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  1. I have struggled with acne since I was 14. It started becoming cystic when I turned 17, and was helped by treatments of aczone and tazorac. Well I'm 19 now and those meds weren't working as well. So I went to a dermatologist back in November and he prescribed me Accutane. As most people who've struggled with acne get when prescribed this, I was so excited to know that within 6 months most of it would be gone for good. I was so ready. After doing all the usual stuff to prepare, he prescribed me 80 MGS A DAY to START. He said "we normally start everyone off on a lower dosage. But end up going higher anyways." I didn't think much of it. Then a week into the treatment, I had an allergic reaction. I got hives all over my legs be arms. I was so disappointed. After a trip to the ER, I went back to the dermatologist, and he said I couldn't take it anymore even at a lower dose bc I was allergic. So back on tazorac I go. Was 80 mgs a day way too high? Has anyone else ever experienced this or and allergic reaction? Can I get prescribed it again somewhere else? Just feel like 80 mgs a day was INSANE. And maybe that triggered the reaction
  2. Hello! I have just finished my course on Accutane, woohoo! I have been experiencing very red skin for months now, both on, and now off Accutane. I never had the problem before taking the medication, but now I get a lot of comments about it, and it sucks! My skin will randomly feel very hot and get extremely red a few times a day at school, but normally it's just red, and my hands are both red and cold (no pain or discomfort!). I also get very sweaty palms. please help me! Thanks
  3. Hello! I'm on Accutane (round 2) and got a spray tan 8 days ago. At first the color looked good for the first 2 days. Now I'm very splotchy. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. I've recently switched dermatologists again but I've tried everything topically ( aczone, retnin-a,clindamyacin, epiduo, erithromyacin, anything salycylic acid and benzol peroxide related, azelex, aczone I can't even remember all of them anymore. Orally solodyn(minocycline),doryx (doxycycline), birth control but breast cancer runs in my family so staying on that long term isn't a choice. Solodyn helped some but it never lasts I've been up to 100mg and I'm 5'7 125lbs. Oral antibiotics don't last. The only oral I haven't tried is bacterum (might be spelling that wrong). No one since my first dermatologist (I'm on my third) has even brought up accutane I've had this for four years it hurts and itches constantly. The last picture is what most of my back looks like all over but my chin and mouth area is always so swollen. Is there reason to keep pleading accutane?
  5. Hi There - I'm a female and my doctor told me that I can stop accutane this month, but I'm afraid that my face will breakout again soon after stopping. If I stop and breakout let's say a month later, can I pick up from where I left off or do I have to start everything all over again - 2 pregnancy tests then fill the prescription? I'm taking a pregnancy test in 2 months so if that's negative and I'm breaking out again can I get a prescription? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new to but have been reading posts religiously for the last few weeks in preparation of starting accutane! I'm currently 5 days into 50mg/day and starting to really feel the side effects. My skin feels as if it's almost been sunburnt (definitely isn't sunburn as there has been no sign of any sun where I live and I've mostly been indoors at work these last few days). My skin has also started peeling on my forehead, around my nose and my chin. Has anyone else had any experience of this? What's the best way to soothe it and is it something that will stick around for the whole 4-6 month course? So far I've been using cetaphil cleanser twice a day (although this does tend to make my face burn a little while using it so might switch to water in the morning and cetaphil at night). I've then been using the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense serum, their toleriane eye-cream and then either their hydraphase intense riche moisturiser or cetaphil moisturiser. My issue right now is that due to my peeling skin any foundation looks horrendous. I'm trying not to wear make-up but with the way my skin is I'm not confident enough to go out without it for now. I bought La Roche posay toleriane foundation but I'm not too sure if I like it, so any suggestions would be welcome! Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with the peeling/burning/redness? I also noticed yesterday that although my skin is quite dry and peeling, it's also still really oily, does anyone have any tips on how to deal with that?
