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  1. My daughter is one of the unlucky kids that started getting acne around 3rd or 4th grade. She's now just turned 13 and after several years with the same dermatologist she is now saying she has pretty much maxed out on options with topicals and is recommending she start on Accutane, as nothing is clearing her acne. She told us very early on that she may at some point need Accutane and gave us the information booklet a few years ago to read and both my husband and I both had the same initial reaction of it not being worth the risk. At her appointment last month she said that because she is getting scarring on one side of the face that she feels it's time for the Accutane and said due to her size she would recommend 80mg a day for a 6-8 month course. She mentioned that there are some concerns of it stunting growth, but my daughter is 5"11" and 190 lbs, so she feels she may be done growing anyway. Obviously our list of concerns spans much further than just stunted growth. My daughter plays competitive travel softball and is a pitcher, so she works out 3-4 nights during the week and spends the weekends on the softball field, in the hot Florida sun for around 6-10 hours a day on both Saturday and Sunday. So limiting sun exposure would be hard without making her give up everything she loves. Also the issue with joint pain is a serious concern. She has hopes to play collegiality and having long term joint pain would seriously alter that. Then my next concern is bowel issues as that seems to be a hot topic with Accutane. Shes doesn't have any pre-existing conditions with bowel issues or depression, so her dermatologist wasn't really concerned. Are there any parents out there who have put their kids on Accutane this young? She literally turned 13 two weeks ago. If so would you please share your experience. Also anyone who was very athletic while taking Accutane and if it forced you to change your lifestyle. Her dermatologist reassured us that she has competitive swimmers who are taking it with no issues and she feels it is a relatively safe drug that she would give to her own children. She also said my daughter may need more than one course since she is so young, which also concerns me as I don't want to have her suffer through the course only to end up back where we started. Also if there are any other recommendations of things that worked for you please share. We are considering blue light therapy, I was looking at BlueMD, does anyone have any experience there? She's been on Epiduo, Clindamyicin, Tretinoin, Onexton, Tazorac, antibiotics, etc.
  2. The Itchiness continues… It has been 2 weeks now since I have started Accutane (Epuris 20mg). I am starting to notice my skin becoming more inflamed than what it was at the beginning of the treatment. The itchiness has also kicked in and although it is very tempting to itch my face, I try to avoid it because my skin is becoming more sensitive and scratching will only make it redder, not to mention it hurts!! The Dryness continues… Not only is my face itchy, but my whole body has become drier leading me to moisturize constantly to avoid dry, flakey skin. Currently I am using Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoaradient as my body lotion. My lips have also become significantly dry but I continue to use my La Roche Pose Lip Balm, this stuff is my savior! The Whiteheads Arise… My under the skin pimples are starting to form large whiteheads with some even coming right to the surface and with no pressure at all, they burst… YUCK, I know. Now I know after reading several blogs, you are not supposed to pick on Accutane. This I understand since your skin starts to become thinner and more prone to scarring if tampered with. However, when large whiteheads are right at the surface, my thought process is to relieve the puss which I do but as gently as possible, with a lancet needle and no squeezing! So far, once this is done, I continue to wipe the area until stops pussing, put on a Nexcare patch (depending if it needs one) and within a day or two the redness is barely noticeable and the bump is gone. That being said, I DO NOT touch any acne under the skin! That is where you can run into trouble with scarring!! Products remain the same… All my products have remained the same since last week however I am looking into switching to a Cerave Facial Wash to replace the Oxy Facial wash I am currently using. Any feedback on the Cerave would be helpful! Limiting Makeup as much as possible… Before starting Accutane, I told myself that I want to limit makeup as much as possible just so I can let this treatment takeover and do its job. Of course, there are times where makeup needs to be worn however I only apply if completely necessary and remove it the moment I get home. I have realized that makeup actually inflames my skin even more so I prefer to not where it and just let my skin breath. Although it is hard to go out without any makeup, the end result better be worth it! • Foundation Powder: Sephora Collection Matte Perfection Powder ($25.00 CAD) Drink lots of water!... Even before Accutane, I make sure to drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day. This has been an ongoing this that has now become part of my daily routine.
