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  1. Hello, As you can see, my problem area is mid face, cheeks only. I tried dermapen, the doc told me I wouldn't have complications, I did. I had hyperpigmentation. A few months later, my scars seem to show more, maybe due to loss of facial fat. Another derm told me genesis cutera for texture problems as my scars are shallow to moderate. To me, they're pretty deep. He did an awful job with subcision, I see no difference in my scars. My question is, what would you recommend? PRP? Fillers? Laser? Please keep in mind that I get discoloration easily (like I did after a dermapen session, the brown spot is still there after a year). Thank you in advance!
  2. What type of scars are these?

    Just so frustrated. I've tried fraxel and a couple peels and nothing has worked. I need a regiment, do in considering rolling I just don't want to make it worse.
  3. I have this really deep ice pick scar on my face from years ago. It's extremely noticeable, as you can see. Everyone keeps asking if I've had my cheek pierced in the past, which I haven't. Its impossible to conceal and, for want of a better way to describe it, it fills up with dirt and makeup. I've spoken to the dermatologist who told me not to get an excision due to the scaring it would leave. Is this scar a good candidate for TCA? Its extremely deep.
  4. Punch excision in Europe?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows a doctor in Europe (continental Europe if possible) who does punch excisions. I was searching online and contacted dozens of clinics, but so far no luck. No one does punch excisions in my country, so I would have to travel. I have a lot of ice pick scars, so I was thinking of doing excisions. Have already had TCA cross done, but it didn't work. My dermatologist recommended Fraxel Repair, but I heard it doesn't work on ice pick scars. Help!
  5. My acne seems to be in remission- the only times I get pimples is during PMS. But after years and years of teenage acne cure experiments(such as popping and accidentally popping sits) and acne, I am now let with gazillion tiny holes that's really unattractive and unflattering. I do glycolic peels when possible and when I have zits my hands are far away. What would one recommend to fix or fill these holes up? Pics included- ignore my weird stubby nose. thank you
  6. Hey. I've managed to clear my face of acne for the most part and i'm happy with my skin now, however I have a lot of small scarring left over that I'd like to improve. Retinol, dermarolling, oil cleansing and lifestyle changes seemed to have helped clear my complexion and scarring the most, I don't have any other 4k photos like these, but my skin was so rough, congested, scarred and irritated all the time that it's pretty amazing where i'm at now. but of course, I still want to improve. any suggestions on the remaining scars, large pores and generally bad texture to treat my skin would be much appreciated. both photos are captured with natural light and should show you a good bit of progress from where I was at acne wise. thanks!
  7. ice pick and boxscar acne scars

  8. mild scrared pores

  9. Need some help

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I need some suggestions/opinions for possible treatments for my acne scars(please check the pics for details). I gave a visit to my local derm last week and he suggested me doing subcision/filler treatment or laser for some of the boxcar type scars I have and TCA cross for ice picks(I know there is a risk of hyperpigmentation for darker type skin like mine). For the filler, I don't feel comfortable using anything that is permanent like bellafill. I'm also against doing any aggressive laser due to the risks and the cost. After reading some of the threads in this forum, it seems like my best bet is to go w/ subcision and TCA cross treatments together, but do you guys think I will benefit from using HA fillers together w/ subcision for my type of scarring? Or would just the multiple rounds of subcision be sufficient? If I do decide to use the filler, I'm probably going to use Juvederm, which isn't permanent. Thank you and any comments would be appreciated.
  10. I'm currently looking into solutions for my acne scars. I have them most prominently on my forehead, and parts of my chin. I'm attaching a few different photos of my forehead, in different lighting. In some lighting it can just appear as larger pores or barely noticeable. I think? However, under harsh lighting and bright sun the scars can appear far more apparent. I feel self conscious in stores with bad lighting or when people sit close to me. I'm wondering how bad do you think my scaring actually is and what procedure might be most suitable for my skin type?
  11. What kind of scars are these?

    I had a massive break out this summer after 1.5 years of clear skin following roaccutane 01/2015-06/2015. I have also had a previous round of roaccutane that kept me clear for 4 years 06/2009-09/2014. The break out was sudden and lasted multiple months. I finally went to a derm who gave me duac, doxycycline and differin. I came off the doxy after 6 weeks. The duac was great and I stopped using it after 12 weeks to try and avoid antibiotic resistance. Im still using the differin at night to keep my cheeks clear and help heal whatever these are ( I suspect ice pics and some boxcars with a touch of hyperpigmentation?). I've also added in Sallycylic acid in the am and benzoyl peroxide 2.5 % for my forehead as it has always been a bit temperamental but clears up quickly with BP. My skin is quite red since I added in the the SA but I think it will calm down soon (hopefully). My question is, what exactly are these scars? And will they heal? Should I be doing anything else to help them? My routine: Am: Cetaphil oily skin cleanser wait 15-20 minutes SA 2% Paulas Choice BHA Wait 20 minutes BP apply BP to forehead Wait 20 minutes Apply Body Shop Tea Tree Matt Lotion Apply factor 50 Sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in the sun (Also use physical barrier) PM: Cetaphil oily skin cleanser Wait 15-20 minutes Apply differin to cheeks Apply BP to forehead Wait 30 minutes Apply Bepanthen Moisturising Cream
  12. Deep Nose Scar And Tca Cross

    So I decided to apply an 8% TCA on my nose. Just did it now. Stung a bit, frosted a bit, neutralized it with baking soda after 5 minutes. Will keep you posted!
  13. I highly doubt they would. I've never seen it before. Girls would pick an obese man over a guy with acne and scars and I don't mean a pimple or two but an entire face marred in acne and deeply inflamed. I'm about to be 21 and never kissed a girl because of the way I look. I know that's the reason. I slowing accepting the fact that I'm going to have to see a prostitute sometime.
  14. Ice Pick Scar On Nose Tip

