produce MORE oil as a result. So why do SO many acne-related products say "oil-free"? Because the oil-acne myth is universally celebrated and sworn by and selling their products using the "oil-free" gimmick makes companies more money. Fact: Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that "like dissolves like." The best way to desolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: Other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne--while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized. If you have severe or cystic acne, I recommend going to a dermatologist before you try anything else, including OCM, and working with one to find the best medical solutions for you. Getting Started The basic OCM blend is of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Castor oil is fantastic at drawing dirt, bacetria and other nasty stuff trapped in your pores, while healing your skin. Extra virgin olive oil works as a moisturizer and is fortified with antioxidants. The ratio of castor oil to EVOO will vary depending on the person. The typical starting ratio is 50/50 castor oil to EVOO. For oily or acne-prone skin, a ratio of 75% castor oil to 25% EVOO will work better. For dry or flaky skin, a ratio 25% castor oil to 75% EVOO is good. However, you should find the right blend for you. A lot of OCM users cut out the EVOO all together--especially those with oily or acne-prone skin, since it is a heavier oil and in rare cases has even caused people to break out. Many people replace it with other oils like Grapeseed oil, which is light, quick to absorb and is known for its astringent properties. Jojoba oil is another popular choice because it is a great natural moisturizer, is non-comedogetic and mimics the skin's own natural sebum. Other popular oils are Avocado oil, Apricot Kernal oil and Evening Primrose oil--all have extremely low pore-clogging probabilities. I use 60% castor oil, 20% grapeseed oil and 20% jojoba oil. I also add Tea Tree oil, which is a great antiseptic and is popularly used as treatment for acne. Another great oil to use for acne-prone/oily skin is Hazelnut oil, which I, personally, will be trying out next (swapping out the grapeseed for it). How to do OCM You take some of your oil blend and massage it into your face (have you fainted, yet?). Do it gently and avoid scrubbing because that can be irritating to your skin.Then, you take a washcloth dampened in warm to hot water (depending on your tolerance--but don't burn yourself!) and drape it over/hold it up to your face and leave it there until it's around room temperature. What you're doing is steaming your face and opening your pores so the castor oil can draw out the dirt and dead skin cells and the other oil(s) can condition your skin. Take this time to relax or unwind.After you're done, gently massage the oil on your face again to free all of the trapped dirt and dead skin cells. Rinse off your washcloth, wring it out and steam your face again. This can be repeated as many times as you like, depending on how much time you have on your hands. It may take you a few OCM sessions to get your routine down and maximize your time efficiency.When you've finished steaming, rinse off your washcloth, wring it out and gently start wiping the oil away. This gets rid of the dirt and dead skin cells you have freed that can lead to acne. Depending on how freaked out you are by now, you can rinse the washcloth off and keep wipe again to make sure the excess oil is off of your face. Then, splash your face with cold water to close your pores and then pat your face dry.Notes There are two different types of oil for OCM: Carrier oils and Essential oils. Carrier oils (or "fixed oils") are good base oils to penetrate your skin and maximize the delivery of essential oils. Essential oils are strong, concentrated oils, commonly extracted from botanicals and fruit, that are used in small amounts and heavily diluted in other (carrier/base) oils. Different oils of both carrier and essential have their own preferred uses and benefits for different types of skin issues. Essential oils are not a necessity for OCM to work, as carrier oils already do a great job at it, but if you like experimenting or want to tailor your blend further for your own skin, using the right essential oils may be beneficial. Castor oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and Hazelnut oil are classified amongst carrier/fixed oils. Other oils like Tea Tree oil are essential oils. OCM is also, apparently, great for removing makeup (apply the oil directly over the makeup). The best part of OCM? Your face is not greasy afterward and it is properly moisturized--no more need for irritating chemical toners and astringents or those crappy moisturizers that just add chemicals to your skin which clogs your pores. If you do find that your skin starts to become a little on the dry side (which does happen with some people), try using a very small dab of EVOO or Jojoba over your face after cleansing and/or cut down on the castor oil and increase the other oils. Some people prefer to steam their face using other methods. I know many people will massage the oil onto their face when they jump in the shower, do the rest of their routine and let the steam from the shower do the work and then wipe off their face as their last step. My boyfriend does his OCM this way and he usually has pretty behaved skin except for blackheads all over his nose. After just a couple of weeks since starting OCM himself, his face is looking fantastic now and his blackheads