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  1. Hello. Im new to this site. First of all i wanted to figure out what type of acne i have. There are several small bumps i seem to get that dont go away. Been having it for couple of years and it just doesnt get better. also i cut the pill and im scared it might get worse ... How can i cure my acne and are there any other options than accutane or the Regimen? has anyone Tried estroblock? A side Info: i eat super healthy, keep everything clean and wash my face with african Black Soap. I never had perfect skin, it was worse during puberty but is still not in a good place.
  2. Hi guys, I'm a 32 y/o male and while I got through my adolescence without much skin trouble, my 20s saw an increase in pimples and the occasional cyst. After a period of severe stress and trauma which led to a year on Venlafaxine, I developed a severe and fast spreading rash. Blood tests, elimination diets, allergy tests... nothing. I was healthy. But my face was being eaten. Finally it seemed I had atopic eczema, and hormonal acne. While my skin improved with diet, the variability of the outbreaks led me to believe it was a different cause. I quit smoking weed and allowed my empathic self to deal with my pain which drastically improved my condition. So great, moisturising and keeping stress free sorted that for the most part. But my cystic acne continued to have outbreaks. I have a vericocele which tends to lower the amount of testosterone produced in my testis. As such, when the pharmacist informed me that the action of doxy was not simply antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, but also helped regulate hormones (oestrogen dominance in my case), it made sense as a prescription for my hormonal acne. Furthermore I was ensured that as it is a relatively mild antibiotic , the gut can adapt after a short while and that it would take about 6 months for my body to internalise the regulated hormonal production. At which point I could come off and benefit from a newly regulated system. I've now been on Doxy for almost 2 months, and have mostly cut out dairy and gluten. Without being pedantic about it. After a brief flare up, my wounds are healing and my skin is clearing. Wine and excessive drinking of other alcohols appears to cause a rash which i treat with a steroid cream diluted in moisturiser. It's mostly under control. I appear to respond well to doxy. I don't have stomach issues, I'm not overly sensitive to the sun, I have no diarrhoea or gas. My diet includes mostly veg, free randge meat, limited starch and carbs, and minimal gluten and dairy (I don't cut them out entirely as I think encouraging some mild tolerance of them is a good thing). I assume a healthy low-sugar, low-PUFA and relatively low carb diet help keep the dodgy bacteria from taking over my gut in the presence of doxy. SO HERE'S MY QUESTION: If I'm responding well, without any obvious side-effects, does it mean that the doxy is successfully regulating my hormonal imbalances? You hear the horror stories about it not working, about developing IBS and chest infections, etc etc. But what of cases where it regulates hormones, and due to a relatively healthy gut, does not lead to severe bowel inflammation? I feel like I've finally found the solution, and that by some coincidence, the lack of constipatory elements in my diet has meant that the doxy goes where it needs and passes with relative ease. Am I deluding myself and setting myself up for horrific reactions when I get off doxy in 4 months, or might this actually be doing what it's meant to do?? I'd appreciate any responses, advice or affirmations here, and hope that this might end up being informative to others... Thanks!
  3. I can't even find the strength to go to college anymore. I have to make my whole family switch tables at a restaurant just so we don't get direct light over our heads that emphasizes every single one of the thousand pimples that I have, and I have to face the ground every time there's sunlight. Everything either hurts or itches or both, everything is red, and people are so rude, they can't even look me in the eye, their sight always wanders around my face. Everyone that meets me thinks they have JUST the cure for my acne, JUST the thing that will work. I've tried everything, accutane is the only thing that ever worked but it comes back and I can't just stay on accutane forever as much as I'd love to. I can't even look at myself in the mirror, I hate myself. I look desfigured and really really tired. I cry myself to sleep every night. I can't help but to hate people with perfect skin, I try not to but it is just impossible. Sigh.
