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  1. HELP

    Hi So i really want to hear from someone who maybe have experienced the kind of skin problem i have on my forehead. I really want to know What i Can do, and which producers to use! thank u!!!
  2. This is my skin. (See pictures) I'm 17 years old, female, and I have been dealing with acne since I was 12, but it properly started when I was 14. A brief background to my skin: I used Duac when I was about 15. It helped with my acne, but caused my skin texture to react leaving me with an orange peel-like texture, large pores. I think it is also due to over-exfoliation. I was prescribed differin later on, honestly didn't really do much at all. Just made my skin dry, the pore size stayed the same. (Ive tried DML lotion too. Applied it thickly like 6 times a day and it did nothing.) I have been dealing with this condition for 2 years now. I had poreless skin at about age 14. I am certain it is not to do with genetics either, both my family and parents don't have large pores. I will be going to try Paula's Choice 10% niacinamide from an FAQ that suggested it on here. Reviews are relatively good regarding the pore size, many saying their skin texture returns back to normal. But please anything you know is appreciated!! I am stuck. What's out there that I can use so my skin can return to normal? I am honestly so desperate. I have read all the forums there is out there.
  3. Quitting The Regimen

    Hi. I'm going to keep this blog entry short and simple. I can safely say that I'm NEVER going to order/use the products again (except the jojoba oil I have left). It was too expensive for me (203$), it was a chore to do and for me it took like at least 1 hour out of the day, the flakiness and redness didn't disappear and most importantly, the regimen left me more uncomfortable with my skin than I was before. Instead I'm trying to have a healthier lifestyle and love my skin, there are so many other "defects" that my skin could've had and it dosen't. I don't even have a lot of acne (though it got worse now when I'm quitting the regimen). I'm happy with my skin and the acne is going to go away, even if it takes years. Bye!
  4. Drugstore

    What are the best products to use in the drugstore to get rid of or minimize my acne and blackheads.
  5. Hi All, I've been lurking on the forum since July last year and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences on my journey and how I've come to a decision to begin roaccutane (UK). I know many people do not agree with this drug but I am completely aware of it's side affects and have read the booklet and the ipledge programme information already. People often bash others that take roaccutane for mild acne, but just like the rest of you, we suffer too. I can't remember the last time I looked in the mirror and felt happy about my face, I cry every single day and have started taking sertraline to be able to cope with how I feel about my face. FYI I'm not depressed, the sertraline is suppose to help with the OCD towards my skin, Acne has been a battle that has completely changed my life, I completely sympathise with every single one of you who post on here. My acne is mostly comedonal, I do suffer with the persistent breakouts of papules and pustules (normally 1-3) in the chin area but the main issue for me is the blocked pores, they cover my entire t-zone. Many people have told me my face is fine, most are extremely shocked I have been prescribed such a strong drug, but both my mother and sister have taken roaccutane for acne and we have strong acne genetics with-in our family. I want to get rid of this in its early stages and while I'm still 19 I have time to deal with it before it would get worse and begin to scar like my sisters. I started getting acne when I was 18, before then I had a FLAWLESS complexion. it began in the most persistent area to date, the sides of my mouth and my chin. As I became more worried about my skin the acne began to spread, it began on my chin and then blackheads and comedones began to spread all around my nose and up to my forehead, this destroyed me inside, witnessing it getting worse was devastating. I visited two dermatologists privately in the UK, both which prescribed a combination of medications. I have tried countless topicals (Differin, Duac, Epiduo, Zineryt) in combination with many different antibiotics (Lymecycline, Doxycycline, Emerythromycerin) All of which had no affect on my skin what so ever (Baring in mind I gave each treatment combination atleast 3-5 months). Lymecycline with Differin was my last treatment option, I gave it about 2 months and nothing had changed, I get I could've waited longer but I just no longer had the patience, the acne has stopped me from leaving my house, it has completely destroyed my life and relationship. People try to scare me with the side effects of roaccutane but I'm already at rockbottom anyway, I need the acne to go away. I went to a dermatologist yesterday (02/03). I made the appointment yesterday morning and saw my consultant dermatologist by 18:30 (02/03) in the evening. (I have private healthcare in the UK which means I don't have to wait at all) I went into the appointment expecting