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  1. hi everyone (I'm new to this forum so apologies if I make any mistakes) I've been on 20mg of roaccutane for 3 months and was bumped up to 40 last week, and haven't had any alcohol at all since I started. however, my 18th birthday is in a week so I'll finally be able to go out and have my first legal drinks. I know it's stated that you shouldn't drink due to the effect the drug is already having on your liver, but would one night really do as much damage as say, drinking a little bit every weekend as some do? I just really don't want to spend my 18th sober when I can FINALLY get drinks with ID! any advice would be much appreciated, and I would do my best not to drink for the rest of my course! my last bloods before moving up to 40 were totally normal. thank you!
  2. Day 70

    Since upping my dose to 60mg ten days ago, I've been feeling a little nauseous and have been experiencing mild heartburn which has been unpleasant. Also a little moody.. almost started crying at work yesterday due to how agitated and annoyed I was by literally nothing. I've also definitely experienced a bit of a breakout as most people tend to when you start taking a higher dose. Skins been a bit dryer as well. And this pimple I popped on the side of my lip has been around for like a week and a half continuously opening and bleeding when I yawn or eat. So annoying and looks like I have herpes. It's started to show signs of going away this morning though! At my my last appointment I asked my dermatologist if he would prescribe me some sort of cream to lighten my acne scars/spots that cover both my cheeks and he said no, that we could do that after I was done accutane. Now, I didn't really like that answer soooo, I asked my doctor for the same thing two days ago and she gave me a prescription. I'll be picking it up tomorrow No need to wait and do one thing at a time when I could be fixing my acne scarring as well.... I still have like maybe 50 little bumps under my skin that need to come out and they continue to do so by themselves here and there or sometimes I do it myself with the extractor. I did that last night and my face is a bit spotty and red ...aftermath of popping. That's expected though and it'll be gone within few days. i have this fairly large pimple on my right cheek right now that won't come out and this small but very red pimple below my left eye around the cheekbone and that's the most bothersome stuff I have right now. well actually, tbh majority of my face at this point is not acne but rather the red spots left over from previous pimples. That's why I really feel the need to start using this hyrdoquinone cream. Really hoping it works well and doesn't irritate my skin! I might be going on vacation around April 20th so Im really worried about tanning because it says to stay out of the sun. But I usually tan like 6 hours a day when the weather is beautiful. But apparently you burn up like a lobster within 20 mins when In the sun on accutane /: That's my favourite part of vacations so I'm probably going to try tanning anyway and see what happens lol.
  3. I'm starting accurate (hopefully tomorrow, pharmacist told me my pills would be in then) and am going to do a daily log to track progress. I'm pretty sure it's a 6 month course, so there should be +- 180 updates in this thread. I never had super severe cystic acne but i've tried everything. Multiple creams and oral treatments, OTCs (I use BP as a spot treatment, only thing that has slightly helped), and even went all natural with essential oils and the caveman regimene but nothing has cured it. Once or twice a month ill get an episode of 1-2 cystic pimples, always on my chin or forehead, nowhere else. First photo is pre-accutane. Here's to a long 6 months, hopefully all clear by the end!
  4. Short background story so I don't bore people. I've had acne since I was in 6th grade but it was never severe. I've gone to lots of dermatologist but nothing ever seemed to clear up my skin completely. I always had like 1-3 pimples at a time and during that time of the month is when i had 3-4 pop out. In 2016 my acne got so much worse thats when I went to a new dermatologist and she decided to put me on isotretinoin. I was given 30mg for the first month along with prednisone (20mg pills twice a day) for the first 14 days only. So here I go... Day 1: First day of taking pill. Felt nothing but excitement to start the pill. Day 4: I feel like this morning I woke up with clearer skin and as the day went on it got better? I feel tired and a bit sore but I’m not sure if its all in my head or its real. I did get one by the eyebrow and bridge of nose (I don’t know how to describe the position) I had gotten one in that same spot before so maybe thats why it came back. Day 8: Had a bad nose bleed. Day 10: Kinda have a lot of acne going on right now which makes me sad because on January 6, I had clearer skin. Also, lips started to feel a tiny bit dry now. My bottom one kinda stings a little bc of how chapped it is but they were chapped even before starting this. This morning I got a nose bleed too. Scalp itches a lot and does feel dry Day 15: Took last pill of