are almost gone completely. Note: If you have acne and your existing pimples look red and irritated after you're done, don't freak out. This just means that the pores on which they reside have been opened and drained of their gunk. Be patient. With just a little persistence, your skin will clear and will have the proper conditions for healing itself. Some people OCM morning and evening and some do it only in the morning or only in the evening and others do it a couple to several times a week--while just using water to rinse their face off when they're not OCMing. You can decide what works best for you. If you've got nothing left to lose or you're brave enough to try something new, I seriously recommend the OCM. I've been using OCM for weeks now and my zits have pretty much vanished. What I love is that my skin is all tame and glowy and all of that other good stuff now--all the time. I do it every night and in the morning I usually put on my Concha Nacar cream and/or just rinse my face off good with warm water and a washcloth. OCM as my major life-saver, In conjunction with the small number of other treatments and products I use, my skin is now virtually clear, healing more every day, improving in tone and texture and making me happier with it than I ever have been. ---------------------------------------- Other things I use/do for my skin: Concha Nacar For extra deep cleaning of my pores, treating the occasional blemish, aiding in reducing the severity of post-acne marks and improving my skin tone, quality and texture in general, I use this all-natural cream called Concha Nacar, by a small Latin American company, which is a treatment that utilizes Mother of Pearl/Oyster Shell Powder, among a short list of only six, simple, great, natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Mother of Pearl has been used by native Latin Americans and the Chinese for centuries for the treatment of an array of skin issues and general beautifying of the skin. I usually use this in the morning, but it's not rare that I use it at night before cleansing, either. My post about it is here: ACV Toner After cleansing, I use a homemade, all-natural toner consisting primarily of Apple Cider Vinegar and Green Tea. It also utilizes a little bit of aspirin. It is fantastic at balancing my skin, reducing redness, controlling shine, drying up any blemishes and evening out my skin tone. My post about it (as well as the recipe) is here: Aspirin Tea Mask Aspirin breaks down into a wonderful beta-hydroxy acid which is oil-soluble and excellent at penetrating pores beneath the sebum and dissolving/exfoliating dead skin cells. I combine it with the leaves from a bag of Green Tea, which is high in essential anti-oxidants that protect against harmful agents and stimulate circulation which is good for healing and skin tone. After I rinse this mask off, my skin is soft, bright, even-toned and fresh looking. My post about it is here: ---------------------------------------- Additional Resources: Some basic oils that may be beneficial for acne-prone skin: Carrier/Fixed oils: Flax Seed oil Hazelnut oil Neem oil Perilla Seed oil Seabuckthorn Berry oil Watermelon Seed oil Essential oils: Bergamot oil * Cedarwood oil Lemongrass oil * Litsea oil *~ Niaouli oil Patchouli oil Rosemary oil (avoid if you have high blood pressure) Tea Tree (may be irritant to some, do a skin-patch test first) * = Strong photosensitizer; avoid contact with direct sunlight for at least 4 hours after application ~ = Not recommended for sensitive skin Links to other pages discussions about OCM: Good luck to you if you decide to try OCM! Be sure to come back and keep us updated on your progress.
  5. Hi all, I've spent the past few months reading through various posts on here and finally decided to make a post of my own reaching out. I've had moderate cystic acne since I turned 21 (24 now), and have had a hell of a time dealing with it. Recently I started a new skin care line that seems to be helping prevent new breakouts (great!) but I still suffer from old cysts that never healed around my chin and horrible red scars all over my face from my awful habit of picking. I've become so terribly self conscious of what I look like bare skinned, that I literally have panic attacks when I have to take my makeup off at night, or when I first see myself exiting the shower in the mornings. I have a history of anxiety and depression and take medication for both. It has recently gotten so bad, I refuse to spend the night with my boyfriend because I am so embarrassed about how I look without makeup on (and I dare sleep with it on and cause more breakouts!) I truly feel it is starting to affect my relationship because he has very nice skin and is quite a bit older than me, and has never had a problem with acne before; so he readily admits he doesn't understand why I get so worked up about it. I just want to feel beautiful still when I wash off my "mask" off at the end of the day, but it is so very hard when seeing myself brings me to tears and I truly am disgusted by this reflection in the mirror. Any advice or similar stories I would really appreciate.
  6. Hi everyone, i have a question so let's say i do the regimen at 7am, put on my makeup and go to school. i usually come back at 2pm/3pm (depends). And it says that i should wait 10-12 hours between those 2 routines. Do i really have to have my makeup on till 7pm so i'd take it off?? can't i just take it off at 2pm and do the regimen at 7pm? Because i don't really like having makeup on my face for a long time, lol.