a prescription of Retin-A and another antibiotic combination. I can admit I did have roaccutane in mind. After explaining my distress to my doctor and explaining to him how much this has affected my life he examined my skin, asked about what treatments I have pursued already and questioned me a little further. After a 20 minute discussion he asked me if I had ever heard of isotretinoin, and after trying different combinations said it would be the most affective form of treatment. There was mutual agreement and I am overwhelmed with joy to undertake my treatment and I feel so grateful that it's happening as fast as it is (Normal wait-time on the NHS to see a dermatologist is 6 months considering my case isn't severe). I left the doctors office and had my blood tests done right away, I had a few more this morning too (03/03) but I am picking up roaccutane either today or monday (if my dermatologist doesn't get back to me). My point is people out there with very mild acne, don't suffer in silence. It has had such a profound effect on my life and my dermatologist could see this, after understanding my situation and that I've already attempted other forms of treatment I'm happy I am going on roaccutane. I've heard it has changed many people's lives and I cannot wait to witness it change mine, when he prescribed me the drug I felt like my life was being handed back to me. I'm going to document my journey on, I don't see many people with mild acne documenting there experience on the drug as many never decide to take it anyway. I just had a few questions to the accutane users on the more mild end of the acne scale before I begin my roaccutane experience... First of all I currently am using clean and clear and differin to help clear my skin up, should I stop this? I've heard many people have dry and irritated skin from roaccutane and my doctor did mention it would be a side affect. If so should I be washing my face at all? My skin is super sensitive btw (I have combination skin oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and if I should can anyone recommend any products to wash my face with and any moisturisers that I should consider buying in the UK! Thanks for reading and I hope you understand my decision to undertake roaccutane as my treatment. I hope I gain some responses! Ben!
  6. Hey guys! I'm a 20 year old girl with extremely oily skin and a LOT of blackheads/redness on my nose. My skincare routine consists of a cleanser, an aha product every two days, and a gel moisturizer. I eat very clean and exercise regularly. I've been trying to get rid of my blackheads and redness for a while now, and I'm getting desperate! Please help guys!
  7. Not the best lighting to show but those are small indentations and hyperpigmentation marks. Will these fade naturally overtime? I'm still dealing with a lot of acne I'm currently using Klaron lotion morning and night. So far I've used... OTC products Epiduo Tazorac Epiduo Forte Klaron lotion and none of these are helping that much. I have oily skin and a lot of clogged pores and now redness and sensitivity from the epiduo forte which just ripped apart my skin:( I don't know what to do I'm 21 I feel like I shouldn't be getting acne anymore This cheek has no scarring but a lot of clogged pores/blackheads
  8. I've told my story numerous times in other topics, so I am going to keep this short. Bottom line is, I am a 20 years old guy with very persistent acne. At some point, it was terrible enough for me to take Accutane, which worked very nice during the time I took it. Acne came back shortly after finishing a long, low dose course. Now it is annoying enough to ruin some of my days but not as bad as before. Accutane was the only thing that ever worked for me, and here are some facts that I've noticed over the last couple of years: I first got oily skin and then (mild) acne when I was around 14. Since then it kept getting worse Acne has always been accompanied by an extremely oily skin. Even during Accutane, my face would get oily after around 8 hours, especially around my nose, which had constant blackheads. Shortly after finishing the Accutane course, the oily skin returned. Not as horrifying as before, but pretty bad My body was always hairy, even as a teen (15 years old), when none of my friends and acquaintances had such developed hair on their legs and hands. Basically, if I don't trim it from time to time, you can barely make out the color of my skin. I sweat enough for it to be an annoyance Very high libido and I get turned on extremely easy Trouble sleeping: it takes a long time to fall asleep even when I am tired and "sleepy". After I do fall asleep, I sleep for very long and still wake up tired Never noticed a link between diet (not "healthy", but I do not eat junk/fast food and I try to keep an acceptable diet) and acne, especially infamous aliments like dairy, sweets, soda, processed food, etc. Accutane was the only treatment that worked for me (in this category I include topicals and oral treatments as well) These facts made me think that maybe my acne is related to hormones, and especially testosterone. Does this theory make any sense to you, and if yes, is there anything that I can do in order to solve this?