prednisone. Day 16: I’ve been on the pill for 2 full weeks now. HOLY SHIT I stopped taking prednisone today. Yesterday I took just 1 out of the 2 I had to take a day because I just had 1 left. i broke out soooo bad today. I have a huge one on the side by the cheek kinda and it hurts because of how big it is. I got lotsssss of little white heads all over my face. Day 17: My skin was at its worse it has EVER been. And they were painful as fuck. I called my dermatologist to see if I could get more prednisone. Tonight I felt so tired like physically tired like my body felt a bit sore. The feeling I get when I’m about to be sick or I am about to get my period. But I still have a few weeks till that so it can't be that. Day 18: I had whiteheads and cysts ALLLLL OVER my face. They hurt. Badly. I was given more prednisone but not as much mg as before. For the first 14 days I was supposed to take one 20mg TWICE a day so a total of 40mg a day. This time I only got 10mg and ONCE a day. Hopefully it helps a bit, I mean so far I see a bit of a difference but it could all be in my head. I have been putting aloe vera all over my face all day today so it could be that helping out too. They don’t hurt as bad anymore either except for the chin one. My face feels like as if I have a mask on like I can barely move it. I believe this might be because of the aloe vera because I just applied this to my forehead and it feels the same way too lmfao. A lot of the whiteheads popped while I was showering because I scrubbed my face pretty ruffly. I lowkey wanted them to pop because they were gross and big. I will be drinking some chamomile tea because I heard that helps w inflammation so maybe it’ll help my face as well??? Day 19: Stayed in bed all day. I feel all sad and ugly because of how many I have. Been putting aloe vera all over my face to help soothe it. Btw, its natural. My mom has a plant in our house. Day 20: I just finished my second package. I woke up to more acne. WHEN WILL IT STOP. I mean technically I've only had this bad initial breakout for 4 days but like I said before, my skin was never this bad. So seeing more than 20 dots all over my face freaks me outttt. I'm adding to this after I posted it already... my skin is better than this morning. I have like 5 big ones and the others shrunk a lot. I know its probably because of the prednisone... does anyone know if I get off of it again if I will break out again like crazy? I will finish taking them February 3rd the day I go see my dermatologist again but I finish my 1 month supply of Claravis 2 days before that.... anyone know??? I am so scared my skin will freak out again. Well I am assuming my skin is done freaking out we will see tomorrow how my skin is doing.
  5. Hi All, I've been lurking on the forum since July last year and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences on my journey and how I've come to a decision to begin roaccutane (UK). I know many people do not agree with this drug but I am completely aware of it's side affects and have read the booklet and the ipledge programme information already. People often bash others that take roaccutane for mild acne, but just like the rest of you, we suffer too. I can't remember the last time I looked in the mirror and felt happy about my face, I cry every single day and have started taking sertraline to be able to cope with how I feel about my face. FYI I'm not depressed, the sertraline is suppose to help with the OCD towards my skin, Acne has been a battle that has completely changed my life, I completely sympathise with every single one of you who post on here. My acne is mostly comedonal, I do suffer with the persistent breakouts of papules and pustules (normally 1-3) in the chin area but the main issue for me is the blocked pores, they cover my entire t-zone. Many people have told me my face is fine, most are extremely shocked I have been prescribed such a strong drug, but both my mother and sister have taken roaccutane for acne and we have strong acne genetics with-in our family. I want to get rid of this in its early stages and while I'm still 19 I have time to deal with it before it would get worse and begin to scar like my sisters. I started getting acne when I was 18, before then I had a FLAWLESS complexion. it began in the most persistent area to date, the sides of my mouth and my chin. As I became more worried about my skin the acne began to spread, it began on my chin and then blackheads and comedones began to spread all around my nose and up to my forehead, this destroyed me inside, witnessing it getting worse was devastating. I visited two dermatologists privately in the UK, both which prescribed a combination of medications. I have tried countless topicals (Differin, Duac, Epiduo, Zineryt) in combination with many different antibiotics (Lymecycline, Doxycycline, Emerythromycerin) All of which had no affect on my skin what so ever (Baring in mind I gave each treatment combination atleast 3-5 months). Lymecycline with Differin was my last treatment option, I gave it about 2 months and nothing had changed, I get I could've waited longer but I just no longer had the patience, the acne has stopped me from leaving my house, it