  3. One week in

    So I am a week in to my course of accutane, so far I have not had overly dry skin but already my lips are drying out. They're not cracking they just feel dry to the touch. So I am using Nivea Moisturising Care lip salve with SPF 15. I am on holiday at the moment as well, so I am struggling with the sun as I am burning very easily, I cannot emphasise that enough!! I am applying factor 50 twice a day, but this isn't really enough. I am still on a very low dosage so I am expecting more side effects when the dosage doubles.
  4. Hi all, A bit about me, I am 20 and have had acne since I was about 10. When I was around 13, I began developing cysts on my chin and occasionally on my forehead. There would be 3 maximum on my forehead and 2 on my cheek. I would often get whitehead and pustules on my forehead and chin too. However I had no problems with my cheeks. I would get occasional clear days, here I would have one or 2 visible spots( althouhh these were big and noticeable) Then at about 17, I began breaking out on my cheeks every so often with the occasional cyst. By 19, I was breaking out with several pustules at a time on my cheeks. At it's worse, my acne would be considered moderate but is usually milder. Right now after almost completing my course of differin cream my cheeks break out less frequently although it still happens, chin less so also but also not ideal. My forehead is still sporadic, sometimes relatively clear but other Times breaking out in several large angry red spots. ( Noticable from distance) So far I have been on: Duac Differin x 2 Doxyclin x 2 Erythromycin Zineryt limecyclin tried zinc, vitamin D be b12 supplements with no success. I have stuck with all treatments long enough. currently am waiting to see a derm and was wondering whether from personal experience, accutane or the pill is a better path at this point? thanks!
  5. My dermatologist prescribed me 20mg for mild to moderate but persistent acne. She only asked me to take it for a month. I heard that you should complete your cumulative dosage depending on your weight to make sure your acne doesn't come back. I've been taking it for a little more than a month and my acne has cleared considerably. I have no new acne spots since past two weeks. My question is: Should I take 20mg for 10 months -- which is my cumulative dosage -- even after my acne has cleared in a month or can I quit it after like 2 or 3 months?
  6. Accutane Question!

    I've just finished my 5th month of accutane and I'm about to start my 6th month, but I have not made any major improvements like most people, I just wanted to know if accutane would still work for me and if other people have had similar issues with good/bad results. I was on 60mg my first month, 70mg on my third month, 80mg on my fourth month, and 90 on my 5th month.
  7. Hey guys, It's been a month since I've started an regimen-like skin care routine for my acne. I use cetaphil gentle cleanser and a store brand of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, that has a moisturizer in it, and I do this twice a day. Things were on and off for the past month but generally, I looked better than when I started, so it kind of was working. I had multiple purges, and every few days I'd get a spot, but my face looked a lot better overall. I was totally clear less than a week ago. Today, however, I have a large cyst on my chin that's been growing for a few days (I rarely get cysts), a painful red area under my lip that's been there for days, and now my cheek is breaking out again. I'm really concerned because I always thought my acne was fairly mild, but it is completely caused by hormones. Should I give up and see if maybe accutane is the only way to go? I have a picture below. I also have fairly severe shoulder acne that isn't responsive to anything over the counter, I've been using a 10% BP wash on it for a month now too. I'm just so at a loss and upset, because I really thought this treatment was working. But every now and then it just gets bad again and I'm back to square one. Any advice?
  8. Acne everywhere for years

    Hi everyone, I've had random acne in every square inch of my body for years. I'm not covered in acne, but random pimples pop up everywhere every week. At any given time I have 5-10 active breakouts. I've tried vitamins, probiotics, accutane (once), cutting sugar, drinking more water, removing dairy, praying, meditation, blue light therapy, antibiotics, every type of body wash, cold showers, and topical ACV.... i've this acne for 14 years. A bunch of cysts along the way. where do I go from here? Is there any hope for me? I'm starting accutane round 2, and going to try acupuncture and guggul (supplement).