  9. Hey everyone, So I have been on the Pill (Gedarel 20 to be precise, it's a fairly new pill and a low dose oestrogen one) for about 8 months now. I started taking it merely because my last pill gave me bad side effects, so my doctor never prescribed per se for my acne. However, miraculously, after the first day of taking it my skin was clearing! A week later I had no new pimples! However, fast forward to about 2 months ago and I started getting papules on my cheeks (just about one a week max), they never bothered me at first but then recently they became frequent - like one a day frequent. And today, I have the first nodule in 8 months. I am a relatively healthy person: I eat healthy, hardly any junk food, I drink 2+ litres of water a day, I take vit E, D and zinc supplements, I exercise every day, and I try not to pick unless they're blackheads. I also don't have PCOS. Do any 'science-y' people know what is going on internally in me?? How can I go from crystal clear to pimpley again despite always taking the pill religiously and never skipping? Even though I am on hormones are my hormones still out of whack? Basically, I am due at the dermatologist in the beginning of July after waiting SINCE AUGUST LAST YEAR (I'm in the UK so it's the NHS). I am scared they will reject me for roaccutane because this pill has clearly improved my skin and if they accept me for it, I am scared I have some hormonal issue which will mess with the effectiveness of roaccutane. Thanks in advance, and here's a photo of the blinder growing on my cheek...
  10. help! :(

    ive got this bumps on my forehead and its open i want to get rid of it :'( please help. it looks horrible on person
  11. Hello Beautiful People, today marks the day for a new upload on my Youtube channel. Please check on my face washing routine using products. I have been using the regimen for 8 months, and I have achieved GREAT results. PLEASE subscribe to my channel to stay updated on future content. Feel free to Like, Share, and comment on the video. -Chaz Marie
  12. Hey guys so I've been struggling with this since High School and can't seem to get rid of it. Every pore on my torso is raised and clogged. These pics show just my chest shoulder area but it looks like this all over. It seems to have spread and no demotologist will tell me what it actually is. I'd appreciate some suggestions.
  13. Hi there you guys, I'm in serious need of help. I don't know what to do about my acne problems anymore... I've been dealing with this for 7 years and am getting seriously depressed because nothing seems to be working. If you know something that could help me (anything!) please say so, I'll try it all! INFO: I basically have acne all month long but it gets worse right before my period. I have blackheads all over my nose and cheeks and when i extract them, they come back the next day. I have small pimples all over my my face, specially on my forehead, temples and cheeks, which are "underneath the skin" and usually go away on their own. Apart from that, it's not rare for me to get a few whiteheads around my face or hairline during the month. Sometimes I also get red pimples of big dimension that seem to be infected and hurt when I touch them. Finally, I have lots of pih marks on my face as a result of these whiteheads and infected pimples. These marks form as soon as the acne appears and whether I pop them or not. I think it's also important to mention that I rarely pop pimples and usually just apply ice or leave it be as soon as it starts acting up and that I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago. Please if anyone has dealt with this or something similar or knows anyone who has, please suggest me something that has helped. It would mean the world to me!
  14. Sensitive Skin Issues

    So I have sensitive facial skin I discovered over the years after wondering why my facial cleansers caused my face to get super oily and my acne to get worse. I have moved on now to using the Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser and a Earth Therapeutics Basics Complexion Pad with my nightly shower and a Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Multi-Vitamin Night Cream to help my face out. My skin type is sensitive, but not dry or oily, my nose and forehead do get oily, not super oily, but oily. The issue I have is some damaged pores that either just clog up and become inflamed repeatedly, or the pores stay enlarged along the side of my nose and below the eye and become bad black heads quickly. I also have discovered if I stop using my face pad, I get bad acne(as in large sore bumps filled with all the nasty compressed white crap, but not pustules) under my chin and on the jaw line right below my ear, and on my neck for some reason. I also get bad hormonal acne, those big deep painful bumps, but I have discovered a hot black tea compress helps fix those up within a few days. Another fun thing I have is an autoimmune disorder, the docs are not sure what it is, but if I ever get sick or eat certain foods (corn being one of them and in the USA avoiding it is more or less impossible) it causes my skin to itch really bad and sometimes it leads to minor break outs on the face but chest and shoulders. I also have an anxiety disorder, but it rarely causes breakouts for me. So I get hormonal acne and immune being a jerk acne and I get anxiety acne, with some damaged pores that keep getting clogged up(there is one pore dead center of my forehead that clogs up real bad and swells painfully often) I wanna know what treatments there are that I can use to help during these flare ups to reduce my symptoms and what I can do to help tighten my pores. With my skin being so sensitive, if I use my face cleanser more than once a day it causes my skin to get super dry and sensitive and then become super oily, even face mask cause me burning pain, and I have used stress relief face mask to bentonite clay. All these things burned my face, especially along the sides of my nose where I have those bad pores and it leaves me with oily skin for a day or two, even putting my moisturizer on after the mask hurts me I also have a hard time putting a moisturizer on in the morning, I feed my animals before I go to class and I cannot have the stuff on my hands when I touch their food.
