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  1. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Rachel, Gina!!!!!! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Holy cow I've missed everybody! I come on to the site every once in a while to see if anyone has updated and I was happy to see you guys today. Rachel I'm so sorry about your breakout but I'm glad you've found something to help. I've been wanting to update on my progress but I also didn't want to jinx myself, haha. I'm so superstitious when it comes to acne. I am 3 1/2 months post accutane. So far I've only had a few little ones here and there and they go away in a day if I put salycilic acid on them. I have to admit when I see any kind of a bump, no matter how small, I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. Last week I woke up with a small red inflammation on my cheek and I literally felt like I was going to faint - pitiful I know. Overall though I have been clear and my oil is definitely much better. I am not an oil slick everyday and still don't have to blot my skin throughout the day which is truly amazing. My derm did not put me on retin a or any kind of maintenance because she says my skin is too sensitive after all the years of too much oil and the many cysts. I just wash and moisturize. She said I could exfoiliate twice a week with either a gentle scrub or a clarisonic if I want to but I'm too afriad to try anything new at this point. I did think I would feel more free once I finished but I still worry it will come back. I am trying to enjoy my clear skin and am staying cautiously optimistic. I don't really have any lasting side effects. My eyes get a little dry more often than they used to but it's manageable. I did lose a lot of hair volume at the end which freaked my out but it stopped and I'm hoping it all comes back within the next year. If not, it will be a small price to pay if my skin stays clear. I am glad you are both doing well!!
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  2. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic My Accutane Journey: Round Two!   

    Whew! I'm happy to hear your hair shedding slowed down too. I was starting to freak out there for a few weeks. And of course I tortured myself by reading all the horror stories of people losing their hair for months to years afterwards. It's pretty normal for accutane to cause excessive shedding but once the medicine is out of your system it is also typical for it to all return to normal. I have fine hair but I never realized how much of it I had, every time I saw how much was in the shower drain I felt sick but like I said, it seems to have slowed down and returned to my normal shedding so now I'll just have to wait for it to all grow back in. But I am loving my skin for now!! Overall I am still so glad I did it. Not having a painful mess on my face is unbelievable! I'm glad your oil hasn't returned yet either. I'm crossing my fingers it all stays good for both of us and all our other buddies that finished.
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  3. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic My Accutane Journey: Round Two!   

    Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you are doing follow up posts! I am 37 days post tane and so far so good. I am super happy to hear you haven't had one problem. Did you have oily skin before and has any of it come back? Besides praying I don't break out, I am praying my oily skin doesn't come back. I was really oily before and it was a big pain in the butt. I'm sure some it must have come back a little cuz I 'm not super dry anymore but right now I'm just right - not oily and not dry, it's incredible. My biggest issue was hair shedding in the last month and then it kept going in the month after that but thankfully it seems to have stopped. I have lost a noticeable amount of volume but so far it seems to only be noticeable to me. I am hoping it all grows back quickly but at this point I am very happy it seems to have stopped now that the accutane is out of my system. I still have one more blood test to do - I'll be happy to get that over with and not to have to go to the stupid lab once a month! I hope things stay good with your skin and I hope school is going well!
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  4. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    That's my other fear besides my hair shedding and the acne returning - the oil coming back. I had super oily skin before. So far it has just gone back to a nice balance of what I assume is "normal" skin. My derm said the oil will probably come back but not as bad. I would be happy for my skin to stay exactly as it is today - it is the perfect dryness with no acne. I'll take a little bit of oiliness as long as zits don't come with it! And I want my hair to stop shedding - NOW!!!!

    I just keep trying to remember to breathe and enjoy my skin for the time being and believe the shedding will stop once the accutane is out of my system.
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  5. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Hey you! I also ordered some of the jojoba samples but I found the same thing with the colors - I couldn't find one that was just right. I'm still using the semi-matte and like it the best so far. If my oil returns full force I will switch to the matte type. Definitely do an update with the Clarsonic - I've always wanted to use it but for now I'm just washing and moisturizing until anything changes.
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  6. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Hey Rachel! Thanks for the post updates, it's so encouraging to see you're still doing well. I thought once I'd finished I would feel in the clear but instead I just live in fear that it won't work long term. Every time someone posts that it's still working for them it makes me feel so much better.

