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  1. stopthemaddness added a comment on a blog entry Accutane And Vegas Help   

    Have you tried phillips of magnesium? I would test it before going to vegas. It's a liquid laxative and you put on your face, its the only thing that helps me with oily skin. I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use, but for a special occasion is fine. There are tutorials on youtube. I would just be sure to wash your face very good at night.
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  2. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic This is what is nice about me.   

    I have a smoking body!
    A lot of people say I have a beautiful smile...
    I have beautiful hair when I straighten it
    I think I have a great fashion sense
    I'm a great decorator? is that spelled right
    I find the humor is weird things.. I love that about myself.
    And finally I love that I'm so sensitive to other people's feelings!

    I love this thread
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  3. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?   

    OKay so I'm almost sure I have this, antibiotic use seem to have encouraged PF mostly in my t-zone area but under my eyes and temple regions. Just recently I've noticed some patches on my chest and my thigh areas, I started using Palmer's Coco butter with AHA and it has helped with my body but I'm not gonna put that on my face so I have a few questions?

    What are the topical or oral treatments that have shown to best work?
    Also, are there some natural remedies for example I've read tea tree oil and rosemary oil are natural anti-fungal; has anyone tried natural stuff with sucess?
    Is anyone taking a probiotic while treating PF?
    Is PF the same as Candida? It seems like whenever I google "anti fungal" or "skin fungus" candida yeast keeps coming up... I'm confused!
    I know I have PF because the area around my regions and under my eyes don't respond to any acne meds. (RetinA, BP, salicylic acid, BHA, AHA) but I just want don't want to spend my money and time on things that don't work so if people could post what has worked for them thanks!
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  4. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis - FAQ   

    Is it possible to have PF but oily scalp?
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  5. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Anti-sebum cream with Nobiletin as active ingredient   

    hi everyone!
    I don't have much knowledge about Nobiletin but after reading it's comprise of tomato of some sort and it made me think of this product I used to use a long time called Tomato Oil Control gel from Eminence Organics. I got it from an esthetician I went to see before I ever went to the dermatologist, and I remember it helping me with my oilyness but i was still so broken out i stopped using it and even threw it away! Anyways I'm gotten purchase this again now that my acne is pretty much undercontrol except for small pin-head pimples i get that I attribute to oilyness. I'll log my progress or lack their of..
    Here's the link to the Tomato Oil Control gel

    Also, I remember the esthetician recommending to me the Mineral cleansing concentrate which I thought she was crazy cause it was oily but i bought it anyway..i stopped using it after a while cause it felt weird to wash with my face with something so oily but now i only use jobaba oil to wash my face..weird how i kinda reverted back to everything she sugested....anyways good luck on your quest to finding normal sebaceous skin
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  6. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Dr. James Martin   

    I've seen some of his videos and I'm pretty interested in his theory although I think you can find the products he's selling on your own at a health food store but not having to do the research to find out exactly what products to buy is what's he's really selling..
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  7. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Do you think makeup makes you to look different?   

    Most definetely. I have quite a few brown/red marks and my complexion is dull to begin with so makeup even out my skin tone alot and I usually put bronzer and blush to contour my cheek bones. Also, after i curl and apply mascara my eyes look totally different. I think I look like a boy without makeup, people stare at me also in like shock when they seen me without makeup.
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  8. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic acne anxiety   

    Yep same boat here...anxiety and depression
    I'm considering telling my pscyhologist to put me back on anti-depressants but really I just need a cure for acne and both would go away :sigh: damn this sucks!!
    .... it would be awesome to have friends that understood what i was going through I think that would cure anxiety and depression as wel
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  9. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic ugh, whiteheads   

    how do you know if your 3, 6, 9 is balanced??
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  10. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    Okay i don't mean to sound lazy but i really don't want to look through 163 pages can someone please just tell me which supplement i should be taking to reduce oil production, fish oil or omega 3,6, and 9 , cod liver or a combination?? The original poster didn't make it clear. I'm very confused by this topic but i really want to add in some supplement to help with my excessive oilyness... Thank you in advance
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  11. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic what is the dumbest thing youve ever done to try and treat your acne?   

    I think the worst thing i did to my face was not wash it and touch it with dirty hand for a week straight so i could get prescribed Bactrum

    That's freakin hilarous!! My thoughtful, loving brother asked me one day if I thought a dog's tongue could help blemishes because they are known to have healing properties in them, I said no quickly but then let my dog lick my face that night... (embarrasing) and btw DOES NOT WORK!

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  12. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Retin-A 0.01% HELP   

    Diddo stick with it, it works! you seem to have a good system down using a gentle cleanser I would also recommend a sunscreen every day, keep us updated!
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  13. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic Small bumps plugged pores could be a fungus.   

    Ummm.....i don't know if this thread is still going but I think after reading all the posts I might have folliculious (sp?) what sucks is someone asked me if i might have this..on here...and i was like certain i didn't but now that most of acne is cleared i still have these tiny bumps around my eyes and temple regions that are not inflammed but above the skin, when i try to extract them is normally clear or white pus (gross i know) but retinA or AHA hasn't helped...damn it i guess i gotta go back to the derm..
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  14. stopthemaddness added a post in a topic was feeling down and just started writing   

    It's very sad...I like it.
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