has completely destroyed my life and relationship. People try to scare me with the side effects of roaccutane but I'm already at rockbottom anyway, I need the acne to go away. I went to a dermatologist yesterday (02/03). I made the appointment yesterday morning and saw my consultant dermatologist by 18:30 (02/03) in the evening. (I have private healthcare in the UK which means I don't have to wait at all) I went into the appointment expecting a prescription of Retin-A and another antibiotic combination. I can admit I did have roaccutane in mind. After explaining my distress to my doctor and explaining to him how much this has affected my life he examined my skin, asked about what treatments I have pursued already and questioned me a little further. After a 20 minute discussion he asked me if I had ever heard of isotretinoin, and after trying different combinations said it would be the most affective form of treatment. There was mutual agreement and I am overwhelmed with joy to undertake my treatment and I feel so grateful that it's happening as fast as it is (Normal wait-time on the NHS to see a dermatologist is 6 months considering my case isn't severe). I left the doctors office and had my blood tests done right away, I had a few more this morning too (03/03) but I am picking up roaccutane either today or monday (if my dermatologist doesn't get back to me). My point is people out there with very mild acne, don't suffer in silence. It has had such a profound effect on my life and my dermatologist could see this, after understanding my situation and that I've already attempted other forms of treatment I'm happy I am going on roaccutane. I've heard it has changed many people's lives and I cannot wait to witness it change mine, when he prescribed me the drug I felt like my life was being handed back to me. I'm going to document my journey on, I don't see many people with mild acne documenting there experience on the drug as many never decide to take it anyway. I just had a few questions to the accutane users on the more mild end of the acne scale before I begin my roaccutane experience... First of all I currently am using clean and clear and differin to help clear my skin up, should I stop this? I've heard many people have dry and irritated skin from roaccutane and my doctor did mention it would be a side affect. If so should I be washing my face at all? My skin is super sensitive btw (I have combination skin oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and if I should can anyone recommend any products to wash my face with and any moisturisers that I should consider buying in the UK! Thanks for reading and I hope you understand my decision to undertake roaccutane as my treatment. I hope I gain some responses! Ben!
  6. I've been reading so many posts on this site and finally decided to write my own. I'm not sure if its to share my experience or make me feel any better about everything I've dealt with with acne but its something. I can't remember not having acne. I started getting pimples in the 6th grade. I was eleven. Of course at that time no one cared, and by that I mean the people that surrounded me in my life, which were a bunch of other 11 year olds. When I started middle school I was already heavily invested in make up. Luckily, my mother had already taken me to the Clinique counter and got me hooked up with the good stuff. It wasn't blue eyeshadow or purple lipstick (it was the 90's) just the basics to cover my blemishes. I started feeling the embarrassment and self loathing pretty immediately thanks to the fact that kids are cruel. It was a small middle school compared to most. There were 800 kids in all. The pretty "popular" girls (who of course somehow through puberty had flawless skin of course) would always comment on my skin. I never wanted anyone to see me without make up. The redness and blemishes already had caused some scarring. I wore makeup everywhere. Everytime I left the house. You can fast forward through high school with the same life. Some days I went to school just mortified. I would hide in bathrooms during lunch, when I got my car that was my safe space. I formed a habit of not looking directly at people when I spoke to them because I didn't want them to look at my face for too long. A habit that has lasted in to adulthood. None of my friends had the same skin problems I had which made it hard for them to understand a lot of what I was going through. I went to different dermatologists on and off. I tried everything. Every cream, every antibiotic...nothing worked. I wouldn't say my acne at this time was SEVERE but it was definitely moderate. After high school I moved to Texas and just dealt with it. Lived it with it like I was used to. I wouldn't let anyone see me without make up. At least not in public. It took quite a while with a new relationship to let them see with my bare skin. My roommates did of course. I was still really self conscience about everything but It was just something I was used to. I could sit here and go into the break downs I've had, the frustrations, the ridiculous way my vanity has ruined events or relationships but for anyone reading a post on an acne related website, you