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  1. Well there's different types of hair loss. Some suffer MPB, hormonal issues, T.E. etc. or if you are having different issues or a lot of stress having taking Accutane can cause hair loss Here is a link to the thread. You can read through it. Especially Lamarr1986 and Max- posts http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/152239-the-answers-i-got-from-my-doctor-about-hair-loss/?page=3
  2. Hi Hide and seek, What type of hair loss are you experiencing? Does MBP run in your family. Is hair loss the only thing you suffer from? Have you had any blood work? There is a thread dedicated to hair loss, I will have to find it it's been a while
  3. If I remember correctly Joseph Buchignani who was a member on here and contributed to this thread took TDUCA! I believe he posted what helped him. Though I can't say it would help others 100% ( what he did outside of TUDCA)! You can look on previous pages and on this website for his story and advice especially on TUDCA. http://www.aquatic-ape-diet.com/blog/about/
  4. Accutane and dry eyes

    Yes, I am not sure 30yrs ago what the side effects were listed. However, over the years it is documented that Accutane can cause eye problems. Many suffers experience sjorgren's symptoms or have been dx with sjorgren's.
  5. Please this is a thread for suffers. We don't go on your threads and tell you to stop Accutane. So you had severe cystic acne, maybe Accutane was warranted in your situation. With that said for many it is not, you don't know the circumstances regarding a person's situation. Like for instance those who took Accutane before any forms were handed out to be signed, dosage, incompetent doctors etc. With that said I am going to ask you to please stay out of this thread unless you are suffering and need help or have something to contribute to those who are suffering!
  6. Thyroid medication and cystic acne

    I have suffered from Hyperthyroid (graves) since the age of 14 and I am now 40! I never had acne till my thyroid problems. Yes, thyroid disorders effect hormones. In fact the pituitary gland controls every hormone in your body, it is the master gland. I eventually had to have a very low low dose of radiation iodine, as natural methods and meds for hyperthyroid (which is different from Hypo) didn't work. and I am now clinically low thyroid (hypo) and my acne hasn't changed. I learned to deal with it. I feel better when thyroid is in good levels. Yes I took Accutane which made my thyroid worse and hormones and I still have acne. I would look natural ways for your Hypothyroid such as diet, supplements etc. Look up Mary Shomon's forum. Good Luck Hope this helps!
  7. TrueJustice - I am not sure if your from the U.S., but here the rx form of Vit D is so different from natural or supplement form. Supplemental vitamin D comes in two forms: ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). They have generally been regarded as equivalent and interchangeable, but that notion is based on studies of rickets prevention in infants conducted seven decades ago. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D3 is a more potent form of vitamin D. Vitamin D2 has a shorter shelf life, and its metabolites bind with protein poorly, making it less effective. One unit of cod liver oil (containing vitamin D3) has been shown to be as effective as four units of Viosterol (a medicinal preparation of vitamin D2). However, the form of vitamin D used in prescriptions in North America is almost invariably vitamin D2. Basically there are two types of oral vitamin D supplements. The natural ones are D3, and they contain the same vitamin D your body makes when exposed to sunshine. The synthetic ones are vitamin D2, which are sometimes called ergocalciferol. Once either form of the vitamin is in your body, it needs to be converted to a more active form. Vitamin D3 is converted 500 percent faster than vitamin D2. Interestingly, it was previously thought that the kidney exclusively performed this function. However, in 1998 Dr. Michael Hollick, the person who discovered activated vitamin D, showed that many other cells in your body can make this conversion, but they use it themselves, and it is only the kidney that makes enough to distribute to the rest of your body. While there have been no clinical trials to date demonstrating conclusively that D2 prevents fractures, every clinical trial of D3 has shown it does. However, nearly all the prescription-based supplements contain synthetic vitamin D2, which was first produced in the 1920s through ultraviolet exposure of foods. The process was patented and licensed to drug companies for use in prescription vitamins. In case you didn't know, the vitamin D that is added to milk is NOT D3 but the highly inferior vitamin D2. The study linked above concluded that "vitamin D2 should no longer be regarded as a nutrient appropriate for supplementation or fortification of foods. With this being said, if you have a autoimmune disease like me or compromised immune system like most of us who took Accutane then natural form of Vit D, good ole sunshine may not be good enough and supplementing may be necessary. I advised liquid drop organic form. As for Vit A. I had my retinoid levels tested shortly after Accutane and they were high. For me any foods, products, or supplements with RETINOL form cause many issues for me. I stay far away from Cod Liver Oil etc. I do eat some veggies with beta etc. but it took a long time. Some Accutane suffers have no problem with Beta form. I do know that some suffers have problems with Omegas and Vit D. Hence my previous post, and also some have been found eventually to have Sarcoid, which one can't ingest Vit D. I ADVISE NOONE INGEST COD LIVER OIL!!!!!! Hope this helps!!!! Jen
  8. Accutane & Sore skin.