    I am 24 days post tane and still doing well. My body skin has returned to normal and all the cuts and scrapes have healed. My lips are feeling back to normal too and my eyes are less dry. My face has stayed clear so far. I had a few weird smallish bumps or really more like an inflammation come up but they went right down and every day it seems my face looks clearer and clearer. I sure hope it stays that way!! It's an unbelievable feeling! My muscles and joints are getting better too but at a much slower pace. My biggests issue is hair shedding. It started in the last month after I had upped my dose and is still continuing. I won't lie, it freaks me out but I'm sure it's just the shock of the medicine and will slow down and go back to normal (or so my derm says). I'm trying hard to stay away from any posts about permanent hair loss. I don't think anyone can tell but me so as long as it stops soon, I'm okay with it.

    Glad to hear you're doing so well. I am thinking about purchasing a clarsonic to help keep my skin clear so make sure to post how it's going for you. Also, thanks for the recommendation a while ago about the everyday minerals. I really love it and have my daughter using it now too. It's great stuff!
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  7. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Hi Rachel!! Congrats on finishing your course and congrats on no acne!! Woo hoo! I finished a week ago and my lips are going back to normal which is bliss! Now I'm in that phase of hoping it works long term and being afraid that it won't. I ended up taking 10,800mg overall which when you look at it that way seems like that should have been enough to kick it in the butt, ya know? I'm glad to hear you're doing well!
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  8. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic My Accutane Journey: Round Two!   

    Katie!!!!! I'm so glad you did a one month post accutane update! I just finished my sixth month on Friday (Oct. 26) and I have to say the best thing so far is not having to remember to take a pill twice a day. It's only been three days so I still feel basically the same with the sore muscles and joints and cut and scratched skin on my arms and my poor peeling lips. My face is still dry for now too. I am terrified of the acne coming back so it was so encouraging to hear you are doing so well after a month. My derm said my skin will still be changing for a while and she doesn't want me on anything but face wash and moisturizer for the time being. I have a follow up appointment in three months.

    Did your derm put you on any topicals? I know Betsy is using Retin A. I feel like I should be on something but I don't really want to be - Retin A made my skin really oily when I tried it before and didn't really help me. I would love to just have to use moisturizer for the rest of my life but I want my pores to stay clear too.

    I'm so glad your ingrowns cleared up!! That was such a pain for you and I'm sure you were worried it wouldn't go away so it's awesome that it did! I hope everything keeps going great for you!!!
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  9. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Hi Gina Girl!! I'm sure you must be busy packing for your move. I know some of us are posting less because we're finishing our courses. I am about 18 days away from finishing mine. I was considering going one more month but I think my body has maybe had enough. I've been having some trouble with my left shoulder I think because of exercise plus accutane and yesterday when I woke up I could barely lift it. Kinda freaked me out but I iced it and took ibuprofen (yay, more things for my liver to process!) and it seems to have helped. I feel much better today and am going to give my body a break from the exercise this week. So, I think I may just call it quits this month - it will have been six months and I'm way over my cummulative dose. I haven't had a messy cyst in over two months and that was the goal so I have acheived it. It is liberating to not be breaking out! I still have two small under skin bumps but it's looking like they are scar tissue so I can live with that and hopefully they will fade with time.

    I hope your cold sores are all cleared up and your skin is doing uh-maz-ing! I have truly appreciated your support and reading about your experience with this drug. There were some days I made it through just because of my acne.org girls! I will always remember you every year on my anniversary - so cool I met someone that got married the same day as me 22 years after I did it. Good luck with your move - what an adventure you are going on and I'm sure it will be a blast. I'm going to miss your nutritional/holistic advice!!! If you ever open a practice in Florida let me know - I'll be a patient for sure! Thanks again!!
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  10. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic My Accutane Journey: Round Two!   