    Hi I have an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose that really has upset my confidence and my life. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in improving a nose tip scar and by what method. I've read that the nose is hard to treat and I've also heard the opposite. So has anyone had any success?
  15. TCA CROSS on forehead (Pics)

    Hi! This is my first post in this forum, although I've been reading it for many years. I never had much acne but I've suffered from dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking) for many years and have caused a lot of scarring on my face. My forehead is full of scars, specially ice pick scars (they really look much worse in real life than in the pic) so yesterday I applied 50% TCA CROSS that I bougth from Dermalure (since they claim it's medical grade TCA). Well, the thing is that when I applied the acid it burned a little and then there was minimal frosting. I soaked the toothpick in the solution for a minute or so and applied for several seconds on the centre of the scar. The white frosting was barely noticeable and didn't expand out of the borders of the scars (it's supposed to stay inside, I know, but in every pic/video I see of the procedure, the person that applies the acid seems to aim at the centre of the scar and then the frosting covers a wider area). I though that maybe my scars were too small, but nope, cause I tried the same on a huge ice pick on my cheek and the frosting was also weak. Am I doing something wrong? Is the 50% solution too weak? Maybe it is not actually medical grade CTA? Today there are no changes on my scars whatsoever. I took that pic 10 minutes after applying the solution (sorry for the awful flaking) and you can't see the frosting!. I'll keep you informed and will post more pics!
  16. Hi everyone, I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 it has now cleared up thankfully I only get an occasional whitehead but I was left with scarring. I did have some boxcar scarring and also some rolling scars so I researched and decided to get derma rolling (micro rolling) done, I done it once with a dermatologist but then started doing it myself at home and had some good results as my boxcar and rolling scars are now gone. Unfortunately I am still left with small pitted holes that look like open pores on my cheeks, I believe these are called icepick scars? I researched into these again and came across TCA so I went ahead and had a 50% deep TCA peel with a dermatologist as I read it has good results on scarring, I am now three days post peel and have started to peel but the new skin underneath still seems to have the icepick scars. I'm not sure if I'm judging too early and if they get better over time so I thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone has had one done and how long it took for results? Also if anyone thinks TCA cross would be a better option for icepick scars? Or if I should just continue on with derma rolling for results. Please give any advice you can. Thanks
  17. Basically after looking in the mirror daily I figured I'm an idiot to at least not try something small. I figured I will try TCA Cross on one of my scars and see how the results are. For those who have done it what do you think is a good percentage to do my first cross with? I was thinking start with 50% but i'm not sure if there is any safety advantage to the lower percentages. I would honestly love to hear any feedback on this matter. I will also post pictures so you guys can tell me what you think. The pictures are pretty shitty but should give you a decent idea of the scars I am working with. If you have any other suggestions on treatment methods I would love to hear them!! Thanks!!
  18. Ice pick scars uk.

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster. I am looking to get TCA, to perform the cross procedure on my ice pick scars now my acne has finally calmed down. They are not the rolling type, but they look like large open pores although you can see the bottom on all of them so they are quite shallow. However TCA is hard to get in the uk, so I am looking to ship it. Main question is how easy is it to ship or will customs confiscate it? The supplier say they have shipped to the Uk successfully, and they seem genuine. Any help would be very welcome.
  19. I have a few mild to moderate icepick boxcar and rolling scars near my temple that I would like to improve. You can look through my post history to find some pictures. Looking for a decent doctor near MA, RI, CT, or even possibly NY or New Jersey. Would love to hear if anyone has had these procedures done in any of these states. Would also be willing to travel longer distances if anyone has had any great experiences. I appreciate the help. Treatments needed IMO are TCA Cross subcision and I might want fillers.
  20. I would like to give an update, I apologize for suggesting estriol cream. I found that in the end, it didn't work. What I have been using is diy Niacinamide water "serum" and supplementing with Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamin C. I think this is the most helpful. I think those who develop indented scars or ice picks are sensitive individuals whose systems are not producing enough collagen. We use these harsh products or get acne and they end up harming our skin because we don't have the proper nutrition. I suggest you give it a try. I think it takes gentle products and making sure we fix the internal problem of not synthesizing enough proteins in our skin.
  21. Hey, I just had a really bad breakout on the left side auf my face (temples area). I used to have only pih, that faded, but now I see some indented texture, it's very small and maybe a few days old, so is there a chance that it will fill in by its own? How should I threat the fresh scar to make it look less visible in the future? Thanks for any advice.
  22. I have mild to moderate boxcar/icepick scarring located on both temples. I want to find the best overall Doctor within MA,CT,RI,NYC,(and possibly NJ). If someone can recommend the absolute best then I may be willing to fly somewhere for this. I am willing to travel a ways as I live in Masachusetts and my brother currently lives in NYC so I can stay with him for a while. I will most likely be looking into Subcision/tca cross, but am open to listening to a well established doctors advice as well. All suggestions and guidance is appreciated. If anyone has had experiences with Doctors in these states please lat me know. Thanks
  23. What type of scars are these? Or is it just hyper pigmentation? And is that a cystic pimple ?
  24. ReCell Spray on Skin is a revolutionary treatment solution for scarring on both the face and body. Ice Pick Scars Acne Scars Post surgery scars Hypertrophic Scars Self Harm Scars Keloid Scars ReCell is currently going through FDA approval and was pioneered for burns victims of the Bali Bombings. It is now available across the UK, Europe & The Middle East and has been used for Acne Scarring for over two years with fantastic results. There are a total of 8 clinics in the UK offering ReCell.