already know. OK, lets jump to today. I am about to 30 at the end of the summer. I do not "look 30" thank god, however the worst was yet to come. At 28 I started to get those deep huge cystic acne nodules on my face. I had only had 1 or 2 in the 18 years I've had acne but suddenly they were popping up all over my face at the same time. On my chin, my cheeks, my forehead?! Ouch. I researched derms in my area and found a highly recommended one. He again tried a few different antibiotics and came to the conclusion that Accutane was the only thing that was going to work. I had had this suggested to me once before, although I didn't remember it. When I called my mom to let her know about my reservations of going on Accutane, she told me that the first dermtologist I ever went to at 11 told her that Accutane was the only thing that would ever clear up my skin but at the time she didn't want to put me on a medication that was so severe. Well turns out that dermatologists wherever she is was completely right, good job lady, honestly. So, after the blood tests, iPledge program, promising not get knocked up, paying a ridiculous of money for it, here I am 14 days on accutane. Heres the fun part. I was also prescribed Prednisone. It is now March? I have been on and off Prednisone over the past 3 months to keep my stupid face from exploding into the valleys and craters of pimples and cysts. For the most part hell yea it works MIRACLES. It will take that acne and supress the hell out of it. In like 3 days. I was sold. Lets do the Accutane and stay on the Prednisone to keep the breakouts at bay everything it gonna be awesome! No. No its not. Now not only am I taking the Accutane which currently is causing a new wonderfully all face covering breakout, I have Moon Face. Moon Face if you don't know, is when you've been on the steroid long enough to make your face swell out to a VERY VERY Round shape. I cannot see my cheek bones or jaw line and my cheeks look like a chipmunk. It doesn't even look like me. I look in the mirror and I don't know who the person is looking back at me. This is the absolute worst I've ever looked or felt. So now on day 14 lets recap, I have Moon Face, a terrible breakout, 4 very painful cysts that feel like golf balls under my skin, and a self image that has been thrown through the woodchipper. All on the eve of my 30th birthday. So in a move of some sort of therapy, I'm going to continue to document this journey on this post. As negative as all this may sound I am thrilled to be doing this. After all this time and heartache I have taken the first steps to rid myself of this for good. I am looking forward to all the dryness and peeling and probably some more awful breakouts because at the end (fingers crossed) I'll be done. I'll be posting my progress and little tips or tricks I learn along the way. And try to share was actually happens because I haven't found anyone who has shared the day to day process of this. Hopefully it'll give me a way to express how I'm feeling while helping anyone else who is going through this all well. Until the next update....
  7. So I came off accutane at the start of December (was only on a self prescribed super high dose for a month..yes I know it's bad, I'm just adding context. I was on 2 proper courses with my derm but my skin got bad again 4 months in and the derm wouldn't see me.) and have been on Ziana (Treclinac here in Ireland) for around 3 months now.. with the occasional few little spots here and there but easily ignorable.. the Ziana has definitely kept my skin clear but right now out of nowhere I've noticed my skin getting worse.. loads of little pimples,etc.. (nothing cystic). I don't recall having an initial breakout.. can I get one late 3 months in? I haven't changed my routine or eating patterns at all as I'm very serious about weightlifting and eat the same food every day (due to personal convenience and price.) Any help or advise would be much appreciated! x
  8. Hello my name is Jared and I have been dealing with pretty bad acne from a result of antibiotics for over a year now. Just recently I have been put on Accutane and am currently on my third week. Recently, I have been paranoid with this question, that question is DOES EXCESSIVE MASTURBATION AFFECT YOUR ACCUTANE TREATMENT?, (as in doesn't make Accutane work). Like said I am on my third week and have seen no improvements so far, just side effects. I know this is just the beginning of my treatment but I'm scarred. I don't want to mess up. A lot of $$$$ for this drug. I mostly masturbate once a day (I'm one of those bored masturbaters) . Either way, I vowed to stop MASTERBATING! I'm going cold turkey. TBH jacking off doesnt cause me break out, i just scared that scientifically the overall effectiveness of Accutane is diminishing or drains when I umm... release. Sorry the whole weird and unusual topic, I hope get some answers and opinions. Here are some images of my acne.b
  9. I am not allowed to take accutane for a few different reasons, and so far two types of antibiotics haven't helped me (Oxytetracycline and Lymecycline). I also use Differin on my face, but suffer with body acne (mild to moderate). What else can I try?