    Wow Katie you look great! I feel that if I made a few changes to your post it could've come from my head! You are so right about being sick of the side effects and not having your face exactly where you want it but yet so happy that you don't have any acne. I also thought my face would be looking a little better than it does but I have to keep reminding myself the goal was to stop breaking out and so far I have acheived that. I have some serious dry patches on my chin that are super irritated to the point that my derm suggested I put aquaphor on them - I mean I never ever thought I'd even get a tube of aquaphor even close to my face! But I tried it and it's helping a little. And I'm sick of the dry lips and all the cuts I keep getting on my body and the achiness. I've kept working out but it's been really hard and very frustrating.

    I hope your toe situation gets better soon - it's so frustrating I'm sure and chronic issues can really wear you down. I also hope the acne doesn't come back, for any of us. I think I will always live in fear of it coming back but I'm going to try and stay positive and enjoy the acne free face as much as possible. Make sure to update us all when you get to the doctor about your toes, good luck!! And thanks for being supportive back!
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  11. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Hi Pistollobsta, I'm Stacey. I'm sure you've seen my posts on here and possibly other logs so I won't bore you with too much background. I'm 48, dealing with acne foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr and started accutane on April 30th - I've got one more month to go, possibly two. All in all it was a good decision for me and I have stopped breaking out in painful messy cysts - just waiting on two very old underskin bumps to go away and then I will consider myself clear. Fingers crossed!

    Your question about your new BF touching your face caught my eye. Now I can't relate exactly as I've been married for 22 years but I can relate to the not having him touch your face part because you're self conscious. I don't think my husband has touched by face in years! Not because he hasn't wanted to but in my house it's known as a big no-no! I even trained my kids to not touch my face (they are 15 and 20 now but when they were little). Mostly I was paranoid because I didn't want anything to cause a breakout and there is lots of bacteria on our hands but some of it was me being self conscious too, especially if I had popped or picked a huge cyst and it was all scabby or oozing - I mean, ick, right? Anyway, I think it's perfectly normal and acceptable to not want him to touch your face for whatever reason and I think you definitely should explain to him why since you've already been dating for a little while. He sounds like a good guy and it will probably be well received and he'll probably be supportive. Good luck!
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  12. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Hey Super Gina! I have a products question for you. My poor chin is peeling and flaking like nobody's business which is good since it's my problem area but it's starting to get really irritated in spots. I know in various places of your log you've talked about all the products you've tried but I'm being lazy so instead of going through it all I thought I'd just ask you straight up. Have you tried any of Josie Marin's products? Right now I'm using jojoba oil with my moisturizer (Simple, the "clean" line that came over from the UK and is very inexpensive but nice) which I can't even believe I actually put oil on my face. Never ever did I think I'd ever be able to do that!!!! I almost hyperventilated the first time I tried it, just sat there watching my chin in the mirror thinking a million cysts were just gonna pop right up but so far so good. Anyhoooooo, the whole argon oil thing is intriguing to me. I've done some research on it and many many people swear by it. And Josie's products are all very clean and such although expensive but it seems like you can't get really good products without shelling out some dough. Any advice/feedback?
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  13. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Hi ya Gina! Sorry about those stupid clogged pores, that's frustrating! I haven't really had any kind of a break out since my bump to 80mg but I have had a few of those tiny hard clogged pores like the size of a pin prick, sometimes they just flake off and sometimes I just scratch them off and then of course there's an irritated red mark left behind but it's so tiny I don't mind. My chin is actually looking like a mess right now. My dry patches come and go in severity like yours. Right now my chin just looks bumpy and flaky and peely and irritated but I'm trying to see that as a good thing. I think after all the years of cysts and oil production the skin there is so thick that it's taking forever to peel it away. And of course the only spot on my chin area not peeling off is the spot where I have the two last underskin bumps. They are just not budging - sometimes I think they're smaller but I think that's just my mind playing tricks on me, hahaha!

    I really haven't had much problem with flushing although once in a while I feel it but it goes away fast. I do get red when I exercise and the dryness has given me red patches. Sometimes I see a red tint to my arms in certain lights which I hate.