  15. I started taking lymecycline for about 2 weeks now and this week and lot of spots on my jawline started to appear. I also have some big spots on my cheeks what's happening??? How do I get rid of them or make my face better before prom and that's next week tueday this is the picture:
  16. Hello everybody. I am a 20 year old female who has been scourering the Internet for years searching for answers to my acne problem. After all these years, I am finally ready to make my first post. I am going to tell you my story and share with you how I have finally gotten my skin to be clear and smooth (for the most part!) It all started when I was in eighth grade. I had the most beautiful skin you have ever seen. I'm serious. But I suffered from OCD and I craved regiments and routines in my life so I began using proactiv before I ever really had any acne. So when I started developing some acne when I was about 14 I already had an acne product I depended on. My skin got increasingly worse as I turned 15 and by the time I hit 16 I had the worst skin I had experienced yet. What used to be nasty t zone break outs and cystic acne turned into acne all over my cheeks. It was miserable. The shame and embarrassment was unreal. I tried switching off of proactiv and onto clearasil but the breakouts would become unbearable so I would hurriedly switch back. By the time I was turning 17 my skin was improving and by the time I was 18 I had skin that I could finally be proud of. However, when I went to college, my skin began breaking out again. It wasn't quite as bad as when I was 16 but I still would get big pimples all over my face and on my cheeks. It was moderate acne but enough to take a toll on my social life because of the embarrassment. Thought out the age of 18 and halfway through 19 I suffered from breakouts and horrendously oily skin. An hour after using my proactiv my skin would be shiny and wet from all the oil. I finally decided enough was enough. Besides my skin regimen, I used all natural and organic products. I decided I was done with the harsh chemicals and the oily skin due to over drying. I wanted to treat my skin with natural products. I prepared myself for the worst breakout of my life. My skin was adjusted to 5 years of proactiv use. BP was all my skin knew. But I did things differently this time. I didn't quit cold turkey. I eased my skin off of proactiv. I used Burts Bees Acne Solution Gel Cleanser once a week, and then twice a week, and then three, then four times, until I was completely replacing proactiv with it. It took a few months to replace the proactiv. I also tried using Andalou Naturals Pore Serum. It did not help my acne but it did not break me out. Throughout the transition I had breakouts. I had pimples on my face throughout. However it was nothing that I hadn't experienced before and my skin thankfully did not absolutely blow up. Once I was using the Burts Bees I had to try a few things in order to discover my perfect regimen. What I now use that keeps my skin pretty and tea tree oil. I am going to write my routine below. It is natural and effective and it has given me my life back. I would recommend my routine, or at least the tea tree oil, to anyone suffering from different types and levels of severity of acne. NIGHTIME: Each night I use a washcloth to clean my skin with Burts Bees Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser. The wash cloth helps exfoliate and get all of my makeup off. I follow it up with tea tree oil. What I do is mix one part water with one part tea tree oil in a little dish and use a cotton ball to rub it all over my face. I wake up every morning with clear skin. With tea tree oil on my face all night, I NEVER wake up with a new pimple. MORNING: Now my morning product is not something I would normally try. Acne is something that terrifies and depresses me so if a product isn't intended for facial acne I don't usually bother with it for fear it will be ineffective and break me out. However, what I use to wash my face every morning with is actually not a face wash. I use Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bodywash. I initially used it only as a body scrub but someway somehow I started using it on my face and it's been GREAT. It is a bodywash and scrub. However the label says it is for balancing your skin and it is intended for acne prone and oily skin. It also has aloe and vitamine E. I NEVER moisturizer my face. My skin is oily and my pores get clogged. So I don't do it. This made me want something that would be gentle on my skin. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bodywash is both gentle and effective. If I ever get new breakouts I get them throughout the day but they are small and easy to manage and the tea tree oil takes them away overnight. I recently tried switching to a new morning face wash. I figured the tea tree oil was the main component keeping my acne away and my morning face wash didn't matter, however my skin broke out. This showed me the effectiveness of the Nubian Heritage. Products I recommend investing in: Burts Bees Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser, tea tree oil, Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Wash. Thanks for reading!
  17. Blackheads need help.!!!

    I am 26 years old and facing the black heads on nose from last two years. I tried medicine but they are very expensive so i wanted to know any other method which could help me to reduce it.
