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  1. Hey guys, Just wondered if anyone had any insights into this? Im now 3 weeks in and still having some breakout. I have been told by NeoStrata to stop using the product if it breaks me out, but I figure it might need more time?
  2. Aha+ Purge?

    Any updates on this. Jusy started on aha last week and have spots around my nose now as mentioned. My skin was suffering occasional under skin bumps which were leading to red marks but it definitely feels like those bumps are coming to the surface with aha so a lil encouragement would be nice lol I tend to quit any product the moment I breakout
  3. Paula's choice bha and aha both broke me out and made my skin very greasy and oily I remember from using them years ago. I'm sensitive to bha but before trying neostrata pc was the only aha I had tried. The neostrata formula is a lot better though it has lead to an initial breakout for me. I say if after 3 weeks you are still breaking out on any new product, and it's not getting any begter? Dont continue. If its still happening but showing improvement... Give it another week. If its getting much better then stick it through
  4. Hi guys, Been a while since ive been on here. Happy to report that Accutane cleared my acne, but not entirely. That was five years ago or so now. As an adult i now deal with the hyperpigmentation acne left behind on my face, enlarged pores on my nose, and, unfortunately, occasional minor 'under the skin' acne bumps which leave red marks. My skin is at it's best when im exercising regularly, eating well and drinking water. In an effort to reduce these. i bought neostrata's Glycolic Renewal 5% and see a difference in the texture of my skin, and also in the Roc Soliel Protexion SPF 50 With Hydralanic acid . I have noticed an improvement in skin texture, but its been around 5 days and i have also seen a breakout, minor as it is, but still present. Is this normal for AHA products? Should i persevere? I still spot treat with benzoyl and tea tree once in a while.