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  1. Hoots added a comment on a blog entry Antibiotics Be Gone.   

    My derm just throws creams at me as well, which is why I don't enjoy seeing him. My GP is useless as well (as mean as that sounds) she just has no idea. The only way I know how to get rid of it for at least a little while is doing a month of antibiotics.

    I'm noticing though the spots are showing up rather close to my lips. I know Pd is suppose to spare a line around your lip border and that's just not happening in my case. I'm beginning to wonder if it's PD at all and perhaps an allergy/irritant instead. It definitely seems like dermatitis still or maybe even eczema as my lips are extremely dry and the skin that connects to my lips is dry as well. So confusing!

    I'm curious what your flare looks like. Do you happen to get small spots that weep clear fluid? My problem areas are never super red however they start as tiny bumps that will leak fluid, dry up, and if I irritate it then it turns red.
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  2. Hoots added a comment on a blog entry Antibiotics Be Gone.   

    Thanks for the comment! I hate hearing about others with this rash but it is nice to know someone understands at the same time. After stopping the antibiotics the rash was gone for about a month. It just recently came back (not nearly as bad) and just in a few spots near my lip. It's been manageable but I've started another round of antibiotics just incase... That's so interesting about the formaldhyde because I still to this day don't know what my trigger is. My boyfriend works in construction and is probably exposed to an awful lot of that! I've often thought it was a fluoride issue as well. Since you mentioned you had it when you were pregnant that leads me to believe its hormonal as well? Something to look forward to when I decide to have kids ugh! Did your doctor only suggest that it was a formaldehyde irritation or is there more to it? The more information the better, it sort of seems as though everyone and their dog has a different opinion on the matter.
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  3. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Antibiotics Be Gone.
    So today is my first day not taking antibiotics. I've read a lot on this site about not quitting cold turkey but I decided to go that route and let you all know how it goes. Because it didn't have severe acne and it was more the PD I'm hoping my face won't flare up like crazy.

    Fingers crossed oh so tightly.

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  4. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 26: Two More.
    Hey everyone,

    So I've survived this weekend and things are looking really good! Much better than last. Something in this last week of antibiotics really just kicked my PD in the butt. My skin actually looks normal, even the texture is almost back to normal with very minimal redness. I noticed a bump after I was drinking under my nose, but I'm beginning to think the acne I get under my nose isn't PD it's just plain old clogged pores, or my skin is too dehydrated.

    I have two more days of antibiotics and my fingers are crossed that my skin will continue looking this good.

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  5. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 22: Relief.
    I'm letting out a huge sigh right now.... Of relief.

    Today is a good day. There is hardly any redness in any of my PD areas, and the bumps are more or less gone. My skin looks really good to be honest. I'm on my last week and I just hope it can last this way for the rest of my antibiotics AND after I'm finished. I'll keep you posted.

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  6. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 21: Better.
    Hi everyone,

    So yes, It's been two days since I had my little freak out, and since I haven't posted you know things have went well. Two nights ago my lips were so oddly dry which made the area around my mouth tight and red, I've been moisturizing like crazy on my lip and things seem to look a lot better. The actual PD area looks great, some minor bumps, but it looks like my skin is thickening up, it just looks a little un even that's all. I think in time that will go back to normal. So I only have one more week of my antibiotics and I'm just hoping for the best. I think this weekend I should cool it on the drinking, it's always so dehydrating to my skin and it always ends up making it look worse. I'll let you know how it goes. Chin up.

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  7. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 19: Ugh.
    Fucking shit fuck.

    This morning I thought things were really looking up. Then all of a sudden tonight it took a turn for the worst. I don't know what happened. The area was feeling extra dry when I went to my night class and so I came home and scratch at a little bump on my lip. That opened up and is now leaking and the area where my PD is got really red. This is so weird because I don't know what triggered this or if it was just because I scratched my lip? What I find strange is that these bumps are on my kip in the first place.... PD shouldn't touch the lip it should be the area just below that.