  7. Ever since I became more acne-prone due to both hormones and harsh products that damaged my skin barrier, I simply cannot find a foundation that will offer decent coverage and not break me out horribly. I'm beyond frustrated -- especially since I'm now dating someone and I can't bear the thought of seeing them without makeup like this. You name it, I've tried it -- Clinique, Chanel, Skin Fx, Tarte, etc. Each gave me severe acne, worse than what I normally experience. Case in point: I tried Fit!Me Matte and Poreless by Maybelline 2 days ago. I (stupidly) patch tested on my face and the area I layered it most heavily developed a huge, red nodule! I never get cysts or nodules on that part of my face, so it was a huge disappointment. I've tried Alima Pure but it looked chalky and garish, like flour on my face. Does anyone know a good mineral foundation that actually offers some full coverage? Thanks. I need to order ASAP [before the weekend] so any help is appreciated!
  8. hey guys! so last october i finished my second course of doxycycline, after which i was clear for a solid month or so. after a month had passed, i noticed that i would get a couple pimples, so i slapped some concealer and foundation over it to hide it. before this point, i had dabbled in makeup, but never used it regularly. anyway, flash-forward about two months to now. i no longer get inflamed pimples like i used to before going on doxy, but instead have many, many, many bumps on my skin. these bumps are small, appear in large quantities all over my cheeks and some on my chin, and are accompanied by dark spots underneath them. based on what google says cosmetic acne looks like, i think i may have it. i wear foundation during most weekdays, from around 7am to probably around 7pm. after school i do a sport, so i do sweat with my makeup on, but i take it all off as soon as i get home. i also put on a thick layer of cerave face cream because my skin gets quite dry overnight. however, in order to combat these bumps, i use benzoyl peroxide, wash my face twice daily and regularly exfoliate, which has….not helped. i am going to see my derm next week, but is there any way i can get rid of what i think is cosmetic acne without forgoing makeup totally? my self-esteem is too low to go to school with a bare face and once my face starts getting better i will wean myself off of it and try to come in with less on. thank you guys so much! much love, t.
  9. Hello i was wondering if any of you guys wears/wore makeup during the regimen? I personally cannot go out without wearing my foundation and i know that you should avoid makeup as much as possible but still. What foundations would you recommend? i recently bought a dewy foundation could that work? ( the ingridents are non-comodogenic) as i know that my skin will be super dry and flakey but i still want my face look somewhat decent lol. Also does the makeup slow down the process or were you able to get clear face while wearing makeup?
  10. So I've been using the regimen for a couple months now and I love what it's been doing for me. My skin has almost completely cleared up. The problem is that I love to wear makeup and something in the regimen is causing all my foundation to cake immediately. I'm using only water based primers and foundations. But it's really the second I put it on, it starts to cake. Has anyone experienced this or know of a solution? Is it a specific part of the regimen that I can change?
  11. When to remove makeup?

    Hi all! Only on Day 2 of the regimen. I use makeup almost everyday. Before beginning the regimen, I would remove my makeup as soon as I got home. I figured the less time the makeup was on my face the better. However, now when I get home it is too soon for the 2nd washing of the day. Should I clean the makeup off my face even though it has been less than 12 hours since the morning wash? Or is it better the leave the makeup (and the medication underneath it) on until it is time for the evening routine? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. <3 Magpie
  12. Hm...I decided to start a log so I can keep track of my progress. Maybe this will help destress too? Personal log/blog! Woo. So here's my story I started breaking out since I was 11 when I was under an immense amount of stress. Now I'm 19 and I think my acne has calmed down a lot. Currently in college doing the whole adult thing: new apartment, new car, best friend for a roomie, new diets, new situations. I've concluded that alcohol is bad for my liver therefore is bad for my skin. My only problem areas are my Tzone. I only break out in my Tzone. I started breaking out when I was in the fifth grade and my acne progressively became worst as I got older. I've been on every type of prescription but accutane. I've been on Tazorac, Differin, Clindamycin, Retin-a (on and off three times), etc. etc. I find that the pills like Doxcycline, Minocycline, Tetracycline are virtually useless to me. Here's what's in my medicine cabinet Dermalogica Anti-bac Skin Wash Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub (big no-no don't use scrubs!!) Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser (Complete makeup remover) Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner Clinique Take the Day off makeup Remover GM Collin Acne Complex (liquid for spot treatment) GM Collin Gel Puracne Gel oxygen (moisturizer) GM Collin Gel Purifant (face wash) Olay Sensitive Olay sensitive SPF 15 Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Makeup Clinique Perfectly Real Make up Everyday Minerals Diet Lactose intolerant >>kicked in when I started college freshmen year =( Don't drink soda I am currently on Retin-a micro and I use the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush. I don't use all of those products just some of them depending on how my skin feels. =) I JUST purchased my Clarisonic Skin Care Brush and received it 10-1-08 so we'll see how that goes.
