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  1. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    In sickness and in health...
    Ok, I am OFF of tetracycline. I made me so sick everynight I wanted to gag myself just to puke. I know that is a side effect but it was prolonged and was terrible. SO, I just use Retin-A and ZapZit. My break out has cleared and today, just for kicks, I bought that new 'silk foundation'. I am testing it as we speak on my hand and chin. I like it so far but tomorrow is when I'll use it all over as a super light cover up. Also, I got a lip ring. Actually, two! Spiderbites! (Yes, look it up. Not snakebites.) Hm... I think that is just about it.
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  2. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Out with the old, in with the new.
    Lots have changed in the 6 months of my life. 1) I wear eye make-up now[iloveit] 2) no more Minocycline and Differin[because of the insurance thing, we can't afford it anymore] so because of that, I have been using ZapZyt and is a great acne spot treatment. I still break out, and actually am recovering from one but my mom is putting me on something else called Tetracycline and Retin-A. I've never heard of these so I'm hopeing there is no inital break out beacuse Junior Prom is right around the corner. So, yup. That's about it.
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  3. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Yeah since TOM is gone, I'm clearing up to back to normal again. Also been experimenting with makeup. Mascara basically, I tried eyeliner and it looks good but, its a bit much so I'll stick to just mascara. I also have been using egg whites and yolks for a mask and I swear by them; they are magical and WILL help. Also I've been laying outside tanning for a little bit to get a little color and camoflauge previous light acne marks. Overall, I am 10x better than I was last year

    Thanks to my doctor who perscribed Differen and Minocylin
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  4. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Oh how T.O.M. is such a pain
    Yeah, remember me clearing up? I am! Don't freak, but yeah lovely being a girl, that time of the month (T.O.M., clever isn't it?) made me break out a little sooo yeah...I've been a LOT worse so I won't trip...but I did use these biore nose thingies that help blackheads er whatever on the nose and it was fine until I had to take it off. I swear it was plastered to my face and was taking my noseie with it. I didn't notice a difference because I didnt really have blackheads on my nose to being with but my pores we're gone, vanished. So, now I'm interested in a full face mask to close my pores and make me look smooth. I am but lately, ha, no. So, if your reading this and are a careing kind soul, comment or message or leave me a note on my profile of a good mask to minimize pores. Cheese and Spank you.
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  5. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Finally, relief...
    I have been on Differin and Monocyline whatever the oral medication and it worked for a bit but wasnt quite strong enough. so instead of one in the morning and one at night, i changed it to one in the morning and two at night and I cant thank myseld enough. I have now 95% clear skin. Right now i have maybe 3 small pimples that will go away within 2 days. This is my second dose of the medication so its been 100+ days. I no longer wear foundation and all that war makeup. Just concealer under they eyes, spot treatment, translucent powder over the concealed spots, primer side of mascara and I'm set. Extremly natural and I couldnt feel better. I can take pictures and not worry, I can go to a sleep over and wake up amazing (I dont get bed head) and actually i did have a sleepover, not washed my face and didnt break out what so ever. I even went off the oral medication for about 3 days and i was just fine. Of course my period started and got 2 zits but i cant live.

    If you are reading this and struggling with hormonal acne and have tried everything like me, take the step, go to your doctor and talk like me. It was extremly embaressing walking through kaiser, everyone seemed to be staring at my face. I felt so ugly and when the doctor asked why I was in, I told her help me, help my acne. She was honest and helped me by starting me on a bacterical infection medication that saved me. Differin help immensly as well. Even when I ran out I neededa little help so i used salisic acid zapzyt and its god in a squeezable tube. Online sold online folks!