    I'm so confused. If anyone is reading this - do you have any idea what this might be? Bumps and dry spots on my lip and just below. Eczema? But it's not itchy? God dammit, just ruined my night.
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  8. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 19: Home Stretch.
    Hey guys,

    So I made it through the weekend, again. I'm happy to report that both nights I went out and did social things and had a great time. On Saturday I did end up drinking a lot and yesterday and today you can really tell. The area near my mouth is really dry, and I don't want to put a lot of moisturizer on it so I've just left it. It does look fine though, not really any bumps. My nasal folds have a few small bumps, nothing major but I'm going to go ahead and say that's from being dehydrated.

    That's about all I have to report. I have 10 days left of my antibiotics so I'm really hoping it looks good by then end of this.

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  9. Hoots added a comment on a blog entry Day 16: Meh.   

    I'm currently taking Minocycline. I've taken Tetracycline before and didn't like it as much.
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  10. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 16: Meh.

    So this morning I woke up to no new bumps or anything but have noticed the area more dry then usual. This dryness is causing the area to look more red then normal which in turn just makes me feel terrible. Anything that stands out on my face just gets me down. I hope this will begin to go away as I continue to take the antibiotics. I feel like the area is just extremely thin because of all the products I've used. Stupid steroid creams. Ugh.

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  11. Hoots added a blog entry in Perioral dermatitis... Again?   

    Day 14: Happy 2 Week Mark.
    Notice how I used the word happy in the title?

    Let's hope my mood stays this way. The bump I was upset about two days ago has subsided, with no new bumps and no weeping. It just sort of dried up. It's still a little red but better in my opinion. The rest of the area is doing alright, slightly bumpy from before but doesn't seem to be getting worse.

    I noticed the weather here (Vancouver) has been getting less dry, lots more precipitation and my skin has been looking better with that. The minute there's a drop in humidity my skin breaks out. There's gotta be some sort of correlation here! Maybe it isn't anything I'm eating, and it's just the fact that my skin can't handle no moisture. Literally so many things run through my head. ARG!
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  12. Hoots added a post in a topic Anyone Ever Experience This?   

    Thanks pharmteam, I was very apprehensive about putting the cortisone on my face as I've had Perioral Dermatitis in the past... BUT - I was desperate because the clindoxyl gel wasn't working and the rash kept coming back. When I had the same reaction with the cortisone I knew something more serious was going on and to be honest I thought it was my PD returning, recently I caved and went on antibiotics because that's the only thing that ever cures my PD and I'm about half way through the month with decent results but still get some bumps that leak. Interesting to know eczema can be non-itchy, I've literally research my ass off about that and could never find an answer. I'll have to try the neosporin for sure!
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  13. Hoots added a post in a topic Anyone Ever Experience This?   

    I've been told it's a form of dermatitis, which is essentially eczema. However, the area is never itchy. Was your rash itchy? Is it possible to have eczema that does not itch? I'll have to check out the Neosporin cream, thank you!
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  14. Hoots added a post in a topic Anyone Ever Experience This?   

    I've looked up pictures of molluscum and the bumps don't resemble the pictures. Isn't molluscum suppose to have a core? My bumps look like tiny clogged oily pores maybe from my skin being too dry? However I know something is strange because it's just in this one area and the way they pop and leak is just weird. No white stringy stuff or core, just oil or clear fluid.
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  15. Hoots added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Anyone Ever Experience This?
    For the last 4 months I've had what I believe to be a rash under my lower lip to the right of my mouth. It happened after an appointment at the dentist where I had fillings and a root canal done. I thought it had to do with all the stress I was going through during that appointment, as well as all the drooling/irritation going on in that area. These bumps aren't like normal pimples, as they are very small (no head), pearly looking, and when I wash the area they will usually "pop" and leak clear fluid which dries up and forms a small amount of dry skin that flakes off. Again, these "bumps" are extremely small. I'm so baffled at this rash. I've tried cortisone cream which makes it go away but the rash returns after 5-7 days after stopping the cream, as well I've tried BP and Clindamycin gel which again makes it go away only to have it return 5-7 days after stopping use. So bizarre.

    Any ideas would be helpful.
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