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  1. Cysts, photofacials, and scarring

    Greetings, I have been battling an extremely large and persistent cyst (acne). Also, I have other skin issues (minor) with eczema and dermatitis. For example, a few days ago I had an itchy allergic bump that responded well to hydrocortisone. About 10 days ago, I noticed I was developing two new cysts. One of them was deep and quite painful. The stress of final exams probably played a role in the development of my new cysts. Anyway, I felt extremely ambivalent about seeing the dermatologist for the 'quick fix.' However, I finally caved in after reasoning the cyst(s) itself could leave a scar. Once, in my past, I had a large cyst injected with steroids. The treatment worked but left a minor scar (not an indentation, but slightly elevated skin). Anyway, I felt like I had was in a double bind because if I did nothing the new cysts could possibly leave a permanent scar. Today, I went in for a photofacial. I just went to the mirror and noticed a small divot at the larger of the two injection sites. Unfortunately, I anticipated this possibility when receiving the injection, and the dermatologist heavily diluted the steroid to minimize scarring. During today's treatment, I asked about options for treating possible permanent scars caused by the cyst network and two injections. I received a brochure for fractional resurfacing. However, my aesthetician thought my current issues could possibly resolve on their own. I am going to wait a few months and if the scarring remains (including red/brown marks) I am going to shell out the money for a cosmetic fix. If anybody has any suggestions or feedback, it would be appreciated. Current treatments: Al-Cortin A (spot/episodic), Clindamycin 2x a day, Cetaphil moisurizing lotion SPF 50, Benzyl Peroxide 2.5% (spot), photofacials on a near-monthly basis.
  2. UGHHH where do I start. So I'm 20 years old and I've had acne since I was 12 years old. Ive never had severe acne but I've always gotten these huge cyst/nodules on my chin, I use to get them on my nose as well but now just my chin. I've never seen anyone else who gets these types of pimples, mine are massive. They've taken a tole on me mentally. I've tried birth control, which cleared my cheek and forehead acne but not my chin acne. I don't want to do anything that isn't a holistic approach. I'm depressed and desperate for help! Any advice is appreciate like supplements or vitamins I should take. I've taken vitex and it worked for 8 weeks clearing ALL my acne but then it returned:/ currently I've been breaking out all over my face, it's worse than it was in high school or middle school! PLEASE HELP!! I drink a lot of water eat healthy and have an organic skincare routine
  3. Question on Cystic Acne

    My skin is clear aside from the golf ball sized pimple I get on my forehead. At first it was only once a year, but now it's close to every week. I literally cannot get a break. I did start doxy, and after two weeks I had clear skin for two weeks. I was excited, but now I've had huge cysts back to back. They hurt so much and the current one has half my forehead swollen. I have the chlamydicin wipes, doxy, and a topical retinoid. I'm honestly so sad and don't know what to do. I never had acne in my life until now and I'm an adult
  4. I bought The Ordinary 2% Salicylic and followed the instructions by dabbing on spots. I also put the treatment on a few hard lumps under my skin on my chin. I used to get recurring boils as a teen but I cut out dairy and they stopped. So occasionally I get bumps that sometimes come to white heads; but they aren't puss filled (sorry to be graphic) like boils are. I woke up and the Salicylic acid had left a yellow film over my skin, I attempted to peel it off thinking it was just the yellow product and it left a hole in my skin that bled puss (again i'm very sorry if this is graphic). I'm distraught, I've been trying to hold it together and stop crying but I actually feel like I don't want to exist with skin like this. What's so upsetting is the rest of my skin is actually nice looking but my chin is horrid. The lumps are so sore and I'm terrified of them popping open, it seems like the salicylic acid drew the puss from deep under my skin up. Normally when I use aloe vera they just slowly heal and go down but it takes weeks. I've NEVER had such horrible inflamed skin. Please help.
  5. Greetings, I am wondering if anybody has significant experience with Kenalog injections for cystic acne. Anyway, having cysts injected with steroids is not a regular thing for me (I have only had this done three times in my life). However, I had the worst outbreak of my life in the last two weeks. The timing could not be worse because I have a wedding tomorrow. I saw a dermatologist on Wednesday morning and he injected both cysts with diluted Kenalog. One injected cyst had a modest response, but nothing compared to my usual response. The other cyst (on my lower chin) became more painful and grew larger. Out of frustration, I made an appointment this afternoon with a dermatologist I do not usually see. She offered to re-inject both cysts, but warned me of possible scarring. Obviously, I was willing to take this risk, however, I told her to only re-inject one of the two cysts. I just took the band aid off and noticed it grew a ripe little whitehead. This has never happened when I have had a cyst injected. Stupidly, I put a warm compress on it and applied very gentle pressure (one time). A little content came out, and I immediately stopped myself. Now I am hitting myself on the head for making that impulsive move. It looks like this cyst is coming to a head. Anyway, I put some prescribed Clindagel on the cyst, which was given to me by the office. I am wondering anybody here has ever had a similar experience, where steroid injection causes a cyst to come to a head. If so, what did you do in this situation?