    I'm going to post a picture soon of what I am now, and how much I can be happy again bevcause the dots of death are vanquished )

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mrs. Mackram!
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  6. :-P added a gallery image in General albums   

    Me healed, and happy for once :P

    In album: :-P IRL

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  7. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Ok, I give up...
    MORNING- 9:45 Thursday April 1, 2010 (I know, April Fools Day)

    Ok, I haven used everything...I give up...
    I have used Proactiv, Acne Free, The Body Shop, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Oxy...omg everything...
    So, what's left? Yup. The doctor...I'm leaving for my appointment at 1 today to see if I can get treatment. I am hoping my doctor can help me and I am trying not to get my hopes up for fear I'll only be let down again. Well, I'll check back in later for what I was told and or given from her.

    Afternoon- 3:05

    Ok, back from the my doctor and I was given an oral contraceptive and a facial cream. The cream is Differin. We will see how this goes.
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  8. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    I take forEVER to update xD
    Yeah I know, I haven't been on literally since last year but oh well. I have stopped with Proactive because it was shiz. Did really nothing. So I have been on a system from The Body Shop and seems to be good. No dry skin. Has tee tree oil and reduces redness a lot. I like it but it doesn't seem to be clearing me up all that fast. But my chin has no pimples and i look alright right now without makeup. I'll give it until I am all out and if nothing prevails, time to see the doctor T_T
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  9. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Omg, long time no see...
    Well, Im back *applause* nah no need, lol
    Soo much has been going on now im my 10th grade year
    Heartbreaks (mainly mine), stress, and drama, whatelse?
    I've slowly crept back up to my acne coming back and its probably due to excess stress lately, TONS.
    So my mom went out and got me proactiv, yes...the product I've been so hesitant on...
    I've heard so many reviews, and basically it either works for you, or doesn't...
    I am afraid it won't work...
    I started it on Sunday night and have used it at night only to gradually increase with still using my Oxy in the morning.
    It's nice I guess, relieves some redness, gets rid of those under skin bumps really fast which is a plus
    And right now I got my makeup off with the mask on becuase I felt the need to (I am only supposed to do the make 2-3 times a week but I love it)
    It makes my skin soft and does help heal, but otherwise so far that's it...
    I am going to record my process to keep a log and to track how it's going.
    Saturday though I get to used it twice a day and hope to see more of an improvement because so far there is little to none, but hey, everything takes time...
    I am not going to put all my faith in this product just so I am not let down though...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in case I am not back for a bit!
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  10. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Emo to slightly better...
    Lately I've been depressed but, I am doing better...putting on a happy face has helped a lot...
    My acne is healing up from the last breakout too

    NO MORE CHAT??!!! WTF!!! Great...now I can't talk to peoples on here like before ._.

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  11. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    So much to say...
    Okay first off, yes I broke up with HIM ._. don't ask
    But yeah, my ID card picture turned out AWESOME!!!
    But...my skin has been breaking out due to stress and aggrivation...lots going, to sum up, I want someone back, school drama and friends stabbing backs...
    I have switched to liquid foundation, and a translucent powder, it covers for the most part but I have to work with it....
    Other wise its been okay

    Its day 178 of oxy regimen and it could be better....
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  12. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    School ID/Yearbook Pictures...
    School is going to be starting up soon and my ID pictures are going to be taken soon, I just hope I look good because I didn't work this hard to get cleared up for nothing, usually my pictures look stupid because of my hair and the person puts me in a stupid position, and ugh! I need a good picture so I am not ashamed and grossed out when someone sees me...

    But I am prepared so I hope all goes well
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  13. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    HIM :D
    He is so awesome So glad I found him, makes me very happy and a happy kitty is a good kitty
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  14. :-P added a blog entry in Acne Relief   

    Just a checkup
    I am still keeping up with my routine, doing great
    I have met so many good friends here at acne.org and they are contributing to my routine by keeping me happy I enjoy coming here and talking to everyone.

    No that it is summer and my birthday passed (now 15) and entering my sophmore year, it will be and opportunity to take advantage of starting anew and making the most out of my high school years

    This is day 124 of my routine face cleaning and I am looking great

    (and I got my hair cut )
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  15. :-P added a post in a topic These are my products, how often should I use them?   

    You should clean your face every day, twice a day max
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