  10. Hey guys, I will try to update this log as often as possible with relevant information, in the hope it can help people who are in a similar situation as mine. I am a 25 year old guy, and I have had acne since I was 17-18. My acne was never considered severe, but it has been very persistent, it never went away with age and it continually shifted from whiteheads to cystic to small bumps to whiteheads etc. It actually has always been a problem for me and I don't know why I didn't try to tackle it before. I have tried the Regimen before and it worked, but I think it's a hassle and I don't want to do this for the rest of my life as my acne is very persistent. This year, I went from almost completely clear without any treatment to a big resurgence with cysts and whiteheads recently. It is almost entirely located on my cheeks, around my mouth and my chin. My chin is probably the worst area and I often have 4-5 active cysts/whiteheads on it. I got fed up not knowing what I would look like every morning and I am starting to see too much scarring and dark marks from all these years of picking at my skin, I've always touched my face a LOT, and I want to prevent further damage as my skin is already in a state where it will never look "perfect". It has been a week so far and I'm on 35mg, which is a low dose. Surprisingly, the effect took place very fast! After day 3 I had a massive breakout, more than I have ever experienced. It is kinda expected so I took it as well as I could but to be honest I cancelled a theatre show I was supposed to go to because it was that bad. I counted 45 (!) active zits on my face, I usually have around 10-15. They were almost all very red bumps and about 15 whiteheads. Also 2 cysts, one on my chin and one on my cheekbone. BUT, and that is why I am actually amazed, most of it is almost already gone! Like, GONE. I am taking my 8th pill today, and my face is now just covered in some pinkish spots from that breakout, and about 5 active zits, and apart from the cyst on my cheekbone, they're all small. The rest of the zits are going away already and my face is looking totally okay. I have never had my face clear up so fast after a bad breakout, it is SUCH a relief. If it keeps going that way (fingers crossed), by week 2 I will be near clear. And I'm on a low dosage! Side effects : So far, but I know it's still very early to tell, I have barely experienced any uncomfortable side effects. My skin is definitely getting dry and flaky, but not in a bad way. The dryness is actually not dry, jsut feels normal, except for some flaking around my chin area and around my mouth. My lips, and that's funny so far, are actually better than they've ever been. I've always had fairly dry lips, but I have been applying a THICK layer of vaseline before bed, and just a bit during the day, and my lips are just looking superb haha! Other side effects I might be having but I am not fully sure yet if it's the drug or another cause : I sleep a lot less, with worse quality sleep. I wake up not fully rested, and I lay awake more. I am going to take ZMA before bed to see if it helps. My bowels are less clean, and smellier, and I pee a lot. Again, I will have to experience with diet to see if it's related or not. What do I do to support the treatment: I make sure I eat healthy and a balanced diet. I almost don't consume dairy, I don't eat a lot of processed or sugary foods. I exercise and stay active, and I go out in the sun with SPF 15. I wash my face daily with Cetaphil gentle cleanser. I apply vaseline on lips at night and sometimes during the day. I don't really moisturize too much yet, as it's not needed. I plan on start taking supplements, in order to make sure that my course goes as smoothly as possible. I'm gonna start taking vitamin d3, vitamin E, Omega 3-6-9 (Fish Oil) and ZMA before bed. I will probably introduce these gradually in order to able to know what causes what, except for the fish oil as I have been taking it in the past and it's great.
  11. Accutane Questions

    Since I have tried everything except birth control and accutane to try to clear my skin, I was wondering if I could ask some of you guys some questions on accutane. 1. I have mild to severe acne, I am a young teen with bipolar and depression. Most of this depression is caused by my acne. I am mentally stable without my meds so if taking accutane requires that, it's fine. Am I fit for accutane? 2. Is it true that it's hard to get a dermatologist to prescribe it to you? 3. Is it really as bad as everyone says it is? (I can deal with breakouts and dry skin as side effects) 4. What's a good skincare regimen (what products should I use) while on accutane? thanks, XOXO
  12. Hi, I'm currently 23 years old and I've had acne ever since I was 12, it was bad and inflamed and I tried every source of OTC there are out there, creams, pads, cleansers etc and it didn't work. But when I was 15, I was put on the Evra patch and it worked miracles for my acne, it was very minor(1-3 pimples) but it made me gain weight-- went from 125-160lbs. (Luckily I worked out a few years later and is down to 145lb now) Fast forward to today... I was on the patch for 5 years and last year I decided to switch my birth control to the Mirena IUD, I know it releases less hormones than the patch but it was so convenient for me not having to remember to take/change my birth control. Anyways, for one year it went well, little minor pimples here and there but a year exactly since IUD insertion my acne started to flare up really bad... both on my cheeks and chin.