    Accutane can thin the skin. For some it resolves after their course is ended and for some it doesn't! You I do a search for thin skin and Accutane and find many posts. Though dosage doesn't always matter, if you are a high dose you may want to try and lower it. I wish I had a solution! Good Luck and do the search!
  9. In to response for Vit D discussion! I have posted this many times before and not in any way disagreeing with other studies posted in relation to Vit D and Vit A. posted this once before on pg. 2 of this thread...Vit A & Vit D compete against each other, they have a important relationship and there are studies that show Accutane depletes Vit D. Omega-3 fats and other molecules bind to Vitamin A receptors. Same as Vitamin D is also the most important partnership with Vit A and Omega's. Retinoid, Vit A, Vit D, Thyroid hormones is in a group called the steroid family. This family is known for developing partnerships w/other hormones (such as growth hormones) They all bind to nuclear receptors, meaning they have access to the nucleus, where they influence gene expression. When you have either Vit A or Vit D it almost always does so in partnership with Vit A receptor, which binds vitamin A or the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. In the nucleus of the cell, it sits as judge and jury, deciding which genes are turned on and which are turned off. Vit D and its partners Vit A and DHA (omega 3) are conducting the orchestra. (book written by James E. Dowd, M.D. from MI Arthritis Institute It is possible to have calcification or other bone issues from Accutane. It is stated in the side effects. I myself and if sooo after all these years I can re post my results while on and after Accutane my calcium levels were high and I was taking No supplements at the time. As for Copper and Zinc if you test your levels and are low then great to supplementing, however if you have any type of thyroid issue (like myself) please tread careful. I myself am hyperthyroid and zinc is not the best for me and I have to be careful with Copper also. If your Hypothyroid then they are both need at times in average doses. However, with that said if you have neurological most neurologist check for copper levels as certain disorders and brain issues can be caused by this or lead to low copper levels. I also suggest those who have not read about epgentic changes due to Accutane and their studies in relation to many issues that most of us suffers have. If you suffer from brain changes James Crandall Ph.D. did a study and has a great explanation on Accutane and the brain. Yes most of know of Douglas Bremner m.d. studies hired by Liam. One must remember as I have always said, we all have similar or suffer from the same alignments but we are all made up of different DNA and what works for one may not work for another. If need be I have no problems posting my numerous labs and doctor visits and naturopathic doctor visits from over the last 7-8 yrs! . Someone also mentioned hyperbaric oxygen chamber I have had those done in the past they help, but no cure! Hope you are all doing well, Jen
  10. He's still around :) have you had your sugars tested????
  11. I am a veteran per say being around these boards for many years. I have to admit I haven't read the following posts. However, with that said Eczema post Accutane is not abnormal,,,,being you tried diet etc...( I am curious on what type of diet) I will do some digging and let you know what helped others :)
  12. Did Accutane produce rosacea?

