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  1. Were you ever testedfor Hyperparathyroidism. Also, I see you TSH is .85 here in the U.S. that is close to hyperthyroidism. Though your T4 and T3look okay. Did they mention anything about your platelets being low etc.?
  2. Have you tried to get in to see Dr. Chu? Sheefa saw him and some other Accutane victims. He even spoke in the hearings against Accutane years ago. There is no magic cure, but he might be able to help! I will send you a pm in a couple days on some other things to try :)
  3. Doesn't surprise me your deficient in Vit D.... Accutane Victims are! I posted way back on this thread the relationship between Vitamin A and Vitamin D. If your going to supplement make sure it's in liquid form :)
  4. Is it the lower spine/back that you are having issues with?
  5. I find it so interesting when I see the same story over and over again. Same thing happened to me 3 months after Accutane everything went to hell! I would say most if not all of us have our symptoms and problems wax and wane. The come and go and then there's those that don't go away Jpop- Are you from the U.S. and if not what country are you from. Also, have you seen a specialist, had any testing, taking any supplements?
  6. Is your hair very dry at the moment. Sometimes it can cause T.E. which can take up to 6-12 months to recover. Some people have cycles of shedding that never goes away. I am glad you stopped Accutane. Also Accutane can disrupt hormones and other vitamins like iron, b12, vit d, etc. Stress will make it worse. Also do a search on the board and you will find some advice regarding dry hair, thinning etc. Good Luck
  7. Accutane hot flashes Cured?

    Hi sorry for the late reply! I took Plaquenil which is the U.S.version and it helped with my flushing. It did eventually go away, butanylittle thing now that goes wrong with my body I flush. You right it could be related if you have some gut issues. Have you tried fixing that yet? Are you taking any supplements?
  8. HAND RASH ON Accutane

    hmm not sure! I got eczema on my hand while taking Accutane, but swelling that not good. I hope you followed your derms request and stopped Accutane. It is know to effect the joints and bones. Maybe see a doctor that specializes in or your regular doctor. Good Luck!
  9. Swollen face, great.

    allergic reaction?? I would call the derm office and speak to a nurse or something to be on the safe side!
  10. Well it is possible that you Accutane has effected your joints and bones. To what extent is hard to say! Many have tried certain things that have helped and your old injury you might want to have that looked at, though Accutane is known to cause a delay in wound healing et. Sheefa who was a long time member on this board has a post from way back when on suggestions for joint pain etc. Your probably low in Vit D which most are after Accutane. if you decide to take fish oil make sure it's not cod liver oil or it doesn't have any Vit A in it. If you have MPB that runs in your family then it will speed up the process or you could just be dry brittle hair or T.E. For a lot of us we don't do well ingesting Vit A there is a los a hair loss thread and you can google on different things like coconut oil etc. for your hair and body. Also remember Roche themselves states the drug continues to work up to 2-3 months after you have stopped. It's really hard to say if your side effects are permanent or not. I eat a very clean diet, no processed foods, sugar etc. you can try GLA, or Hyaluronic Acid (baxyl) you can try cumin, Vit D, etc. Do stretching. Do your bones crack?
  11. Accutane hot flashes Cured?

    I hate to tell you this, but some have recovered and some have not. If you have gut issues you should try and get them resolved and see if that helps. good diet, do you take any supplements or eat a lot food high in retinol. When do you get these hot flashes?
  12. hair lose on Accutane

    I am not sure if your male or female, but if male and a history of MBP in the family well then it can speed up the process. Sometimes Accutane can just thin hair, some recover and some do not. It can also cause T.E. which should in most cases resolve in 6 months to 12 months after your course. take a look on the board at what some have done to help their hair thinning or dryness. hopefully it will help. just do a search. In the end it depends how bad your acne is, age and is it hormonal....What's more important your hair or possibly temporary acne. You must also note that many have had their acne come back after Accutane and it continues to work up to at least 2-3 months after stopping. This is coming from Roche themselves. Good Luck
  13. Accutane and ED/Low Libido