  6. Hi, so I posted a while ago expressing my concern over my skin, my acne in particular. I know that my acne isn't severe- or even close, but I am asking for help because I personally want help as I am unhappy with my skin, so please don't comment if it isn't going to do so. I have continued to stick to my normal regime, in hope that doing nothing would help, but as expected I was wrong. I've took the pictures attatched today which is probably my best skin day in a while but as I type this I am in so much pain from my chin acne that I can't even move my chin. I am becoming desparate as summer approaches- I still don't know whether my acne is hormone caused as I just have it all the time so I can't tell if it gets worse on my period or not. Originally my acne was mainly concentrated on the centre and crease of my chin, but recently it's been spreading all over my face. The acne is also painful under the skin cysts which are most difficult to get rid of. They even show through my makeup - that I hate wearing but I have to due to my self consciousness. To add to my problems I am under a lot of stress and am currently on a weight loss regime. I am desparate now so could you please recommend advice and products. I have normal/combination sensitive skin and bright red acne scars so I could do with a product to lighten those. Thank you!
  7. Hey so I just started accutane 2 days ago and I have a cyst on my face or whatever it is for 4 months and it's hard and I don't feel any pus in it its hard so can someone tell me if this a cyst and will accutane make it go away thanks! I have pictures
  8. This is pretty long, so please bare with me. I have also attached pictures below, but I don't feel like it shows my scarring on my cheeks that well. I was on 6 months of doxycycline (over 2 years ago) to clear up existing acne while using atralin. After 6 months on the antibiotic I switched to taking Nicazel Forte continuously while still using atralin. (Currently using both) I have discussed treatment options with an esthetician at my dermatologist's office. I was told that laser resurfacing won't do much for my situation since my scars are 'not that bad' and to look at other places for other options. Also, kind of off topic, but I have a small cyst on my face that is only noticeable when touched. (Smaller than a pea sized underneath) I have had a steroid injection which only made it smaller, but my dermatologist didn't want to do another since she was worried of the skin sinking in. I was quoted $1,200 to remove it. Is that reasonable in the dermatology industry? Which type of scarring do I seem to have? I have had the scarring on my forehead for many years, but the ones on my cheeks are a few years old. I'm not sure if that matters in terms of treatment. Since I was told that lasers won't help me what might? My skin is very sensitive, so I want to be careful with treatment obviously. I appreciate any responses in advance!
  9. My nose bump is not painful, and soft to the touch. It formed after a cyst was there. It's been here for 8 months total, and 5 months without me damaging it. There was another one last year that disappeared after 4-6 months on its own. 5/30/2015 I looked up pictures of nose keloids. I don't reccomend, because they're disgusting and look nothing like ours. So I guess we should go our own route on this. If any of you see specialists, please post what they said it was. I've heard of doctors coming up with different answers, so it probably isn't documented.. So here's some solutions that I've found: Home Remedies Rubbing Alcohol (CAUTION) Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Things Doc can do Shaving Cauterizing Various laser treatments "Homemade" methods (Caution): Burning with sun and magnifying glass Burning with lighter and copper wire Found some additional info here: make sure to copy the entire URL, guys. If you don't copy paste it, then it won't take you directly to the page with the nose bump solutions. She used aspirin with water. I don't trust the industry, but hey, use at your own risk.
  10. Large cyst

    Hello! I have been battling severe cystic acne for the past three months, seemingly out of nowhere. Through a very strict regimen, I have managed to clear up most of it. While I am left with many scars, I'm hoping those will fill in with time. However, I have a rather large area on my face (about 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch large) that is hard to the touch and raised. From this spot, multiple inflamed cysts continue to rise. When one FINALLY heals, another forms. What can I do to stop this cycle?