  4. Painful chin acne

    Hi, okay so I need help from all the acne solvers out there in the universe. I am a 17 year old girl, and have had relatively clear skin my whole teenage life- even when I hit puberty. Except for the past year my face (chin especially) has been HORRENDOUS. In the pictures attached you can see what it looks like. It is painful as you can probably imagine and had been consistently like that for a year (as I mentioned before). I've been forced to wear tonnes of makeup just to cover the redness, and even when one pimple fades, a red mark is left over and a new one pops up. I've slowly become incredibly self conscious- to the point where I won't even let my family see me without makeup on anymore. PLEASE if anyone knows how to help ( without going on medication) Please do I can't deal with it anymore. I've been cleansing with Liz Earle cleanse and polish- which I've been using for my whole life, then using their toner and moisturiser. I've not used many acne treatments because they never even to make it better- only worse. Thank so much, your help is much appreciated! This is it not even at it's worst (baring in mind these NEVER clear up, has been constant for about a year now) :
  5. Moisturiser yes or no?

    I know I should be moisturising my whole face, but I've had a terrible hormonal breakout since coming off birth control pill (revigidon- my skin was perfect and flawless when I was on it ) anyway since coming off it awful hormonal acne, this week it is all around my chin and mouth- I went for a sunbed to try and heal it, skin feels so dry now of course but should I moisturise the actual breakout area or just leave to heal itself? Terrified of making it worse.....
  6. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About four years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break out and start the process all over again. I eat a really, really restrictive diet. No grains of any kind, no dairy, caffeine, eggs, nuts, sugars, potatoes, or high GI foods. I drink a ton of water and keep my carbs down, nothing to cause acne here. I recently started dating a beautiful woman and want to be able to have consistently clear skin again. I made a derm appt and I’m open to just about everything at this point. Even a very, very low dose of Accutane. Current Regimen: - Ceve Hydrating face wash ( cleansor is too harsh for my skin) - 2% BHA (No longer doing this, too much for skin to handle) - BP - Ceve face lotion - Redness reducing creme (day) Jojoba oil (night). Type of acne: - Hormonal, I'm an 18 year old male. Enough said. - Lots and LOTS of clogged pores. Squeeze just about anywhere on my skin and a pile of sebum will pop out (gross, I know). Open to all suggestions. Dans Regmien used to work wonders for me. From getting a prescription to the crazy trick that worked for you -- I need some ideas because I'm tired of acne.
  7. Hi, so this topic will go through my accutane journey. I'm having a hard time getting through this. Acne really sucks, and not being able to control it sucks even more. So, I felt like by recording down how I was doing, and my stages, I could probably help some other people. I know it helped me reading what other people go to. Also, I'm emotionally low right now. Ranting about this stuff really let's me get it off my chest. And that's good, cause no one else in real life cares about this stuff, and just assumes I'm a "dirty" person cause I have acne.

    WHAT IS MY TYPE OF ACNE? AND HOW CAN I CLEAR IT? im a 16 year old girl, and I've tried so much (except for over the counter products which I DO NOT want to try) to get rid of what I think is closed comedones/ clogged pores. Sometimes when I think it's improving, it just gets worse. The texture is very bumpy and sometimes I'll get whiteheads, but it's mostly these bumps. Please help! It's making me feel depressed
  9. Hi, okay so I need desperate help from all the acne solvers out there in the universe. I am a 17 year old girl, and have had relatively clear skin my whole teenage life- even when I hit puberty. Except for the past year my face (chin especially) has been HORRENDOUS. In the pictures attached you can see what it looks like. It is incredibly painful as you can probably imagine and had been consistently like that for a year (as I mentioned before). I've been forced to wear tonnes of makeup just to cover the redness, and even when one pimple fades, a red mark is left over and a new one pops up. I've slowly became depressed over it and I am incredibly self conscious- to the point where I won't even let my family see me without makeup on anymore. PLEASE if anyone knows how to help ( without going on medication) I'm begging you to, I can't deal with it anymore. I've been cleansing with Liz Earle cleanse and polish- which I've been using for my whole life, then using their toner and moisturiser. I've not used many acne treatments because they never even to make it better- only worse. Thank so much, your help is much appreciated!