  9. I have had acne for over 10 years.. It may not be as severe as some people but it is constant and very very difficult to get rid of. I have tried every treatment you can think of including tons and tons of skin care products, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, multiple birth control (im on yaz right now my skin cleared for about a month then went back to how it was) Dans regimen, BP, african black soap, tons of vitamins and herbs including: zinc, vitamin a, vitamin d, saw palmetto, fish oil etc.. plus many more treatments. I get tons of little pimples and then large cystic pimples that hurt and take months to go away (I always have at least 1 or 2 on my face) as well as inflamed pustules and I always have hyper pigmentation and indentation scarring on my face at all times. This is taking a toll on me, I feel as though I have tried everything and there is nothing left for me except accutane. Does anyone have any suggestions based off of the pictures below? This is my skin when my most recent flare up has started to subside. Those red marks were all very inflamed and cystic spots.
  10. Accutane

    Hi I'm new here, I am a 17 year old boy and have been dealing with acne since the 8th grade . Acne has made my life so difficult to starting high school and meeting new people. I first have had acne all over my face and as time went on, it moved to my back. Big, painful, embarrassing and ugly looking cysts on my shoulders and lower back. After every other medication has failed, accutane was suggested for me. I am on ( most likely ) my last month of the treatment, which was 9 months and my face has a couple pimples left and my back is pretty clear, but I have marks and scars all over and I have two or three really painful ones on my lower back. I am really stressed out and upset because this was supposed to be my last month. I have been on 80 mg for about 4 months I think, the rest was 60 mg then 40mg when I began. I've become depressed on this medication and have had every single side affect out there (or so it feels like) does I really just want to know your experiences with post treatment. I have a lot scars which affect me just as much as the acne and I don't think I will stop breaking out after I finish accutane. Thank you for listening and I hope that there is still hope for me and that last month break outs are normal? Or something like that also: if anyone has done laser treatment with scars please let me know, I was considering getting that, my mother has said she would do it, but I don't think she knows how expensive it is- or so I've heard. Please let me know the post-accutane process. Thanks
  11. So before accutane I had severe acne on chin and forehead. Derm put me on 2 creams and Doxyciline and my acne was completely cleared but we were already in the process of going on accutane and my derm told me i should go on it because when i stop the antibiotic it will come back. So she started me out on 60mg, and i took it for four months. I basically had maybe 1 or 2 pimples the whole treatment because i started out clear from the antibiotics. I just stopped 2 weeks ago and im so scared its going to come back. I already have a couple little flesh colored pimple like bumps forming (dont have head and are very small but still concerning). Was my dose sufficent? (i weigh 60 kg, 130 lbs)
  12. Skin changing and acne coming back??

    Hi everyone. For quick background on my acne, I'm a 20/f and I've had acne for 9 years, from light to severe focused on my cheeks and chin. I've taken accutance twice, and both times it helped my acne a lot. I've been mostly clear for the past year, with a few marks on my face at all times and occasional breakouts, but in comparison to my skin previously it wasn't a big deal. I then went on ziana to control it, and have been doing ok until now. My skin started breaking out again about a month ago, but surprisingly on my forehead. I began to breakout in whiteheads and cysts on my forehead, and then it spread to my cheeks and near the mouth. Also, the blackheads on my nose became increasingly worse. I never broke out on my forehead before, and I honestly have no idea what's going on! My skin also feels completely different--it's dry in odd places, and old acne marks don't fade like they used to; instead of a few days for a dark mark to disappear, it now takes weeks. It's like my skin just completely changed and I have no idea how to control it. I've tried to think about what I've changed in my daily life. I started eating meat more regularly in the past couple months, but that has never been an issue related to my skin. I also haven't been spending as much time outside, although I take vitamin d supplements to combat that. Although my skin was somewhat manageable, now its covered with acne again, and I feel completely lost and once again, depressed. Have any of you had this experience when your skin just completely changes on you? If so, what did you do to control it?