  7. An Acne Reunion. How Sweet.... Age 26

    It's been about 9 years since I've posted anything here, but I'm back. I am an adult now, 26 years old (male), and acne has found it's way back onto my face and a little bit here and there on my back and chest. From the time that I finished my first course of Accutane (~17 years old), until I was 19, I had pretty clear skin. Between the ages of 19 and 26, I have experienced varying degrees of acne; nothing too serious or severe though. For most of this time, I was using Dan's Regimen. I now am applying BP and Clindamycin during the day and Retin A Micro at night while also taking Doxycycline 100mg twice a day (Started Doxy in March) I use a light cleanser from Laroche Posay and use a 10% BP face wash in the morning 4 days a week. I've also been using a Matcha/Steen's ManukaHoney/Baking soda/Lemon juice/Turmeric mask at night a couple days a week. I use a Vitamin C serum and moisturizer morning and night. (Random thought: Has anyone seen the movie or read the book "American Psycho". I just reread that last paragraph and thought of Patrick Bateman. lol) I also take various supplements. Zinc, Magnesium, Curcumin, Vitamin D, B complex, etc. (a couple hours apart from when I take doxycycline) My diet is very clean and has been for about a year now. No dairy, meat and little gluten. No fast or fried foods. No alcohol or drugs or nicotine. I juice every day. I would consider my diet to be pescatarian (Fish) + eggs. Why did I only discover blotting paper/pads several months ago? So good... Needless to say, like many others here in this forum, I'm putting in work to mitigate the outbreaks and improve my acne anyway I can. I go for a 3 month follow up appt. at my dermatologist's office in a couple of days. Last time, she had mentioned doing a Blue Light PDT treatment if my acne did not clear up with the doxycycline. I had mentioned straight up that I wouldn't mind going back on a low dose of Accutane because of the results I had before with it as a teenager. She seemed to not like that option so much and kind of pushed for the Blue Light PDT treatment option if another treatment option was needed. Ok then... So, here we are. I had the worst breakout, relatively speaking, since I was in high school while on the combo that I am on now. I think the Doxycycline was the big variable here. (Side note: I have been on Retin-A and clindamycin since October and was on Differin briefly before that) I have scarring on my chin, forehead as well as my jawline. These scars are newer. ~3 months. I have a cluster of active pimples/pustules on my forehead and some on my jawline at the moment. Overall, my face is relatively clear, but with a bit of scarring. Being as though this is my second visit with my current dermatologist I am curious to see if she is still going to stick with the idea of going through a couple PDT treatments or can I persuade her to give me the good stuff? Accutane wasn't that bad. I felt reborn so to speak after 5 months. Crystal clear skin (with some hyper pigmentation that went away after a couple of months). Either way I go, the money is coming out of my pocket being as I don't have insurance at the moment. Money is not necessarily a concern here. My self esteem is kind of going in the dumps. Obviously, I still see people around my age with acne, but let's be real, it can affect one's confidence after dealing with it for so long. Benefit is > Cost. I think Accutane might cost me ~$500 more overall than PDT would, but I think Accutane will have a better result. If you read all that...or not and have an opinion on going with a second course of low dose Accutane or trying PDT which has an overall lower efficacy, let me know! I'm interested in your opinions and experiences.
  8. Scalp Acne help!!?

    I've been battling acne since I was about 11. I'm now 26. I was on Accutane twice. It did clear me up. I was put on BC (Yaz) when I was 18 to keep it clear. Yaz gave me bad cramps so I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen. I was on that for a long time. I switched to Orsythia, thinking my skin needed a mono pill since I still had bouts of acne. My skin has seen good and bad days. However, since Accutane (I think) I have been battling scalp acne. My scalp acne honestly bothers me more than my face anymore. I still break out on my nose since I have blackheads. My scalp is horrible. It's usually covered in acne, and yes it is acne not anything else. My derm just puts me on antibiotics and shampoo. I've also noticed recently I've been getting little pimples on my chest.... I never had chest acne!! Even on my worst days! So now I almost want to go off BC because I feel like that is the issue and maybe I have an imbalance. My skin is the clearest during my period week. But my scalp never wants to clear. It only gets slight relief during that week. I'm on antibiotics now and I feel so freakin relieved because it's the first time in a long time I don't have scalp acne. My hair isn't gross from it and i actually feel like it looks healthier too. I'm afraid to have it come back. Derm thinks it's hormonal. What do I do and who has battled this before? Honestly just tired of it and want a long term fix, not pills and shampoo. It bothers me so much and it is so painful!
