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  1. From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    It's Week 5 and I've noticed some improvement in my skin! My skin is brighter overall and my hyperpigmentation seems to have faded slightly. My period started two days ago and I had minimal breakouts just before it. Around my mouth mainly. The breakout last week was worse. Usually, in the days leading up to my period I have a huge cystic breakout not just around my mouth but along my jawline and my temples. This time, my breakout was minimal I'm so used to experiencing constant breakouts at certain points in my cycle that this is definitely a shocker for me. Correlations: Diet, Decreased Moisturizer Usage, Elimination of Conditioner, Started taking Vitamin D supplement 3 days ago Going to continue doing what I'm doing and hopefully these breakouts will minimize even more at which point I can focus on just getting rid of hyperpigmentation! :)
  2. After

    you are  absolutely stunning!
  3. From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Hello! This is week 4 and I'm super excited to update on how my skin has been doing. A couple days ago was ovulation (sorry tmi) and lo and behold I broke out into some hormonal acne around my mouth and some on my cheek. You can see they emerged two days ago (photo attached below), leaving a lot of redness. Today, however, my skin is looking  a lot better. The breakouts have flattened out as they've bled and "purged" already so my face is just red marks at this point. In addition, I purchased a 0.5 mm dermaroller which I tried out today!! It hurt and left my face red for an hour or so but I definitely see my face is a little brighter (might be just in my head). But the bumps are minimized and all I need to combat are my red marks. I have a feeling I'll break out again before my period in two weeks but I'm hoping for the best through my diet. CHANGES MADE: DIET: ALSO, I don't know if this is a common trigger food for acne but I consumed half a package (natural, no salt) of peanut butter in the last week--correlated to my breakouts? Peanut butter is dangerously addictive. But scared, and not willing to take the risk, I've stopped eating PB and any alternative such as almond butter. If I don't breakout before my period this time around, I'll know peanut butter may have contributed to my ovulation breakouts. SKINCARE ROUTINE: I used to think that the more moisturizer I used the more supple and smooth my skin would be. WRONG. After a certain point, your moisturizer will clog your pores. Key is to apply only the necessary amount. I've used 1-2 pumps of Cerave Moisturizing Lotion which probably has been conducive to a lot of my clogged pores. So, keeping my usage of moisturizer minimal. Instead, if my face feels like it could use a little bit of moisture I apply some alcohol free witch hazel ALSO, noticed my conditioner has some pore clogging ingredient despite the fact that it's SLS free, Paraben free, and natural so I've decided to stop using that as well. A lot of my acne is temple/hairline so there might be a relation there.... -___- Will update again next week Below is Week 3.5 (ovulation, as noted before) and beginning of Week 4 (today). You can see my marks have flattened and my breakouts are less noticeable. Week 3.5 Week 4: TODAY  
  4. I'd love to know as well!
  5. Week 3 of "Vegan" Diet

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    If you look through my gallery, you can find that I've posted numerous, unsuccessful "progress" photos from 2015. Those are from when I tried Dan's Regimen last year. Basically, I went off the birth control pill in March 2015 (last year) and I've been struggling with terrible hormonal acne ever since. So I tried Dan's Regimen for a couple months and stopped. My skin hurt, it was painful and red and it wasn't doing anything for my skin. My skin had to clear itself from the INSIDE, and not through topical treatments that were only harming my sensitive, easily irritated skin, through the use of bleaching chemicals (ahem bp). And so we  move on to test out something else -___- Since I've never experienced such severe acne in concentrated areas, I knew my hormones were the culprit. Aside from alleviating stress in our daily lives, to increasing the amount of quality sleep, I had to stabilize my hormones through what I consumed, and put into my body--aka FOOD. SO! I cut off dairy (loosely) a couple months ago. No cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, etc. BUT, loosely, meaning when I'd be presented with yummy delicious pastries, or salads that contained scrumptious gorgonzola cheese, I might've snacked on these every week or so. Can't really say my acne decreased from decreasing the amount of dairy. Mayyybe a little, idk. Regardless, as we've entered into a New Year, I stared at the sad state of my skin in the mirror and promised myself I'd cut out gluten, dairy, refined sugars. And for the past week I've cut out meat. I've allowed eggs though because I love eggs in the morning! So what am I? Vegan? not really. (Caption says "Vegan" though since it's easier) But the below: No meat, no dairy or animal products except for eggs and honey, No gluten, No refined Sugars, No processed foods So for the past three weeks I've eaten, adhering to the above, and have added the no meat just recently. And I don't know what to say. I FEEL a lot better and my I've definitely lost weight (not that that was my intention). My skin has broken out a little but what can I say, that's nothing of a surprise to my daily life. (The most visible, "freshest" acne marks, are from my period that ended last week). State of Skin: The marks on my face are 90% post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. My usual relationship with acne is that I break out with small pimples, or one or two whiteheads, and it goes away right after, but EVERY pimple I get leaves a dark, dark red mark, that takes forever to go away. So my skin is always just a bunch of marks and not active acne. If I want "clear" skin free of hyperpigmentation, I need to stop breaking out in the first place and maintain that!! I normally break out HORRIBLY around ovulation (next week) and before my period (a week or two after that) so we'll see how that turns out. If there is success, and I break out minimally in the weeks to come I will praise the gods , I will seriously be SO ECSTATIC. If I still break out, well, I won't fret. Because regardless of how my skin is doing, at least my body is healthy with what I'm consuming. And I'm sure it can take months for people to adjust to new diets anyway. I guess it's just a matter of patience. Please leave me comments! I'd love to speak with someone experiencing through the same thing Going to sleep now, goodnight!  
  6. How long should I give a diet?

    I've been doing the exact same thing for 3 weeks too now! What I cut out: dairy, gluten, rice, refined sugars, red meat, processed foods, soy What I still eat: eggs, tons of vegetables, antibiotic/hormone free chicken, fruits, sweet potatoes, oatmeal (just one serving in the morning D: ), almond milk, olive oil, coconut oil I break out the same, or more than before starting the diet. I still have cystic acne and I got a huge cyst right next to my nose that has been there for two weeks now. I've been eating clean but my skin looks the same (bad). I also went drinking two days ago so the alcohol/sugar in my drinks might've worsened my skin. Going to steer away from drinks... -__- Other forums have said to wait 2-3 months to see results from diet changes. Just remember, this is a lifestyle change and this will be amazing for not only our skin, but our bodies/health overall So even if we don't see results on our skin, just knowing we are taking care of ourselves will at least be worth it all. Good luck!