  11. I'm on my third month of accutane on 40mg a day as I've had a LOT of side effects, mainly being dry everywhere! Anyway one day I woke up with a weird white tiny lump on my upper waterline of my eye, it made my eye so so itchy for the whole day and it was uncomfortable to blink. I prodded it with a cotton bud in the evening and it basically burst straight away, so it was like having a yellow head type of spot on my waterline... then it was suddenly gone! I am just wondering anyone else has experienced anything similar? my dermotologist says its nothing to worry about as it disappeared quickly but it was a weird experience haha!
  12. Huge cyst on face!

    Hi so it's been a few months I have had a huge cyst on my face. It's killing me inside I won't go outside I won't hangout without friends I spend my time in the bathroom at school at lunch barley talk to anyone. I've never been like this I always had so much confidence. About 3 months ago I had a blind pimple 2 of them really close to each other I didn't do anything then they combined and formed a large cyst on my face. I was prescribed antibiotics like minocyline and it worked but not that much now I'm taking tetracycline. My doctor referred me to a dermatologist and it's going to take 3 months! I also use clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide Gel not doing much my doctor said I need accutane but he said he can't prescribe it. I've used a needle and poke it, everything drains but then the cyst comes back!! Keeps coming back. I'll include some pictures thank you.
  13. please help, since the young age of 12 I've been suffering from nodular/cystic acne on my chin. These pimples get huge and always form a head. I've changed my diet, only drink water, no dairy, sugar or gluten, I recently started taking omega 3, turmeric, zinc, and vitex! I've taken vitex before and it cleared my acne for 8 weeks and then it came back(I wasn't eating healthy back hen! I've taken birth control and that cleared all my acne except I still got a huge cyst before my period. Lately I've been getting a nodular pimple ever week sometimes twice a week they're so massive... since changing my diet acne has cleared up on my forehead but my cheeks still get blackheads whiteheads and sometimes cyst. growing up my acne was really only on my chin and nose and in highschool it slowly spread to my forehead and then to my cheeks! I also get pimples above my mouth that are huge painful and inflamed. I don't get more than 5 pimples a week but they're all huge inflamed and embrassaing
  14. so i believe I have raised scars I suffer from terrible nodular acne on my acne I'll insert pictures of how massive they can get. Please help I always try to do things holistically!! I believe I suffer from inflammatory acne, I don't get a bunch of break outs but when I do they always get so red and huge. I don't believe it's common.
  15. Day 1 - I am starting of at a low dosage of 10mg/day as told by my dermatologist. I just took my first pill right after a heavy meal as I heard heavy meals help the pill to absorb better. My routine consists of gentle cleansing, toner, and moisturizer day and night. I will wear a cc cream with SPF 50 if I go out. Day 2 - I have not experienced any side effects, nor has there been any change in my acne. My friends tell me to try rubbing raw potato on my skin, as it can help clear acne faster. Does anyone know if this actually works, and if it is safe to do it while on accutane? My dermatologist also tells me that it is okay to put benzoyl peroxide on my skin to help clear the acne faster, is this actually advisable? Wouldn't it be too harsh on my skin while I am on accutane? I have a really sensitive skin combination skin btw. Oily everywhere except on the jawline where it is really dry. Like it's always really red after shower or if I accidentally touch or scratch my face. NOTE: Most of my acne is located on my cheeks, eyebrows, jawline, and neck. I am planning to take vitamin E and zinc supplements. Does anyone know if this is good to do while on accutane? Thanks for reading! I will be posting pictures for each week after week 1 ends.
  16. Had a big boil on my bum the other day. Big, red, swollen, very painful. It popped the other day and puss was coming out and blood was too. Cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and put gause on it. Can someone please tell me what it is and what I do to make it go away? It is so incredibly painful I can't sit or walk correctly. It's right where my butt cheek and thigh meet. Please help!!!
  17. Hello, I have these bumps or I don't know what to call them but I guess they're sort of like cysts. They don't hurt or anything, they're just all over my jawline! I've done accutane a few months and it got rid of my acne except for these cyst like bumps. They won't come to a head or anything. HELP!!! What should I do?? I attached pictures so you can see what I mean. It's on both sides of my jawline/neck.