  13. I was put on accutane for quite mild acne. I got acne maybe 2.5 years ago. I was 21 when I first began getting it. It was usually mild (easy to cover up most of the time). Sometimes I'd have a bad break out and it would be moderate for a month. It was still annoying enough for me to return back to the doctor every few months to try another prescription. what I've been on in the last 2.5 years (in order) - tactuopump (topical) - minocycline (antibiotic) - Diane-35 (birth control) - doxycycline (antibiotic) - topical anti-biotic (can't remember name) - aczone (topical) - biacna (topical) - Spironolactone (oral hormone balancer) I've also tried cutting things out from my diet. (Dairy, wheat, eggs) some of these things worked a little, but never did I have clear skin. Always AT LEAST two active cysts when my skin looked it's total best. (I Averaged 6 active spots at a time with left over pigmentation from inactive spots) So I was on Spironolactone (100mg) and Diane-35 for quite a few months and I was seeing minor minor improvements, still breaking out- acne still going up to moderate sometimes. I was seeing a skin specialist at this time. I had had an appointment with my GP (not skin specialist) for an unrelated issue. A few days before the appointment I decided I would ask her if I could go on accutane (I didn't have an appointment with skin specialist for another month). I was very nervous she would laugh at me with my 3 cysts on my face and say no or tell me I need to talk to a derm. I seriously practiced what I would say to her before my appointment. About how I have social anxiety from my skin and how spiro wasn't really working and I wanted a permanent fix anyways, (when you go off spiro/birth control your acne comes back). And can you please put me on accutane. I did not even finish my speech and she interrupted me saying "well have you thought of accutane?" "Do I qualify?" "Yes. You're acne is not always measured by how bad it is physically but how bad it is effecting you mentally. And it sounds like it is effecting you quite a bit" BINGO thank you. She then went on about how the drug has a bad rep but is not as bad as people say on the Internet. She told me if it was really that dangerous they wouldn't prescribe it and I can just take it day by day. She said it's great to use for mild acne to put a halt to it and prevent scaring. She told me I will get some dryness- told me some products to buy and told me to get blood work which I could get downstairs and gave me my prescription. I went downstairs went right in for my blood work and then got my prescription in the same day I was prescribed it. With all that being said, everyone is different. My doctor also knew I'd exhausted pretty much all options. I am only on day two so I can't report on any side effects of how its helping my skin, but I just wanted to encourage some people that it's NOT that big of a deal and that if you want to know more about it or go on it ask your doctor about it and stick up for yourself! Don't let your skin ruin interrupt your life.
  14. well here it goes! About four years ago i developed very severe nodular cystic acne. What started out as your normal whitehead bacne quickly escalated into one of the worst cases most doctors i went to had seen. I used to have a posting up about my fight and problems and i removed a while back. I am finally here to recap and review and to ask for advice on this new proposal into permanently curing this issue from my body. The photos posted will show what i had to go through, days, weeks, and months of over 50 open cysts that would re open and bleed all over my clothes, bedsheets, and pretty much anything my back touched. It was a norm for me to wake up in the morning stuck to my bed because the cysts had dried up with the bedsheets, fusing me to my bed. Every morning was a series of dealing with the pain and ripping myself out of bed. After numerous dermatologist trips, no one knew what to do. It started with doxycycline, and then bactrum, and minocycline. Finally i found a dermatologist that was making progress with improving my acne and finally helping me start the uphill fight. She hit me with the accutane. after 3 weeks and a crap ton of cortisone, my body gave up. I had upped the dosage to 40mg per day and the flare ups caused all the cysts on my back to double. It was living hell. It wasnt thee accutane that gave me depression, it was living with all the cysts afterward. Plan B was to start me on a high dose of doxycycline so inflammation would recede and allow some of the cysts to clear up. Two years later, i was acne free. the occasional cyst would show up on my back, and my face was that of a normal teenagers with normal acne. and well my back has turned into that of a freak show, with deep big connecting scars that look like that of a burn victim (made for a cool "i was in a fire cover up story). And now here we are in the summer of 2017. Doxycycline has become ineffective, so i stopped taking it. after a couple months i still had no acne and was used to the occasional back cyst that would come up and dry away after a couple of weeks on its own. graduation and senior year ended with a very bad