(10-20 pimples on each side). I was shocked and felt so embarrassed because i'm no longer a teen anymore and it just looks so bad that makes your self esteem really low... I went to my doctor and she put me on 40g of Apprilon which is a doxycline for 30days to help with my inflammation, also on a vitamin A topical(Stieva-A 0.01%) she put me on the lowest dose. It's been a month now and I don't see any improvement. I'm going back so she can prescribe me a higher dosage of the topical Stieva-A. The doctor did say it was going to get worse before it got better but how long will that be? My friend she had bad acne for a while and her doctor put her on accutane for a few months and her skin is so nice(first month on Accutane she dealt with alot of redness and dry skin). She has to get her blood test every month to make sure her levels aren't rising but i heard it can affect your liver as well, which scares me because my friend's doctor told her that she should stop but she's scared her face will act up again. I looked online and I read many of you have taken either Accutane or Spironolactone. Spiro seems less risky but do I need to be on it all the time or else the acne will come back again? I'm also thinking of removing my Mirena but I really don't want to. Please anyone let me know your thoughts on if I should ask to be put on Accutane or Spiro or anything ... I really hate my acne. Thank you!, xo
  13. Okay so I'm going into my 5th month on Accutane and this is how my face looks...I'm just curious if anyone else has had this issue and I'm sorry for the gross pictures I know I probably disgusted all of you. Also, sorry for the oily look, I have Vaseline on so that's why. I talked to my dermatologist a couple days ago and even he was shocked and gave me some sort of shot on my bottom I don't remember what it's called and I'm also taking Bactrim with Accutane. I only wash my face once a day (at night) and use Cetaphil Cleanser and then apply Vaseline. I literally got myself online schooled, haven't had a haircut in 5 months, and haven't even been out in 5 months. I'm literally a shut in because of how disgusting my skin is. I don't know if this matters but I don't really masturbate. I'm not really stressed at all just really annoyed with my skin so yeah. Also, I eat very unhealthy. As in fast food every day. Not like McDonald's every day but different restaurants every day to get that fat for the Accutane pill. I'm not fat I literally don't gain weight I weigh 145 and I'm 6'0. Could me eating out be causing this? I don't exercise and I also sleep a lot because I literally don't want to look at myself. Another thing, I take both pills at the same time around 2-3 PM. Sometimes (but rarely) in the morning at 9-10. I take my Bactrim at 8 AM and 8 PM. Anything I should change? Please help I literally miss going out and I haven't seen anyone but family members in months and I'm losing my mind. Also, if I do somehow heal (which I doubt...) will there be scarring from this? ;( Taking 80 MG since day 1 and I'm about to go into my 5th month still 80 MG. I had not really severe acne just a lot of black heads on my back/chest and a lot of whiteheads. No pimples/cysts which I'm getting now. Also, I should mention that my forehead is pretty much clear. No whiteheads just like 5 blackheads, my back is doing better, and my chest is completely clear. My sleeping schedule is I usually go to bed at around 2-4 AM and the reason for this is because I'm a professional Overwatch player (look up the game if interested and no, not giving out my username) so I play with my team a lot at night and I usually sleep until 1-3 PM. If my sleep is what's doing this I'll honestly quit my team and give everything up to get this damn acne off my face.. *That brown spot on my left eye is a birth mark so to add more salt to the wound, I have horrible acne and a birth mark on my face.*
  14. In 2012, I endured 2 courses of accutane and it is the biggest regret of my life! Short Bio I am a 28 year old Asian male with cystic acne that was moderate starting at 16. Traditional therapies such as antibiotics and topicals had cleared up my skin for a little while but as I grew into my 20s my acne started changing and affected my back, chest, and neck and accutane was a last resort. First course I was on 40 MG for 6 months and had results... the only side effect was dry skin and dry lips. Immediately after my last month, the acne returned and was placed on a second course 3 weeks later. Second course I was on 60 MG and 80 MG on the last two months. I had no energy and dry skin and my hair started to thin considerably. My barber had mentioned that my hair was looking horrible after receiving compliments two months prior. I was suffering from bloody noses as well. My thick black asian hair that was the envy of many was gone and has not returned to this day. My acne is still here and a lot less severe than it was but I can't attribute it to getting older or the accutane. Today, in 2017 My hair is now a shadow of what it used to be and you can see my scalp in a family with no history of MPB. I've tried supplements, creams and lotions to restore my hair but nothing has worked. Your skin will eventually clear up... EVERYONE'S DOES. Just eat well exercise and use the right products to maintain control of your skin until it does. I wish I had never taken the drug and will always regret it for as long as I live... for any of those that are considering Accutane, please reconsider. Your skin gets better as time passes and know that everyone struggles with acne in some point in their lives.