  10. Heres some background on my skin: I started getting acne at 12. I knew nothing about acne back then and used drug store acne products that didn't work all throughout middle school. Finally, in high school my mom took my to the dermatologist and i was put on topical treatments that didn't work. In my senior year of high school, the doctor put me on antibiotics and it was a miracle, my skin cleared COMPLETELY. I was finally so happy and I never had to wear makeup. After about a year on the antibiotics, they stopped working and all my acne came back. This is when i started to research skin care and acne really heavily and learned how bad antibiotics are for your skin. **When I was 19 I got on birth control hoping it would help my skin but it did absolutely nothing. (didn't make it worse or better). Ive been off the pill for 6 months now and skin is still the same*** I am now in my senior year of college (21 years old) and have done EVERYTHING. I use primarily natural and good quality gentle skin care. I use great brands like origins and bare minerals makeup. I wash and moisturize my face every morning and every night. I wash my makeup brushes and pillow cases every week and never go to bed with makeup on. I have mostly cut out all dairy (only eat it on rare occasions). I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and only drink green teat and water (i drink A LOT of water) I have tried probiotics and seen no results. Its so frustrating taking such good care of my skin and still having breakouts all the time, yet my friends, who eat whatever they want and have awful skin care, have flawless skin. (I'm sure a lot of you know the struggle) I attached pictures of my skin right now. I only ever break out on my cheeks and sometimes my chin, rarely (if ever) on my forehead. I have pimples on my cheeks at all times. My acne is either under the skin, or whiteheads. Im starting to think my acne is hormonal, because nothing else helps. Does anyone have a similar story or know anything that helps? Ive read that dermatologist aren't helpful with hormonal acne, so who should i go see? OBGYN? Who gives hormone tests? Also I've read a lot about PCOS and how that causes acne. I have a lot of the symptoms, EXCEPT my period is completely regular. Any advice is appreciated! If you got this far, thanks so much in advance!!
  11. Curology and Spironolactone

    I have now been on Curology for over a month. It doesn't seem to irritate my skin. My face is actually worse right now because I'm going to be starting my TOM next week. I'm going to try the Curology awhile longer I think. My Curology dermatologist told me to incorporate zinc soap by Nobles into my regimen. I started that yesterday because it has 2% zinc pyrithione in it which kills fungus and bacteria. I always get HUGE zits a week or two before my TOM(time of the month) so today I had my primary care doc put me on Spironolactone. She said I shouldn't do Spironolactone she birth control. She wanted me to do one then maybe add another. She put me on 50mg 2x day, but she didn't give me any refills? I guess I'll have to call her to get a refill when needed? Has anyone else tried Spironolactone out there?
  12. I think I finally found a way to reduce my very stubborn hormonal acne. I am 30 and have been struggling with hormonal acne for as long as I can remember. I usually get them around my mouth and chin, and I get very oily skin in that area. I usually start breaking out at around 2 weeks before my period. Sometimes they get as high as my cheeks and some really hurt (Even recently I started getting cystic acne along my jawline). Unfortunately I have a very bad habit of picking at them especially when I am stressed or distracted. I think I tried just about everything to get rid of them by using various methods, to name a few: antibiotics (which I decided to stop at some point for health reasons), Proactive (which really irritated my skin), natural do it yourself products, no products at all, cutting out dairy, carbs, taking the contraceptive pill and many many more. The only thing I didn't try was Acutane and honestly I started to really consider it towards the end. I don’t think my acne was severe enough for that. Anyway, I did quite a bit of research throughout the years and I recently discovered a combination of products that really seems to be working for me, it cleared up my skin almost instantly, in just a few days I saw major improvement and I got so excited that I finally found a cure after almost 10 years, I just had to share it online and help others get out of this miserable cycle that is hormonal acne. I found the solution by doing a lot of research and through trial and error. Don’t forget that hormonal acne is the result of a hormonal imbalance in the body, which may be caused by various factors. It is often very hard to identify the exact cause of hormonal imbalance in a woman, but there’s a few natural products that can help regulate your hormones and trigger certain problem areas of the body without having to take medications or any sort of antibiotics. I just wanted to share those 7 steps to take with all of you in hopes that it works for you too. Heal your Inside: 1) About a month ago, I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill. The reason being is that I thought the pill would help rebalance my hormones and fix my hormonal acne but within about a year I saw little to no improvement, being on the pill just made me extremely moody and bloated all the time and I still had pretty bad hormonal acne. Also, it just didn't feel right to be on the pill anymore, hence why I decided to get off it at least for a little bit until I put in a copper IUD. 2) About two weeks into stopping the pill, I started breaking out as usual. So naturally I went online desperately trying to find a solution