    raf97- I am not sure if you still come on acne.org, but you are not alone with Accutane induced flushing. I advise you to look at this link and browse Lamarr1986 posts amongst others! I wish I had an answer, but I don't. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/193804-post-accutaneminocycline-facial-flushing/
  13. Accutane hair loss update

    Meg117- Did you have any hormonal testing? Thyroid etc..... Even with previous suffering of Anorexia which can cause issues, is that resolved completely? Have you had iron or b12 or biotin checked? How is your diet? What have you tried to help the hair loss...it would help others! Jen/ oli girl
  14. I have to be honest, I didn't read all of your post. I will say this if your male and there is a hx of mpb then it will accelerate the process. I have copied a link regarding hair loss. It is long but worth the read. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/152239-the-answers-i-got-from-my-doctor-about-hair-loss/either you will experience early mpb or TE from Accutane. If your acne was hormonal to begin with then fixing the hormonal issues may help. GoodLuck!
  15. prednisolone whilst on accutane

    I would say your biggest concern in taking Accutane and a prednisone isbone issues. Both are known toeffect the bones. It is common when taking Accutane to have the initial breakout. In fact some do not clear up till after theircourse is over.It isstated by Roche themselves that the drug continues to work 2-4 months after stopping. Along with the other long list of side effects that can become a reality. Good Luck!
  16. Chest pain

    There are reports of Pleurisy and sarcoidosis! Some have had reports of just pseudo chest pain that either went away or continued with no answer. I would suggest letting your derm know, though be advised they may not attribute Accutane as the problem. at 8 months 30mg you might consider stopping. Especially if your it has not helped your acne. Roche as even stated that the drug continues to work once stopping at least 2months -4 months. Good Luck!
  17. Accutane ruined my life

    Have you looked in the thread of post Accutane minocycline/Accutane flushing thread. You can access it by this link! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/193804-post-accutaneminocycline-facial-flushing/ I would advise against huge amounts of Vit A especially in retinol form. For many Omega's have been a no no and any fish oil with cod liver oil! You can also look up Seattle Jt and Lamarr1986 who have posted in this thread. take the time and read the thread and just know you are not alone, well you can go rounds of doctors who deny Accutane caused your issues. I advise at this point Accutane is irrelevant and you need to start focusing on the issue on hand. Good Luck from a long time suffer Jen/ oli girl
  18. I am returning back home from out of town this evening! Dr. Chu is a fern who spoke out against accutane in UK hearings and has helped some who have suffered from accutane! Sheefa and Lamarr1986 are just 2!
  19. Were you ever testedfor Hyperparathyroidism. Also, I see you TSH is .85 here in the U.S. that is close to hyperthyroidism. Though your T4 and T3look okay. Did they mention anything about your platelets being low etc.?
  20. Have you tried to get in to see Dr. Chu? Sheefa saw him and some other Accutane victims. He even spoke in the hearings against Accutane years ago. There is no magic cure, but he might be able to help! I will send you a pm in a couple days on some other things to try :)
  21. Doesn't surprise me your deficient in Vit D.... Accutane Victims are! I posted way back on this thread the relationship between Vitamin A and Vitamin D. If your going to supplement make sure it's in liquid form :)
  22. Is it the lower spine/back that you are having issues with?
  23. I find it so interesting when I see the same story over and over again. Same thing happened to me 3 months after Accutane everything went to hell! I would say most if not all of us have our symptoms and problems wax and wane. The come and go and then there's those that don't go away Jpop- Are you from the U.S. and if not what country are you from. Also, have you seen a specialist, had any testing, taking any supplements?
  24. Is your hair very dry at the moment. Sometimes it can cause T.E. which can take up to 6-12 months to recover. Some people have cycles of shedding that never goes away. I am glad you stopped Accutane. Also Accutane can disrupt hormones and other vitamins like iron, b12, vit d, etc. Stress will make it worse. Also do a search on the board and you will find some advice regarding dry hair, thinning etc. Good Luck