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  1. Acne scars, acne need help ?

    Hey guys I don't know what to do to my acne scars and redness also I want to do laser hair removal on my cheeks what should I do first? Any suggestions what's the best treatment for my acne scars .
  2. Any one who got rid of Hyper pigmentation in Real time . Would like to know How you treated hyper pigmentation . Having hyper pigmentation for past two years .....
  3. Life after acne

    Hey guys, I really want to crete a conversation about life after acne (once you cure/temporary fix your acne). This is a topic that is not discussed a lot and i think its important. I have been acne free for 1 year and i no longer have any pigmentation either. I no longer find the need to wear makeup, and i never worry about my skin anymore. I remember when i had acne i was self-conscious and i would tell myself "when i have clear skin i will have no worries." The truth is yes you may not be conscious about your skin, but other insecurities appear.I realised that i no longer obsess with my skin, instead i would be conscious about my weight or how thin my hair is. Its important to mention that i am on birth control (what fixed my acne) and i have gained 15 pounds, have a headache everyday and my hair is thin. However, the fear of going off birth control and have my acne back is still strong. I guess what i want to get out, is that i find that once you fix one problem, another becomes obvious. thats what makes us human. I have learnt to love myself and i think thats the real cure. I have been off birth control for a week and my hair is great again, my headaches are gone and i have lost alot of water weight. My acne may come back, but at this point i've decided to deal with it. I would love to hear everyone else's experience of 'life after acne' or even if you have temporarily fixed your skin issues.
  4. Been on Yasmin pill for two weeks, seems to half be clearing up but half making spots rise to the surface into painful cystic whiteheads. Extremely depressed. Don't know what to do. Is this acne or scars mainly? How can I get rid of it? Mainly cheek area.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new here and I really need some help. I have had mild to moderate acne since around grade 9. I am now 19 and still deal with it. In grade 12, my acne was bearable - I had an uneven complexion and a few minor spots but nothing crazy. I started Alesse because I became sexually active and my skin (surprisingly) cleared up for a year. In first year university, my skin got kind of bad again - I'd get little pimples and then one or two HUGE, PURPLE cyst things on my cheeks. I started exfoliating for the first time and the huge pimples went away. Around the end of freshman year, I started to get horrible breakouts before my period. Like I'm talking one cheek riddled with giant red raised bumps. After months of this, I decided it had to be Alesse (although I hadn't had problems like this before on it, and it had been two years now) and I went off Alesse. Before I stopped Alesse, I started to get these mild breakouts on the left side of my cheek in the summer entering second year. The reason they were so annoying was because they took longer to heal/go away and my skin always leaves these red marks after a pimple (I don't pop) goes down. So even without a breakout, my face looked like it still had a lot of acne. I started taking Linessa this October (low dose estrogen pill) which has worked wonders for my mood. I'm less anxious, less snappy, less depressed, etc. On the first month, I definitely broke out less during my period (but I still broke out). I just finished my second month and I'm into my third, and the left side of my cheek is getting worse. The acne never heals, the pictures I have posted are from a breakout that happened at the beginning of OCTOBER and it is STILL THERE. The different between my left and right cheek is uncanny, as you can see in the photos. There are actually only a few raised bumps on my left cheek, the rest are just really red and irritated red marks. I honestly only get acne in this small area on my cheek, I get a few on my chin or right side but it is mostly this area on my left cheek. And since they keep coming, the red marks get worse and don't heal, and when a new pimple comes in it looks even worse. I know that you are supposed to break out on switching pills before you get better, but I honestly don't think this is about my pill because I started this left cheek breakout while I was still on Alesse. Isn't it weird that I've had several different types of acne, all while on the same pill? I went from clear for a year, to mild breakouts, to random huge cysts, to riddled hormonal acne, to bad breakouts on just the left side of my cheek -- all while on Alesse for two years. I just don't really understand what this acne is. They are not big bumps, they only sometimes form whiteheads, they NEVER heal or they take months to do so and it is all in the exact same area. I'm getting so sick of this, I can't leave the house without makeup on anymore because my confidence is so low. I use all organic Eminence skincare products (and yes I have used BP in grade 9, and it ruined my skin), I eat healthy, drink lots of water, etc. If anybody has any advice for this kind of acne, please let me know, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    From the album Scars or Hyper-pigmentation?