  9. Hi I'm a 19 year old male prescribed accutane. About a year and a half ago I had perfect skin, nearly zero pimples. Over the next year I started getting more and more cystic acne until it became moderate, my doctor prescribed me 40 milligrams accutane and I started breaking out really badly from it then upped my dosage to 90 milligrams and it got even worse. As I would get cysts they would go away but it would always leave these stubborn indented hyperpigmented marks that never seem to go away now, 6 months in, I barely break out but I have a lot of indented marks and I'm wondering what I can do to get rid of discoloration while on accutane and if there's any chance my skin will be even again. Also, what procedures are good for indented rolling scars? Thanks, Chris
  10. DAY 1 SO today marks day 1 of my 4 and half month course of Roaccutane. 54kg female - starting dose 30mg per day of Roche Roaccuane (very pleased to get original manufacturer) going up to 60mg per day month 2 and the rest of the course. Today has been quite emotional for me, my acne was sudden onset - well slowly got worse since September 2016 but where its on my neck now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere its made very feel very low because whether I put make up on or wear a scarf it seems to break me out more so ive become a hermit in the house in constant fear of how I may be potentially making my skin worse. I have back acne as well which has been manageable until this year. My cheeks are clear but its mainly my T zone, a little jawline but mainly under jawline and actual neck. I cried taking my first dose - I guess relief of starting, hope it will work, fear it wont work, scared of side effects but mainly because of how bad this acne has ruined all my self esteem and confidence which I always had quite good self esteem and confidence before. Knowing I'm going to have this shitty scarring on my neck for months is downer because like I said I cant cover it up. shame its summer here in the uk tbh and I normally love summer. Nothing is enjoyable anymore. washing is a procedure of desperation trying to prevent more acne, make up looks horrible and is annoying to now and I used to love getting ready in the morning. Anyways on a positive I know its going to be a hard 4.5months but worth it to get my life back. I'm not brave enough to put pics up yet....maybe one day.
  11. How bad is my acne please tell
  12. Hi All, I've been lurking on the forum since July last year and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences on my journey and how I've come to a decision to begin roaccutane (UK). I know many people do not agree with this drug but I am completely aware of it's side affects and have read the booklet and the ipledge programme information already. People often bash others that take roaccutane for mild acne, but just like the rest of you, we suffer too. I can't remember the last time I looked in the mirror and felt happy about my face, I cry every single day and have started taking sertraline to be able to cope with how I feel about my face. FYI I'm not depressed, the sertraline is suppose to help with the OCD towards my skin, Acne has been a battle that has completely changed my life, I completely sympathise with every single one of you who post on here. My acne is mostly comedonal, I do suffer with the persistent breakouts of papules and pustules (normally 1-3) in the chin area but the main issue for me is the blocked pores, they cover my entire t-zone. Many people have told me my face is fine, most are extremely shocked I have been prescribed such a strong drug, but both my mother and sister have taken roaccutane for acne and we have strong acne genetics with-in our family. I want to get rid of this in its early stages and while I'm still 19 I have time to deal with it before it would get worse and begin to scar like my sisters. I started getting acne when I was 18, before then I had a FLAWLESS complexion. it began in the most persistent area to date, the sides of my mouth and my chin. As I became more worried about my skin the acne began to spread, it began on my chin and then blackheads and comedones began to spread all around my nose and up to my forehead, this destroyed me inside, witnessing it getting worse was devastating. I visited two dermatologists privately in the UK, both which prescribed a combination of medications. I have tried countless topicals (Differin, Duac, Epiduo, Zineryt) in combination with many different antibiotics (Lymecycline, Doxycycline, Emerythromycerin) All of which had no affect on my skin what so ever (Baring in mind I gave each treatment combination atleast 3-5 months). Lymecycline with Differin was my last treatment option, I gave it about 2 months and nothing had changed, I get I could've waited longer but I just no longer had the patience, the acne has stopped me from leaving my house, it has completely destroyed my life and relationship. People try to scare me with the side effects of roaccutane but I'm already at rockbottom anyway, I need the acne to go away. I went to a dermatologist yesterday (02/03). I made the appointment yesterday morning and