    You can go to all things maleAccutane by dr. Crisler. You can also look dr. Kevin Pezzi who suffered, but I forgot what he did. Also, back in the day on the ragfourm some had their urethra dry up. In other words it castrated them from the inside out. Interstitial cystitis Not sure if you suffer, but good luck
  14. This would be correct! I actually suffer from 2 them thanks to Accutane. Graves (hyper thyroid and type 1 diabetes) I am almost certain you could add sjorgren's!
  15. Hi Deletemyacne - If you already had MPB before taking Accutane, then chances are it made it worse. Most that have recovered or gotten somewhat better from hair loss had hormonal issues or TE. You can look at some of Lamarr1986 and there is a hair loss thread you look on this link! I do know that there are some Accutane victims who have taken propecia etc. with success for MPB, but I would NOT recommend it as some have suffered worse etc.Also, someone mentioned about Accutane staying in the system...I don't know many theories out there vice versa. I do know Roche themselves claims that the medication continues to work up to 3 months after stopping your course. Of course they claim mechanisms unknown! Lovely I know!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I will pm you his email address. also the brand for Hyaluronic acid that many suffers have tried or take is Baxyl. Some have had relief. Though you probably won't learn anything new regarding Accutane here is a link to the the e-book from Bill Sardi and Matthew Hamilton (suffer) regarding Hyaluronic Acid. For some it has helped and other maybe not. My things is you have to try something for at least 6 months to see improvement. If you have a host of issues it may not just be one things. Outside of diet I had a host of deficiencies so I take quite a bit. http://vitaminsupplementanalyzer.com/ebook.asp?page=Accutane I am not sure either but those with fibromyalgia type symptoms or joint pain you can always look at Sheefa's posts. He saw the top derm in the U.K. that has treated some Accutane victims. For eye issues and body wide dryness you look at some of Lamarr1986 post or if you have flushing and hair loss. He had some success with some issues though no cure. It truly is a shame that the old rag forum disappeared. It was very organized and beneficial. In fact many of these things that are being tried, theories etc. where on there...whether it be copper deficiency or something else. Those you who aren't familiar with Max proboards on Accutane, you look through it! He was a suffer and was a member on here a long long time ago. I haven't been able to find his postshere on acne.org Spammers have taken over post wise, like most old timers we tend to get tired! I think his last post was in 2009! I myself have permanent damage from Accutane...I will never get my height back, I will never get my pancreas back, part of my thyroid not to mention my lacrimal glands or the other eye problems. You just have to keep going and do the things you love life is to short!
  17. That is Nathan report! He eventually posted it on that webpage. He has been instrumental in the Accutane community, in fact we have meet and speak frequently! I will look for the name of the Hyaluronic acid brand that is good and let you know. I am not sure about the FIN guys, but I do know a lot of Accutane suffers in the past have tried Bromelain with some success. One of them is long time suffer Patti Lodes (20 something years)! It doesn't hurt to try Gutairman01- no woman should ever get pregnant right after Accutane. Obgyns get so mad at woman who take this drug prior to having kids and it is suggested to wait at least 6 months. That's if you can even get pregnant, many woman including myself have suffered infertility after Accutane. Though no surprise when we know what chemo can do to a woman reproductive organs. Lovely!!!
  18. Bill Sardi and a Accutane Victim Matthew Hamilton from South Africa wrote a book on Hyaluronic acid and Accutane. There is a certain Hyaluronic Acid that is reputable to use. I will have to look back and I will post the name of it. Some have had success and with Bromelain. With that said though it is by no means a cure! I am not sure if you can still purchase his online e-book though. You can try and google it. I bought it a long time ago
  19. Have you had anytesting or taken anything?
  20. there are a few stories I have read that their lipsnever healed after Accutane, but they had severe Chelitis that they couldn't drink out of a straw, kissor eat at times and had to remain inside at times. Have you tried this......I saw this postGood Luck
  21. Did you ever look up Dr. Mercola i.e. allergies my friend? People came from all over as that is what he initially treated people for with great success and no rx drugs. Have you tried diet change, taking digestive enzymes or a good Omega supplement? Though I caution Omega also as I have posted on here before they have a close relationship with Vit A. Have you been to a naturopathic doc? I know Mercola closed his office in Barrington in 2014 and has been speaking etc.