mishap. I was jumped and suffered a broken jaw, surgery and meds along with all the trauma and stress really threw me off of my clear skin streak, and the flares restarted. in a quick burst, now my chest has broken out in the "stage one" cysts. These are what i call the small cysts that later turn into the huge ones that i had on my back. I quickly used some of my own medical knowledge and past experience to fight this. I started on 1000mg of fish oil, 50 mg of zinc, and twice a day probiotic pills respectively; along with using a tretinoin topical cream for my face (0.05%), my face has returned to its nice and 95% clear state. My chest has drastically reduced, there are no new flare ups, and now they are slowly going away. now i know this is only a temporary solution to this ever plaguing problem i have been dealing with on my back and now chest, and being on vacation in lebanon, i decided to go for a second opinion to a very well known dermatologist in Beirut. After the initial consultation, she saw all the scars on my back and the new cysts on my chest, and immediately prescribed me accutane. Im ready to pull the trigger again on this drug, but she gave me a very odd and apparently "new protocol" to taking this drug for people that have severe nodular cystic acne. for the next 6 weeks i will be on tetralysal 300 in order to reduce the inflammation around the cysts and to clear up my body so i can start taking accutane. But here is the weird dosage idea. Apparently here in the middle east and europe, this is a very common route to take to combat this type of acne. she wants to put me on 10mg a day, every other day for 8 weeks. If my body can handle it she wants to up the dosage to 20mg a day every other day or, if i cant handle it, to keep me on the 10mg cycle for another 8 weeks. Basically she said im looking at 2 years on accutane. The attractive side to this is i can expect little to no normal accutane side effects, and i will be able to prevent the "first month flare up" that accutane causes when taken normally. I dont know about this i feel like im going to be a guinea pig for this weird trial type regiment. Please feel free to lerave your opinions/experiences with low dosage accutane, and hopefully this will be my last fight i have to fight with this dumb acne!!
  15. Can’t believe it’s actually happening. I took my 2nd accutane/isotretinoin pill today. After trying everything I possibly could to get rid of my mild/moderate but horribly persistent acne I finally decided to give up and go ahead with accutane. My Background. 27 years old (in 11 days J) female living in the UK Height - 172 cm, Weight – 50 kg Battling mild/moderate acne for 7 years now Extremely sensitive skin that scars a lot Medication taken/used for past 4 years. Tetralysal – It worked for almost a year. I had the best skin of my life but I got resistant to it. Trimethoprim – Did nothing for my skin Oxytetracycline– Did nothing for my skin Doxycycline – It worked somehow but I was still getting acne Duac/Epiduo – They were too harsh for my sensitive skin Yaz – I had an allergic reaction to it Tests done. I’ve had my hormones checked to see if acne was not caused by hormonal imbalance….no issues with hormones. I’ve tried changing my diet as well…. no sugar, no diary, no gluten and no improvement when it comes to my skin. I’ve tried blue/red light therapy but again it didn’t work. Honestly I’ve tried everything I could possibly think of to get rid of acne…vitamins, oral and topical antibiotics, over the counter creams, washes, home remedies etc, etc. I’m sick and tired of constantly having something on my face, cancelling on my friends, calling in sick cause I’m too embarrassed to go to work when my face breaks out. It’s never been severe but the scars and scabs that are left over after I get spots are killing me inside. Acne has taken over my life and I can’t live like this anymore, I don’t want to live like this anymore! I refuse to go outside with a plaster on my face ever again! I was trying to avoid taking accutane due to the side effects it comes with and of course the famous initial breakout! My skin is extremely sensitive and it already heals for a long time after I get the breakouts. Don’t know how to deal with the initial breakout when it comes. How do I show my face to work colleges? How do I attend business meetings with my clients? How do I show my face to my boyfriend who is fully aware of everything and extremely supportive…but still? As I have mentioned my acne is mild to moderate and I don’t even want to think that it will get much worse. I’m on 20 mg of accutane/isotretinoin for the first month and my dermatologist wants to put me on 40 mg for the rest of the course. I’ve been prescribed amoxicillin as well to hopefully decrease the initial flare ups. I’ve got no active zits at the moment but a few old and fresh red marks on my right cheek. Obviously it’s been only 2 days so I’ve got not much to report. Well, I just put some Effaclar duo cream on my face as always and it stings a bit. I’m not experiencing dryness on my face, my nose and lips have been already dry because I’m getting over a flue. I will be reporting the changes on a weekly basis.
