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  1. stopping benzoyl peroxide

    Hi! Really would like some advice, I've been using benzoyl peroxide for the past to years...ive also been on Yasmin for 6 months....really would like to stop bp at this point sick of how it feels at night ...whats the best way to reduce it ...ive started using boots tea tree night treatment gel instead...whats others experiencers of stopping/reducing making me really anxious and confused of what to do....thank you, love to you all
  2. I basically only have acne on my forehead and by my nose, the rest of my face is super clear and I have never gotten acne there. I just got the regimen so should I just apply the BP to where I have acne. I don't want to ruin the rest of my skin
  3. Hello again! So, today I started treating my acne with benzoyl peroxide. The products I'm using are: Cleanser - Basiderm Oil Control Foam Wash Benzoyl Peroxide - Basiron 5% AC Wash Moisturizer - Basiderm Oil Control Daily Moisturizer The cleanser was already foam when you squeezed it out of the bottle so I didn't really know how much to take, but I did use more than 4 ml. Then I used the BP-product and it was a little different from the regiment. Besides having 5% BP instead of 2,5%, it also had to be washed off after 1-5 min, so I waited approx. 5 min and then washed it off. The moisturizer seemed pretty simple, the only thing is that 4 ml seemed to be a lot, I don't know if I should use less with this moisturizer or if it's supposed to feel like a lot. Also, I haven't used any of the product so this comparison I'm making is solely based on the regimen video and the instructions. Lastly, If anyone reading this have used or is using these products I'm using feel free to comment how you used them and what you thought of the results I'll do an update in a week or two! Bye!
  4. Hi All, So i'm back on here after 7-8 years. I'm on here to share my story and what's worked for me. Background: So I first started getting spots at 15 and was diagnosed with acne at 16 by my doctor. What did my doctor recommend? Leave it alone, just wash your face twice a day and it will go away. I was naive and listened to him. Big mistake. I didn't do any research on acne prior to my visit and hoped my acne will go away as my doctor had said. But it didn't. I suffered acne pretty bad during my college (16-18) years and it affected my confidence. It continued into my university years. If you're young and have just started getting your first spots I would recommend visiting your local supermarket or pharmacy and getting a good soap/wash (one which doesn't clog pores and is oil-free) and a benzoyl peroxide cream to apply to your face once daily before you go to sleep. The sooner you start fighting acne the better. I'm 28 now, thankfully over the last couple years my skin has begun to look much better (please see attached pictures). What Have I tried? Various soaps/washes - Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar, Cetaphil face wash, Clean and Clear Daily Wash, Clearsil (just to name a few) Various creams - Quinoderm, Brevoxyl What's my current regime and what works for me? I'm using Acnelak soap - to put it simply - it just works for me. Leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh after I've washed it. I wash my face twice a day. I'm using Panoxyl Aquagel 10% - once daily. Food? What I avoid? After reading several threads on dairy products I've removed that from my diet - and it's been a big big big help. My body doesn't agree with dairy and I've noticed my skin looks better when I refrain from eating dairy products. It's a shame as I love ice-cream I have the occasionally can of coke (once a week) and drink as much water as I can. Sleep? How important is it? Very important. Skin and body needs to rest and getting a good night's sleep does wonders for the skin. I've noticed whenever I don't sleep well (2 or 3 nights in a row) then my skin begins to look tired and more oily. So get plenty of rest. Heck, I even sleep for an hour or two on weekends (afternoon) when I don't have any plans. And finally, many people will not agree with this but I do use an antibiotic too. I've left this till the end because of 2 reasons. 1) Try clearing your skin with the above first. If your not satisfied with the results by doing just the above then look into taking an antibiotic. 2) If you have or suffer from body acne (back, neck, shoulders, arms and chest) - then you may need to take an antibiotic as it helps clear all over the body. Now I used to suffer from quite bad back acne. I take an antibiotic and it helps keep away the body acne. What antibiotic do I take? In the US, it's called Bactrim. In the UK and Europe they have various different brands - just make sure it contains sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim). I was hesitant about taking antibiotics too, like many people out there. But I finally decided to give it a try as I was so down about my acne. Looking back, I wish I had started taking this antibiotic sooner. It's worked wonders on my skin along with the Acnelak Soap and Panoxyl regime. I'm no longer that single guy who looked in the mirror and dreaded being in the sunlight. I used to hide indoors in bad lighting so people couldn't see how bad my skin was. Now, I enjoy going out in the sun. I prefer the summer to the winter! (Shame, the weather is pretty bad in London). I've been part of this community since the age of 15 and I understand what everyone on this forum has and is going through. Let's help one another out and I hope this post helps at least one person!