  18. Hi guys, I'm in agony here! I got a massive cyst on my face more than 3 months ago. My dermatologist said it was too hard to drain and gave me a cortisone injection. It went down for about month, then came back and even spread a little. After a lot of home remedies and heat packing (none or which worked) I ended up going to get it surgically drained. The dermatologist made a small incision, squeezed it a lot, dug around with a scalpel and put a bandage on it. While she was able to get a lot out, it was still swollen afterwards. That never got better, so now two weeks later I have basically a red-purple cyst on my face that is just 30% smaller. I can't even see the incision anymore. I'm not sure if I should try to get it surgically drained a second time or not. I'm just wondering what went wrong with the surgery and if anyone else has had this happen? She didn't irrigate the site, or give me any antibiotics to take afterwards, as I'm on a low-dose doxycycline (40mg) all the time. If you've had a cyst drained, did the surgeon rinse it out and did you have to take a course of antibiotics afterwards? I want to make sure I do it right this time so my face isn't scarred too badly! Thanks!
  19. It's been just over a month and a half on Accutane. I'm on 40mg once daily. My skin had an initial breakout when I first started that was really bad but only lasted about a week. Once my skin healed from that it was nearly flawless besides scarring and hyperpigmentation. Then once again my skin broke out last week, assumably from my period, and it's slowly starting to heal up now. I've also gotten a few closed comedones (?) their like little headless pimples on my cheeks. They aren't too bad but they are annoying. My forehead is probably the clearest. My skin is a lot less oily which I love because I don't have to worry about blotting my skin multiple times day. I got a few cysts last week that I tried not to pop but I gave in once I saw sign of them coming to a head. I know I shouldn't pop but they hurt so bad under the pressure. They've flattened now and just need to heal.
  20. I know this really isn't acne discussion and I apologise for the self promo haha! In case anyone wants to follow me my instagram is lydiatank and my twitter is lazylydiaa! I'll follow back everyone.
  21. I have almost been on Accutane for two weeks now and I am suffering from an initial breakout. Eek! I've got two hard lumps on my jawline that don't hurt but are really deep and huge. I also have a big chin pimple that's deep under the skin but it doesn't hurt which I find strange. I'm using an icepack to numb the pain and the sides of my face are filled with scabs that are slowly healing up. My forehead had lots of comedones before but they are starting to fade. I suppose that's something positive so far! Let's hope this initial breakout won't last long.
  22. I start accutane in 2 days and I have some questions. My skin is severe comedonal acne and moderate cystic acne from my face to my chest, back, lower back, and arms. I have tried Minocycline, Doxycycline, Clindamycin foam, topical tretinoin, and a sulfur wash, all with little to no success. I was wondering if anyone with comedonal acne has had success with accutane or did make it worse? Also, did you go through the so called purging stage, where you break out like crazy? What are some good facial cleansers and moisturizers while on Accutane?
  23. Hi guys, I had a massive cyst on my face that a dermatologist incised and drained 5 days ago. I've never had this done before, so didn't really know what to expect. I'm worried because it's still quite swollen. It was the size of a quarter and is now the size of a dime. How long do these things usually take to fully heal? I'm concerned that maybe she didn't clean it out well enough or maybe it needed to drain more but healed too quickly (I couldn't even see the incision by the next day.) Has anyone had to get a cyst re-incised just days later? I just want a lump-free face for a while! I'd love any input on this. Thanks!
  24. Hi guys, I'm hoping some of you might have advice on what I should do! I've had cystic acne and rosacea for a number of years, but it's mostly around my mouth, so not that severe. Two+ months ago I got a huge, swollen lump between my mouth and jaw, which was so much worse than any spot I'd had before. I went to my dermatologist who said it was just acne, but that it was too hard to try to surgically drain. He gave me a cortisone injection (first time I've had one!) and it went down by at least 50%. Since then, I've just been waiting for it to magically disappear. Two weeks ago it got swollen again, and it looks terrible. It's about 3/4" in diameter and red. It's much softer and more painful this time, so maybe it could be cut out, but I'd prefer to try something less invasive first. Has anyone had a cortisone shot fail like that, or had to get a second one months later? I don't want to overdo it since they can cause craters. Any suggestions on how to draw it up or get it to heal? I've been heat packing it, but nothing is really happening yet. I'm also taking zinc, fish oils, and using topical niacin. Many thanks!! Here it is: *shudder*
  25. Initial breakout on yaz

    So, I've just started my 3rd pack of Yaz. I've been breaking out pretty consistently ever since I've finished my first pack. People say that you should start to see your breakouts change and start getting better. Like I said, I've been breaking out pretty consistently and doesn't seem to be getting much better. But, the initial breakout first started on my forehead and left cheek then that cleared up pretty well but the breakouts moved to my other cheek and jawline.. I just want to know if that's how anyone else's initial breakout was and if it's a sign of progress? And if it's normal for the initial breakout to continue into the 3rd pack?