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  1. Hi, I have been on the regimen for almost three months. My skin is slowly improving, but it's definitely not clear yet. While I am aware that my skin will continue to be dry until it adjusts, it's a bit frustrating. I use Jojoba oil in my moisturizer at night, but not in the mornings. While it's helped the dryness, it's still hard to deal with and prevents me from wearing makeup. Would the next step be to add in the AHA+? I own a bottle of it but have not used it yet because I am very busy and am afraid of dealing with the irritation/itchiness that may occur during initial use. Would it help the dryness go away? Also, if I do start using it, what is a good way to slowly incorporate it into my routine? I appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. ***Update: I did the TCA cross (100%) on the 1st of February. All of the scabs are now off. It seems the best results are from the spots that the scabs remained on the longest. Three of them stayed on until the past couple of days, and they are almost level with the rest of my face already. I have some improvement with some of the others, some not so much. I am going to Cross again mid-March. I had quite a bit of redness in the scars when the scabs came off, but they have faded rather well. Is there a way to keep the scabs from coming off early? I would like them to stay on as long as possible. I wonder if I should wear bandages at night when I go to bed to keep them from rubbing on the pillow, and to keep me from scratching in my sleep (if I was). I am going to take "before" pictures before my next Cross. I am insecure about my face, obviously, but I will take pics through the next session and post them here. *** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After much research, I have come up with nothing. Perhaps I am just not looking in the right place! I did a TCA Cross 6 days ago, and I am wondering, after all of the scabs have come off, how soon can I go back to using my Mandelic Acid Cleanser and Toner? Thanks!
  3. Hey Ladies- Mirena And Acne?

    aloha all Alright, so I know I'm only 23, but I feel like this issue might be more applicable to the "adult" population. More specifically, adult women. I had very mild, but extremely persistent acne that started when i was 18. A year later, a derm finally put me on accutane (highest dose was 40mg). It went great and my skin responded fabulously. Fast forward to 5 months ago. I decided to get the IUD mirena. It's got very low hormones (that i needed for my horrible periods) which are slowly released. According to my doctor, these hormones are released into the uterus, and do not enter the blood stream. A month after having it inserted, I started breaking out like crazy. I couldn't keep it under control. As a full time grad student, I didn't even want to go to class. I contemplated getting it removed, but other than what it's doing to my skin, I love it! I went to my derm and he agreed that he thought it was the mirena causing my acne. It's funny how doctors constantly disagree about the cause of acne! Anyways, have any of you ladies out there experienced this? If so, what did you do? No one i've met with the IUD has had any issues with it. I'm on a second round of accutane at the moment, and it's working great as it did the first time. I'm just scared as soon as i go off of it, the acne will come back because I still have the mirena. BEING A WOMAN CAN BE SO FRUSTRATING! mahalo for reading! have a great day
  4. Still can't decide whether I like the AHA lotion or not! It does a great job at clearing all the dry skin & flaking, but whenever I use it, my face turn bright red the next day, and whenever i do even the lightest scratch on my face (I tend to scratch in my sleep sometimes) my skin starts pouring out this clear liquid which eventually forms a yellowish crust on my skin!!!! I want to continue using this because it gets rid of soooo much of the dry skin & flakes, but it irritates my skin so much leaving it bright red and sometimes crust!! I NEVER just use the AHA alone, I use a tiny amount on each part of my face with a lot more moisturizer. Not even 1/2 AHA 1/2 Moisturizer. Probably like 1/4 AHA and 3/4 moisturizer! And, I'm already approaching my 4th month on the regimen!! (in 6 days it'll officially be 4 months) I've also reduced my BP to a finger's length only at night, once a day beccause my skin started getting red as well because of the BP and the drying never stops!!! (unless i use AHA but then again i get redder and the cycle continues) . Current status and experience with the regimen: Approaching my fourth month, and I've been experiencing a LOT of redness because of the BP. Some days will be redder some days it will be alright, so I reduced the BP for this month to once a day but a full fingers length. The first 3 months were the expected dryness, redness, etc. and my skin cleared up SIGNIFICANTLY. A LOT of my red scars and the normal brown ones have gone away, and i rarely breakout. Maybe a pimple or two every so often, but I was so happy, but still dry. Recently, my face has gotten SO dry and SO irritated, so i lessened my BP to once a day. I rarely go out of the house so I'm never really exposed to sunlight (I'm waiting for school to start again), and I never wear makeup unless I go out, which is like less than 5 times a month, and when Ido wear make up, its just powder with SPF. PRODUCTS I USE: ACNE ORG REGIMEN - cleanser, BP, AHA, jojoba oil CETAPHIL Moisturizer ROUTINE: Morning: Cleanser, moisturize + 8 drop of jojoba oil (If I'm extra dry, i put on a second layer of moisturizer and jojoba oil) Night: Cleanser, 1 finger's length of BP, moisturizer + jojoba oil Every few days (or once a week depending how flaky I am), I use the AHA with the moisturizer after the BP. My ratio is not 1/2 moisturizer, 1/2 AHA. Probably like 1/4 AHA 3/4 moisturizer ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED. PLEASE.
  5. Week 6