  13. Hi everyone. I have posted a few times on here now, always on the "emotional and psychological effects of acne" page, because that's the most important one, I feel. I started having acne when I was 13 (I am 22 now) and have been self-conscious about my face ever since. When I read through peoples' posts, I can relate. I also NEVER go out without makeup, I overanalyze myself in the mirror on the daily, and I hate having my picture taken lest my latest zit shows up on camera. Side note: the state of my acne is mild- I have maybe 10 active pimples of all sizes, and pink scarring on my cheeks. I am also taking Dapsone gel and birth control pills. Anyway, when will I finally decide that enough is enough? Don't you have enough of obsessing over your skin? The only definite cure, I have decided, at least for myself, is to stop valuing external beauty to such a gross, unnecessary degree. I have been wearing makeup (foundation) basically every single day for the past 10 years of my life, not to enhance my beauty, but to cover up my face in shame. Since I'm so used to seeing my face all covered up, my natural face seems distorted, ugly, and in need of fixing. Let's not lie to ourselves- makeup can be severely damaging to the self-esteem when it's used as a crutch. Starting today, December 20th, I will not wear makeup for 30 days straight. I'll fly through Christmas and New Year's, and take family photos, all without my thick mask that shields me from my true self everyday. And guess what? I'LL SURVIVE. Who is with me? At the end of 30 days I will post my emotional and psychological results. I hope that as time goes on, I will realize that people don't care about my acne as much as I think they do, and that beauty truly is on the inside...
  14. Hello all. I just came here to vent about my skin issues tonight. Up until early last year I never even had major skin issues. Now from shitty birth control and skin product binges and sensitivities I look a mess. PIH event worse than anything else I'm dealing with a chin/jawline IB from Spiro. Long story short. I always used to get compliments for my complexion and it just feels like a sorry joke. I feel dead inside a lot of the time and almost subhuman as weird as that sounds. Even though my skin isn't as bad as some people''s just the constant anxiety, the stress, the exhaustion of dealing with it and how's it's basically made me anti social and unable to wear any product without a bizarre reaction. Even when I go somewhere bare faced I'm constantly on edge and want to hide and cannot have fun no matter how hard I try. I feel like a prisoner of this. What really triggered my emotional breakdown was trying a new foundation right the first time in at least 1 1/2 months on my vacation. Of course it didn't work out .... that would be too easy. LOL. Why did I think I could look good for 4 days out of the year? After making progress and clearing spots for 2 weeks, using this majorly set me back. Old spots that were healing became inflamed again, and papules on jaw got bigger overnight. Just a joke at this point. Foundation aways seems to ruin my face no matter what. It just feels really unfair - like it's a Saturday night and I don't feel cute or fun, how could anyone with mottled skin? I'm too depressed to not anything, so there goes my weekend on the trip! Guess my only choice is to make it worse now live In constant humiliation feeling like a freak until it clean after knows of long since I'm too defective to wear anything on my face anymore. Honestly I would welcome dying in my sleep at this point. I am seriously considering a mood stabilizer.
  15. Hey guys, I need your help. I've only recently come across the idea of using setting powders or setting sprays to make your makeup last longer. This is something I really struggle with due to oiliness as my foundation tends to become a bit of a mess by a few hours in. So I could really do with some recommendations! My main concerns are a ) that it won't break me out and b ) that it won't disturb the makeup underneath that I will have spent a lot of time perfecting to hide all my horrible spots! Very especially the first one..... My skin also tends to be quite dry because of my treatments which can make it look cakey under too much makeup, so nothing too drying either. Maybe that means a spray would be better? I'm totally new to this so a bit clueless! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  16. I wore makeup today! I thought my face was clear enough to wear some concealer and foundation. However, after the moisturizer, I put on some concealer on the red spots and foundation. I realized that my skin was super dry and flakes of skin was falling like snow flakes. My skin looks horrible with makeup on,and the red spots are visible because they look purple. I am not sure if I need to exfoliate to remove the dry skin and to have a smooth complexion. Please help any advise would do. I currently use the forever makeup concealer and a covergirl foundation.