  18. Yesterday i had my first diamond peel treatment and my blackhead/whiteheads was extracted by my derm after the treatment i saw my face on the mirror and its like ruined. My face turn red and its like scab. There's a lot of red mark in where the blackheads extracted. Im feeling down. I dunno what to do. It will fade in a week? right?? Im scared that it might turn dark spot because I think the scab is so deep (not too deep but kinda deep) What to do!! help me!! Im so ugly because of the red mark all over my cheek and nose!! Im crying
  19. Hello again! It's been about 1,5 months since I started using the regimen with the products. I've done it everyday, except for 2 days in week 4. After I missed only 2 days of doing the regimen I got a LOT of small little bumps on my forehead, where I haven't had a lot of acne before, so that was a little sad. Some of the small bumps are still there now 2 weeks after, but I can tell they're going away. So this is the results I got by using the regimen for 1,5 months: (hopefully you can see the before and after pictures down below) MY REVIEW: I'm NOT gonna order the products again at least not now and probably not in the future. I bought the 16 oz sized bottles of cleanser, BP and moisturizer and the 8 oz jojoba oil and the 6 oz aha+ glycolic acid (I bought the big kit+), so I knew that it was gonna cost some money. The big kit+ cost 112,73$. That's already a lot of money, but I believed in the regimen so I bought it, then the shipping to my country cost about 42$ and then I had to pay for customs and a bill from my post service that was about 48$, so in total I spent about 203$ on the products, which to me is a LOT. The products DID help me with my acne. Not as much as I had hoped for, for that price. I was also a little shocked that just missing a just a few days of the regimen can give you such a backlash. I still have the redness and the flakeiness of the skin, though a little less than week 2-3. I did like using the jojoba oil on my lips, because it helped me and I usually have very dry lips, but then again I could probably have used coconut oil or olive oil and that would have been a lot cheaper. I haven't used tha aha+ much becuase I didn't like the way it felt but I might give it another try. The regimen didn't give me any kind of confidence boost about my skin. In week 2-3 I was a lot more self conscious about my skin because of the redness and the flakeiness. Right now I'm gonna start using less and less BP (using less and less BP the way you use more and more BP when you start the regimen) so I hopefully can quit when the bottles are empty without breaking out like crazy I'm going to adjust my diet and start taking some supplements in hope of finding a cheaper way to clear my skin than buying the products. But more about that in a another blog entry because this one is starting to get really long! See you guys later! TL:DR; The products did help clear my skin somewhat, but are way to expensive for me (the results are not worth the price), so I'm going to try other things to clear my skin, more about that in another blog entry!
  20. For years, I've gotten these weird pairs of blackheads on my back. Here, you can see three pairs (third: in the upper right). I've had bacne and facial acne my whole life; these have stuck with me. Features: They seem dark blue, instead of black I can pop them but they always come back the same they've been there for 5+ years at least they're only on my back, never my face. They look kind of connected, like a tunnel underneath the skin? Has anyone experienced anything similar? Does anyone know what this is?
  21. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  22. Unknown lumps on nose?

    I have these lumps on my nose!! They will not go away. I've been using everything. Clindamycin, face masks, constantly washing. It's been on my nose for a few years now and I'm absolutely tired of it.. I'm going to 12 hour school at the moment and it's full of juvenile delinquents so yes they're a bit cruel and I cover my face as much as possible. No foundation or powder covers them up at all and it's lead me to constantly bring myself down everyday. The first thing I do when waking up in the morning is looking into the mirror and literally praying that it goes away and I do not even know if it's acne. I Have a dermatologist appointment Thursday but I'm afraid they'll just tell me I have acne against and just continue to use clindamycin.
  23. Painful breakout

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me. I've had this massive breakout since Saturday. I've been dealing with acne for years but it's always just a few spots, I've never had it that bad. My skin feels very sensitive, the breakout I'm having is extremely painful and itchy. It feels like my skin is on fire whilst having a cactus stuck there (lol, the only way I can describe it). I tried to take painkillers and my pills for allergy but nothing seems to be working. It looks better on the photos than in reality (still looks terrible I know). I always follow my skincare, use non-comedogenic make up and try to eat somewhat healthy. I'm not able to go to dermatologist for the next week or so, does anyone have advice on what I should do?
  24. I have these tiny bumps on my forehead, some of them are closed and some are open at the tip. They're skin colored and some are soft and some are hard. I need help identifying what this is and how to get rid of it. I've always had small bumps on my forehead and they seem so hard to clear! I don't want to buy any chemical peels because they're pricey. I am currently using murad 30 day kit.