    Hyperpigmentation or scars? What treatments should i get? Will chemical peel do the magic?
  7. What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne? When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
  8. When applying Duac once daily gel I wash my hands with hand wash and then just wash my face with water before applying the gel, what cleansing routine should I be using to improve my acne? Should I be using some sort of soap when washing my face? I also dry my face with a paper towel/kitchen roll sheet instead of a towel as I find it is cleaner than towels, could this be making my acne worse as small bits from the paper towel/kitchen roll sheets could be sticking to my face and clogging pores?
  9. If you live in a city but with greenery around is it better to keep your window closed or open a lot if you have acne and want it to improve? I am hoping the fresh air will improve the air in my room and that will help my acne.
  10. Water and acne?

    Can drinking tap water be bad for acne as it may not be filtered? I don’t usually drink a lot of water but I am starting to now as I want to improve my acne, I am worried that if I suddenly start to drink a lot now my skin will get a lot worse as it can purge if toxins are brought to the surface of skin due to suddenly drinking a lot of water, would a solution to this be to ease into it and slowly drink more and more water? Is drinking bottled water better than tap water for acne? Some people do say that toxins from plastics in bottles may be bad?
  11. Day 28 - Moisturizing

    Today is Day 28 post my fraxel laser disaster which I regret more than anything. I had a painful sleepless night crying myself non stop for the damage that has happened to me. Its just face skin but it affects a person's self confidence. Its hard to see my face in the mirror. My glowing skin replaced with patches is heartbreaking. Today I have slathered my skin with emu oil, cerave healing ointment and some vaseline healing lotion. Researching non stop has revealed that one of the best ways to recover laser damaged skin is hydration for the skin and thats exactly what I am doing. A side story that can apply to healing laser damage: My thighs got scratched big time(multiple scratches) in some bushes and I panicked because I don't heal easily and end up getting hyper pigmentation. Usually my injuries get infected. I immediately applied emu oil, calendula ointment and moisturizers non stop one on top of the hour every hour until I went to sleep. I woke up this morning to healed skin, within 12 hours . I am going to apply the same logic to the laser damaged skin. Moisturize the hell out of my skin. emu oil, cerave and vaseline for now. I soon plan to add rosehip and neroli oil.
  12. Hello everyone, Thanks for taking your time to read my topic. I just wanted to know if I have acne or hyperpigmentation? Also I want to know the severity of my acne and the severity of possible scarring. I have had acne for about 4 years now, you can read about my story in the previous topic I posted. I also have acne on my back and a littlebit on my chest but they're all white/blackheads. Also, when I feel/touch my skin, it's very smooth except in some places, but the red parts are very smooth as if there was nothing there, just plain skin. If anyone could solve my problem, I would be really happy. Thanks. P.S. Excuse the beard.
  13. What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne? When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
  14. The bacne struggle!

