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  1. ShopShoeGal added a post in a topic How I clear my bacne scars   

    I don't think you should use both products at the same time. If it clears up, how would you know which one is doing the magic, right? Good luck and keep us updated on the progress
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  2. ShopShoeGal added a post in a topic How I clear my bacne scars   

    I used H&S on my back for 10 mins and rinsed off. Skin on my back is drying up and scars are fading SO FAST. Faster than the last 2 years, and I've only done it for over a week. I'm amazed. I'm afraid to leave it on for longer because H&S is not made to be left on the skin for more than a few mins. I'm afraid of potential hazard... especially because whatever we put on the skin is absorbed into our body. So use it with caution, guys. Just be a little patient and use it for just a few mins. Try not to leave it on overnight.
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  3. ShopShoeGal added a post in a topic My back is clear of bacne!!   

    I read somewhere that 2 in 1 has conditioner in it and it might have oil or silicones that may clog your pores on your back? Not too sure exactly. It might work for you. Some people had success also with the kinds other than classic clean, so... good luck. We should have a support group to stop picking at our backs. I'm doing good so far today. Trying to get it out of my mind as much as I can so that i won't touch it.
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  4. ShopShoeGal added a post in a topic Head and Shoulers Question   

    You just use it like how you would use body wash or face wash on your body. You rub some H&S shampoo on your back and let it foam up. Then you wash your hair, body, whatever you do in the shower. Then rinse your back.

    I'm on day 2 on this treatment and will see if my condition will improve. I noticed that the skin on my back became very dry after i started using H&S. I wonder if it'll be bad for the existing scars.
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  5. ShopShoeGal added a comment on a gallery image Same day, another view   

    They look so much worse in this picture!
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  6. ShopShoeGal added a post in a topic My back is clear of bacne!!   

    I've been reading on the bacne forum for a while (meaning just a few hours ) but I just registered so that i can participate too. To answer the question on whether you should use Classic H&S or other silky/smooth/whatever kinds...... there are other posts on this forum about using H&S shampoo to treat body acne. They said to use CLASSIC ONLY. Do not use other kinds that has conditioners and other stuff mixed in it as they may clog the pores!! So make sure you use CLASSIC. I hope this helps.

    I'm combating bacne as well, but my problem is that I cannot stop touching my back, sometimes unconsciously. It even became a habit and sooo hard to stop. Picking at it makes the problem worst and leaves scar. Does anyone else have this problem?
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