for my hormonal acne, and I saw an interesting post on a forum (maybe this one) where someone was suggesting taking Milk thistle supplement to help with hormonal acne. Now I had never heard of Milk thistle so I did a bit of research, turns out it is a natural herb that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that is commonly used to detoxify the body, especially the liver. A lot of people we’re agreeing, saying they had also experienced success with this product. It made perfect sense as the liver directly impacts our hormones, especially when damaged due to alcohol consumption or other irritants, it may cause some hormonal imbalance in some women and that’s why they often suggest doing a liver detox to help clear the skin. A few years back I tried detoxing my liver with dandelion root tea but it tasted so bad I stopped after a few days. So I got a bottle of milk thistle in a pill form to try it out, I just take one everyday and I don’t know if it’s the main thing that helped the cause but it is absolutely working wonders right now. So I highly recommend trying it! 3) Probiotics, I am not 100% sure about that one, but I am taking some anyway because apparently it really helps regulating your gut flora. Apparently the gut is also directly linked to our hormones so it’s good to regulate the good bacteria in the body and our natural flora to promote radiant skin and kill the bad bacteria causing the acne! I am using this one called Vega, it is vegan and contains no gluten, dairy and is completely natural. However it is non-refrigerated, not sure if it would be as effective. I really try hard to do so, sometimes it’s hard to completely avoid them but I know for a fact that when I consume a lot of dairy (especially certain cheeses) I break out almost instantly. As for sugar well I notice that when I cut out sugar my skin looks less tired. But that is just a suggestion, just keep that in mind and consume these products with moderation. 4) Cut out dairy and refined sugar. 5) Rasbperry leaf is known to help regulating hormones. I got it in a liquid form and put 10 drops of it in my water everyday. Honestly it doesn’t taste like much and my naturopath suggested it to me to help me regulate my hormones. Honestly I have seen improvement doing so as well. Outside: 6) As a face wash and localised cream, I use Paula’s choice CLEAR pore normalising cleanser for blemish prone skin and Clear daily skin clearing treatment (regular strength) with 2.5 benzoyl peroxide. Now I had never heard of Paula’s choice products, as I live in Canada and can only find those products online. I read a lot of positive comments about it online. I was a little bit sceptical because my skin is very sensitive and dries out when using acne-clearing products. So I just got the little starter travelling kit that came with 3 travel-size products for about 13$ US just to try. It also comes with an exfoliant which I don’t really use because I use a toner instead which I will speak about in the next step. I used the two other products for about 3 days and they gave me astonishing results. They do not irritate the skin whatsoever and I felt a difference right away. The blemish cream can easily be applied under my make up and has a very matte yet soft texture that doesn’t make your skin feel dried out or flaky causing no irritation. I tried so many products after many many years of acne and let me tell you, these ones stood out big time! Plus I think it played a huge role in getting rid of my acne. 7) As for the toner I use, a few months ago my cousin who’s a doctor suggested this toner by Clinique called Clinique clarifying lotion. She uses it in her skin routine and it helped her clear out her acne, it’s the Step 2 in the Clinique Acne solution line. Now I am not a huge fan of Clinique products, but I decided to try this one. It is very affordable and gives you that nice tingly feeling after you apply it on the skin. I use it twice a day, morning and night on a little cotton pad, the toner contains a white powder exfoliant that helps get rid of dead skin and dirt. It’s crazy the amount of dirt I find on the pad once I wipe my skin with it. Very satisfying feeling. I suggest a combination of some or all of these steps above to clear out your skin, I genuinely think we have to work from the inside out rather than the outside in to fix the problem. Hence taking all the supplements to help regulate the hormones (probiotics, milk thistle and raspberry leaf), and then use the right face wash, toner and moisturisers with no irritants to help eliminate dead skin, cleanse oily skins that clog our pores and also to erase scars. Do not pick at your pimples whatever you do (this is the hardest thing for me). Be gentle with your skin, I still wear make up all the time and I think I always will but at least now I am not as self-conscious. I hope some or all of these work for you too! J Let me know what you think of my routine!
  13. Im 27 yrs old starting breaking out more frequently now more than ever. all along my jawline. Thought it was hormonal .. I do not have any symptoms of pcos only acne . Thought maybe high androgens? when I had my daughter two years ago my skin was glowing during pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding .I've never taken any b.c and hate putting unneccessary chemicals in me I eat clean I am into weightlifting 7xweek take supplements omega -3 probiotics , etc. My breakouts were limited to only the right side of my face with a lot of red marks w active acne more big red pustules Come and go and more bumpy ones ( as u can see in the larger areas) Started using Cerave now my left side which was clear is now breaking out so I stopped that .I don't have insurance so I can't afford to get these hormonal lab tests done .. Anyone have suggestions or know what it can be ?