    I've had acne for awhile but when I was in my teen years, the acne I got was very mild. Some on my forehead, some on my cheeks but they were barely noticeable. Now, I'm in my early 20s and I've been struggling with back acne. It's the worst! I had clear skin up until I was about 21, I started going to the gym every day, working out and feeling great! I'd be super tired some days, so I'd sit around after the gym (since I would go around 6pm and leave at 8:45pm or so) I'd be in my sweaty clothes, not caring (gross, I know!) Then one day I started noticing this little pimple in the middle of my back, dead center. I couldn't reach it and I kept trying to pick at it because it hurt. I should've known this was the start of something horrible! After the pimple/zit or whatever it was went away, it left a dark mark which I didn't really care about, I was just happy it was no longer hurting me. Then it kept returning in the same damn spot! I was so over it, i left it alone and showered after every workout session. Then after awhile i noticed more acne formed around the center of my back, where my sports bra covers. I thought how weird? I'm showering every day. What's the deal? The acne on my back has been calm for some time now, I usually have around 2 active pimples but a lot of scars. So it looks worse than what it really is, but i felt and still feel embarrassed to wear anything that shows the center of my back. I've never gone to the derm to fix that issue, I did go once for acne on my face because a couple months ago I kept getting acne around the lining of my lips and it was something I had never experience before. I freaked and had it checked immediately. Luckily, the medicine I was prescribed cleared that outbreak fast! It also did wonders for my back acne (scars were still there). However, 3 months later the acne on my back came right back and I was back to square one. I've tried a bunch of different home remedies, sea salt was my favorite but my tub is too small and I have to position myself awkwardly, so i stopped doing that (plus it wastes so much water!). I tried a sea salt spray on my back, that didn't do much. I'm also never consistent because like most everyone, i want quick results! I've never tried actual acne products like proactiv on my back (except the neutrgonea body wash, it did nothing) because i've always been scared that it will do more harm than good. Hesitantly, I did buy the body regimen. Now for my questions 1) What have you guys tried that works and doesn't involve showering more than once a day? (Products, soaps, etc) Honestly, I don't have the time nor the devotion to apply that much effort lol especially, when I'm in college. I also read articles of people that just rinsed their back and their acne cleared. I can't do that, I wouldn't feel clean enough. 2) How do you apply the regimen by yourself in areas you can't reach? Been using the body regimen for a week -- consistently too yay! However, I'm having trouble reaching the center. I've had help to reach that area thus far, since she's gone for a couple of days I saw the body buddy on here is that worth it? 3)What products work for acne scars? Never tried anything for that aspect. Thank you to anyone that reads this all the way through and comments with advice!
  15. HELLO Beautiful people. I recently uploaded a video about my 5 month experience using the 3 step regimen from (Attached is a link to that video) I discussed in great details my thoughts on the products, the side effects I endured, and much more. PLEASE check out my video and Subscribe to my channel for future updates. Feel free to explore my channel to watch other videos regarding my acne journey. SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE. Stay Postive, Stay Determined, Stay Beautiful "It's Not your skin, what matters is what's within" -Chaz Marie
  16. HELLO Beautiful people. I recently uploaded a video about my 5 month experience using the 3 step regimen from (Attached is a link to that video) I discussed in great details my thoughts on the products, the side effects I endured, and much more. PLEASE check out my video and Subscribe to my channel for future updates. Feel free to explore my channel to watch other videos regarding my acne journey. SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE. Stay Postive, Stay Determined, Stay Beautiful "It's Not your skin, what matters is what's within" -Chaz Marie
  17. Hi, I'm a 21 year old male. Ive been using Duac Once Daily (Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, Clindamycin 1%) for years however these are the things I'm unsure about: 1. Does it need to be stored in the fridge even after opening it? I always thought the pharmacy has to store it in a fridge and then after it's opened it can just be stored in any temperature below 25 degrees C so can be in a cupboard. 2. Should it be washed off in the morning? I usually put it on and leave it on all night and day, wash it off at night before bed and apply it again. 3. If I get spots on my nose does any Duac need to put Duac on my nose too? 4. I have bad and multiple hyperpigmentation marks, should I not use Duac/benzoyl peroxide then as I have heard it worsens and hyperpigmentation marks and makes then last longer?
  18. Need help identifying scars

