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  1. Acne/Syringoma

    Any updates? Can accutane help syringomas under the eyes?
  2. Thinking About Going On Bp

    I'm now very frustrated with my acne. I'm tired of waking up every day or every other day with cystic pimples. It takes forever to get rid of one and when I finally manage to or when it becomes smaller, another pops up. Right now I've a pimple on my cheek, which's so embarrassing, another on my jaw area. It's the first day of school, what a way to introduce myself to people. I'm seeing a Dermatologist next month and want to talk to him/her about going on BP. I think my acne is hormonal. It's definitely worse during that time of the month, but I breakout any other time too. Has anyone ever been on bp? Did it help? I just want to have clear skin for once!
  3. Are blocked sebaceous glands (tiny bumps) under the eyes related to having very oily skin?