  14. Hello all, I'm about 1 month in to my 2nd course of roaccutane, my first was 9 years ago. I took it for moderate to severe cystic acne which was all over my face, the course lasted 7 months and I enjoyed clear skin for the past 7 1/2 years. Ive done a lot in that time and not least had 2 children, and even then my skin was great throughout. I developed BP related complications with my last pregnancy and my Dr wasn't keen for me to be on go back onto the pill I had been on so switched me to the mini pill, cerelle. This was when the problems began, it just didn't suit me and I wanted to come off it but my Dr said it would settle but it never did. I took myself off it after 5 months and my skin was in a sorry state, very very oily, hormonal, cystic spots along jawline/neck, enlarged pores and many blackheads and whiteheads, on forehead and temple. I thought stopping the pill would halt the spots but taking the pill seemed to kickstart my skin producing spots again. I waited 3 months to see if skin would improve but it didn't and opted to go onto antibiotics for a time, i tried Lymecycline, while these quelled the bigger spots and certainly stopped my spots from becoming infected, it didn't so anything to the blackheads and whiteheads and the overall texture of skin was bumpy, you could feel the underlying spots just waiting to come out. I mentioned after 2 months to the Dr I didnt think it was working and would they consider me for a dermatologist referral, they did but I had to wait 5 months to see one. By the time I saw the Derm my skin was better but the spots weren't going and my skin was hiding a lot of spots underneath, I expressed concern that I felt i had not other option other than to take roaccutane again given that i had taking all the drug and alternative therapies to avoid them. He agreed I was a mild case on this occasion but I had jumped through enough hoops and he was satisfied I could have it. Obviously there will be no future babies for myself and my husband therefore the pregnancy risks are null (he has opted for a more permanent solution!) and i was prescribed isotretinoin that day and began taking it that evening. I rushed out to buy lots of lip balm and moisturiser, however I don't seem to get on with Carmex and have reverted to a product I used before; blistex Intensive moisturiser, which is a cream based lip balm and now comes in cherry flavour. I also bought a product which was my holy grail for roaccutane last time for my face which is avene skin recovery cream. I'm using neutrogena body moisturiser and some mild dermalogica face washes although may revert to Simple products like last time also. Ive been on it approximately a month, 2 weeks at 40mg now the rest of the time at 60mg. Doing ok aside from the lips and dry skin/hair/eyes and the red hot flushes! Have some skin smoothness where I didn't before and skin is drying up and pores closing. Still some active spots around but going quickly and none are of the cystic variety. Due to get another prescription next week so had bloods taken this week, hoping all is well and I can continue. With my first course I wrote a blog on the website reclaim your skin, I've looked but it doesn't appear to be around anymore, I found write the diary help process the changes and its a good comparison at the end, and importantly its good to get support from people who know what your going through. Thanks for reading. Andrea
  15. Sulfacetamide Wash Problems

    So here is a little backstory, I got prescribed sulfacetamide wash and clindamycin lotion on January 5th, 2017 and was told to wait three months to see results for my hormonal acne. First month started slow but my face started getting really clear until the end of the month I had a really bad breakout out of nowhere. And after that my chest started breaking out, which never happened before. So I tried neutrogena body clear wash but didnt work, called derm she told me that could make my chest worse so i stopped. Now two weeks into February I have a rash on my chest and I have no idea why. I have changed so many body washes, no longer use my bath sponge just a rag. My chest was never an issue it was always my face and now I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I called to get in with my derm in 3 weeks but I need relief now and I was just wondering if anybody else has gome though this. And if possible is the sulfacetamide wash to blame? I like using it on my face but is it possible using it in the shower isnt a good idea? Any help or comments would be so appreciated. I'm just emotionally drained from this all and it makes me really upset.