  17. I'm currently on my 6th month of Accutane, going good, scars are still pretty vivid but the amount of pimples has decreased greatly. As my skin gets better, I started to think of some of the things that I am now thankful for, in terms of my acne. I've had it pretty bad for four years straight and would still give anything to have never had it at all, but just thinking positively, these are some of those things: Learning to apply makeup: After around 3 years of covering these suckers up everyday for school, I learnt A LOT about colour correction, coverage of beauty products and which combinations of products works best with my skin via trial and error. A lot of makeup artists that have always had perfect skin can often be clueless when it comes to covering acne/scars, which I like to think gives me a little advantage in the field Speaking Up: I kept my insecurities over my skin from my mum (who is a beauty therapist) for a long time, trying to show that it didn't bother me. In the end, I was only prolonging the pain and I was thankful for the moment when I finally asked to go on Doxy, Differin and then finally Accutane. Each time was difficult, as we are quite a jokey pair who don't get too deep very often, but its made it a lot easier to talk about other personal things with her (aka mental health, relationship issues, friend issues) Youthful skin: I have dry skin now, thanks to 'tane, but generally I have oily skin. This gives my skin, when its not all pimply, quite a youthful look and I'm yet to get many lines or wrinkles except for under my eyes (yay sleep deprivation). Yay for this :)) Tougher Skin: As everyone suffering from acne knows on here, its tough to love yourself at times. Especially when the things on your face are completely out of your control. Its made me appreciate other features of myself, instead of focusing all my attention on my hormonal skin. I'll do up my eyes, my eyebrows, do a bright lip and learn to appreciate one face feature at a time. Learning that Perfect Skin is Not Everything: The whole time that my acne was at its worst, I kept saying to myself 'If only I had perfect skin, everyone will want me/want to be friends with me'. And as my skin got better, and basically looked flawless with the help of makeup, this was still not the case. Its more to do with the way you carry yourself, talk to others and how your personality matches others. Flawless skin is lovely to have, can give you a lot of confidence and there will be some people who will find it desirable but ultimately, it will rarely be a 'make or break' moment in a relationship/friendship. It also isn't the answer to everything. Please add any of yours in the comments below! I'm curious to read! :)))
  18. Makeup Induced acne

    I think my skin got irritated from wearing makeup which i had to for two days in a row.I tried to be gentle a possible during application. Im laying off makeup completely, do I keep using the regimen despite my face irritation?
  19. regimen + makeup

    Hi, I have started the regimen and it has made huge improvements on my skin. I have mild acne, barely on week 2 so these breakouts were expected. I also have very dry flaky skin due to it. My problem is I work as a beauty advisor and were required to wear a FULL face.. I have been avoiding foundation as much as possible but for work I need something that will help.. What are some good Recommendations tions while on thi while on this regimen ? Thanks in advance!
  20. I might be starting accutane today and my skin is dry already because it's winter time. I need a foundation that can give me full coverage and look good when my skin is super dry. Any recommendations?
  21. **Please read my profile before responding to my thread** I'm a 17 year old female. Lately, my acne has been REALLY bad. I mean, it's been bad since I was 13, but sometimes it gets worse. It's been driving me nuts. I feel like I can't go out in public without caking on pounds of makeup. I feel so gross and ugly with it on too, but at least my acne and spots are somewhat less visible with foundation. I've been researching the effects of makeup on acne-prone skin and all of the articles seem to say the exact same thing: make sure it's non-comedogenic, oil-free, and take it off before bed. Yeah, I've heard it all before. I even went a week or more without wearing it and I have to admit that my skin seemed to look better, but I was always so afraid of what people would say. The acne and spots just wasn't disappearing fast enough, so I went back to wearing makeup at school. Now I feel somewhat defeated and like I am creating more self esteem issues in the future. What advice would you give to me? Should I continue wearing makeup, or should I stop wearing it?
  22. I am running out of foundation and thinking of buying a new one that covers my redness better. I found his foundation and saw that it has excellent reviews. I have one question though. Does it make dry skin look patchy? I have acne and dry skin from my treatments.
