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  1. Accutane & depression

    It is a documented side effect and it even states that these can persist even after stopping the drug. For some people yes it has continued and a life long battle. I would advise you to contact your physician!
  2. Awwww back at ya my friend! I do believe that Accutane makes us more susceptible to bacteria, yeast, autoimmune and viral issues. Whether it be the gut, or some who have developed sarcoidosis which effects the lungs and is thought to be caused by bacteria/immune response. I know that I have had some success with a probiotic saccharomyces boulardii. Not sure for those who live out of the country. As for dryness I started recently aloe vera gel (not juice) either plain  or adding into my morning smoothie or juice from juicing, has helped with some dryness and we will see how it works elsewhere  
  3. I wasn't saying Accutane didn't cause SIBO, Accutane causes a host of problems, in which can also result in SIBO. I developed type 1 diabetes (autoimmune) thanks to Accutane, Diabetics are known to have issues with SIBO. That's the only point I was trying to point out  
  4. I would in NO WAY take any type of fish liver oil or as they call it cod liver oil. Many Many Accutane suffers tried this going back 20 yrs ago or so and sure you feel great at first and then all hell breaks loose. I strongly caution it! Also, I know a lot of us suffers can't even handle beta, though I sure a lot safer. Justsayinn - Have you treated your SIBO? Different ailments and diseases can cause this also. Hope everyone is well!
  5. Accutane day 111, weird side effects

    Accutane can cause Chron's,IBD,IBS,Ulcers and other gastric problems. They are documented side effects. You should call your physician and speak to him about your side effects.  
  6. I am not sure about the moron...But I do know Mr. Carr and I are close and have meet! He was very important to the old rag forum also,  very important to the Accutane community...has made great accomplishments is doing pretty good! though we must remember that we are all made up of different DNA and what works for one may not work for another! Stay Strong My FRIENDS!!!!!!!
  7. http://www.accutaneaction.com/authorties/index.html http://www.healthy.net/scr/article.aspx?Id=3401 http://www.aquatic-ape-diet.com/blog/hoffmann-la-roche%e2%80%99s-cover-up-of-accutane/ there is so many more links I could post! I remember our first conversation, my first question " was I going to die" that was 9-10 yrs ago! words can't express such sorrow  
  8. I got news while I was away...My HEARTBREAKS AT THIS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you know or Knew David or the old rag forum then you know what a tremendous loss it is..... For those of you who don't, we wouldn't be this far if it wasn't for him....He suffered so bad, imagine having such tremendous Chelitis of the lips for all those years that you can't eat, nothing can to touch your lips.....etc..... As tears again roll down my face...I say to you my friends stay strong!!!!!! P.S. It was out of his control, but a tremendous loss that the forum (both) closed! 
  9. Have you had any labs done? Some deficiencies  that Accutane can cause or Diabetes/ urinary tract and bladder infections can give the urge to urinate more. Is this your only side effect?  
  10. Accutane Side effects-please read

    You can go to the rosacea forum and see Accutane flushing thread or just look up Seattle JT I believe it is or Lamarr1986! Are you still suffering from the other side effects depression or joint pain?
  11. Okay, well if you have any of the other issues that can cause tinnitus and Accutane can also cause or if you already suffer from it in the past....It could make you more susceptible to developing it.   Good Luck!  
  12. If you like to know an update and info or contact for Nathan then pm me and yes, he had success and has done quite a bit in the  accutane community! He continues to this day! 
  13. It's a documented side effect of the drug! 
  14. I had my biotin levels checked, and actually I think there is only one lab if your in the U.S. that test this since it is rare deficiency here. I was low and have been taking biotin everyday for about 3-4 years. I was also deficient in Vit D, B12, Magnesium, Iron and ferritin. I think there might been a few others can't remember. Hope that answers your question.
  15. Merry Christmas!  First off have you been taking any supplements, have you seen a doctor regarding the hair loss and what things have your tried. Also have you mention eye brow hair loss which can be associated with thyroid issues as well and other hormonal disturbances.  
  16. Indigo- Glad to know you are still around and doing okay! I tried to like your post, but it wouldn't let me.   I hope all of you are doing okay and enjoy a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year  with your family and friends! Jen    
  17. Accutane Low Semen Volume

    I wouldn't say he cured but has helped and treated those with ED etc. in relation to Accutane.  I am not sure where you live, but I do know he is in Michigan or was! PM Dubya he should know. I believe there probably some posts on all things male from a couple y ears ago of people who went to see him!

    Have you had any labs done? What have you tried for your aliments that you suffer from? Have you looked at repairing the long term damage thread on here?    
  19. Accutane Low Semen Volume

    He is a member on this forum and Dr. Crisler forum I believe it is called allthingsmale.  He is a suffer from Accutane. I am a female so I can only direct you to people who can try and help and information for you to read. You do a search of Dubya on here and read some of his posts to or pm him. I am sure he will be glad to help. Good Luck!
  20. Accutane Low Semen Volume

    Go to Dr. Crisler's forum for Accutane victims he has treated them for your exact issue!!!!!!!! I have been a suffer for over 8yrs my friend! you can also reach out to Dubya.
  21. I am doing okay! I still have my days, but things have been better once I got a official dx! I took a year off from the forum and others to have a break which is sometimes a good thing. I try to live life to the fullest everyday as I don't know when it might not be here... My dream has always been to travel the world, so my daughter is graduating this year and when she goes off to college that exactly what I am going to do   I hope your doing well!
  22. I just wanted to say after 8 years of a nightmare from Accutane, I am grateful to still be going strong! I hope all of you had a wonder Turkey Day with your friends and family  
  23. I am sorry to hear of this, but I heard the story so many times before!  What labs did they take? Did they test Vit D, B12, Iron, Thyroid etc? As for sleep you can also try some melatonin, or tyrosine I believe it called. Also Vit D, Hyaluronic Acid, glucosamine for the cracking joints. You also need to make sure you are eating a very clean diet, getting some exercise, meditation. You look at threads or some others posts like Sheefa etc. to see some more suggestions. The long term side effect thread..... Don't take it ever again!    
  24. I am not sure if your still taking Accutane or still loosing hair. It can cause TE. hormone disruptions, low iron etc. TE usually can last up to 6 to a year and for some they have cycles of hair shedding for years. I'd tell you to stop taking it and try other ways to fight your acne that are safer.   You can also read a long thread on the hair loss thread.  http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/152239-the-answers-i-got-from-my-doctor-about-hair-loss/#entry292238   Good Luck
  25. Accutane Low Semen Volume

    Macleod sent you to a link that you can read. Two them actually! You can also google Dr. Crisler site/forum for Accutane victims and sexual dysfunction. You find others like your self. It could be that your acne was hormonal to begin with. Well Accutane is known to mess up hormones amongst a million other things.   Have you had your thyroid, sugars and other hormones tested? What are you doing for your low T?