  22. For those with eye issues! Observed wide ocular effects, short and also suggested long term degenerative effects Some of the Accutane induced ocular side affects are not reversible when the drug is stopped [10 and more]. Hoffman la Roche itself sees the following associations related to vision in human subjects exposed to (Ro)accutane: corneal opacities, decreased night vision which may persist, cataracts, color vision disorder, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, eyelid inflammation, keratitis, optic neuritis, photophobia and visual disturbances [0]. Non published data suggest (Ro)accutane induced severe tunnelvision in a number of patients. The mechanism for this event is unknown. Lasting increased UV-sensitivity has been observed [10 and more]. Picture 1. Lissamine green corneal staining of a dry eye patient taking isotretinoin. Photo courtesy of Eric Donnenfeld, M.D. Picture 2. Fluorescein staining of the central cornea in a patient taking isotretinoin. Photo courtesy of Eric Donnenfeld, M.D. Isotretinoin is currently used in human subjects for severe recalcitrant nodular acne and has a variety of by independent research well known associated ocular side effects [1 and more]. Observations demonstrate that some of the Accutane induced ocular side affects are not reversible when the drug is stopped [10 and more]. Accumulating evidence is also pointing out that eye-related side-effects may worsen with time after a (Ro)accutane exposure in human subjects. Subjects exposed to these drugs often show side effects resembling the symptoms of hypovitaminosis A, namely, among other things night blindness and decreased plasma retinol levels [5]. Possible oculomotor deficit developing with time after (Ro)accutane exposure in subjects Thyroid function is found to be altered in human subjects exposed to retinoic acid, and significant fall in plasma concentrations of thyroxine and triiodthyronine have been found in human subjects exposed to the toxin [6]. This fall is likely explained by a found significant inhibition of thyroid receptor expression in various cell lines in doses related to what could be expected in acne subjects [7]. The long term effects of a hypothyroid condition on vision are not fully evaluated. Thyroid function is suggested to be of importance for oculomotor function and is associtated with ophthalmopathy (ocular-motor deficit) [8, 9]. In adult cats, the Trk receptor isoforms are suggested to be of importance for oculomotor function and exert an influence on the normal operation of the oculomotor circuitry. A similiar function is likely to be present in human. TrkA, TrkB, and TrkC immunopositive cells were found in similar percentages in the oculomotor and in the trochlear nuclei. In the abducens nucleus, however, a significantly higher percentage of cells expressed TrkB than the other two receptors, among both motoneurons (81.8%) and internuclear neurons (88.4%) [11]. Trk receptor isoform gene-expression is suggested to be modulated by among other things thyroxin [12 and 13]. 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D metabolites were found to be significantly lower in human subjects exposed to (Ro)accutane after exposure, implicating a clinical vitamin D deficiency [14 and more]. In the human eye the vitamin D receptor (VDR) was found to be expressed in several areas. Human retinal photoreceptors express vitamin D receptor (VDR), plasma membrane calcium pump and calcium-binding protein epitopes were detected in the outer nuclear layer. VDR epitopes were also seen in lens epithelium. Some immunostaining for VDR, PMCA and calbindin-D28k also was present in the endothelium and in the basal epithelium of the cornea. All three proteins were detected in some cells of the ganglion cell layer, the inner nuclear layer, and the retinal pigment epithelium [16]. Except for inducing the VDR receptor, vitamin D is found to induce Trk receptor isotypes in various tissue [15]. This may also be valid for Trk receptors that are related to the eye. The long-term effects of a clinically significant vitamin D-deficiency on the retinal photoreceptors, the eye-lens, and eye function are unknown. Little is known about possible long-term ocular side-effects, or possible additional ocular effects appearing with time after exposure. There are no studies showing how photreceptor cell maintenance and signaling is affected long term, no studies on how oculo-motor capacity is affected long term, and no studies of how the crystal lens structure is affected long-term in subjects exposed to retinoic acid. Degeneration of crystal lens structure Vitamin A has been found to be inducing regeneration in the lens of adult mammals [17]. A state with vitamin A insufficiency, both circulating and lack of adequate metabolism may therefore affect the lens negative long term. Night blindness Isotretinoin can cause nyctalopia (night blindness) [2, 5 and more]. Even a single dose of isotretinoin slowed the recovery of rod signaling after exposure to an intense bleaching light, and that rhodopsin regeneration was markedly slowed. When only a single dose was given, rod function recovered to normal within several days. Rods and cones both showed slow recovery from bleach after isotretinoin in rats and in mice [3]. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a heterogeneous group of retinal dystrophies characterized by photoreceptor cell degeneration. RP causes night blindness, a gradual loss of peripheral visual fields, and eventual loss of central vision [4]. Dry eye syndrome Persistent dry eye syndrome in human subjects has been observed [10 and more]. http://www.pnas.org/content/98/4/1835.full.pdf
  23. I very familiar with who Jim Humble is...in fact some have personally spoken to him. I am not so sure his MMS is pure. I am not posting the contact info on the expert of oxidation/ MMS etc.on the boards. As for Vitamin A I know many of us not saying all have issues, kind of like the pathways i.e. the way Vit A is processed is damaged etc. I just saying to tread lightly. I know many way back in the 80's who had joint pain etc. took pure cod liver oil and eat high retinol foods thinking it would help and well they felt good at first only for it to backfire. Accutane does cause body wide inflammation in most of us! Lovely isn't it :)
  24. I am only going to warn about taking to much Vit A whether in Beta or Retinol form....Not a good Ideal... When on Accutane my night vision was great...till this day since sucks. I know we are all made up of different DNA, butI can saya lot of foods or vitamins with Ais toxic for me and others. Ohby the way mynight vision horrible yet after Accutane my retinol blood levels were high! be careful!!!! So in short while on the drug night vision great shortly after horrible yet high retinol levels in the blood lol!