  15. Hello, I just signed up to this site after seeing many inspirational improvements with accutane. I would like to contribute to this forum by inspiring others to start the journey to help their skin out. I'm 17 years, Male, and just started my course of 40 mg a day a week ago. Day 1: (Before accutane) Acne on upper back, forehead, cheeks, face, chest. I have little blackheads on my nose, and some mild blackheads around my cheek areas. I have a lot of oil on my face, i usually wash my face towards the end of school and once before bed. I have acne scars around my cheeks. End of week 1: My lips are dry, I use burts bees and it works just fine. Slightly have a feeling that lips are swollen but appear normal overall. A lot less oil is forming on my face, i dont feel the need to wash my face at school anymore. My acne on my chest has already reduced and way less oil on my back. The blackheads on my face are slightly starting break the smoothness. My face has gotten slightly red.
  16. Hey guys, I’m a 19 year old girl and went on a very successful Accutane course of 40mg from December 2015 -August 2016. I don’t regret it and adore my current skin, but hair loss was always the ONE THING I didn’t want to experience. I was happy to risk the other side effects, even liver damage. What I didn’t want to do, however, was trade in one aesthetic problem for another. I started experiencing telogen effluvium hair loss in June (it was then that I started shedding moderate amounts of hair with bulbs). This got a bit heavier in July, and I really began to hate washing my hair because it was traumatic to see such loss. I avoided brushing my hair but generally tried to ignore it. In August, the shedding got extremely heavy. I would shed hair everywhere I went, and I’d brush my hair and see 80 hairs in the brush. It was horrible and I prayed it was peaking and would soon stop. September/October were absolute hell (it’s the 2nd of November today). Up until September, I didn’t notice visible thinning. That’s how I coped over the summer – I was shedding like mad, but my hair still looked lovely and luscious. Half way through September, my hair started looking much thinner. When wet, it looked horrible. Every time I washed it in Sept/Oct, I would lose about 250 hairs and then literally 400 hairs for 2 days afterwards. As my oil had come back at this point, I had to wash it at least every 5 days, resulting in regular trauma. I would sit in class, feel my pony tail and just pull out 40 loose hairs every hour. So, so horrible. Now, at the beginning of November? My parting has doubled in width. It's not terrible bit it's terrifying to me. You’re probably here to see whether accutane TE gets to the point of “embarrassing thinness”. The truth is I don't know, and that's what I have tried to find out online, in vain. I guess we will see what my hair is like in March! I want to stress that I don’t have “thin” hair. I am lucky that I had a lot of fine hair to start with, so I have decent scalp coverage still and a normal looking ponytail. You would see me and think I had nice hair, but I have lost 1/3 of my hair at least. And I’m still shedding heavily. I think the shedding is now less heavy than it has been these past two months, but who knows. REGROWTH: I checked my scalp today and am delighted to say that I have lots of 1-3inch hairs dotted around the place. They seem very fine and will obviously take months and months to grow out to the length of my others, but they will offer scalp coverage. I DON’T seem to be losing these short hairs, so (fingers crossed) hopefully I don’t have chronic TE. I am terrified to say anything now in case my condition worsens but maybe, just maybe, these past 4 months have been the worst of my TE and the shedding will slowly stop now over a few months. I will add pics soon and document this entire process... I promise I won't disappear. There is nowhere near enough information on Accutane TE out there, especially not posts from females who absolutely adored their former hair. It all seems to be guys questioning whether they have TE or genetic balding. I can't believe that my hair still looks like "nice hair" given I've shed so terribly for months. What I will say is that I am never, ever risking hair loss again. This will put me off ever meddling with the contraceptive pill, antidepressants, etc. Might sound extreme, but everything’s relative, and this is one thing that I was never prepared to deal with, and will hopefully never deal with again.
  17. After having my acne under control for a few months, I have been quite disappointed these past few days. Two days ago I took Plan B, and since then I have gotten many, many new pimples. Not just any normal pimples, no... they are large and inflamed. Could plan b be the cause of this? Also, could this be a sign that my acne is hormonal?
  18. So I'm about 1 month post Accutane and my skin is looking amazing, haven't had a single pimple, I was just wondering if it's safe to use coco butter or will it clog my pores and cause me to breakout, cause I have some pretty bad stretch marks on my lower back from growing. I had acne on my back before I started Accutane but it's all gone now.