  23. Hey all, So I'm going to be starting accutane in two weeks. I'm brand new tot this website but I decided to participate so that I could eventually help someone else who is going through the same situation. I had just developed a full face of acne this summer within one week. Prior, I have never broken out before. After eliminating all possible causes incluing changing my diet (I have been a vegan but I made minor adjustments), checking my makeup, allergies, trying all topical treatments, anti-biotics (you get the point) there has been no improvement. I'll be starting accutane relatively soon and I'm doing everything I can to prepare for it. I've been researching and buying products that seem to work for some users. I'm currently in nursing school and will be graduating in May. I have to be at clinical hours in hospitals every week and it is difficult to talk with patients and employees when I would rather be hiding under a rock. I'm looking for any advice anyone has for me when starting this treatment as well as any makeup recommendations. I have never used moisturizers or primers because I'm very oily. I'm open to trying anything, regardless of cost. I currently use Estee Lauder Double Wear for foundation which I'm hoping will suffice during the treatment on the days that I NEED to wear makeup. Please no negativity! I've done all of my accutane research already and have talked to multiple professors and doctors at school about it. I am comfortable with the treatment so please, please respect that. Attached is my skin right before the major breakout. I'm hoping to go back to it. I will post pictures before my treatment begins and throughout in hope that someone searching the internet (like I have been) will find some solace in my journey.
  24. Hey everyone! I was planning on doing a Week 1 update but I've been crazy busy this week, so my updates are going to be somewhat sporadic. Expect to see some pictures on my Week 2 Update. I haven't taken any photos of my skin because it looks pretty awful. I can say without a doubt that I have entered the initial breakout stage. These past few days the lip dryness has been catching up to me, but surprisingly, my skin is not dry. My skincare routine (mentioned in last blog post) has been very successful in keeping my skin moisturized. I have swapped out my Cetaphil wash for the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and I like it way better. I have definitely seen a decrease in oil. My other side effects include mild joint discomfort, especially if I have been inactive for a while. I work at a veterinary clinic and my back often aches as the day goes on, but it's not severe. Another minor annoyance is my eyes. I am a contact wearer and I've noticed that my eyes are pretty dry at the end of the day. I've ordered some new glasses to alleviate this. I've noticed that every day when I wake up, I have a few new whiteheads that have come to the surface. They are quite painful to the touch and they are hard to cover with makeup. I take my accutane with dinner so that's probably why I see so many active breakouts when I wake up. Most of my breakouts are on my chin, which is very bizzare to me because my chin was never this severe before. I had a bit of a breakdown last night over my skin but I was very tired from a long weekend and my emotions were all over the place. Otherwise, I've been trying to keep a positive mindset about accutane. Once my initial breakout is over, it's only going to get better. HOPEFULLY. For the gals: My makeup routine hasn't changed much since I started, but I stopped wearing foundation because it was irritating my skin and I haven't been setting my face with powder. The Benefit Boi-ing Concealer is the ONLY thing heavy duty enough to cover my awful red cysts. At the end of the day, my concealer really clings to my dry patches around my active breakouts and it looks pretty awful up close. I don't think that anything can be done about this. I haven't been wearing lipstick (self explanatory). I use Malin + Goetz lip balm and put Too Faced Melted Lipstick over it to give my lips a tint. I recently purchased the new Revlon Kiss balms and they are pretty moisturizing, similar to the Sugar lip treatments. My makeup routine: -Benefit Boi-ing Concealer--- the ONLY thing heavy duty enough to cover my awful red cysts. It's not too drying. Thanks for reading, and make sure to check in Thursday for the Week 2 update (with pictures)!
  25. I wanted to share my story as a warning to those searching for a foundation: expensive is not always better. It's interesting how so many luxury brand foundations can actually trigger acne due to their rich formulas. TOM FORD is one of them. Before I used Tom Ford, I had zero acne on my cheeks and forehead. I occasionally got a mild hormonal breakout on my chin with PMS. Or a zit near my hairline due to my hair products. I used Tom Ford's foundation for 3-4 weeks, and in that time I got closed comedones on my forehead and around my nasal folds for the FIRST time in my life, and a cyst on my cheek and forehead. If you don't know what closed comedones are, they are one of the most challenging forms of acne you can ever treat, because they're deep closed whiteheads beneath the skin that retinoids or peels have to push to the surface. TOM FORD GAVE ME ACNE COSMETICA -- acne triggered by pore clogging makeup and facial moisturizers. It disrupted my pH and now has to be treated like a case of regular/teen acne with Differin and an antibiotic! I wish I could issue a formal complaint with the BBB. Their foundation is filled with crap yet they charge $80 a bottle (!!!) -- irritants like Lavender (which can cause cell death), and so much Jojoba that it is like an oil slick on your skin if it's mildly warm out. The more you wear it, the worse you'll break out until it's too late to reverse it. I'm utterly disgusted.