  16. I just wanted to put my two cents in for the discussion. So, I'm 26. When I was 13 I started having acne, so my doctor put me on the pill - Yasmin - which I continuously took until September 2014, when I took off for a trip around Asia. 5 months in Asia, humid air, salty water, freedom and all those backpacker's ideals - so I thought that I didn't need anything (not even deodorant... yeah). While out of the pill I had cramping and heavy, not very regular periods. I had been clear of acne for several years, only one or two pimples sometimes. I even took Roacutan during my teens. After stopping the pill, I continued clear for some months, until around March/April 2015. My skin went downhill from then on. In June I couldn't take it anymore - I went back on the pill Yasmin. Worst decision ever. I had huge side-effects that I had never had before. I was a hormonal, depressed and no libido caos. I changed the pill, to Microgynon, which kept me in that same exact caos, but added me extra weight and bloating. I couldn't take it anymore. It even started to take a toll on my relationship. I started researching and creating a plan to go off the pill again. I tried to identify the common mistakes that are made and the ones I personally made. And I reached a conclusion. When I stopped the pill, I was drinking a lot of healthy shakes, full of vegetables, stopped eating dairy and gluten, reduced sugars and red meats, took a bunch of vitamins, supplements, superfoods... And that's all great, super healthy (if done properly) and helpful in the long run - meaning, it takes time to actually have an effect. And acne is far too destructive to "wait it out". At the same time, I was not taking care of my skin directly. In the first months, following the "backpacker's ideals", I was not even washing my face properly, let alone have a stable regimen of moisturizers and cleansers. I did nothing other than a random scrub one time, a random mask another time, a random moisturizer every other week, things that I would research but discard when it didn't have a dramatic effect. Skin needs stability and I was surprising it every other month. Coming back to real life, I realise now that you need to take care of your actual skin if you have an unbalance, like we do. Now, only 6 months after restarting the pill, on December 2015 I stopped again. It's been 3 months now, only had 1 period and my skin started to go south again, but I managed to control it. It's now really good and clear. I've been taking, every morning for the last 1 and 1/2 months, Zink (30mg) , Vitamin D (I live in Denmark, so, yeah, no not that much sun) and Evening primrose oil (1300mg). I kind of follow the regimen, but with products from around my place (too much work ordering stuff from the States - and expensive). So, cleanser and moisturizer (with jojoba) twice a day, and a small dose of BP at night. A gave a LOT OF ATTENTION to the ingredients when choosing my products: focused on non-comedogenic stuff. In my "all-natural" fase, I though "oh coconut oil seems really nice - let me smear that all over my face and body and hair". Big mistake - it's highly comedogenic. Even when I put in on my body or hair I have to be extra careful not to let any of it touch my face, or a break out is sure to follow. Basically the point I'm trying to get across is that we tend to think we will fix this by trying to eat differently, cutting specific foods or taking supplements and vitamins. But that is simply not enough. So, my plan consist now on the following: 1) Cleanse and moisturize twice a day and do the Benzoyl Peroxide once a day, at night, in specific areas. If consistently clear, do BP every other day. But always moisturize! Except every 3 days, when using Glycolic acid at night. 2) I would advise not to scrub, as I noticed that whenever I scrub a breakout happens. Salicylic acid makes me break out as well. 3) Use gentle products, NON-COMEDOGENIC - and jojoba oil for me is a great addition to any moisturizing cream. 4) Take zink. It's backed by several scientific studies, it does make a difference. I take Evening Primrose Oil, even though I read a lot of studies that point out that it's really useless - but somehow I want to give it a try. 5) Do research - actual research, in scientific studies, not only in random blogs. Be critic. 6) When or if the acne gets worse, adjust, but not completely change your regimen. The key is stability. 7) Do eat healthy and exercise. Less sugar and processed foods and no dairy. I am aware that the worse is yet to come. Only after 5/6 months did I start feeling the acne coming back strong. The thing is... this time I have a plan, this time I'm prepared. I have a stable regimen, gentle products, good diet and supplements. I have an all-round strategy. Let's see and hope for the best!
  17. Rscurring chin acne

    I used to have clear skin and all of a sudden I started breaking out on both sides of my chin. They'll start going away but they just come right back and it's getting extremely frustrating. It's causing me to be depressed and anxious all the time... I don't even wanna be around people anymore. This has been going on for the past 3 months so I'm thinking it may be hormonal or due to long term stress but I'm not 100% sure. My doctor had prescribed me Tricira lo and Clindamycin Phosphate topical solution at the same time. I've been using both for a bit over a week and I'm starting to get acne on my cheeks so I'm thinking of stopping the Clindamycin and see if it's what's causing it. I also cut down on my sugar, salt and processed food intake which hasn't changed anything. Does anyone else suffer from chin acne or have you ever? Did you figure out what was causing it? I'd also like to add that I did have moderate acne when I was 15 and was put on Accutane which cleared my face up completely. Now 8 years later I'm breaking out again. I was told the acne could come back just not as bad. Could that be why I'm breaking out again? I apologize for the story just need some advice. I never thought I'd have to deal with this nightmare all over again.