saw my consultant dermatologist by 18:30 (02/03) in the evening. (I have private healthcare in the UK which means I don't have to wait at all) I went into the appointment expecting a prescription of Retin-A and another antibiotic combination. I can admit I did have roaccutane in mind. After explaining my distress to my doctor and explaining to him how much this has affected my life he examined my skin, asked about what treatments I have pursued already and questioned me a little further. After a 20 minute discussion he asked me if I had ever heard of isotretinoin, and after trying different combinations said it would be the most affective form of treatment. There was mutual agreement and I am overwhelmed with joy to undertake my treatment and I feel so grateful that it's happening as fast as it is (Normal wait-time on the NHS to see a dermatologist is 6 months considering my case isn't severe). I left the doctors office and had my blood tests done right away, I had a few more this morning too (03/03) but I am picking up roaccutane either today or monday (if my dermatologist doesn't get back to me). My point is people out there with very mild acne, don't suffer in silence. It has had such a profound effect on my life and my dermatologist could see this, after understanding my situation and that I've already attempted other forms of treatment I'm happy I am going on roaccutane. I've heard it has changed many people's lives and I cannot wait to witness it change mine, when he prescribed me the drug I felt like my life was being handed back to me. I'm going to document my journey on, I don't see many people with mild acne documenting there experience on the drug as many never decide to take it anyway. I just had a few questions to the accutane users on the more mild end of the acne scale before I begin my roaccutane experience... First of all I currently am using clean and clear and differin to help clear my skin up, should I stop this? I've heard many people have dry and irritated skin from roaccutane and my doctor did mention it would be a side affect. If so should I be washing my face at all? My skin is super sensitive btw (I have combination skin oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and if I should can anyone recommend any products to wash my face with and any moisturisers that I should consider buying in the UK! Thanks for reading and I hope you understand my decision to undertake roaccutane as my treatment. I hope I gain some responses! Ben!
  13. Hi everyone! I am a 21 year old girl with medium-beige skin (East-Indian) and wanted to share my accutane story. firstly --> sorry that I did not take pics every month, i really didn't have the self-esteem to look at them again and again...but now i am grateful.. I had clear skin throughout my teens, but developed little pimples on my forehead the summer of 2011. I tried minocycline, it worked for a few months, then the acne came back, and it was worse. I was then put on erythromycin tablets. A few months later, that stopped working. Then, I was put on a regular birth-control...didn't help. Switched to Diane35...didn't help. A short while after Diane35, I couldn't take it anymore. The cysts were causing a weird, prickly feeling at night, almost like stinging. Hurt to watch my face. Makeup wouldn't cover anything. Self-esteem was negative 1000. Anyhow, I am 128 lbs, so I was started on Accutane (Clarus is the Canadian version) 40 mg every day. Initial breakout: YES!!!!! Horrible. You can see it in the second picture I posted from the left. The initital breakout subsided after one month...yep, one month of horrible acne, but all the cysts and nasty stuff was coming out. By month 2, I was on 60mg. To be honest, the first 2 and a half months were a roller coaster...but by month 3 I saw improvements. Suddenly when month 4 started everything just started to vanish. Now I am at the end of month 4 and will be getting off it very soon. I am very pleased. I have minor, minor pitting but mostly just red scars on my cheeks. My acne was primarily on my cheeks and jawline, and during my initial breakout, I had pimples in places I never used to get them (chest/forehead/back). Side effects I experienced/conclusion: i lucked out, they weren't severe: 1. dry lips (eucerin saved my life...a day without it was hell) 2. peeling skin in the first 2 months, then this subsided and skin was just mildly dry. had to use thick moisturizer (cetaphil) before makeup esp. in winter 3. experienced back pain twice during treatment 4. experiences headaches twice during the first month, doc kept an eye on me... 5. month 4 --> dry, itchy eyes at night time for a little while and dry nose with some blood, but NOT severe, just mildly annoying. I'm almost done anyways. Products I used while on accutane: Clean & Clear benzogel 5% on huge pimples only once in a while Makeup removing facewash by clean & clear nothing else month 4 my skin was less sensitive, so I used a gentle toner and a gentle acne wash if i felt greasy...which was like...never LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER anyways! feel free to ask questions guys! accutane saved my confidence!