  5. This is a question regarding BP usage as spot treatment rather than all-over face use. At what stage of a pimple should one stop applying BP there? Should BP be applied on the spot until completely flat and clear? Or should it be left alone once the most inflamed stage passes and the spot starts to lose color? Sometimes a pimple will surface to the yellow stage, and it would then calm down the next morning. I feel that using BP at that stage may be a waste of product, as the purpose is to kill active acne bacteria rather than heal skin tissue.
  6. I am on my 1st week of the regimen, I just got my package on Monday. A lot of people say that the BP usually stings a little for them. But when I started using the BP, it did not sting or burn for me at all. In fact, the moisturizer stung a little and tingled my lips, but nothing that bad. It didn't make my face red and it makes my skin soft. I am just concerned if the BP is working for me at all?
  7. Hi, I've been using Benzoyl Peroxide for about 4 months now and I was wondering whether the treatment causes long term damage whilst making one's skin look good at present.
  8. Hey all, I am new here because I am so lost as to what to do now with my skin... I have had "pimples" and EXTREMELY oily skin since I was 11 (it was never acne, just the one/two papules every time I woke up). I tried everything over-the-counter and everything the doctor would give me: nothing! However, it only got bad about 10/11 months ago where it became full-blown cystic (I am now 22). I went back to the doctor and he gave me Epiduo which was terrible and didn't help. He also said this was the last chance saloon before Roaccutane. I resigned myself to thinking nothing would help me, and a few months later I went back to my doctor again to change my pill as it was making me nauseous; he gave me a fairly new-on-the-market low-dose oestrogen pill (Gedarel 20) and, oh my gosh, it worked on my skin from day one! I am now just over three months in and my skin is virutally clear-ish. However... I am now left with blackheads and whiteheads (which I never had before?!?!), the odd very very tiny pustule and very very occasionally the odd papule; however, I don't know what treatment I need for them. I am still taking Epiduo, but my doctor thinks I should stop taking it as it is clearly the pill helping. I've stopped using it twice a day but I am so reluctant to stop it completely because my whiteheads and blackheads become (badly) inflamed if I leave them (and I am also a picker, oops ). I have started Zinc, Vit E and Vit D3 which have also helped, I believe, but I don't know what to do about topical treatments because I am so concious I don't think I could actually stop using them. I am confused as to whether benzoyl peroxide is best, salicyclic acd or even glycolic acid?? My whiteheads are so stubborn on my cheeks and so are the blackheads on my forehead. I have sort of come to realise I will never have pristine skin, I will always have one or two odd blackheads, etc, but it stills gets me so down when I wake up to find a whitehead/blackhead has popped up and become inflamed on my cheek. I have read salicyclic is best for blackheads, while benzoyl for whiteheads, and glycolic for bringing all the impurities to the surface. I am thinking maybe I need low-dose salicyclic topically and glycolic as a face mask every few days or something similar every now and again?? I currently use BareMinerals Blemish Remedy which contains 1% salicyclic as a cleanser, then use a oil-controlling toner and then moisturise, but I am soooo confused as to what to do? There is so much on the internet and I think I've done too much research and I've confused myself more! I You guys will probably be much more of a help then other websites! Thanks so much in advance if you can shed some light and sorry for my confusion and possible naivety
  9. I get only one or two breakouts a week, which I'm pretty bothered by. They go away in about a week, but in that time another pimple forms. I don't have acne, but I don't really know the difference between acne and a pimple. Should I use regimen to clear my pimples?
  10. I need help really badly

    Is the regimen safe?
  11. 4 Months

    Almost 4 months of using Differin, cleansing with Cetaphil 2x a day, never using make up, and stopping my obsession of my skin.. here's what happened! My skin is renewed. I know I still have few blemishes but this is far better from where i started. I feel so thankful with the products i use. Especially, Galderma creator of differin and cetaphil products, for all their life changing innovations. This wasn't an easy journey, i had ups and downs but i powered through despite the recurring seemingly endless breakouts, with the help of people who share their own experiences on here. I am very thankful, i wasn't able to name each one of them but they all inspired me one way or another. In return, i am here to share my own experience. I am now a renewed person after my breakout experience. I learned to love my natural skin. Less is more. I no longer put any make ups except for one, lipstick! I just use the mildest cleanser, Cetaphil! I no longer obsess on my skin like I used to. I put moisturizer on which is also Cetaphil. I'm now a believer of the power of retinoids. Where as before it scares the hell out of me when reading all horror stories about it. But after I experience it myself, i can say that you have to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the roller coaster ride (redness, dryness, breakouts name it) should you use this. Because in the end, after 4 months for me, my skin became super smooth like a baby and the dark spots fade away fast. I will keep updating till i finally achieve my clear skin goal.