  19. Accutane Day 18

    Day 18 Update Had a horrible migraine for 5 days. Not sure if it was from the accutane. I used to get migraines but take meds that have kept me from having one for months, so could be the accutane or maybe not. Just yesterday the left side corner of my mouth got dry, cracked and feels like it is ripping when i open my mouth. Its not terrible, not bleeding, but still uncomfortable. The rest of my lips feel tight and have started to feel really swollen. No peeling or cracking on the rest of them yet. Still using bite beauty lip mask and Vaseline like crazy. Skin on my ears is a bit dry. My face is still really oily. I don't necessarily want the dry, peeling skin that comes with accutane, but will be glad when the oiliness decreases. I still wash my face when I get home from work at 4 because its that oily. I can't wait to get home and wash it. I still can't resist the temptation to try to pop blackheads and so have 2-3 red scabs. I repeat, don't pick at anything if you can while on accutane. It will scab over angry red and take about 2 weeks to go away! I just went up from 40 mg to 60 mg on day 15 so I imagine the next few weeks I'll notice more side effects. No real change in skin, pores, or acne yet. products using: Bite beauty agave lip mask (lips) Vaseline (lips, ears) Trader joes unscented body lotion Argan oil ( hair and add 1 drop to face moisturizer) Mychelle clear skin lotion (face) Fish oil (take orally) Biotin (take orally) Probiotic (take orally)
  20. I've been taking accutane for a month. I just noticed that I have hair growing on my face. I take 20 mg once a day. Is accutane causing this?
  21. At the last straw...

    I'm Min, a teen with mild to severe acne. I have exhausted all of my options except for birth control and accutane. I have whiteheads, comedones, cysts, papules, and pustules, it's all across the board. I never ever touch my face because it aches. The only place that's really kinda clear is my nose, which often gets whiteheads and comedones. I also have just whiteheads on my back. I have sensitive combination skin that's mostly dry. I've tried diet changes, antibiotics, tretinoin creams, everything. I'm on the verge of just giving up because every time a pimple goes away, a new one comes up, leaving hyper pigmentation. I have always been good about washing my pillowcases, eating well, and treating my skin gently, but there is honestly nothing left but birth control or accutane. My parents refuse to start birth control so that leaves me with accutane. I've heard a lot about that drug and I honestly have nothing against it, nor am I really concerned about its side effects. I have ADHD, depression, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar. I am on Trileptal, Prozac, and Vyvanse. I was wondering if accutane and those three drugs would have any unwanted interactions with each other. I was also wondering if I should do it, because I don't really have anything to lose. Opinions?
  22. I have currently been in accutane for 5 months on 80mgs a day. I'm On my 6th and final month and my doctor has taken me off the medication because my ALC levels in my liver are a little high. The doctor said we are going to wait a month, test my blood then put me back on for the last month.. but I'm just curious, is this like a normal thing ? Will my skin be affected by the month off? Is my liver gonna be fucked up? Lol thank you everyonr
  23. Hi, I am starting accutane next week. Prior to this I am required to use tretinoin, benzo face wash and minocycline for three months. I had pretty severe acne for about 7 years, I am a 24 year old guy. So currently my skin looks pretty good. The tretinoin purged my skin the first month and half I took it. Am I crazy in thinking that this purging from tretinoin will lessen or stop the IB from accutane. Because that would be great, I am kinda dreading that part of it. Has anyone here had some similar experience?
  24. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About four years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break out and start the process all over again. I eat a really, really restrictive diet. No grains of any kind, no dairy, caffeine, eggs, nuts, sugars, potatoes, or high GI foods. I drink a ton of water and keep my carbs down, nothing to cause acne here. I recently started dating a beautiful woman and want to be able to have consistently clear skin again. I made a derm appt and I’m open to just about everything at this point. Even a very, very low dose of Accutane. Current Regimen: - Ceve Hydrating face wash ( cleansor is too harsh for my skin) - 2% BHA (No longer doing this, too much for skin to handle) - BP - Ceve face lotion - Redness reducing creme (day) Jojoba oil (night). Type of acne: - Hormonal, I'm an 18 year old male. Enough said. - Lots and LOTS of clogged pores. Squeeze just about anywhere on my skin and a pile of sebum will pop out (gross, I know). Open to all suggestions. Dans Regmien used to work wonders for me. From getting a prescription to the crazy trick that worked for you -- I need some ideas because I'm tired of acne.
  25. Hi, so this topic will go through my accutane journey. I'm having a hard time getting through this. Acne really sucks, and not being able to control it sucks even more. So, I felt like by recording down how I was doing, and my stages, I could probably help some other people. I know it helped me reading what other people go to. Also, I'm emotionally low right now. Ranting about this stuff really let's me get it off my chest. And that's good, cause no one else in real life cares about this stuff, and just assumes I'm a "dirty" person cause I have acne.