  14. Hi everyone. I've been struggling with acne since August and I've really gotten to a point where I'm almost depressed by it. I hate leaving the house and I can't help but feel like everybody is disgusted by me. It's completely destroyed my confidence and I'm just so fed up with it. It somewhat comes and goes, but theres always at least 3 pimples- generally in the same spots. On my left and right cheeks and above my right eyebrow. I was using The Body Shop "Drops of light cleanser" followed by their aloe moisturizer. Although, I really wasn't getting anywhere. At the beginning of the month I had this gigantic pimple so I went to the store and bought Jojoba oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree oil. I'm not sensitive to tea tree so I created a moisturizer by mixing the jojoba and tea tree. Then I filled a spray bottle with water and tea tree, and another with water and apple cider vinegar. I washed my face with the same Body Shop cleanser and then sprayed my face with the apple cider vinegar and wiped it with a cotton pad like a toner. I then applied the jojoba and tea tree mixture and with a q-tip, put tea tree directly on my breakouts. Within 3 days all my acne cleared and I had nothing but acne scars. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. I'm so disappointed because it really felt like I found a cure. I did have finals and was stressed but since then it has ended and my acne has not calmed down. Does anyone know why this would stop working? I went to the store and got Rosehip oil and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I now take off my makeup with the jojoba oil. I stopped using the Body Shop cleanser and started using the Cetaphil. I add a drop of tea tree at night and just use the cleanser alone in the morning. I'll do a couple drops of the rosehip oil and then after 5 minutes a drop of two of the jojoba and tea tree mixture. Then I'll like load up my pimples with tea tree. I stopped with the apple cider vinegar toner. I also got the St.Ives blackhead clearing green tea scrub and the Freeman Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar mask + scrub, which I use twice a week. It literally didn't change anything and now my skin has extreme dry patches where my acne is (cheeks, above the eyebrow, and also for some reason around my nose) so when I put on makeup it clings to the dry patches. I'm just so frustrated. My question is: What kind of acne is this? and what products can I use to help? Should I just go on accutane or contact a dermatologist? I've been raised to be against medications so it's really hard to get support from my family through this method, but if you think it'll help I'm willing to try. I was thinking of adding a couple drops of lavender oil into my jojoba and tea tree mixture. I'm also thinking about getting a facial done- maybe that would help? Honestly I just have no idea. Pictures: April 4- when my skin was at one of it's worst states #2 April 20- 5 days after I started the teatree and jojoba situation, and my skin was at it's best #3 May 16 - Today
  15. Hey guys, I’m a 19 year old girl and went on a very successful Accutane course of 40mg from December 2015 -August 2016. I don’t regret it and adore my current skin, but hair loss was always the ONE THING I didn’t want to experience. I was happy to risk the other side effects, even liver damage. What I didn’t want to do, however, was trade in one aesthetic problem for another. I started experiencing telogen effluvium hair loss in June (it was then that I started shedding moderate amounts of hair with bulbs). This got a bit heavier in July, and I really began to hate washing my hair because it was traumatic to see such loss. I avoided brushing my hair but generally tried to ignore it. In August, the shedding got extremely heavy. I would shed hair everywhere I went, and I’d brush my hair and see 80 hairs in the brush. It was horrible and I prayed it was peaking and would soon stop. September/October were absolute hell (it’s the 2nd of November today). Up until September, I didn’t notice visible thinning. That’s how I coped over the summer – I was shedding like mad, but my hair still looked lovely and luscious. Half way through September, my hair started looking much thinner. When wet, it looked horrible. Every time I washed it in Sept/Oct, I would lose about 250 hairs and then literally 400 hairs for 2 days afterwards. As my oil had come back at this point, I had to wash it at least every 5 days, resulting in regular trauma. I would sit in class, feel my pony tail and just pull out 40 loose hairs every hour. So, so horrible. Now, at the beginning of November? My parting has doubled in width. It's not terrible bit it's terrifying to me. You’re probably here to see whether accutane TE