    I'm wondering what my derm will recommend for me once I stop. I really don't want to use anything but moisturizer but I'm sure that won't happen. Especially at 48 years old, I'm sure I'll be put on some sort of retin a but it's good for wrinkles too so that's a plus.

    I love my lattes too! I don't notice it affecting my skin but it does make me feel kind of off sometimes so I try to stick to my tea but I really miss my coffee! I have to drink decaf now cuz the caffine really affects me even though it didn't used to, kinda weird. Have you ever tried drinking decaf? Maybe it would make a difference skin wise?
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  14. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic My Accutane Journey: Round Two!   

    Hi Katie! And Taylor and Betsy! And Gina and Rachel if you're out there! Me too, me too with keeping up with the forums but not having time to post much. I miss everybody too!! I wish we all lived close and we could have a once a month coffee together to catch up and support each other. That would be awesome.

    I updated on Gina and Betsy's logs recently. I'm super sick of the lip crap too! I'm at about day 140ish. I go next week to my derm for what may be my last month. I was set to do six but she said she may do one more month for me if my last two underskin bumps don't go away. They still aren't visible and are small, old zits but they are there and they are pissing me off. My body skin is driving me nuts - I am super sick of the constant cuts which turn into red marks that get irritated. My fingers are splitting and it's impossible to keep moisture on them with all the hand washing I do - I even used gloves when I do dishes but my finger tips are really dried out. And I forgot to tell Betsy but I am super sick of the aches and pains too! My neck has really been bothering me lately - very sore and my range of motion is limited. I think I originally slept on it wrong and it just hasn't gone back to normal. I sure hope all this soreness goes away after it's all over!

    I'm glad to hear your toes seem to be on the mend but that you have insurance just in case. What a relief! My big toes have two little sore spots on them in sympathy for you. They aren't ingrown but like my fingers the corners have split a little and they are very sore-I just keep coating the area with bag balm and it seems to be helping.

    I plan on posting my story in the positive experience logs once I'm done to help other people. I know those really helped me to make my decision and gave me courage. Unfortunately I don't have any social networking links - I know, I know, shocking that I don't have a FB - but I thought I'd just leave that to my kids and I know me - it would be a huge time sucker for me cuz I'd be on it all the time! But I'll make sure to check the logs from time to time once it's all over to keep up with everyone.
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  15. Tiger 1 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Hi Gina Gina Girl!! My excuse for not being on the boards is much busyness! My husband has a new job and has been gone A LOT so my normal type of busy feels like it's trippled which is funny because he really doesn't help out all that much with the daily chores (not because he's lazy but because he has a demanding job-one of the reasons I've been a stay home mom for so long). Anyways, something had to fall off the list and checking acne.org was one of them, boo!

    I'm so glad you're doing so good! I definitely think that last bump you had was zit related not cold sore material, I'm glad it's cleared up. It sure does seem like it's related to the aquaphor, doesn't it? I gave up on the aquaphor and have found that the only thing that helps my lips is bag balm. I don't have to apply it as often but I do still have days where I feel like my lips are going to just peel off. My biggest issue is all the nicks and scrapes I have on my body, especially my arms. I have begun adding jojoba oil to my moisturizer and it's helping a little. I find I just have to be really careful but that's so hard to do. The other day I was stretching after a long walk and my foot slipped out of my hand and I took a chuck out of my ankle with my own fingernail - bleeding and everything! The skin just peeled right off! I'm also super sore after I do too much activity - each workout feels like I spent hours at the gym when in reality it was only 30-40 minutes. I can't wait to not feel like an old lady.

    My skin on my face seems to be doing good. I haven't had a zit since one I got when I bumped up to 80mg. I do have some real dry patches that I am also putting jojoba oil on - it's weird, they come and go. I had three different underskin bumps that just weren't budging but the one on my forehead dried up, peeled a few times and is almost gone - yay! The other two are still there but you can't see them - I would feel much better about ending the medicine if they would just go away. They've been there since the initial breakout and may be scar tissue - my derm isn't sure. I have one more month left and may do one more after that if they don't go away.

    I haven't asked my derm yet about what she wants me to do once I finish. I have my appointment on the 28th so I will ask her then and report back.

    How's married life??
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