  16. Help! I missed my dermatologist appointment today! I haven't called yet as they're closed right now. Has anyone experienced this? Do you suppose when I call tmrw they can squeeze me in sometime soon? Kind of stressing a lot lol. Oh also, I'm not entirely sure how the office I go to works, but I know that the bloodwork room is separate from the dermatologists office. The bloodwork room accepts walk-ins so that is fine. I'm just stressed because the dermatologist office where they do the checklist of things (like "are u going bald, are u getting nosebleeds") has you make appointments.
  17. Accutane Question!

    So I just finished my fourth month of Accutane, but my acne isn't fully gone. It's at the phase of getting better. During the first two months of Accutane I was on 60 mg, i got an IB during the first month that simmered down the second month, my derm then upped my dose to 70 mg for the third month, in which I got another IB for the 3rd month, after that, I got my dose upped again to 80mg during my 4th month and then I got another IB. I am about to start my 5th month and my derm upped my dose to 90mg, I was just curious if I would experience another IB this month because my face has been getting better.
  18. hey guys! i just recently started month 5 of accutane so i'm close to being finished! i am pretty happy with the way my skin looks at the moment. i only have one active spot and the rest is scarring and hyper-pigmentation. for skin care all i am using is cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and cetaphil moisturizing lotion. my derm told me not to use skin care with acne fighting ingredients (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, etc) since the accutane would be so drying. i'm wondering when i go off accutane should i keep my skin care routine the same or use different skin care products that help fight acne? i'm just worried that my "gentle" skin care routine won't be enough once i'm off accutane.
  19. So, it has been 1 week since I started Epuris 20mg, taken once a day. It is always hard to tell if the medication has started to take effect or if my mental state believes it has. Therefore, please take these changes lightly as Epuris states it can take up to 2 weeks to fully start taking affect. Changes in my body: · - Itchy Skin all over - It started with being itchy on my face but then also moved to my legs and scalp. - Dry/Peeling Lips - Pimples coming to the surface causing large whiteheads Change in contraception method… After discussing with my doctor different options for birth control, her best suggestion for the way my body is came down to Nuvaring. Therefore, I had my IUS removed and have started Nuvaring which has a lower dose of estrogen than the birth control pill I was on that caused my migraines. This is now going to be a trial and error process to see if the addition of estrogen into my body will bring back my migraines. Stay Tuned! Products I am currently using: Facial Wash - Oxy Emergency Acne Vanishing Facial Cleaner (recommended by the dermatologist – may be drying while on Accutane) Toner – Lush Tea Tree Water Moisturizer – Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream Lip Care – La Roche Possay Cicaplast Levres barrier repairing balm (THE BEST)! Sunscreen – Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPT 50+ The Picking Urge… Currently, I am only washing my face once a day in the evening. In the morning, I simply wash my face with water and tone with the Tea Tree Water. Throughout the week, I developed 2 whiteheads on my chin and 4 large whiteheads on my right cheek. In regard to the whiteheads on my cheek, I waited for them to crust over and I scratched them off, leaving red marks that have been lightening up since. However, the whiteheads on my chin, I took a lancet needle and then put a nexcare acne absorbing patch to let it all drain out. For those of you who haven’t heard or tried this product, you need to!! They can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $12.99CAD for 30 patches (small and large) For best results, I recommended to lightly tear the skin where the whitehead is with a lancet needle so the white starts to secrete. Wipe the area off and immediately put a patch on the area. DO NOT SQUEEZE. I normally do this routine at night and when I wake up in the morning, the puss has all come out on the patch and you can actually see the white. Remove the patch, wash your face and voila! These has definitely saved me on many occasions where I felt the urge to squeeze. I am looking forward to what week 2 will bring me… Stay Tuned!
  20. Okay so I've been on accutane for a solid 3 and a half months now coz I had quite bad skin. But compared to what it is now, I'd be happy to have the skin I had before that! Everyone has constantly said to me that it gets better but they're skin saw an improvement at the latest like just at 3 months. I'm on 30mg but kinda do 40 or 50mg sometimes as well because I'm thinking maybe its not powerful enough, but the higher dosage i go (because i have been going up in tens), the worse it gets. This has been the worse my skin has gotten and i don't know what to do. I used to just have lots of little pimples everywhere but now they've completely changed into massive boils on my cheeks and chin! Ive tried letting my skin dry out and just not moisturise but then i can't really move my face, and then I've tried speeding up the process by trying things like tea tree oil on my pimples but nothing is working except for the side effects! Would love some confirmation on what else i should or shouldn't be doing please?