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    Definitely noticing some tone changes and some minor differences in my pitted and rolling scars. It's been a rough couple weeks with stress and lack of sleep and hormones and bad habits, but I'm skill coming out on top with my skin, I think.
  6. Week 6

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    Definitely noticing some tone changes and some minor differences in my pitted and rolling scars. It's been a rough couple weeks with stress and lack of sleep and hormones and bad habits, but I'm skill coming out on top with my skin, I think.
  7. Week 6

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    Definitely noticing some tone changes and some minor differences in my pitted and rolling scars. It's been a rough couple weeks with stress and lack of sleep and hormones and bad habits, but I'm skill coming out on top with my skin, I think.
  8. Hormonal Influx - Weeks 5 & 6

    I decided to wait 2 weeks to update again so I could really get a good feel for what was going on. I feel like the biggest enemy in anything like this, whether it be skin or losing wait or any other goal, is looking too closely at the results and judging them harshly. So, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back. Let me start by saying that these have not been ideal skin conditions for anyone lately. I've been endlessly stressed and exhausted. The air is so dry and the heat isn't helping with that. And I'm off my birth control to get my period. Talk about a triple threat. So what have I noticed? The skin around my nose is coming off pretty dramatically and no amount of exfoliant or moisturizer seems to be helping with that. The cyst like zits that cropped around the end of week 4/beginning of week 5 on my jaw stayed for a longer time than I would have liked. They're now hanging out as raised left overs. They'll take some time to go away, but they're not true scars. But, even with the stress on top of stress mixed with terrible sleeping patterns and a couple nights of drinking alcohol (I've severely reduced this activity as well), I haven't had all hell break loose on my face. And usually is absolutely would. By now I'd look like a new mountain range was staking claim to my face. Which is amazing! I also feel like my skin tone has really improved lately and there's been some minor change in the depth of my pitted and rolling scars. I think the increased AHA was definitely a good call. After 2 more weeks I'm going to add in another day or so of the Retinol as well and see how that treats me! I can't quite say I'm thrilled with what I see when I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself. But I'm certainly making progress.
  9. Hi, does the regimen help with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? Because i'm starting the regimen next week so i was wondering if it could help. I also got the AHA lotion but i'm gonna use it after a month.
  10. Week 4

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    One month has gone by and I'm seeing some progress here and there! I'm changing my regimen slightly, as mentioned in my blog, and hope to see continuing success and good results.
  11. Week 4

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    One month has gone by and I'm seeing some progress here and there! I'm changing my regimen slightly, as mentioned in my blog, and hope to see continuing success and good results.
  12. Week 4

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    One month has gone by and I'm seeing some progress here and there! I'm changing my regimen slightly, as mentioned in my blog, and hope to see continuing success and good results.
  13. One Month Down: Surprise Development

