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  1. Week 12

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Here's Week 12 update on my skin! Hormonal acne showed up this month around my jawline for the first time in a month but very minimal (two?). Seems like I break out more during ovulation. Other than that, hyperpigmentation seems to have faded a little!
  2. Week 10

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Seeing improvements! Fading hyperpigmentation red marks :) Experiencing ovulation atm but breakouts are minimal! No breakouts along jawline; some around mouth, temple area but that's it. Also, stopped eating eggs a week and a half ago so diet is definitely Vegan (alongside Gluten Free)
  3. Week 8

  4. Week 8.5 Improvements!!

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Today is not Week 9 yet but I wanted to update because my skin is looking great! TMI but this is my third day of my period and you can see evidently that there have been hormonal chin breakouts but I didn't get cheek cluster/jawline breakouts this time around!! I definitely feel it's conducive to my diet/new lifestyle. My face is overall a lot brighter than before
  5. Week 8

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Hello! We're entering Week 8 and I have several skin regimen updates! First off, last week I was reading that Bronner's Castile Soap was really good for getting rid of cystic acne so I used it last week (Week 7) but by a few days of using it, my skin was incredibly, incredibly dry and irritated. It contributed to a lot of the redness I was experiencing. Since stopping that and returning to my trusted Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser that I've been using for years now, my skin is starting to return to normal. Lifestyle/Regimen as of Week 8: -Have started making juices in the morning through some concoction of kale, cucumber, apple or apple, carrots, lemon. It's only been three days since drinking this, but I FEEL my skin is slightly brighter. -Continued Dairy-free, Meat-free, process-free, gluten-free, low sodium, I generally don't eat rice/grains except for oatmeal in the morning. -Vitamin D3+Calcium 1000IU daily -DIM daily -vitamin C serum at night after cleansing -Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Witch Hazel as moisturizer -Natural Shampoo/Conditioner, daily-ish hair wash Skin Update: -the breakouts on temples have subsided because I've started washing my hair every day...My hair is dryer though which really sucks. It's like I have to choose between good hair or bad skin.... -ovulation was a couple days ago--got a few breakouts near my chin but no jawline breakouts! -breakout on the right side of my face near cheekbone. I've been trying to keep my cheek area clear (especially on my right side) but this happens.. -overall, skin seems to be improving--brighter, less visible acne red marks.
  6. Week 7

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Here's my face Week 7 into this diet. Ovulation was a couple days ago so I've broken out on my chin, and a little on my inner cheek but I haven't broken out on my jawline. The most prominent breakouts you can see are the forehead/temple acne. Most likely due to my hair (got new side bangs that go across my right side of my face). I used to break out a LOT during ovulation especially cheek/jawline but seems like that has subsided a little. Going to shower everyday now and wash my hair every day which is kind of a pain but I think the only way I can battle my temple acne -___-
  7. From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    It's Week 5 and I've noticed some improvement in my skin! My skin is brighter overall and my hyperpigmentation seems to have faded slightly. My period started two days ago and I had minimal breakouts just before it. Around my mouth mainly. The breakout last week was worse. Usually, in the days leading up to my period I have a huge cystic breakout not just around my mouth but along my jawline and my temples. This time, my breakout was minimal I'm so used to experiencing constant breakouts at certain points in my cycle that this is definitely a shocker for me. Correlations: Diet, Decreased Moisturizer Usage, Elimination of Conditioner, Started taking Vitamin D supplement 3 days ago Going to continue doing what I'm doing and hopefully these breakouts will minimize even more at which point I can focus on just getting rid of hyperpigmentation! :)
  8. After

    you are absolutely stunning!
  9. From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Hello! This is week 4 and I'm super excited to update on how my skin has been doing. A couple days ago was ovulation (sorry tmi) and lo and behold I broke out into some hormonal acne around my mouth and some on my cheek. You can see they emerged two days ago (photo attached below), leaving a lot of redness. Today, however, my skin is looking a lot better. The breakouts have flattened out as they've bled and "purged" already so my face is just red marks at this point. In addition, I purchased a 0.5 mm dermaroller which I tried out today!! It hurt and left my face red for an hour or so but I definitely see my face is a little brighter (might be just in my head). But the bumps are minimized and all I need to combat are my red marks. I have a feeling I'll break out again before my period in two weeks but I'm hoping for the best through my diet. CHANGES MADE: DIET: ALSO, I don't know if this is a common trigger food for acne but I consumed half a package (natural, no salt) of peanut butter in the last week--correlated to my breakouts? Peanut butter is dangerously addictive. But scared, and not willing to take the risk, I've stopped eating PB and any alternative such as almond butter. If I don't breakout before my period this time around, I'll know peanut butter may have contributed to my ovulation breakouts. SKINCARE ROUTINE: I used to think that the more moisturizer I used the more supple and smooth my skin would be. WRONG. After a certain point, your moisturizer will clog your pores. Key is to apply only the necessary amount. I've used 1-2 pumps of Cerave Moisturizing Lotion which probably has been conducive to a lot of my clogged pores. So, keeping my usage of moisturizer minimal. Instead, if my face feels like it could use a little bit of moisture I apply some alcohol free witch hazel ALSO, noticed my conditioner has some pore clogging ingredient despite the fact that it's SLS free, Paraben free, and natural so I've decided to stop using that as well. A lot of my acne is temple/hairline so there might be a relation there.... -___- Will update again next week Below is Week 3.5 (ovulation, as noted before) and beginning of Week 4 (today). You can see my marks have flattened and my breakouts are less noticeable. Week 3.5 Week 4: TODAY