gets to the point of “embarrassing thinness”. The truth is I don't know, and that's what I have tried to find out online, in vain. I guess we will see what my hair is like in March! I want to stress that I don’t have “thin” hair. I am lucky that I had a lot of fine hair to start with, so I have decent scalp coverage still and a normal looking ponytail. You would see me and think I had nice hair, but I have lost 1/3 of my hair at least. And I’m still shedding heavily. I think the shedding is now less heavy than it has been these past two months, but who knows. REGROWTH: I checked my scalp today and am delighted to say that I have lots of 1-3inch hairs dotted around the place. They seem very fine and will obviously take months and months to grow out to the length of my others, but they will offer scalp coverage. I DON’T seem to be losing these short hairs, so (fingers crossed) hopefully I don’t have chronic TE. I am terrified to say anything now in case my condition worsens but maybe, just maybe, these past 4 months have been the worst of my TE and the shedding will slowly stop now over a few months. I will add pics soon and document this entire process... I promise I won't disappear. There is nowhere near enough information on Accutane TE out there, especially not posts from females who absolutely adored their former hair. It all seems to be guys questioning whether they have TE or genetic balding. I can't believe that my hair still looks like "nice hair" given I've shed so terribly for months. What I will say is that I am never, ever risking hair loss again. This will put me off ever meddling with the contraceptive pill, antidepressants, etc. Might sound extreme, but everything’s relative, and this is one thing that I was never prepared to deal with, and will hopefully never deal with again.
  16. So i finished a six month course of accutane on April first. so its been a little over a month since finishing. It was my second course, and i took it for persistent comendonal acne (every single pore on my face filled with a hard long sebum plug), not cystic/hormonal. Bottom line, it did not work for me. yes you read that correctly, accutane did not work. and i weigh 110 and took 60 mg the entire time. My whole 6 month course my skin looked the worse its ever been, and once i stopped taking i stopped breaking out so bad, but I'm still breaking out just as much as when i started the freaking course. dermatologists say they don't have anything left for me so thats a battle of its own. for reference I've had my hormones tested and they're all normal, i eat a paleo diet, drink atleast a gallon of water a day, exercise regularly, take supplements and probiotics, and get 8 hours of sleep. my concern is, because of the slowed down healing from accutane my face DOES NOT heal. AT ALL. normally people probably wouldn't express much about this concern, because at this point they're usually clear so they don't experience it. However, my unlucky life has blessed me with being the 1% that a second course of accutane doesn't work for so I'm still breaking out very regularly. All of my acne scabs some a lot worse than others depending on how many pores are inflamed...and i don't pick at it....but it still scabs on its if the plugs are just bursting out of my skin. before accutane and even while on it, these scabs would go away in 3-4 days for really bad ones, 2 days for small ones. not so lucky anymore. I have had the same scabs on my face for over a month now. i only keep adding to the collection since my breakouts aren't slowing and NONE of them will heal. I've tried doing nothing, keeping them moist w aquaphor, aloe, TTO, ass cream, you name it. my face looks god awful. its ruining my life to be quite honest considering i dropped out of college for a year because of how bad it got. I'm trying to not be dramatic, but walking around with uncover able scabs that REFUSE to go away gets to you and really infringes on quality of life, especially when i had such a good one before all of this acne came on in the fall. id hate to sacrifice my whole summer and another year of my education for this shit. I've already lost so much. can someone please help? any similar experiences? any advice for healing? what am i supposed to do with my skin now? I'm so lost. and I've been to so many derms who say theres nothing else they can do and they don't know whats wrong with me. PLEASE. any tips on healing/advice for the future is so helpful
  17. Hi, I have just started my first round of roaccutane treatment. I don't know anyone else that has really experienced significant acne let alone accutane, and I really feel alone (and terrified) in this experience. I was wondering if anybody else is in the same position as me and would want to support each one-another?