    So one month of the AHA and Retinol usage has come to pass. I haven't missed any applications and I'm feeling good about my decisions to do this. I'm still not sure what kind of results I'm seeing, nor am I confident I will ever be rid of the pitted/rolling acne scars or the occasional break out. But! I will definitely take softer skin, less turn around between pimple appearances, and a somewhat more even skin tone of that happens to be what I get out of it. My mother, who anyone can tell has played a critical part in my skin issues, even said that my skin looks great. So, maybe there are noticeable differences after all. Oh, and as for the surprise? I am a furrower. I'm constantly raising or knitting my eyebrows together. This has resulted in deep horizontal forehead lines, as well as two deep and visibly noticeable vertical lines between my eyebrows. I'm never going to get rid of the forehead lines, that's just life, but the lines between my eyebrows have gone away. I used to be able to feel the creases where they came together and this treatment I've begun seems to have started eradicating them! Hooray for unintended consequences! I still have pimples showing up around my jaw line and by my ears. They subside more quickly than they used to, although the left over pigmentation still happens. I'm not sure that will ever stop happening as much as start going away more quickly. I'm hoping that will eventually taper off, but it's hard to say. I have decided to up my application of AHA at this time. I'm going with AHA, Retinol, AHA, break and etc. I think my skin should react okay to this and I should be able to avoid any nasty backlash. So, here's to the continuing journey! I will continue doing updates of course and look forward to what's in store for my skin!
  14. First time using AHA

    Hi I was just wondering about how to properly use AHA. I am currently not using the regimen or any other acne treatments, but lately my acne has been coming back again. After using accutane my acne got better and my skin cleared up, but since September of this year I have been getting pimples again leaving me With dark spots once they are healed. So after Reading so much good reviews about AHA I want to give it a try too. So my question is, is it okay to use it without using the regimen, and if so then how do I properly use it? I read some comments saying that you should mix it With Your moiturizer at first and then gradually increase the use of AHA. Do I have to use specific moisturizer or can I mix it With, for example, jojoba oil?
  15. Week 3

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    This week I've had some surprise visitors, but I'm trying not to lose hope. Especially as they go away very quickly and with minimal effort. I just want nice skin already.
  16. Benzoyl Peroxide + AHA?

    Just wondering, is it alright if I mix one pump of the Benzoyl Peroxide and one pump of the AHA cream? Also, if I already mix one pump of AHA and one pump of the moisturizer, will my skin burn if I mix the BP and AHA?
  17. AHA+ only?