  18. Going make-up free--help!

    Hi all-- 25 y/o female hormonal acne sufferer here. I've been on Accutane twice in the past three years, and though it's helped tremendously, I still have persistent acne cropping up on my cheeks. I've tried everything from changing my diet to going on the pill, and nothing seems to help. My acne is a result of multiple factors, but I know for sure that it is exacerbated by wearing make-up. I feel like I break out WAY more after wearing foundation multiple days in a row. Does anyone else feel this way? Anyhow, I'm going to attempt to go make-up free today, for the first time in a while, and I'm kind of freaking out. Looking for some support--anyone here who's had positive experiences ditching make-up?
  19. Hi. Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne with cysts. Im thinking of trying SkinB5 Acne Controlled Extra Strength Tablets. Im just wondering what peoples thoughts are about this and if its worth trying for balancing hormones.
  20. Hi. Ok so my acne right now is the worst its been since high school! Im desperately needing help! Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne. December was an extremely stressful time for me. (A death in family and another traumatic event happened). My face, around my mouth, just exploded with acne! Some of the acne went away, but the hyperpigmentation is really bad! Cysts, pustules and whiteheads. Id been using Cetaphil Oily Skin face wash as my skin is quite oily. With Benzac Ac 5% gel. Followed by Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen. At night was the same, but with standard Cetaphil moisturiser. It was all working semi-ok. I havent had clear skin since I was 14, but this routine gave me only 2-3 breakouts at a time. Now, as you can see in the photos, Its a hell of alot more! I am currently on Zinc tablets and Doxycycline 100mg. I have been for a decent 10 years and I dont think its doing much but my fear to stop is huge. My dr who is wonderful says it is helping. I also probably need to add that I do have an eating disorder (anorexia) so I know my diet isnt great. Its too low but im doing quite well with water. Having atleast 2L a day. So. I got desperate. It was worsening my depression so I came online to think what to do and I read about the Caveman Regimen. I decided since Im not working and never wear make up anyway I thought it actually made sense. It sounded crazy and scary as hell but it still made sense. Im now on day 2 of Caveman Regimen and its not as scary as day 1. I thought my face would be dripping with oil but its not. I have made my own version of Caveman Regimen though. I couldnt not wash 100%. So my morning shower i let water fall over my face but only for a few seconds. I lightly rub with hands. Once out, i very very gently pat with a soft face cloth. Then let it to dry properly itself. Once dry I do use Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 because i can not not wear a sunscreen. At night just before bed I splash luke warm water over it and very lightly pat dry maybe once or twice. Thats it. Im not getting the flaking so much and my acne is the same. I was expecting it to be worse but im feeling positive about this. Im definitely going to keep trying it coz I have nothing to lose any more. My depression couldnt have gotten worse. My other issue is hyperpigmentation which is also why I need the sunscreen. Any help, or any advice, or ANYTHING, feedback would be so helpful.
  21. Initial breakout on yaz

    So, I've just started my 3rd pack of Yaz. I've been breaking out pretty consistently ever since I've finished my first pack. People say that you should start to see your breakouts change and start getting better. Like I said, I've been breaking out pretty consistently and doesn't seem to be getting much better. But, the initial breakout first started on my forehead and left cheek then that cleared up pretty well but the breakouts moved to my other cheek and jawline.. I just want to know if that's how anyone else's initial breakout was and if it's a sign of progress? And if it's normal for the initial breakout to continue into the 3rd pack?
