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  1. Welcome to the Mod Squad, Jen!!!! Well deserved!!! :)

  2. Unfortunately, we are not doctors here at Acne.org and are not able to dx your conditions. With that being said, the symptoms you describe resemble someone having or had a stroke, though it could be a number of things also. As for Accutane here in the U.S. it does mention under side effects in cardiovascular the following: Cardiovascular palpitation, tachycardia, vascular thrombotic disease, stroke I would say if you are having life threating symptoms to seek medical care immediately such as a emergency room.
  3. I meant to ask you along with the hair loss do you have any breakage or dryness?
  4. Is most of your acne around the chin, is it worse around your period, is it cystic, You also mentioned stomach issues, problems with the gut can cause a lot of issues. Dianette may help or certain contraceptives. Have you tried natural approaches in diet etc. Unfortunate, Accutane itself can cause hormonal issues. Retinoid, (Vit A) I guess you could say a precursor to active hormones that regulate the expression of your genes. I take it you have had your iron, thyroid etc tested and all were normal? Maybe try natural hormones if it is the issues.
  5. I would definitely wait to get a tattoo for a couple of months. Accutane can lower the immune system, slow wound healing and thin the skin in some.
  6. You can always read about the hair loss thread, though it's a long thread. Some yes recover from T.E. and other it is a constant battle, or the hair stops shedding, but remains thin and dry etc. If your a female and your acne was originally hormonal, Accutane probably won't work and acne will return and I would have labs for hormones regarding the hair loss. Good Luck, as mine over 8yrs goes in cycles
  7. Yes, if you could let us know if you have other side effects, like dryness, vision issues, joint issues, etc along with the headaches. Have you seen anyone or labs?
  8. I would look into the hairloss thread, there are a lot men who posted, but woman also. some have suffered from continual hair loss, where it grows and then sheds again, some have recovered. I personally have gone through stages over the last 8yrs. Pm if you have any questions. Good Luck Jen
  9. Though I agree that Omega's in some suffers have had benefits, I caution as some have had the reverse effect. Which was highly noted on the old ragfourm and for the love of god do not take fish oil with cod liver oil. You may feel good at first, but trust me the you will feel the after math. Hope all is well, Jen
  10. Amazing. Can you provide a source? He's right! I actually think I posted links a long time ago on the NJ trials, You can watch trails if you pay a certain amount. though roche has gotten out of paying in appeals etc. Big Hollywood stars have testified. http://blog.cvn.com/2011/02/23/plaintiff-openings-in-greenblatt-accutane-trial
  11. Cnb30- I have skimmed through your posts....send me a pm and please don't do anything stupid! I feel you 8 yrs ago I could barely walk and thought I was dead from this drug, if anyone can come back, survive then so can you! hang in there my friend