  18. So, I just started my second course of Roaccutane so far I've taken about 63 tablets in total but I still pick my skin. I'm Caucasian and nearly 19, I do have some scarring and hyperpigmention and once I'm finished with my journey with Roaccutane I want to get laser treatment to 'fix' all of the damage I've caused. I almost always pick my skin in the shower, I have a handheld mirror in there (may sound stupid but I'm male and share the shower with my sisters who use the mirror for whatever) and I usually pick once I've seen my reflection. I don't really pick outside of the shower so I know it's being in the shower that's triggers me, worth noting that I have extremely long showers. I've scarred my upper arms because sometimes when I'm exhausted I just sit on the floor of my shower and my hands get so touchy on my arms, back, chest and hips. I know my damage isn't extreme but it's caused me to become extremely obsessed and concerned over my appearance. I'm asking, is there any guarantee that laser will fix all the damage caused (either completely or to a point where it's not that noticeable) and also, how do I break this trigger? I'm not going to just stop showering but I don't know what to do. Also, I'm a very paranoid and neurotic person so if anyone can tell me facts that could scare me out of picking, be as extreme as you have to, PM me pictures if it's too NSFW because I want to stop this. I started because of anxiety, whilst I've gotten so much better, the habit is there and I'm officially done with it. I cannot bear the thought of finishing roaccutane and continuing to destroy my skin even after laser treatment.
  19. Hi so I started getting major cystic acne on my face so nothing worked so I had to go on accutane so it's been about 20 days since I've been on it I have a huge cyst it's really bumpy and it's not going down! I'm conerned if this is a keloid scar those are really bad so tell me if you think this will even out or stay like this I'll include pictures thanks a lot! Did accutane even out your skin?
  20. Hi, so this topic will go through my accutane journey. I'm having a hard time getting through this. Acne really sucks, and not being able to control it sucks even more. So, I felt like by recording down how I was doing, and my stages, I could probably help some other people. I know it helped me reading what other people go to. Also, I'm emotionally low right now. Ranting about this stuff really let's me get it off my chest. And that's good, cause no one else in real life cares about this stuff, and just assumes I'm a "dirty" person cause I have acne.
  21. Goosebumps?

    I have been on low dose ( 20 mg) Accutane (myorisan) for 2 weeks and have started getting what looks like constant goosebumps on my arms and shoulders. Is this normal? Or should I be concerned?
  22. Hey everyone. I have a quick question about accutane and birth control. I've been reading a lot about accutane and was considering maybe trying it. I've been told before that I'd definitely benefit from it. I'm not currently on accutane by the way, just considering it. Though my cystic breakouts are fewer and less extreme than when I was told this, I've been having a hard time battling breakouts through skincare alone, and I know I'd still qualify as severe enough to try accutane. This is probably a ridiculous question, but I know that in order to be prescribed accutane you have to agree to two forms of birth control. I know abstinence can count as one, but I don't feel at all comfortable with any other of the forms of birth control. I don't want to take the pills, but I'I probably going to end up having to if I want to try accutane. I know some dermatologists will let you simply agree to abstinence as your only form, but I doubt that'll be the case. My question is if you do agree to birth control does the dermatologist prescribe it for you or do you have to go to the gynecologist? That's my main concern at the moment. I don't exactly want to explain why but I'm not planning on agreeing to birth control pills if I have to go to the gynecologist. I'd appreciate it if only people who've been on accutane and used birth control with it would answer this, thanks.
  23. Hi, I'm new to this site and I heard about it through this girl on youtube and I'm wondering if I should give it a shot! Okay, so I used to be on accutane like... two years back. It helped my skin so much like I had horrible cystic acne all over and now it's gone away... kinda. Now two years later, I'm left with the scars and I still break out badly but not as bad a I used to. I have so many scars and opened like crater-like things on my face and I'm not sure what to do. I also have to deal with the discoloration. I'll put photos attached to this, I need opinions if I need to go on this regimen and if not, what should I use instead? Also note, my skin has been pretty good lately but I'm worried about the next time it'll break out bad bc usually I get big pimples that'll be so red and deep ya know? I hope you guys can help me!