  22. Hello! So for the last few months I have been wondering if maybe I have PCOS. I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences to help me! BACKGROUND: So I'm 21 and have had acne for about close to 10 years although in the beginning it was just from being young and typical teenage acne.. I got rid of that stubborn acne by going on the regimen, although I was left over with cystic acne still on my chin, getting about one every week or two nothing too dramatic I know but it still takes a tole on your confidence when they take like a month to go away so they add up. Anyways, about 2 months ago I went on yaz and my stubborn hormonal chin acne is cleared! Excepppppt I now have gotten 5 cysts on the left side of my cheek in that 2 month which I never break out there.. Along with the acne, I've had irregular periods the last 4 years or so sometimes I'll miss one completely, other times I'll have my period for weeks.. In terms of excess hair growth I notice that my hair grows back super fast but my hair on my head seems to be thinner these last few years as well as I get some light hair on my chin and upper lip the last few years as well. ALSO when I was about 16 I had a large ovarian cyst removed.. about 16 cm in diameter, I had no pain or symptomsduring this time and my gyno surgeon removed my ovary as well. I also have been having super bad insomnia like it takes me houuurs to sleep sometimes, as well as pretty bad anxiety. Also fatigue, I find it hard to concentrate and am just always tired and wanting to nap. I was thinking that I might have excess estrogen. I tracked my cycle this last two months and found that my pimples almost always come at the same times, Day 14-day 19 usually which is around ovulation and then again day 18/19 is when your estrogen starts to make its comeback in the cycle. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or similar problems!
  23. I started accutane last week and my skin has gotten the initial breakout. Does anyone have any tips to overcoming it? Or Accutane tips in general? I want it all to go as smoothly as possible and I really appreciate everyone's knowledge and experience. I haven't experienced much dryness but in well prepared and in anticipation. My skin is very oily still and hasn't slowed yet.
  24. Hi everyone, I have been using these forums for years to get ideas on how to cure my acne. Finally after 17 years of pimples at 33 i am proud to announce that i am acne free and feeling great. All I have to do now is let the scars fade. I will share how it happened. So I have combination skin which is dry and prone to black heads with hormonal breakouts around that time of month especially on the cheeks chin and around the temples. Theres been a few discussions on here as to whether or not coffee affects acne. In my case I really think it did affect it. As soon as I quit drinking coffee i noticed that my skin was producing way less sebum, but it was also softer and less wrinkly, flakey and dehydrated. Every time I felt like drinking a coffee i would just have a water or a rooibos tea instead. At the time I put some retinoid cream on my face which made me get a very itchy dry face rash, it was almost like i had eczma all over my face, So i stopped using the retinoid cream and put some very mild corticosteroid cream on my face to clear up the itch. I was using that retinoid cream for about a week, as you are not supposed to use it for any longer. I think that the steroid cream actually reduced the remaining pimples a lot as well as the rash. I was worried they would come back once i stopped using it but they didn't. I think that was due to othr things I had also begun doing at the time. At the time I also started to use plain bentonite clay as a cleanser. i don't allow it to dry on my face like a mask as that sucks the moisture out way too much. All i do is I just rub the mud around in circular motion on my face morning and evening and rinse with cool water. I find it very cleansing and exfoliating. The thing I think really helped the most was changing my moisturiser. Ive been using animal fat now!!! grass fed buffalo tallow to be specific. Would have thought that animal fat would make my skin really greasy and clog my pores. But it didn't...its perfectly moisturised and balanced. i think there was something i was reading about why animal fat is easier for our skin to absorb than plant oils. The brand I use is primal care facial blend. There are a couple of other brands available on the internet and you can also make it yourself. Im sure its not the brand but the fact that animal fat is so vastly different to plant fat that makes the difference. Anyway my skin has never felt better, i urge some of you to try this simple regimen and see what happens. Heres an article on a wellness blog that explains why tallow and bentonite clay is good for skin Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release it’s minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead. Tallow is uniquely compatible with the biology of our cells. About 50% of the structure of our cell membrane comes from saturated fats, with remaining amounts consisting of monounsaturated and to a lesser degree polyunsaturated fats…. Tallow [also] contains skin nourishing ingredients that plant-based oils do not. Though I am still a huge fan of coconut oil, the skin on my face is visibly more toned with tallow. I think that may be because of the abundance of fat soluble vitamins (A,D,K and E) that naturally occur in pastured tallow, along with the potent anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and anti-microbial palmitoleic acid.
  25. On my eighth day and so far I'm getting what I assume is the initial breakout, and it's progressively getting worse! I'm not too worried, I know it's normal and I'm trying not to let it get to me. The cysts are pretty painful and inflamed and I'm doing my best to let them clear up themselves without irritation. I've also had some exams this week which could be taking a toll on my hormones. I know it will have to get better sometime down the road which is keeping me sane. I'm only a bit worried about scarring because my skin is very very sensitive to hyperpignentation.