    I have recently purchased the routine, along with AHA+. However, I began to have second thoughts, as I have already tried benzyl peroxide products in the past (epiduo and onexton) with very limited success. After doing some research, I've instead tried using ONLY AHA+ twice a day (and cetaphil facewash) instead of using the routine. I have been doing this for about a week, and after having mild effectiveness, I have been breaking out (or maybe purging?) Should I maintain this routine, or am I causing harm to my skin? Or should I go on the listed routine on the website despite my previous lack of success with benzyl peroxide? Thanks!
  18. I have red marks left from cystic acne and I'm wondering if anyone could give me advice on using AHA to help speed up the process. I've read that you have to use BHA with AHA however I've used BHA before and it completely ruined my skin :(( please give me some guidance!!! note: the redness on my cheek is from a niacin flush
  19. I use Aczone (dapsone gel) in the morning and Ziana (clindamycine + tretinion ) at night. How do I use Glycolic acid and how often with combination of my topical routine? Like how do I switch it around with a BHA. Also I am thinking of using ACV as a toner , maybe later but for right now I want to use a BHA and if my skin responds well then possible use AHA ( I'm planning on using Paula's choice Pore Perfecting BHA exfoliant 2% ) heard good things about this BHA and it contains Green tea which I heard also is good for oily skin and reduces sebum. And possibly Paula's Choice AHA 8% Exfoliant, depending on how things look with the BHA. I have some acne flaring up since I am weaning off with Oracea 40 mg (doxycycline hyclate) since June 7 , 2016 . Because I have been on the antibiotic (Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg) treatment since August 2015 but now weaning off. I told my derma , I think its time to get off it because antibiotic for even a short period can do a lot of damage healthwise. So since weaning off my acne is sorta flaring up but hopefully my topicals will take care of it. So now new acne = new hyperpigmentation which are like red/purple . Which I think maybe the BHA could help clear up my acne (clogged pores) and possibly maybe the AHA could help also I know people use them both but how do people alternate them around? Because I use 2 topicals Aczone (AM) and Ziana at night. Like do I first cleanse, moisturize, then apply topical then put the BHA because Paula's choice is a leave on liquid . So would I only use the BHA once a week or twice a week? how often considering the topicals I use also. And I don't know about the AHA but people have said that AHA can interfere with the effectiveness of Retinols / Tretinion which is in Ziana the night topical I use , and I think applying AHA at night is more practical than applying in the day? What are your thoughts if any you guys are using a Retinol or a Tretinion and also a AHA ? SIDENOTE: I might use ACV to tone , but I sorta want to try to use BHA/ AHA to see if this clears up my skin if not then maybe a while from now (giving time to see if the BHA OR AHA works) then a while from now use ACV if the exfloliants don't work well then try this natural option. I am thinking about using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner but do I apply it then wash it off ? then apply Aczone in the morning or Ziana when toning at night ? Or leave it on?
  20. So I read somewhere that since an AHA is an acid and Tretinoin doesn't work with acids. I use Aczone (dapsone) gel and I use Ziana ( clindamycine + tretinoin) gel at night. And I want to use a BHA and a 8% AHA from Paula's Choice but I'm scared to use the AHA because I think Ziana gel (the one with tretinoin in it) helps my acne some bit. I mainly have pustules also, supposably BHA are best for those with oily skin which is my problem and I am getting some breakouts so new acne scars and hyperpigmentation so I want to use an AHA for those problems and I've seen reviews that actually AHA helped clear up people's acne too. So I was wondering if anybody who uses a AHA and also a Retinol / Tretinoin acne treatment at the same time and if it interferes with their regime? If thats a myth, then how do you guys alternate with AHA and BHA leave on treatments aside from your acne treatment topicals? BTW I use 2 topicals so any suggestions in the order of applying the AHA and BHA after (cleansing, moisturizing , apply topicals, then exfoliants, then sunscreen) ? Also alot of people use the AHA at night but thats when I use Ziana (tretinoin + clindamycin) gel what would I do first ? Ugh, I need help I'm new with the whole chemical exfoliants I would appreciate it !
  21. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About three years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break out and start the process all over again. I eat a really, really restrictive diet. No grains of any kind, no dairy, caffeine, eggs, nuts, sugars, potatoes, or high GI foods. I drink a ton of water and keep my carbs down, nothing to cause acne here. So here's my question: What else can I be doing? because the regimen on its own isn't doing enough for me. If i'm going to shell out money every month for face products and a crazy diet, I want results. Current Regimen: - Ceve Hydrating face wash - 2% BHA (started this a month ago, unure if it does anything for me yet) - BP - Ceve face lotion - Redness reducing creme (day) Jojoba oil (night). Type of acne: - Hormonal, I'm an 18 year old male. Enough said. - Lots and LOTS of clogged pores. Squeeze just about anywhere on my skin and a pile of sebum will pop out (gross, I know). Open to all suggestions. From getting a prescription to the crazy trick that worked for you -- I need some ideas because I'm tired of acne.