  21. From the album How I Cured My Acne

    Here i explain on a video shortly of how i got rid of my acne
  22. Follow Up Post!

    A lot has changed since I wrote my original post. When I wrote it I was regularly getting deep cystic acne on my chin and cheeks, and it got so bad that I ended up going to my dermatologist and getting claravis. Well, about a month after starting claravis i began to notice blood in my stool. That was my wake up call. I realized that taking this harsh medication was not the solution for my acne, it was a way for my dermatologist to sell pills. I realized that the real solution was to attack my cystic acne from the inside out rather than the outside in. And that is when I decided to become vegan. I did hours of research online about holistic remedies for cystic acne and found that all of the sources agreed that cutting out dairy was the best way to combat the inflammation that causes cystic acne in the first place. So, I completely cut meat, cheese and most refined sugars from my diet. It was tough, but I knew my skin would be thankful for it. Fast forward 5 months and my cystic acne is gone. I haven't gotten a big swollen cyst on my face in months and my skin looks better than it has in years. I am not saying I don't get acne (I'll get the occasional white head if i forget to wash my face or if i cheat on my vegan diet) but my cystic acne is completely gone. Also, once my skin began to clear up I decided to also begin exfoliating regularly and using apple cider vinegar on my skin as a toner, which is also doing wonders for my face. So the moral of the story? CUT OUT DAIRY!! Going vegan has changed my life and it can change yours too! Additional info about diet and skincare routine: Diet - No meat or dairy products. Red meat and dairy are scientifically proven to be inflammatory, and guess what causes cystic acne... Inflammation! Swap meat and dairy out for beans and green veggies so you can get your protein, iron and calcium. - Very little processed foods. They are high in refined sugars which are bad for your skin. - Lots of water. Obviously. - Buy a probiotic. Be nice to your gut! Your gut health is directly linked to your skin health. Skincare Routine - Mornings: I wash my face with Shea Moisture African Black Soap. I use an apple cider vinegar toner (one part acv two parts water), I spray it on my face out of a spray bottle to avoid touching my face. then I apply shea butter as a moisturizer (I only do this on my chin bc that is the area that gets dry). - Nights: Same as above, but instead of moisturizing I take Epiduo gel (I still have it from when I used to got to the dermatologist and will probably stop using when I run out) and rub a thin layer over my problem areas. Epiduo usually dries my white heads out within a week. - Exfoliating: I exfoliate 3 times a week (recommended for very oily skin). This step is so important because it washes away all that dead skin that clogs your pores and causes acne in the first place! I use a grainy exfoliant but I am getting a chemical exfoliant today and will update to tell how it is. - Cold water splash: After you wash with hot water just splash some cold water on your face. It's very refreshing and closes your pores.
  23. Hey everybody, I started getting acne my Freshman year of high school. I think it was caused by my chin strap on my football helmet. I'm a Sophemoore in college now, and still have it in the same spots. I've gone through most of the topicals, antibiotics, and finally for last 5 months I've been on accutane. I know it's not really that severe, but it's very persistent. After 5 months of accutane and not seeing any results, I'm wondering if it is something else. I read an old article of a guy who had very similar looking acne, and his dermatologist said it was folliculitis infection. He went on Minocycline (100g) and used Clindamycin 1% lotion, and it was gone in 3 weeks. I've used Minocycline and it helped a little and then everything came right back. I've never used Clndamycin, and also someone else said that Nystatin, which is an anti-fungal cream, clears it up in a week. In the pictures below, you can see the tiny little white bumps that are only noticeable when I make a face. These little bumps eventually become the big inflamed white pustules. <Is that considered cystic acne or is it something else, like a fungal infection? idk. And has anyone else that's taken the tane experienced not seeing results 5 months in? Thanks y'all.