  12. Has anyone tried this US import of bp 10% gel....the make is comes in a purple box..anyone tried it...ive orders some as I cant get hold of panoxyl gel anywhere...since its the Same strength I'm hoping it works the same....any reviews would be helpful..thanks xxx
  13. I've been using the bp since June of 2016. The regimen worked great for my skin, and since then I've repurchased from the company 3 times. I bought another bottle of bp, but every time I use it it doesn't fully absorb no matter how long I wait after I wash my face/ before putting on moisturizer. It clumps up when I try to rub and sometimes pat it into the skin and leaves a white residue. I'm wondering is it because of the temperature changes in my room? Sometimes it's really warm and sometimes it's cold. This has never happened with any of my other bottles. Have the ingredients changed? I'm not sure. I've tried several different methods of using the bp but I get the same results every time. Anyone that can relate? Advice? Inserted some before and after a throughout the months as well
  14. I don't have anymore acne, all I have is a lot of post acne marks on my face (red dots on the face) I heard BP irritates the skin and makes the red dots even more redder Would it be ok if in the morning I used the cleanser, the moistorizor and the suncreen and at night use only the cleanser, AHA+, moistorizor and jajoba oil?
  15. Please someone help me with how to use Benzoyl Peroxide, the holy grail as mentioned by many people! I have a little acne on my cheeks and it's getting worse. I want to stop it right away so please can anyone tell me about the dosage, how much to use(2.5%?) and how many times a day Also how can i minimize the side effects of the product!
  16. I began the regimen 3 weeks ago. I started with the recommended pea size once a day for the 1st week. However instead of of progressing to the full index finger in the 2nd week, I continued with the pea size due to my sensitive skin, wanting to avoid too much irritation but I did go to twice a day and have been continuing this through the 3rd week. So my question is: It is ok to stick with this low dosage of BP if I am noticing good results?
  17. Hi! I just want to share my journey and ask for some opinions as well. I have been having problems with pimples since I was in college, but it did not really bother me a lot since it's not that severe and I stayed mostly clear. Just a few here and there especially when I have my period. However, I think my acne situation got worse now that I am 25. I have tried loads of products, including costly visits to dermatologists. Some have worked for a short time until my skin decides to betray me again (ugh). So, my brother recommended the BP of and I gave it a try. I use it only at night (with a generous amount) since I am afraid it might bleach my work clothes if I use it in the morning. I also use my own facial wash and moisturiser. It's been a month now and I'm afraid it's not really working and that it made my skin condition worse Is it too early to give up? My skin had undergone the peeling, redness, itchiness and breakout which I have expected as it was clearly explained in the regimen. However, I'm afraid I'm stuck at the breakout phase. My problem areas are both my cheeks and my chin. I am losing my confidence and I am embarrassed by my skin. What should I do? I'm caught in between stopping and continuing it
  18. Hello, I know no one here can make medical recommendations about the use of BP while pregnant, and I'm not asking for that: I'm just curious to know how many women here continued to use BP in the quantities that the regimen suggests throughout their pregnancy, and breastfeeding, and had normal healthy babies. Thanks!
  19. Hi there, So the (slightly modified) Regimen largely helped my skin but it relapses every year for a few months (plus seems to have been losing effect over the years despite my diet/circumstance not changing). This is my current regimen: Morning: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser Acne.Org 2.5% BP Boots Dermacare Moisturiser Vitamin D3 Supplement Evening: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser Acne.Org 2.5% BP Boots Dermacare Moisturiser I've just been prescriped Duac Gel by my GP. The gel is 'Benzoyl Peroxide 3%, Clindamycin 1%' and the instructions are to use once daily (or less for very sensitive skin). I'm nervous to completely stop the Regimen and replace it with the Duac once a day because whilst not perfect it does help somewhat and has for years. Would it maybe be a good idea to replace the evening BP with Duac every other night? (or would that be too drying if I did the normal morning routine alongside it). Or would it be better to do the same routine one day and on the other day just do Duac in the evening? For those of you who have used it, how drying is it? Obviously my skin after years of BP use will be pretty tough but unsure of the 1% Clindamycin part. Thanks!
