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  1. forever16 added a post in a topic My log/blog/epitath   

    Hi I was wondering if you think differin is worthed?? im currently on Duac and im taking an antibiotic called oracea which is basically doxy just a lower dose and my derm told me to use the differin along with the duac but to be honest im terrified of differin after all the horrendous things ive heard bout it like the Inital breakout and the flaking and the redness and im scared to try it so if you have any advice or any suggestions of whether or not i should try it then i would appreciate it. Thank you XD
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  2. forever16 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Nuts about Acne
    lol the title makes me giggle anyways i was wondering if you all could answer some questions for me. Does anyone know what kind of nuts make you break out the most or what nuts are okay to eat like Almonds and Cashews and stuff so please if you have any ideas on the subject of nuts (lol) Then pleaze dont hesitate to tell me thanks:D
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  3. forever16 added a post in a topic Songs to get you through the bad times   

    the acne song on youtube i love it lol
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  4. forever16 added a post in a topic you know its bad when..   

    Lol your welcome i was sure someone could relate to me on at least one of these things lol:)
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  5. forever16 added a post in a topic the story of my life   

    I know how you feel about this i know you just want it to dissapear hell everyone thats here just wants this shit to fckn dissapear so that we can get back to our lives again and just forget bout this like it was a bad dream or something but for now we are stuck with what we have...i actually never really thought of myself as pretty i have ALWAYS been self concious bout the way i look ever since i was in 3rd grade....but in 8th grade thats when i grew out of my little nerdy stage got contacts actually did my hair and wore nice clothes then i started gettin all the guys attention but even then i still hated myself and then after 8th grade is when i started breakin out and now its just made my self esteem go to shit after i was finally beginning to get a little bit of my self esteem back....after i started to break out i went through two years of hell trying to avoid going out and i even avoided going to skewl so that i wouldnt have to feel embarrased by it...but just a couple of months ago i decided to fck acne and live my life soo i stopped making excuses of why i couldnt go out with my friends and started going out again i made a vow to never let acne control me like that again cuz i mean hell i could die tomorrow and then i would regret not livin my life to its fullest while i had the chance...i know its hard but you should try it... because as a wise man once said "the people that mind dont matter and the people that matter dont mind" just live your life rejoin football have fun while your still young cuz your going to wind up bein 30 and wonderin where your life went...
    well anyways i hope sumthin i said made sense lol
    GOOD LUCK and were always here to support you kay?
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  6. forever16 added a post in a topic you know its bad when..   

    when you hate your sister who you love just because she has clear beautiful skin

    When you see someone with clear skin get a pimple and you feel extremely happy

    when you see someone worse then you and you feel better

    when you see a proactive commercial and change the channel so that you dont feel embarrased

    when you practically run by the kiosk in the mall for proactiv

    when you think that the guy you like will never be into you

    when you have to encourage yourself in front of the mirror everyday to go to skewl

    when you refuse to go to thanksgiving with your family becuz you dont want them to see your face

    when you dread the next day cuz you know its going to be hell

    when you take two hours on your makeup

    when you check your face every ten minutes

    when you drink milk and feel like you just commited a crime

    when you look at older pics of yourself becuz you had clear skin then

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  7. forever16 added a post in a topic you know its bad when..   

    holy shit i thought i was the only one thatd did that!!!!
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  8. forever16 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I feel your pain i fckn hate it when i break out on my period and you know what i hate worse when i break out when im not even on my period....well i have my period coming up in like 1 week and i am dreading it
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  9. forever16 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    well i feel like total shit but i think that mainly is becuz i have a cold lol...
    But like this morning i had to do my makeup and i had the flakeys and i tried to get rid of them by rubbing them off really hard but that just made my skin worse and irritated it so im pretty sure that by tomorrow i will have fcked up skin lol:)
    but yeah i feel bad about it ecspecially since i have a date on saturday!
    well whatever im just gonna hope for the best and ofcourse expect the worst lol:)
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  10. forever16 added a post in a topic POST your PICS!   

    Why thank you!!
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  11. forever16 added a post in a topic POST your PICS!   

    Here are a few recent pictures of me...ummmm enjoy

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  12. forever16 added a post in a topic Dessert Recipes and Ideas   

    *Creamy Coconut Rice

    * 1 cup-Brown Rice Basmati

    *1 1/4 cups-Water

    *1/2 cup-Light Coconut Milk

    *1/2 Sea Salt

    Bring water and coconut milk to a boil.
    Add rice, cover, and reduce heat to low.
    If you like, add a cinnamon stick while the rice is cooking.

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  13. forever16 added a post in a topic Do you think people with acne are beautiful?   

    hmmm i know that this is an old post but i wanted to put in my opinion.
    I have been told that i am very pretty or gorgeous even when my acne was not at its best (I have Mild acne most of the time but durin "that time of the month" i tend to get a little bit worse)
    I honestlly think that if i had clear skin i would surpass my sister who has perfect skin in looks because in 8th grade my skin was beautiful and many told me i was much prettier then my sister.
    i am now jealous of her but theres nothing i can do bout it.
    Another thing is i have had many guys come up to me and ask for my number and there skin was like perfect and at the time they asked me i thought i honestly looked like shit...And i have this boy in my class who has acne but i still think he is very very attractive and i would go out with him. whether or not my having acne has made me look past these flaws im not sure but i dont like to be judgemental or superficial and i give everyone a chance because i know that i would want that chance as well.
    So in conclusion you can have beautiful skin and be beautiful on the outside but be ugly on the inside or you can be not so beautiful on the outside but still be beautiful on the inside. I guess it all depends on what kinda person you are....
    Keep an open mind is all i have left to say..
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  14. forever16 added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    Im going to stop taking Fish oil capsules because in a few days time my acne is worse then it has ever been and im breaking out in places i have never broken out before i will stick with my ground natural flax seed because that seems to help.
    but goodbye fish oil..
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  15. forever16 added a comment on a gallery image Day 4 June 19 2009 Left   

    Shows the rough texture of my skin due to clogged pores and "oily skin" and shows my red spots. Most of them are from many years of acne. I don't get much acne now, but when I do it takes weeks for the red to even begin to fade.

    I have seen a lot of improvement since the first day after using jojoba oil and acv but as you can see I have a long way to go.
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