  22. When I encountered back in December 2005, I was depressed and desperate. I had recently turned 20 and I had worse acne than I did back in high school. Birth control didn't help get rid of the painful red bumps scattered all over my face, six months of Proactiv didn't help, medicated washes didn't help, spot-treating didn't help, masks didn't help, salicyclic acid lotions didn't help, and I was terrified of the prospect of going to a dermatologist to be prescribed antibiotics that would cause me painful yeast infections. I was dubious about the regimen because I had used benzoyl peroxide in the past as part of Proactiv, but I also didn't have any other accessible acne treatment options, and I was completely sick of my skin. I read all about Dan's gel, browsed dozens of reviews and testimonials, and decided to open up my wallet and take a risk. I ordered two tubes of Dan's gel, figuring that I didn't have much to lose besides a little money. The regimen sure enough ended up working for me, and so I keep coming back here to help out other people who feel angry/depressed/confused/frustrated about their skin. I can't say enough about getting yourself into the right state of mind to try the regimen, so I want to use this thread to prepare people for it in an honest, realistic way. The DKR works wonders, but if your expectations are too high, you are impatient, or you experiment with other things at the same time, you will run into problems. Start off on the right foot with recommended products, and get rid of your old acne topicals. Just because you have the Proactiv acne scrub or your mom's face cream lying around doesn't mean that you should try them with the regimen! I know it's frustrating to spend money on things that don't work, but it's better to get rid of your old ineffective products than to try to start the regimen with them. Wait until you can get all the proper supplies and then begin the regimen, rather than using some 10% BP you have lying around or other old products that might interfere with your results. If you can't bear to throw them away, put them somewhere where you won't be tempted to use them while you try the regimen. I strongly recommend ordering Dan's gel to begin with so that you start with the best (and most cost-effective) product available. If you live outside of the US or aren't comfortable ordering off the internet, then pick up another 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (like Neutrogena On-the-Spot) from a drugstore, but Dan's gel is so much gentler, better-textured, and cheaper that you should try to start with it if possible. I believe I saw good results relatively quickly because I started off with Dan's gel. Your acne will not clear up instantly on the DKR. If you actually do see miraculous clearing within days of starting (as some people on the boards claim), please realize that you have likely not seen the last of your acne. BP dries out your acne at first, but then you aren't using enough during your first week or two to actually prevent future breakouts, so they will probably come back until you have upped your dosage enough and held it at that level for a while. I still had breakouts for the first 6 or 7 weeks on the regimen, and many people take even longer before they clear. My pimples started disappearing more quickly and weren't as severe at that point, but acne is still acne. Be prepared to give the DKR a three month trial, and be prepared to still have acne for most of that time. It is more important to get your skin used to the benzoyl peroxide for the first month or so than to actually achieve clear skin. It is better to go slowly and take more time to work your way up to a full-finger application than to use too much gel too soon and backpedal because of irritation and dryness. Even if you've used benzoyl peroxide before in other systems, you probably were not using nearly as much BP as you will be on the regimen. I had used both the Proactiv face wash and lotion twice a day for six months and plenty of 10% BP creams in the past, and still, my skin took time to adjust to the small amount of BP I started with. Follow Dan's recommendations for BP dosage--or use even less if you feel that your skin is overly irritated. You might not clear up as quickly as you want, but you can avoid many of the problems that new regimen users complain about by going easy with the BP. Try not to think about your skin. When you start clearing up a little but not completely, you might hold your skin to a higher standard than you did before and become more frustrated with it. If you are constantly obsessing over a new breakout or thinking about how you're not clear yet, you might even do things that interfere with the regimen. Resist the temptation to check your skin out in mirrors all the time or to pick at active acne! Aside from reapplying moisturizer as necessary, you don't want to be touching your face; the best way to do this is to not think about you skin at all. Don't dwell on why you're not clear yet and don't worry about some visible flakes or redness. Think about what your skin will be like in a few months, not how it is now, and know that breakouts or dryness right now won't matter at all in a short time. Peeling, redness, and flaking will eventually go away, but it may take a couple of months and some product changes. Let's be honest: your skin just probably won't look that great while you are beginning the regimen. You'll still have active acne, your skin will be drier, you might have flakes or areas of redness, your skin might look parched, it's just not a pretty picture at the start. Many people think that it gets worse before it gets better, and I agree. You just have to power on through it and look to the future. You can try switching cleansers and moisturizers to help with flaking or redness problems, but please realize that you can only do so much while you are still adjusting to BP. Even with the best recommended products, for the first few months you will still deal with some degree of redness, dryness, and flaking. Those problems do go away eventually! Again, try not to dwell on the state of your skin or do things that are counterproductive in the meantime. Don't be tempted by other treatments while on the regimen. Other acne treatments like salicyclic acid (beta hydroxy acid) or sulfur can compoud your irritation with the regimen, so don't touch those at all, especially while you are still adjusting to the regimen, In fact, BP deactivates topical retinoid products aside from Differin, so you definitely can't have those on your face at the same time! When you see an acne face wash at a store, just skip right over it and purchase something unmedicated. Even though you think you might get clear faster by using multiple treatments, you'll just end up with lots more irritation and perhaps even more acne than if you had just stuck with BP. Other kinds of skin treatments tend to do more harm than good. Scrubs can tear up your skin, masks are overdrying, and homemade facial concoctions are ineffective at best. Some people really like the idea of natural skincare and want to incorporate in things like aloe vera and tea tree oil, but the results from adding in extra steps like these to the regimen seem to be by and large unsuccessful. Just keep in mind that if you insist on using more products and aren't getting the results you hope for, the first thing Dan, Brandy, and other regimen veterans will tell you is to get back to basics and ditch the extras. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as lactic acid or glycolic acid moisturizers really do help with flaking and dryness, but you should wait until your skin is used to the full dose of BP before trying these. The more complicated the regimen, the harder it is to figure out where it goes wrong! If you can't make time to do the regimen morning and night, then the DKR is not for you. Twice a day, every day. If you do the regimen only once a day, leave out steps, go through the process hastily, or miss applications, then you should expect less than ideal results. I skipped a couple non-consecutive applications due to late-night partying and timing of washes recently, and what do you know--even after nine months of straight DKR use, I still got some small pimples by my mouth. Slacking off is fine so long as you are willing to pay the price, but again, it is an actual price. If you balk at setting aside a good half-hour each morning and evening to wash your face, apply BP, allow it to absorb, and moisturize, then you should look into other acne treatment options. Patience and diligence is absolutely key. Don't expect a flawless complexion when all your acne is gone. Many people complain about redmarks and scars and how the regimen doesn't address these acne artifacts. It's simply not that easy! An AHA used once or twice a day over several months can help fade hyperpigmentation, but it might not be enough to get your skin completely mark-free, especially if you had moderate-severe acne before the regimen. I didn't even know I had acne scarring until I had cleared up, and then I had a whole new skin problem that I had never thought about before! Now I have accepted that I can't do much about my mild scarring without spending lots of money on treatments, and that even so, my skin still looks so much better now than it did a year ago. So when you do clear up, please don't expect to have baby butt smooth, unblemished skin. Have realistic expectations about what your acne-free skin will look like. I much prefer easily concealable light marks and minor dents over big red inflamed pimples, but if you feel otherwise, then don't bother treating your acne. Breakouts can still happen. I still get small pimples nine months later when I slack off, as I have not grown out of acne. The regimen can keep virtually all acne at bay when you follow it diligently, but even so, you might still get little pimples in problem areas once in a while. The more persistent your acne, the bigger the consequences of missing an application and the more likely minor breakouts might continue. In order to maintain clear skin, you will need to keep buying cleanser, BP, and moisturizer, keep making time to do the regimen morning and night, and keep being gentle with your skin. The regimen effectively prevents acne, but if you stop, your pimples will come back (unless you have grown out of acne). It is up to you to decide if you can stick with the regimen for the long haul.
  23. I use Aczone (dapsone gel) in the morning and Ziana (clindamycine + tretinion ) at night. How do I use Glycolic acid and how often with combination of my topical routine? I have some acne flaring up since I am weaning off with Oracea 40 mg because I have been on the antibiotic (Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg) treatment since August 2015. I told my derma , I think its time to get off it because antibiotic for even a short period can do a lot of damage healthwise. So since weaning off my acne is sorta flaring up but hopefully my topicals will take care of it. So now new acne = new hyperpigmentation which are like red/purple . I have been thinking about getting Mario Badescu AHA cleanser or should I get AHA brand? I'm kinda scared to get the aha product cause I think you have to leave it on ? I'm just really scared and I don't want to burn my face off. Help please!
  24. I'm using the AHA only for my hyperpigmentation, because I don't have acne anymore just dark spots on my face. I've seen everyone everywhere talk about how bad glycolic acid burns when you use it but it doesn't burn or sting at all when I use it so am I doing something wrong? I didn't use the regimen or benzoyl peroxide before hand using it. So why does it not burn,does that mean it's not working for me?
  25. My acne cure

    So after having mild cystic acne for about 4 years ive found out how i can control it. Now my skin isnt perfect or flawless but its a huge step up from the 5+ huge, inflamed cysts i would have on my cheeks. Now i get maybe 1 cyst every 4 months and a pimple around my period. My method is simple yet has been so effective for me and i hope it can work for some of you. But anyway into how i control my acne. I wash my face everyday with a moisturizing cream cleanser. Before this i was exfoliating every single day and once i stopped that my skin immedately improved. I moisturize with an oil free moisturizer twice a day and for the occasional break out i mix water and sea salt in a spray bottle and spray it where i need it. I also have slight hyperpigmentation scarring and use Alpha Hydroxe AHA Soufflé 12%. Ive found that consistency is key with that. Like i said its very simple but i hope i can atleast help some people and please let me know how this works for you. Tl;Dr- I wash my face with a cream cleanser daily and exfoliate at most once a week, moisturize twice a day, and use a salt water spray for current break outs.