  24. I'm 30 years old male and have had mild to moderate acne since i was 20 and it never really was an issue until now. I started getting cystic acne on my forehead a couple months after I quit smoking cigarettes and changed jobs at the same time which was January 4 2016. My last job before January 2016 I worked in a warehouse for 7 years doing customer service and physical labor in hot a cold temps through out the year and got dirty from grease, oil, dirt, dust, metal shavings in my face, welding and a boss that was a bit stressful to work for at times and I only had mild to moderate face acne (I always showered when I got home). On January 4 2016 I started a job as a inside salesman for new a company. It was a complete 180 from being the grunt to now sitting in the office. I was happy with the change, but don’t really like sitting around all day so I usually try to walk around the office and warehouse as much as possible. Now at the same time I quit cigarettes after 13 years and wasn’t really effected to much by the cravings and felt I was powering through it well. Around March 2016 I started noticing more acne and just got worse from there turning into cystic painful bumps. By June 2016 I was freaking out and depression was at all time high due to the cystic acne all over my face and forehead. I have bipolar and been taking lamotrigine for the last 10 years for my depression. Then it hit me, I started getting cystic acne when i quit smoking and started my new job! But I could never could get myself to start smoking normal again, but I would sometimes bum a cigarette on a friday or saturday night of drinking with some friends. September 2016 I went to the dermatologist and they immediately prescribed me to 60mg of Accutane. It took me a month to finally pop that pill due to being scared of all of the side effects and I also was doing a week long dual sport dirtbike ride and wanted to be in good physical and mental state. When I started in October I started noticing the common side effect, dry lips, sore joints, hair falling out like crazy, flaky skin all over my face and I have fair skin so I put neutrogena sensitive lotion on any time I washed my face or showered. Dandruff was falling out of my beard like crazy and my hair as well. Then after 3 weeks of being on the Accutane, I started freaking out mentally, but would hold in my emotions around my co-workers and friends. I would get these manic attacks just from sitting on the couch and start crying when I was alone watching TV. After the 4th week I had to call it quits on the Accutane. November 2016. My forehead cystic bumps were gone and the occasional normal pimples on my face and nose were gone to. I was feeling great and confident again to talk to women in over 10 months. December 2016 and the cystic acne and pimples came back in full force like someone beat my head with a stick and have bumps the size of marbles. March 2017 I decided to start taking Accutane again but only take 30mg a day. After about a month I notice some improvements and was feeling confident that this was going to work. Mid April I started noticing I was balding in the front and getting a widows peak and my hair started falling out at a alarming rate and my acne redness, bumps all coming back. Now I’m really getting angry and depression is at all time high and have been drinking alcohol after work more. I barely have any interest in anything like riding my motorcycle or do any outdoor activities. My dermatologist tells me I need to start taking 60mg or I’m not going to see any results for awhile. I feel like screaming and crying at everything being on this horrible drug. I need an honest answer hear and I don’t care if its not the healthiest decision. Should I start smoking cigarettes again to see if it helps get rid of my cystic acne. Because its obvious that I have hormonal acne and I’m pretty sure the smokes help bring down the stress hormones. Also I’ve seen people online that got acne from when they quit smoking and it just got worse over time and they started back up and there acne went away. I really hate this Accutane and I feel like its going to screw up my life more and lose my hair. Or should I change jobs…
  25. Hi im a 17 year old girl and ive had acne for the past 4 years but ive been getting spots since ive been 11. Its the usual story, ive tried everything including zinteryt, benzoyl peroxide, duac, lymecycline, tetracyline ( been on antibiotics for the past 2 years) and also differin cream and 3 types of birth control. My acne was never on my cheeks until i started using birth control and now its only gotten progressively worse. Ive tries microgynon which gave me headaches, the implant which made things much worse and im on gedarel ( same as marvellon) for 4MONTHS NOW. So i dont know if i can still consider this a inital breakout. my skin got much better in month 3 and now month 4 it seems to have started again my gp was suppose to refer me to a dermatologist because i want accutane but its been 2 months and the letter hasnt come though and things are getting much worse, idk how to hold on im getting so depressed and even missing school when my exams are coming up, please help!