  24. I'm 30 years old male and have had mild to moderate acne since i was 20 and it never really was an issue until now. I started getting cystic acne on my forehead a couple months after I quit smoking cigarettes and changed jobs at the same time which was January 4 2016. My last job before January 2016 I worked in a warehouse for 7 years doing customer service and physical labor in hot a cold temps through out the year and got dirty from grease, oil, dirt, dust, metal shavings in my face, welding and a boss that was a bit stressful to work for at times and I only had mild to moderate face acne (I always showered when I got home). On January 4 2016 I started a job as a inside salesman for new a company. It was a complete 180 from being the grunt to now sitting in the office. I was happy with the change, but don’t really like sitting around all day so I usually try to walk around the office and warehouse as much as possible. Now at the same time I quit cigarettes after 13 years and wasn’t really effected to much by the cravings and felt I was powering through it well. Around March 2016 I started noticing more acne and just got worse from there turning into cystic painful bumps. By June 2016 I was freaking out and depression was at all time high due to the cystic acne all over my face and forehead. I have bipolar and been taking lamotrigine for the last 10 years for my depression. Then it hit me, I started getting cystic acne when i quit smoking and started my new job! But I could never could get myself to start smoking normal again, but I would sometimes bum a cigarette on a friday or saturday night of drinking with some friends. September 2016 I went to the dermatologist and they immediately prescribed me to 60mg of Accutane. It took me a month to finally pop that pill due to being scared of all of the side effects and I also was doing a week long dual sport dirtbike ride and wanted to be in good physical and mental state. When I started in October I started noticing the common side effect, dry lips, sore joints, hair falling out like crazy, flaky skin all over my face and I have fair skin so I put neutrogena sensitive lotion on any time I washed my face or showered. Dandruff was falling out of my beard like crazy and my hair as well. Then after 3 weeks of being on the Accutane, I started freaking out mentally, but would hold in my emotions around my co-workers and friends. I would get these manic attacks just from sitting on the couch and start crying when I was alone watching TV. After the 4th week I had to call it quits on the Accutane. November 2016. My forehead cystic bumps were gone and the occasional normal pimples on my face and nose were gone to. I was feeling great and confident again to talk to women in over 10 months. December 2016 and the cystic acne and pimples came back in full force like someone beat my head with a stick and have bumps the size of marbles. March 2017 I decided to start taking Accutane again but only take 30mg a day. After about a month I notice some improvements and was feeling confident that this was going to work. Mid April I started noticing I was balding in the front and getting a widows peak and my hair started falling out at a alarming rate and my acne redness, bumps all coming back. Now I’m really getting angry and depression is at all time high and have been drinking alcohol after work more. I barely have any interest in anything like riding my motorcycle or do any outdoor activities. My dermatologist tells me I need to start taking 60mg or I’m not going to see any results for awhile. I feel like screaming and crying at everything being on this horrible drug. I need an honest answer hear and I don’t care if its not the healthiest decision. Should I start smoking cigarettes again to see if it helps get rid of my cystic acne. Because its obvious that I have hormonal acne and I’m pretty sure the smokes help bring down the stress hormones. Also I’ve seen people online that got acne from when they quit smoking and it just got worse over time and they started back up and there acne went away. I really hate this Accutane and I feel like its going to screw up my life more and lose my hair. Or should I change jobs…
  25. Hey Guys, I've been lurking in this forum for over four years now but haven't actually found the guts to post yet. So firstly, thank you to all the members for the valuable info here. Thankfully, I don't suffer from acne anymore (thanks to a year long dose of Accutane). I've finished my round of Accutane over six months ago so I'm now trying to find the preferred route of treatment for my depressed acne scars. I'm really hoping there's a solution for my scarring, at least to minimize their appearance, I feel like my life has been turned upside down and all people see when they see me is my scarring. It's really hard to accept that, so if you could please explain to me what type of scars these are and their level of severity I think it would really help me towards finding the best possible solutions for them. Since I'm actually completely clueless at what type of scarring I have (some days I think they're icepicks, others I see them as rolling scars). I've attached some overhead lighting pics (with make up on, I think this way they look like ice pick scars) and some front facing ones with flash (this is when they sort of look like rolling scars, it's pretty confusing). Also, I am a 22 years old woman based in Barcelona, Spain so if anyone knows of good dermatologists or plastic surgeons that would be amazing. Thank you.