    And also what I can do for them please? I rolled my face with a 1.5mm roller and 2mm dermastamp 3 days before these pictures were taken. What else can I do?
  19. i've been on accutane for 2.5 months now .. skin is now smooth to the touch, but tons of red marks and scarring left behind .. not really sure which is which to be honest, me that's why i'm here. just wanted to post these to see if anyone had any advice for what i could do to help these fade in the next couple months .. really want clear skin for the summer !! i uploaded pictures from about a month into accutane to what it looks like now, anything helps .. please and thanks.
  20. Hi everyone!! I am currently working on helping my acne scars and hyper pigmentation. I do have a breakout every once in a while but my routine I have created has really helped. I have cut out a lot of dairy, drink almost a gallon of water a day, and eat a lot more healthier. Although I am currently not on the regimen, as I have found it after my routine, I did just order the AHA + glycolic acid. Heres what my routine looks like - morning: wash my face with my clinique redness solutions cleanser and tone with half ACV half water solution I made. MY derma recently told me I don't need to use moisturizer so sometimes I will use organic rosehip oil. at night - after I take all my makeup off I will cleanse my face again and tone again. On different nights I use different products. I recently started using Peter Thomas Roth vitamin C sleeping mask and it is AMAZING!! I absolutely love it. I also use the tretonin cream before i put that on. That is what a normal day is for me without any masks or if i don't use my banisher. So heres what I do extra - 1 possibly two nights a week I will do an indian healing clay mask mixed with ACV. After that I would just put on my organic rosehip oil. 2-3 times a week I use Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask with is also amazing and smells like pumpkin pie! after that, I just put on my oil, or my vitamin C serum and sleep. 2-3 times a week (usually 2 so i don't experience skin trauma) I use my banisher from banish acne scars. This has been helping, but I am really looking to bump up this process and make sure I am being safe to my skin. When I receive my AHA + from, I plan to mix it half and half with moisturizer and only use it on nights I don't use my banisher because you are not supposed to exfoliate. NOW HERE IS MY REAL QUESTION AFTER THAT RAMBLE.... If i purchase the glycolic acid face cleanser, is it safe to use every day? Or should I use it once at night instead or morning and night or what?! Any feedback and suggestions would be helping y'all
  21. I was on accutane for 2 months but was taken off because my liver level was high. Anyways I was told to wait 3 months but after the 3 months what treatment can I use to treat these spots/scars? Best solution?
  22. Day 1 - I am starting of at a low dosage of 10mg/day as told by my dermatologist. I just took my first pill right after a heavy meal as I heard heavy meals help the pill to absorb better. My routine consists of gentle cleansing, toner, and moisturizer day and night. I will wear a cc cream with SPF 50 if I go out. Day 2 - I have not experienced any side effects, nor has there been any change in my acne. My friends tell me to try rubbing raw potato on my skin, as it can help clear acne faster. Does anyone know if this actually works, and if it is safe to do it while on accutane? My dermatologist also tells me that it is okay to put benzoyl peroxide on my skin to help clear the acne faster, is this actually advisable? Wouldn't it be too harsh on my skin while I am on accutane? I have a really sensitive skin combination skin btw. Oily everywhere except on the jawline where it is really dry. Like it's always really red after shower or if I accidentally touch or scratch my face. NOTE: Most of my acne is located on my cheeks, eyebrows, jawline, and neck. I am planning to take vitamin E and zinc supplements. Does anyone know if this is good to do while on accutane? Thanks for reading! I will be posting pictures for each week after week 1 ends.
  23. So about 6 months ago I squeezed a headless pimple on my cheek too hard and it became red and started bleeding. Ever since then there has been a red outlined mark, it's not bumpy or anything it's just annoying. Is there any way to remove it effectively?
  24. I'm wondering if I have PIE as my GP has never told me I have it. People think I pick my acne spots, which I don't. I don't know what this scarring is resulting from. I'm worried about my skin. I have searched on the internet the different types of acne scars and I have come across three which I don't have. My acne scars look nothing like ice pick scars or box scars. I have quite light skin - almost olive and these red marks sometimes appear purple and blue when I look very closely. I have researched Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and I believe I don't have it because I have light skin and these marks aren't brown or dark. However, when I apply pressure with my finger on these scars, I can't see it turn white - which is why I wonder if I have it or not. I have had acne scarring like this in the past and topical creams have slightly helped the healing process and is usually clear by the summer. However, after summer, I get breakouts again due to the change in weather and it usually lasts until the end of Winter. These scars are faded a lot in the summer. It's so confusing lol. Also, I have waxed the areas of my chin and cheeks before as I suffer from PCOS - I have facial hair Are these dilated capillaries a result of waxing? I've had acne for about four to five years (I'm 16 now) and the acne scars resulted in these breakouts have always been like this. Do ice pick scars and box scars only occur due to picking the pimples? I have a picture of my red acne scars, if you'd like to see. As you can see, I have pretty bad skin at the moment and I am on medication which is helping heal the acne. I have just started this medication so you can see the breakout atm. eww.