  20. Expiry of 16 oz bottle

    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year 2017 to all of you. I just ordered 16 oz bottle of Cleaner, Moisturizer , BP and AHA+ I am from India so i ordered in Bulk because it saves shipment Can you please let me know how can i find expiry date on 16 oz bottle of above mentioned products. I used to use only these products but my insanity leads me to Clinique. They did not asked me anything. It was my decision. When i was using products ,i did not had single breakout. Believe me i have spent over $ 3000 on clinique expensive products over 1 year or so and i have small break outs coming. I thought they are expensive and will benefit me more. but after trying everything I have come back on products and i blindly trust them. Main thing for oily skin people is not to experiment. If something suits you, stick to it forever rather than stupidly doing what i did. What is general expiry range of these products ? I have not received my order yet so any help from someone will be useful. Happy Gr8 Skin to all of you.
  21. Does anyone know of a good alternative to panoxyl 10% gel ? I started using this when duac became unavailable but now the same has happened again. Ide like to stick with the same strength, needed x x
  22. Okay hi, I remember I posted a post in March about my acne. I Haven't used benzoyl since then I stayed away from chemicals, I don't even use face washes anymore. I went on antibiotics and I started drinking a lot of green tea. Surprisingly my acne has somewhat cleared up I still have acne scars which I'm working to get rid of and breakouts on my forehead/chin but I tried everything and finally something worked. My entire back and chest acne had gone away first (I have black scars from it) I've never been so happy I also use a tumaric face mask from time to time which helped. I noticed my diet had a lot to do with my acne I eat nothing but vegetables and i started drinking tons of water. I'm going back to the doctors on Monday to refill my pills so let's pray all of my acne goes away by next year.
  23. Meh...

    There's not much to say today, my skin is not much better than a few days ago, it could even be a bit worse since there was another new spot on it's way by the time I started taking the antibiotics. From past experiences, I know that the antibiotics do not stop what has already started. I now have two big lumps between my mouth and nose; one of them has come to a head and is now healing, but I think there could be yet another one right next to it, which is probably why it got so huge so quickly. The other one doesn't seem to be growing anymore, but it's big enough to be painful and obvious. All the other spots (of which there are many) are smaller and some appear to finally be healing. My biggest concern other than the appearance of my skin is that it hurts. The BP is making my skin burn so badly. I've used a lot of moisturiser along with it, and it doesn't feel dry to touch it and it's not too scaly after my shower but it burns...and continues to burn. I might even have to skip the BP tonight. Looking forward to posting with a positive update.
  24. I just picked up my acne medication and feel pretty overwhelmed. Despite always having clear skin (with the exception of lots of blackheads), I developed painful, persistent whiteheads and inflamed blackheads even in my dry patches. I was prescribed Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel (1%,5%) and Tazorac with essentially NO instructions. I scoured the internet for what I could and still have some holes I was hoping you could help me with. To start out with, I'm assuming that the Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel is for day and Tazorac for night and that the Tazorac should be used every other day. I started out with the Clindamycin/Benzoyl first and felt some irritation around my nose and chin, and while I know that is normal, I still want to make sure I did it right. I showered, waited a bit, used my Cetaphil and Clarisonic, and patted dry. As I applied the Clindamycin/Benzoyl, it felt like little pieces of dead skin were coming off, which was weird since I exfoliated yesterday, and if I rub my cheek, more dead skin comes off. It was really dry, so after 10 minutes, I applied my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Combination skin and started to feel irritation around my chin (where the majority of the acne is) and my nose. Did I mess it up? As for Tazorac, all I can tell is that you apply your moisturizer first and use it every other day, and I know not to use any other acids that might cause further irritation. Now to my questions. I have no idea what I'm doing, so they may seem pretty stupid. Can I apply makeup using this medication, and honestly, should I be on this? I'm such a wimp because the burning right now is making me question everything. Has anyone else worked with this combination and had success with moderate/mild acne?
  25. Still waiting prescription did not come on Saturday, and I don't know if it will come today or tomorrow. Feeling pretty pissed off about it all. My skin is sooo awful right now. I've temporarily stopped with the BP as it's so drying; my clear skin is almost as red as the spotty skin. I've been re-reading my blog and have come to the conclusion that BP was probably the solution to getting my skin clear after I came off the first round of antibiotics. And it worked fairly quickly - 5 weeks is all it took before I stopped getting new spots. The problem I've had since then is that I've not gone back to it quick enough when I've started breaking out. If I had started back in October, when I got that first cyst, I'd probably be clear by now, but instead, I hoped it was a one-off and carried on with the lower strength creams (I've been using La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector) as well as salycilic acid on the spots themselves. I am now wondering if the salycilic acid just made things worse as one tiny spot on my lip eventually turned into a huge blemish....but maybe that would have happened anyway. So, for now, I've gone back to the AltaCleanse as I know it works to a certain extent. Not as good as BP for getting really bad skin cleared, but really good for keeping clear skin clear and obliterating small blemishes overnight. I just hope that prescription shows up very soon!